Top 5 Kpop News on March 14 that You Shouldn’t Miss

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Kpop is standing at the center of global popularity and everyday have new issues. Today we will look at the top 5 Kpop news you shouldn’t miss today on March 14.

Top 5 Kpop News on March 14

Kpop News 1: Kpop girl group IVE achieved 100 million times streaming in Billboard Japan.

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According to Billboard Japan, Kpop girl group IVE’s title track “I AM” has surpassed 100 million streams on the latest streaming chart.

This marks the fourth song by the Kpop girl group IVE to achieve 100 million streams. Starting with their debut song “Eleven,” followed by “Love dive” and “After Like,” all have reached 100 million streams. This information can be verified through the official website of Billboard Japan.

Billboard Japan:

Ive Official Instagram:

News 2: Kpop Boy Group NCT WISH has topped the charts right after their debut

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The single ‘Wish’ by NCT WISH, released on March 4th, has claimed the top spot on the Circle Weekly Chart in the album category. Additionally, NCT WISH received the first-place trophy on the MBC Plus show ‘Show! The Champion’ on the 13th, achieving a double crown on music broadcasts following their win on SBS ‘The Show’.

NCT WISH has topped major album charts in both Korea and Japan. Moreover, they have topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in seven regions worldwide and recorded a total of 14 regions in the TOP10.

MBC ‘Show the Champion:

Circle Chart:

NCT WISH Official Instagram:

News 3: Kpop boy group HIGHLIGHT begins their activities with the title track ‘Body’

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HIGHLIGHT will unveil ‘BODY’ for the first time on the music broadcast program ‘M Countdown’ on Mnet. Fans are anticipating seasoned live performances on various comeback stages starting from this day.

‘BODY’ is an impressive house track with a chant-like melody that is unforgettable once heard. The solid vocals of HIGHLIGHT meet fresh genres, completing a unique charm. Following its release, it topped the Bugs real-time chart and has shown a strong presence on various global music charts.

Bugs Music:

M countdown:


News 4: Kpop singer Bang Yedam and girl group Aespa’s Winter collaborate for the release of a digital single


Bang Yedam has announced plans to release a new digital single collaborate with Aespa member Winter through various online music platforms on April 2nd at 6 p.m. Last November, Bang Yedam, who debuted as a solo artist, will be releasing a duet song for the first time. As he expressed his desire to collaborate with other artists during his previous activities, there is high anticipation for this new duet song.

Bang Yedam Instagram:

Aespa Winter Instagram:

News 5: Kpop Girl Group BabyMonster is gearing up for a full-group comeback with all seven members on April 1st


On April 1st at midnight, BabyMonster will release their first mini-album, [BABYMONS7ER]. With the addition of member Ahyeon, known as the ‘all-rounder of confidence,’ the group has become a complete seven-member ensemble. Anticipation is high for the musical world they will unfold and the dazzling synergy they will exhibit.

The consecutive teasers provide glimpses of the mood of the new album, elevating fans’ expectations to the peak. With mysterious backgrounds, stylish stylings, and the deepened atmosphere of the members, various speculations arise. Alongside the charm that BabyMonster will showcase a new, curiosity about Ahyeon’s visual, which will be revealed later, has intensified.



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