Top 4 Kpop News on March 15: Noteworthy to follow

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Kpop is standing at the center of global popularity and everyday have new issues. Today we will look at the top 4 Kpop news that is noteworthy to follow on March 15.

Top 4 Kpop News on March 15

1. Kpop News Boy Group NCT DREAM’s New Album’s final trailer revealed

kpop news NCT Dream

NCT DREAM has been sequentially unveiling ‘()SCAPE FILM’ through their SNS channels since March 11, presenting a content resembling a movie tightly woven with the stories of youth and messages from five tracks included in the album. In the trailer, the members are depicted undergoing the pains of growth with themes of dreams, identity, and competition amidst the oppressive reality. Along with the message of finding the dreams they have cherished, the seven members leave a deep impression by indicating their journey towards dreams, breaking free from pain with a bright and hopeful atmosphere.


2.Kpop Boy Group BTS member V will release a new digital single ‘FRI(END)S)’ on March 15th

kpop news friends V
kpop news V

V’s new song announcement comes approximately 6 months after the release of his first solo album ‘Layover’ in September of last year, ‘FRI(END)S’ is a song confessing the desire to move beyond friendship and develop a deeper relationship. Big Hit Music, his agency, introduced it as a song where V’s sweet lyrics, melodic tunes, and delightful voice harmonize perfectly. Through Big Hit Music, V expressed, “‘FRI(END)S’ is a song that I wanted to record as I was searching for a song that I could share with my fans. I believe it’s a charming song that ARMY (the fandom) will enjoy. Please listen to it with all your heart.”

Big Hit:

V’s Instagram: V(@thv)

3. Kpop Boy Group Stray Kids has been selected as a recipient of the Japan Gold Disc Awards 2024

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According to the list of winners and artists announced recently on the official website of the Recording Industry Association of Japan for the ’38th Japan Gold Disc Awards’, Stray Kids has been listed in the ‘Best 5 Singles’ category for their first Japanese album released on September 6, 2023, titled ‘Social Path (feat. LiSA) / Super Bowl – Japanese ver.’.

Stray Kids Instagram: Stray Kids(@realstraykids)

4. Kpop Girl Group Le Sserafim as added multimillion streaming records on Spotify and Billboard Japan

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According to the world’s largest music streaming platform Spotify, Le Sserafim’s first English digital single ‘Perfect Night’ reached 210,441,300 streams as of the 13th, 138 days after its release, marking the fastest achievement of 200 million streams among all songs released by Le Sserafim. ‘Perfect Night’ also set a record in Japan. The song surpassed 100 million streams on Billboard Japan’s latest ‘Streaming Songs’ chart.

Spotify: Spotify – Web Player: Music for everyone

Billboard Japan: Billboard JAPAN (

Le Sserafim Instagram: LE SSERAFIM(@le_sserafim)

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