2024 Feb First Week K-Pop Idol Trend Analysis

New idol group brand big data analysis results for February 2024. First week, 1st place Riize, 2nd lace Le Sserafim, 3rd place New Jeans

Kpop Boy group, Riize

As a result of big data analysis of K-Pop Idol trend in February 2024, first week, the ranking was 1st place Riize / 2nd place Le Sserafim and New Jeans in 3rd place.​​

To analyze K-pop idol group trend, 20,621,928 pieces of big data were extracted. Compared to 17,618,834 K-pop idol group big data in January, it increased by 17.04% in Feburiary first week.

The reputation of K-pop idol group is a brand category analysis that integrates boy groups and girl groups. The brand reputation index was analyzed by measuring consumers’ participation index, media index, communication index, and community index for the K-pop idol group index.

This indicator was created through brand big data analysis to find that consumers’ online habits have a significant impact on brand consumption. Through analysis of the brand reputation of K-pop idol groups, it is possible to measure positive and negative evaluations of the idol group brand, media interest, and consumer interest and traffic. A qualitative evaluation by the brand reputation monitor was also included.

Feb 2024 Total index table

RankK-pop Idol GroupParticipant IndexMedia IndexCommunication IndexCommunity IndexOverall Total
2Le Sserafim293,314779,918919,401806,8892,799,522
3New Jeans494,018533,092599,587722,5752,349,272
9Kiss of Life146,510179,598256,65687,277670,041
10Fifty Fifty100,548131,416179,697145,026556,687
11Boy Next Door95,246130,808178,62559,633464,311
18The Wind35,60347,47968,926102,818254,826
21Fantasy Boys36,71152,63470,10456,628216,077
k-pop idol group, brand index


The 1st place, Riize (Shotaro, Eunseok, Seongchan, Wonbin, Sohee, Anton), was analyzed with a reputation index of 3,082,011, with a participation index of 998,718, a media index of 718,172, a communication index of 716,343, and a community index of 648,778. Compared to last January’s brand reputation index of 2,888,631, it rose 6.69%.

k-pop idol Riize
Riize Official MV

The 2nd place brand, Le Sserafim (Kim Chae-won, Hu Yun-jin, Sakura Miyawaki, Kazuha, Hong Eun-chae and Kim Ga-ram), was analyzed with a reputation index of 2,799,522, with a participation index of 293,314, a media index of 779,918, a communication index of 919,401, and a community index of 806,889. Compared to last January’s brand reputation index of 1,631,303, it rose by 71.61%.

Korean girl group, Le Sserafim
Le Sserafim official MV

The 3rd place, New Jeans (MinJi, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, Hyein), was analyzed with a reputation index of 2,349,272, with a participation index of 494,018, a media index of 533,092, a communication index of 599,587, and a community index of 722,575. Compared to last January’s brand reputation index of 3,406,936, it fell by 31.04%.

K-Pop girl group, New Jeans
New Jeans official MV

The 4th place , TWS (Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon and Kyungmin), was analyzed with a reputation index of 1,613,800, with a participation index of 261,856, a media index of 331,264, a communication index of 479,355, and a community index of 541,325.

K-pop Boy group, TWS
TWS Official MV

The 5th place, H1-Key (Riina, Yel, Hwiseo, Seoi and Sitala), was analyzed with a reputation index of 1,198,691, with a participation index of 156,791, a media index of 278,313, a communication index of 309,135, and a community index of 454,451. Compared to last January’s brand reputation index of 830,699, it rose 44.30%.

k-pop Girl group, H1-Key
H1-Key official MV

Riize K-pop Boy Band who were ranked first in reputation among K-pop idol groups in first week of February 2024, had ‘intense, heartwarming, achieve’ highly ranked in link analysis, and ‘Love 119, Get a Guitar, Breeze’ ranked highly in keyword analysis. “In the positive/negative ratio analysis, the positive rate was 83.96%,”.

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