K-pop Artists Analysis – Individual reputation ranking January 2024

blackpink Jennie

K-pop artists individual overall reputation analysis result for January 2024

1st place Black pink Jennie, 2nd Place Astro Cha Eun-Woo, 3rd Place Girl’s Generation Tae-Yeon

K-pop artists are now global network business. It is interesting that K-pop artists group and their individual reputations are seen different by big data.

Today, let’s find out which K-pop artists individuals top ranking from 1 to 30.

According to the analysis of K-pop artist individual reputation big data in January 2024, 1st place was Blackpink’s Jennie, 2nd place was Astro’s Cha Eun-woo, and 3rd place was Girls’ Generation Taeyeon.

In order to analyze K-pop artists individual reputation big data, extracted 69,871,562 big data of 1,720 K-pop artist individual brands from December 25, 2023 to January 25, 2024. The reputation index was analyzed by measuring the media index, communication index, and community index. Compared to 59,686,378 big data last December, it increased by 17.06%.

The K-pop artist individual reputation index is an indicator created through big data analysis to find that consumers’ online habits have a significant impact on brand consumption. Through analysis of an K-pop artist’s individual brand reputation, it is possible to measure positive and negative evaluations of the K-pop artist’s individual reputation, media interest, and consumer interest and traffic.

K-pop Artist Individual Index

RankK-pop Artist IndividualParticipant IndexMedia IndexCommunication IndexCommunity IndexOverall Total
1BlackPink Jennie139,589357,3001,350,1591,783,8443,630,892
2Astro Cha Eunwoo735,750810,495672,481625,9742,844,700
3G.Generation Taeyeon332,983333,9011,004,8441,116,2832,788,011
4BlackPink Jisoo194,241393,576979,473953,8012,521,092
5WannaOne Park Jihoon226,502561,034643,000652,3832,082,919
6Newjeans Hanni265,742282,604651,516599,5221,799,383
7IVE Jang Wonyeong124,612469,149545,400645,6821,784,843
8BlackPink Rose129,925196,669680,884749,4431,756,922
9Highlight Lee Kikwang144,436519,438521,438545,2841,730,596
10BTS Jimin84,799325,704640,944672,1841,723,630
11BTS V96,530323,718656,711615,3311,692,291
12G.Generation Yoona47,568306,519681,364608,4461,643,897
13BTS Jungkuk92,541318,684512,958688,3291,612,511
14SuperJunior Kyuhyeon247,960491,360417,543444,7761,601,639
15WannaOne Kang Daniel135,883320,917486,382636,6441,579,825
16Newjeans Minji224,664436,342438,100410,2931,509,399
17Seventeen Jun143,466216,554193,250948,8611,502,131
18BlackPink Lisa74,011154,346513,898724,1481,466,403
19SuperJunior Heecheol153,959351,482369,732470,9881,346,161
20BTS Suga47,328230,884540,446522,6131,341,272
21BTS Jin102,460215,405564,003457,1711,339,038
22G.Generation Seohyeon43,622267,015495,439501,4011,307,513
23Red Velvet Wendy23,936144,253570,954563,1431,302,287
24Newjeans Haerin198,249215,257350,934517,2001,281,641
25Red Velvet Irene21,931163,985588,275504,2741,278,464
26SuperJunior Donghae75,602178,285445,244577,1751,276,306
27TheBoyz Hyeonjae54,71894,718280,318800,8091,230,563
28Red Velvet Seulki35,272163,852595,737405,9471,200,809
29Red Velvet Yeri25,506105,972568,406498,2281,198,111
30BTS RM54,740200,191505,416415,4591,175,806

The top 30 K-pop artist individual reputation rankings analysis in January 2024 was conducted in the following order are: Blackpink’s Jennie, Astro’s Cha Eun-woo, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Blackpink’s Jisoo, Wanna One’s Park Ji-hoon, New Jeans’ Hanni, IVE’s Jang Wonyeong, Blackpink’s Rosé, Highlight’s Lee Ki-kwang, BTS’ Jimin, BTS V, Girls’ Generation Yoona, BTS Jungkook, Super Junior Kyuhyun, Wanna One Kang Daniel, New Jeans Minzy, Seventeen Jun, Blackpink Lisa, Super Junior Heechul, BTS Suga, BTS Jin, Girls’ Generation Seohyun, Red Velvet Wendy, New Jeans’ Haerin, Red Velvet’s Irene, Super Junior’s Donghae, The Boyz’s Hyeonjae, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Red Velvet’s Yeri, and BTS’s RM.

1. Blackpink’s Jennie

blackpink jennie picture

ranked first, Blackpink Jennie with a participation index of 139,589, a media index of 357,300, a communication index of 1,350,159, and a community index of 1,783,844, resulting in a individual reputation index of 3,630,892. Compared to last December’s reputation index of 4,031,041, it fell 9.93%.

blackpink Jennie MV

2. Astro Cha Eun-Woo

Astro Cha Eun Woo picture

The 2nd place, Astro’s Cha Eun-woo, was analyzed as k-pop artist individual reputation index of 2,844,700, with a participation index of 735,750, a media index of 810,495, a communication index of 672,481, and a community index of 625,974. Compared to last December’s brand reputation index of 2,966,706, it fell 4.11%.

Cha Eun Woo cover Love is Gone MV

3. Girl’s Generation Tae Yeon

Girl's Generation Taeyeon Picture

In third place, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon was analyzed as having a k-pop artist reputation index of 2,788,011, with a participation index of 332,983, a media index of 333,901, a communication index of 1,004,844, and a community index of 1,116,283. Compared to last December’s brand reputation index of 3,597,268, it fell 22.50%.

Girl’s Generation Taeyeon official MV

4. Blackpink Jisoo

Blackpink Jisoo Picture

In 4th place, Blackpink Jisoo was analyzed with a K-pop artists reputation index of 2,521,092, with a participation index of 194,241, a media index of 393,576, a communication index of 979,473, and a community index of 953,801. Compared to last December’s reputation index of 2,485,045, it rose 1.45%.

Blackpink Jisoo official MV

5. WannaOne Park Ji Hoon

WannaOne Park Ji Hoon Picture

In 5th place, Wanna One’s Park Ji-hoon was analyzed with a K-pop artist reputation index of 2,082,919, with a participation index of 226,502, a media index of 561,034, a communication index of 643,000, and a community index of 652,383. Compared to last December’s reputation index of 273,054, it rose 662.82%.

WannaOne Parkjihoon official MV


Blackpink’s Jennie, which ranked first in K-pop artist individual reputation in January 2024, had ‘appearance, stand alone, unique’ highly ranked in link analysis, and ‘Oud Atelier, advertising model, Apartment 404’ ranked highly in keyword analysis. The analysis shows that the positive/negative ratio analysis, the big data positive rate was recorded at 91.20%

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