Kpop artist Meenoi dispute with AOMG

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Kpop artist Meenoi’s instagram live broadcast meaning revealed, a dispute with the AOMG is looming

Recently, Kpop artist Meenoi broadcast live streaming on Instagram, said “I stayed up for two nights”, and “I have so much I want to talk about”. She also said that didn’t want to cry but couldn’t hold back the tears. She continued speaking with tears, “I want to be confident in the future, and I want to show myself crying right now. I want to spread it widely and be remembered. By around March, you will be able to understand what I said today.”

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What happen to Kpop artist Meenoi?

Not long after, it was reported that Kpop artist Meenoi abruptly pulled out of a photo shoot for cosmetics brand P Company, with whom he had signed a modeling contract on January 30th, just two hours before the scheduled shoot.

AOMG acknowledged Kpop artist Meenoi’s absence from the advertisement shoot, stating that differences in understanding regarding the authority to negotiate advertising contracts between the agency and the artist led to the disagreement, which could not be resolved, resulting in the artist’s absence from the shoot.

However, Kpop Artist Meenoi countered about what AOMG said

On March 4th, Kpop artist Meenoi posted an explanation on her Instagram, stating that she did not pull out of the advertisement on the day of the shoot. She mentioned receiving payment for the advertisement in the settlement statement without having read any contract related to the advertisement. Upon inspecting the contract herself, found fake stamps. She also indicated that her requests for modifications to the contract were not accepted, and she expressed her intention not to participate in the shoot. She even heard from the advertiser that she didn’t need to do the shoot. However, the advertisement team was informed of Meenoi’s unilateral no-show, resulting in the reports of her backing out of the advertisement just two hours before the scheduled time. Currently, both sides are undergoing legal review by their respective lawyers due to the unresolved differences in positions.

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Korea Dispatch magazine announced kakao message between Meenoi and AOMG

A Company’s advertisement contract is for 6 months and worth 140 million won. It includes 2 video shoots, 1 print shoot, 1 radio commercial, 1 song production, and participation in promotional events.

B Company’s contract is worth 390 million won for 6 months. Notably, it’s a global contract, which typically costs about twice as much. The terms include 1 video shoot, 1 print shoot, 1 social media post, and participation in events.

As for ‘papa recipe,’ their modeling fee is 200 million won for 6 months. The terms include 1 video shoot, 1 print shoot, and 1 social media post. Additionally, it was agreed to conduct both the video and print shoots simultaneously (in one day).

Comparing the number of appearances, it’s A Company (6 appearances) > B Company (4 appearances) > PapaRéservé (3 appearances). In terms of quantity, it’s A Company (5 times) > B Company (4 times) > Papa recipe (3 times). Papa recipe has the least amount of commitment.

What did Meenoi want (the day before the advertisement shoot)?

Kpop artist Meenoi announced that she wanted to update the contract paper and she was told that it was 250 million won as contract fee. AOMG’s stance is clear. The modeling fee was initially set at 200 million won for a 6-month period. And it was Meenoi who sent the ‘joayo (like emoji)’ (contractual agreement) under those conditions.

What was Meenoi really trying to negotiate?

According to Dispatch’s investigation, Meenoi demanded either 400 million won for 6 months or 200 million won for 3 months (ultimately). This was confirmed through conversations between Meenoi and AOMG.

Of course, Meenoi could raise objections to the guarantee. But the timing is unfortunate. AOMG sent Mino the December settlement statement on January 9th. Meenoi raised objections to the contract on January 27th, a Saturday. In other words, Meenoi had 18 days. Should he have been notified on the day before the advertisement shoot (29th) that “without modifying the contract, the shoot cannot proceed”?

Also AOMG said about ‘Fake signature’. AOMG completed 40 advertisement contracts and she pointed out the fake signature in the 41st contract. Is that meaning that Meenoi wanted to raise contract amount? or wanted to talk about fake stamp issue?

The discussion is still on-going process.

About Meenoi

Meenoi was born in 1997 April 9 in Chungcheongnam-do. She is R&B singer & song writer. In 2021, she released her debut studio album, “In My Room.” In 2023, she signed with AOMG.

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Meenoi’s instagram: MEENOI(@meenoie) • Instagram 사진 및 동영상

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