Top 4 Kpop News Most Read on March 18

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The popularity of Kpop is growing globally day by day, and here’s March 18th kpop news that is most read by fans.

Top 4 Kpop News on March 18

1.Hyeri’s exboyfriend Ryu Jun-Yeol love scandal with Han Sohee

Kpop news on march Hyeri
Kpop news on march Ryujunyeol
Kpop news on march Hansohee

Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee recently sparked dating rumors as eyewitness accounts of their trip to Hawaii spread through online communities. Initially, both sides neither confirmed nor denied the relationship, emphasizing respect for their privacy. However, speculation intensified regarding the timing of Ryu Jun Yeol meeting Han So Hee after his breakup with his seven-year girlfriend, Kpop girl group Girlsday member Hyeri, leading to rumors of a “transit relationship.” Unable to withstand the relentless speculation, they eventually revealed the truth about their relationship.

After Kpop news issue came out, Hyeri posted on her instagram “It is funny”. Hansohee countered on her instagram saying “It is funny for me as well. I love TV program Transit love but there is no transit love in my life. I didn’t interfere any other lovers relationship.”

Hyeri Instagram story
Hansohee Instagram story

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2. Kpop boy group Younite announced their first Fan-Concert (April 6)

Younite picture

On April 20, 2022, the debut group Younite announced through their official SNS channel that they will be holding their first Fan Concert. Tickets for the concert, which were exclusively released through Interpark, sold out immediately upon opening, indicating the enthusiastic interest of global fans in this inaugural fan concert. This fan concert, named ‘UNICAST,’ is structured around the concept of a broadcasting station where fans can exclusively watch Younite all day long. The stage will feature not only the title tracks from their past five albums but also beloved B-side tracks and new cover songs that have received much love from fans.

*Kpop Boy Group Younite 1st Fan Concert*

Location: Seogang University, Mary Hall

Date & Time: 2024 April 6, 14:00 / 19:00

Price: Standing 110,000 won / Seat 110,000 won

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Seogang University Marry hall seats
Seogang University Marry hall seats2

3. Kpop Boy Group Stray Kids Member Felix Apologies for Drinking Coca-Cola on Live Streaming on march 17

Straykids Felix

On the March 17th, Kpop boy group Straykids member Felix communicated with fans through a live streaming on social media. It was a ‘mukbang’ live streaming where he ate chicken while interacting with fans. Some curious fans asked Felix, “What drink are you having?” and Felix showed a Coca-Cola bottle. However, some fans demands for apologies as criticizing him for drinking Coca-Cola. Recently, some global brands, including Coca-Cola, have faced boycotts from overseas consumers due to continuing operations in Russia. Some overseas fans demanded Felix to join the boycott. Eventually, Felix apologized, saying, “I’m sorry for showing the Coca-Cola bottle. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I won’t do that again.”

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4. Superjunior D&E Cancels new album ‘GGB’ Music Program activities

Superjunior D&E

The unit D&E, composed of Super Junior members Donghae and Eunhyuk, announced that they have decided to cancel all planned music broadcast activities following controversy surrounding the title track of their upcoming 5th mini album, “GGB.” GGB (Gi Gi Be) is a derogatroy term used to a girl. ODE Entertainment explained, “‘GGB’ is a song expressing longing for a past lover with cute lyrics like ‘such a pretty girl (GGB)’. There was absolutely no intention to use it in a negative context.” They expressed regret, stating, “We apologize for not being more thoughtful regarding each individual’s opinions and potential discomfort related to this word in terms of its relevance to the current times.

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