Kpop Music Melon Top 10 Chart 2024 of March First Week

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Kpop Music Melon March First week, weekly top 10 by Bibi – Bam Yanggaeng, Top 2 by IU – Love wins all

Melon is one of the biggest music streaming service in Korea, which is loved by global Kpop lovers. Melon became Kpop music standard definition of ranking chart in Korea. Kpop Music Melon weekly Top 100 chart updates evey monday after 14:00 (Korea Standard Time).

Kpop Music Melon Weekly Top 10 chart of March First week is as following order:

This chart reflects the weekly service usage, with streaming accounting for 40% and downloads for 60%.

  1. Bibi – Bam Yang gang
  2. IU – Love wins all
  3. TWS – plot twist
  4. Le Sserafim – Easy
  5. Taeyeon – To. X
  6. Lim Jae Hyun – Rhapsody of Sadness
  7. IU – Holssi
  8. Riize – Love 119
  9. Le Sserafim – Perfect Night
  10. Lee Mu Jin – Episode

What is Melon?

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Melon is one of the biggest music platform in Korea. Melon was first launched in November 2004, was initiated by SK Telecom to align with the paid music market following the revision of the Copyright Act in 2005. In January 2016, Kakao Corporation acquired 76.4% of the shares of Loen Entertainment (Now called as Kakao Entertainment) for 1.9 trillion won, and in September 2021, Kakao Entertainment completed the merger process with Melon Company and officially launched.

Analyzing Kpop music melon TOP 5 March First week 2024

Top 1: Bibi – Bam Yang Gang

Kpop Music Melon Top 1 Bibi picture

BIBI, full stage name is “Naked bibi,” was born on September 27, 1998, in Ulsan. Her stage name (Naked bibi) signifies a desire to showcase a raw and pure charm akin to that of a barefoot baby. At some point, the meaning of the Chinese character 飛 (flying) has been added, suggesting a sense of flying or freedom. One of her signatures as a singer is to draw two red dots under her right eye.

She gained explosive popularity and a large fan base after appearing on SBS’s program “The Fan,” where she finished as the runner-up with recommendations from Yoon Mi-rae and Tiger JK against Car The Garden. Currently, she is active under the management of Feel Ghood Music. In 2021, she made her debut as an actress with the release of the movie “WHISPERING CORRIDORS 6: THE HUMMING,” which was filmed in 2019.

Bibi- Bam Yang Gang Official MV

“Bam Yang Gang,” which was created by Chang Ki Ha, also appeared in music video. Chang Ki Ha also expressed his recollection that while he has collaborated with other artists by either singing together or writing lyrics for them, it was the first time that a completely different artist had sung a song he had created.

Bibi bam yang gang picture

BIBI explained the interpretation of the song “Bam Yang Gang” as a love story of cloned humans using experimental mice and field mice as metaphors.

Top 2: IU – Love wins all

Kpop Music Melon Top 2 IU picture

IU was born on May 16, 1993, in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. At the age of 15, while in the third year of middle school, she debuted as a singer on September 18, 2008. Her stage name, “IU,” means “you and I become one through music.” With her charming vocals and exceptional songwriting and composing skills, she has been loved as a solo idol and artist for over a decade. Since 2012, she has been actively performing concerts in major cities in South Korea and Asia. Currently signed with EDAM Entertainment, she recently announced world tour concerts starting March 2nd to 10th, 2024 in Seoul.

IU Love wins all cover

In January 2024, IU entered the final stages of production for her new mini-album. On January 24th, she made a comeback with the pre-release track “Love Wins All.” It marked her first new song release in a whopping 2 years and 1 month. Following its release, the song topped the Kpop music melon charts for since after it’s released date.

IU – love wins all Official MV

Top 3: TWS – Plot Twist

Kpop Music Melon Top 3 TWS picture

The boy group, TWS, debuted in January 2024, marking the first group debut under HYBE after approximately 8 years and 8 months since SEVENTEEN debuted under Pledis. The name TWS stands for “TWENTY FOUR SEVEN WITH US,” signifying the intention to be together every moment, with “24” representing a day and “7” representing a week, carrying the message of being together with TWS (Tours) every moment.

TWS Members
Shinyu2003 Nov 07KoreaLeader
Dohoon2005 Jan 30KoreaVocal
Youngjae2005 May 31KoreaVocal
Hanjin2006 Jan 05ChinaVocal
Jihoon2006 Mar 28KoreaVocal
Kyungmin2996 Oct 02KoreaVocal

The Plot Twist track, “First Encounters Don’t Always Go as Planned”. Which captures the excitement and ambiguity of the first meeting along with TWS’s fresh sensibility, starts with an intro that feels like entering a dream, followed by intense drums and exhilarating guitar and synth sounds, creating a hybrid pop song. Furthermore, contrasting lyrics paint scenes as if waking up from a dream, delivering the song’s message even more powerfully.

tws first album cover image

After lingering around the 200th spot since debut, their ranking started to skyrocket, and they successfully entered the Melon chart just 6 days after debut on January 28th.

TWS – plot Twist official performance MV

Top 4: Le Sserafim – Easy

Kpop Music Melon Top 4 Le Sserafim picture

A multinational 5-member girl group debuted under Source Music on May 2, 2022. This group marks the first collaboration between Source Music and HYBE, the parent label. Before the group name was decided, the debut team under Source Music was referred to as the S Team. The group name, ‘LE SSERAFIM,’ was named by HYBE’s Bang Si-hyuk (CEO of Hybe). The word ‘LE SSERAFIM’ did not exist previously and was newly created as an anagram of the phrase ‘I’M FEARLESS.’

Le Sserafim Members
Sakura1998 Mar 19Japan
Kim Chae Won2000 Aug 01Korea
Heo Yoon Jin2001 Oct 08USA
Kazuha2003 Aug 09Japan
Hong Eun Chae2006 Nov 10Korea
Le Sserafim easy album cover

The third mini-album and its title track: EASY. As revealed in the lyrics, LE SSERAFIM’s determination to make everything seem easy. From their debut album, Bang Si-hyuk, the overall producer who has been harmonizing with LE SSERAFIM since their debut, and Producer Team 13 participated in the songwriting. With a blend of R&B-style catchy vocals and addictive melodies, this song presents a new resolution in music, different from previous LE SSERAFIM works, based on the trap genre.

Le Sserafim – Easy Official MV

Top 5: Taeyeon – To. X

Kpop Music Melon Top 5 Taeyeon picture

Taeyeon was born on March 9, 1989, in Jeonju City. She is known as the main vocalist of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and has received praise from peers, critics, and the public as both the main vocalist of the group and as a solo artist for 17 years. She is one of the few singers who can adeptly handle any genre. She is considered a singer who knows how to use her voice well. In fact, reading critics’ reviews reveals abundant praise for her vocal abilities.

It’s uncommon for a singer who gained immense popularity through group activities to sustain that popularity while pursuing a solo career. Taeyeon not only possesses a massive fandom but has also solidified her position in the industry by consistently building her singing career, making her longevity possible.

taeyeon - to x cover

A harmonious blend of soulful guitar riffs and playful melodies characterizes this R&B track, complemented by Taeyeon’s delicate vocals that evoke a nonchalant and aloof atmosphere. Additionally, the lyrics penned by hitmaker KENZIE convey the realization of being controlled by the other party and signal the end of the relationship.

Taeyeon To X official MV

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