Best Baby Strollers in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller

2. R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride

R For Rabbit Chocolate Ride

3. Chicco Cortina CX

Chicco Cortina CX Stroller

Are you excited about becoming a parent? Why not, right. Babies are the most beautiful gift from god. Having a child to relish is the best feeling in the world. When the little one comes into the world, there are several things you as a parent do to take care of. 

One great thing parents buy for their babies is a baby stroller to show them the world. It is the vital gear when you are travelling or taking a baby on a walk or in a mall. Since the baby stroller is a must have. And picking the stroller is becoming one of the hardest choices because of too many brands in the market. 

Choosing the right stroller for the baby depends on a lot of steps. So with that, you’ve hit the right page. Here is the list of Best Baby Strollers available in India by top rated brands. 

We’ve prepared this list on Our Market Research and Customer Reviews. As we believe in giving your baby the best results. Also, towards the bottom of the post, you will get a basic buying guide. It helps you pick the one that makes the most sense for you. 

Top 10 Baby Strollers

 Baby StrollerRecline Level Stroller Weight
LuvLap Sunshine LuvLap Sunshine 36 kg
R For Rabbit Chocolate Ride R for Rabbit 39.5 kg
Chicco Cortina CX Chicco Cortina CX 811 kg
Little Pumpkin Little Pumpkin 38.22 kg
LuvLap Galaxy LuvLap Galaxy 3 12.8 Kg
Graco LiteRider Graco Literider 27 kg
Chicco Simplicity Chicco Simplicity Plus 37.1 kg
Polka Tots Polka Tots 37.2 kg
Baybee Shade BayBee Shade 23.3 kg
Mee Mee Premium Mee Mee Premium 311 kg

Which Are The Top 10 Best Baby Strollers In India 2020?

1. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 15 KgAge Group: 6 months – 4 years
Recline: 3 LevelHarness Point: 5
Frame Material: SteelCanopy: Foldable/ Adjustable
Handle Type: ReversibleFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: Foldable cover, Back pocket, 360° Front Wheel

Take your baby for a long walk, ensuring the comfort with this LuvLap Sunshine. Designed with a reclining chair, leg rest base, and guarding hood. This stroller can keep your little one safe by the help of cover and 5 point harness. Also, the Sunshine pram comes in various shades, that makes it a stylish choice.

LuvLap is one of the trusted brands because of its product class. With this pram, you can take out your kid at night without any stress. Its 3 level recline makes your baby sleep well, and the mosquito net saves him/her from bugs.

The designing of the 360° wheels done with the mind of effortless flow. Also, the wheels come with rear and front brakes. The brakes allow you to stop the stroller by your foot. This stroller has a large shopping basket and a back pocket too. It helps in reducing the need for bags. Plus, you can let the stroller face towards you by the help of revertible arms.



2. R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride

R For Rabbit Chocolate Ride

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 15 KgAge Group: 6 months – 4 years
Recline: 3 LevelHarness Point: 5
Frame Material: SteelCanopy: Foldable UV Protected
Handle Type: ReversibleFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: 2 position leg rest, Removable tray, Huge basket, Brakes

R for Rabbit is a team of experts dedicated to making parenting enjoyable. The Chocolate Ride from R for Rabbit holds the safety record set by European rules for strollers. This pram is everything a parent needs for their child. The best part of this baby stroller is its front and end wheel designing. The 6.5″ front wheel designed especially with rare brakes to face the tough roads of India. It stops the stroller with the click of your feet.

Besides this, you’ll love the following features like a reversible handle, 5 point harness, 3 recline adjustment and removable tray. These features offer you all the comfort and relaxation you want to give your child. It is also worth the money with a fabulous design of a huge basket to keep everything you wish for while walking or shopping with your kid. Its UV designed canopy will also protect your little from sunlight when you take him/her out.



3. Chicco Cortina CX Stroller for newborn babies and toddlers

Chicco Cortina CX Stroller

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 22 KgAge Group: 0 months – 4 years
Recline: 8 LevelHarness Point: 3
Frame Material: Polyester, Plastic, and SteelCanopy: Foldable/ Adjustable
Handle Type: ReversibleFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: Storage basket, Key & cup holder, Car seat convertible

Grab this soft gear for newborn to toddler. The Cortina CX is one of the largest baby care brands in the world with the experience of 60 years. The brand offers a wide range of baby products too. This stroller by Chicco is rated #1 for giving the same comfort as a bed to babies.

The smart 8 recline role holds the backrest seat during folding and unfolding. Thanks to its memory recline function that reduces the need for readjustment. With shockproof front wheel end and optional toe-tap axes, you can easily balance this gear on the hard road of India.

The Cortina CX umbrella acts as a peek-a-boo. It offers shade from the sun. It also has a tray with two cup holders that lets you keep keys or cups. So you can enjoy the ride with this gear while moving. Even the large basket stores whatever you want. Aside from this, the handy, padded push arm has three height change options. It allows you to set the height as per your needs.



4. Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Stroller and Pram

Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Stroller

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 20 KgAge Group: 0 months – 3 years
Recline: 3 LevelHarness Point: 5
Frame Material: SteelCanopy: Foldable/ Adjustable
Handle Type: ReversibleFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: Adjustable leg rest, Wheel lock, Easy folding

Come and grab this Little Pumpkin stroller for your little one’s. The brand knows the need of young parents and brings this colourful Kiddie Kingdom Stroller. This gear comes in various colour option, so you have a wide colour platform to choose for your kid. It is compact and travels useful gear.

Designed by keeping young mommies in mind. It has a handy one-hand fold mechanism that lets you hold the baby while folding it. With its three-position recline and soft cushioned seat, you can give your baby the best comfort ever.

Kiddie Kingdom Stroller has got a large capacity basket to store anything you want while walking or going shopping. All the four terrain wheels come with front rest for a smooth ride. The buildup quality of this stroller allows carrying of 0 to 3 Years age with 0 to 20 Kgs weight. With its simple reversible handle, you can roam this pram from both sides.



5. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram with Extra Large Seating

LuvLap Galaxy Stroller

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 20 KgAge Group: 6 months – 3 years
Recline: 3 LevelHarness Point: 5
Frame Material: Eva foam & SteelCanopy: Foldable/ Adjustable
Handle Type: ReversibleFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: Adjustable leg and footrest, Expandable cover, Link breaks

Life’s little tales grow with the coming of a little one in life. Let’s complete the life of your little one with a LuvLap Galaxy stroller/pram. It is another product from LuvLap, as it is a well-trusted brand that provides the right quality products. This baby carrier by LuvLap comes equipped with warm and safe features.

The brand is certified as per the European standards. And with this, it features 5 point safety harness, 3 recline, two-way handle, and more. These features let your little angel sit up, rest, and even take a small fresh nap. You can adjust the stroller up to 180° sleeping position. The seats are wide and padded enough to give the feel of the bed. It also comes with a wide inflated canopy along with the window.

Also, the 5 point harness system fastens your baby around the shoulder, waist, and in between legs. This feature is designed to keep him/her on the place so that they don’t slip off. In case you get unbalanced, you can use the brakes to stop the stroller. The 360° swivel front wheel of this pram allows you to move the pram in any direction smoothly. It is a handy gear, thanks to convenient folding. This feature helps a lot of mommies to fold the pram while holding the baby.



6. Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller

Graco Literider Stroller

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 15 KgAge Group: 3 months and up
Recline: 2 LevelHarness Point: 5
Frame Material: AluminiumCanopy: Foldable/ Adjustable
Handle Type: Not ReversibleFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: 2 cup holders, Padded seat, Swivel wheel

Keep things soft and movable with Graco’s Literider Click Connect. The stroller comes with a one-hand fold, and the design and features make it ideal for families. It’s Click Connect system gives you the option to attach the infant car seats to your Carriage in one step. This gear is built for comfort and support. It features a padded seat and handles, 2 level recline, removable tray and an extra-large basket.

No matter how often you travel, this ultra-lightweight and stylish stroller make your journey enjoyable with your kid. Moreover, its one-hand fold also provides on the go mobility, as you can easily fold it and keep in your car back seat. The Graco Literider also offers a pretty comfortable, padded seat that reclines to 2 levels and gives your child comfort. While the 5 point harness system also lets you lock the baby well to keep the little rider into the stroller.



7. Chicco Simplicity Plus Stroller for Newborn Babies and Toddlers

Chicco Simplicity Plus Stroller

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 15 KgAge Group: 0 – 4 years
Recline: 3 LevelHarness Point: 5
Frame Material: Plastic, Polyester, SteelCanopy: Foldable with Window
Handle Type: 3 positionFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: Safet bar, Large basket, 1 step brake

Chicco is an Italian company since 1951 that sells baby products in more than 100 countries. The brand makes a wide range of baby products to suit all the needs of a child. This Simplicity Baby pram by Chicco is an ideal choice for puzzle free city life. It is ultra, lightweight and compact when close it fits perfectly even inside the smallest car boot. It not only stands with convenience but also with multiple safety.

The Chicco Simplicity Plus stroller is perfect for parents who love to travel or go shopping. The light aluminium frame and adjustable handle height with recline make the stroller very active. This Simplicity Plus pram turns the hectic travel into use with the addition of Chicco KeyFit car seats for 0+ children.

It also comes with a large peek-a-boo window canopy and rain cover to protect from harsh weather conditions. All of this, the sturdy front wheel reduces the effect of bumps and swivel lock linked brakes provide safety on a busy road.



8. POLKA TOTS Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby/Kids

Polka Tots Baby Stroller

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 25 KgAge Group: up to 3 years
Recline: 3 LevelHarness Point: 5
Frame Material: AluminiumCanopy: Adjustable/ Foldable
Handle Type: Not ReversibleFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: Trolley style stroller, Compact, Portable, 1 step brake

Safety and comfort is always the first choice of parents when buying products for their little one’s. The most useful gear for babies is the stroller to show them the world. This Polka trolley stroller is as simple as carrying a trolley bag. The most compact and easy to move pram, designed with the main focus to give ease.

Lightweight Aluminum frame looks luxurious that fits in any place while travelling through flight, car or train. It is a trolley type pram that weighs only 7 Kg carries up to 25 Kg. The sturdy wheel with one-step brake system makes this stroller stop with the click of your feet. Its 5 point safety harness with double security holds the baby in a safe position. In case you want to take out your baby for a walk, the large canopy offers a secure screen from the sun rays.



9. BAYBEE Shade- Baby Buggy Stroller

BAYBEE Shade- Baby Buggy

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 20 KgAge Group: 6 months and up
Recline: 2 LevelHarness Point: 3
Frame Material: SteelCanopy: Adjustable
Handle Type: Not ReversibleFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: Window canopy, Back pocket, One-touch break

Parents love to walk with their little one in the evening. Baybee understands this and presents the Baybee Shade stroller pram. They bring safe and colourful pram for your loved ones. This Baybee shade stroller pram designed with your baby’s safety in mind. It comes with a three-spot belt band that ensures a safe place. The bars come over both shoulders and around the waist. There is enough space on the seat for your baby to be occupied with toys.

Providing excellent balance and evenness with swivel front wheels. The rear wheels also have one step brakes attachment that makes the sudden stop easy. It also keeps the stroller in the right point in case you need to stop wherever for a few minutes.

Safety always comes first, this baby stroller pram is EN 1888 certified. Every minor point of this stroller gives full protection to the baby. The seat is well made with soft padding, a canopy comes with a mesh window for better ventilation, plus you can even recline the seat at three point. Moreover, the mesh basket under the chair allows you to keep all your necessary things.



10. Mee Mee Premium Baby Pram with Rocker Function

Mee Mee Premium Baby Stroller

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 15 KgAge Group: 0 – 3 years
Recline: 3 LevelHarness Point: 5
Frame Material: SteelCanopy: Adjustable
Handle Type: ReversibleFoldable: Yes
Extra Features: Removable feeding tray, Footrest. Storage basket, Wheel lock

Here you come at our final product Mee Mee Pram with Rocker function. Mee Mee is a famous baby care brand launched in 2006, offering a large variety of baby products. The brands aim to make the journey more enjoyable and less stressful with this pram.

Designing and the material quality of this pram is super. It helps in driving every step smoothly. It comes with a 3 recline point and comfortable seat along with a canopy and 5 point safety harness. The chair is well made so the point harness. The strap comes over both shoulders, between the legs, and waist. There is enough space in the basket to keep all the necessary belongings of the baby.

With this pram feel safe to feel the new colours and movements with your baby. The reversible handle with soft foam allows you to change the position of the chair for the times when your baby needs your attention.

Its 360° front and rear wheels with brakes give you full control in case you want to stop the carriage. Although, a quick one-hand fold makes the folding easy and compact for carrying in the car too while travelling.



Types Of Baby Strollers

While going on the other factors, first get known to its type. There are 6 main types of strollers you will find in the market, each with a different purpose. 

Here’s a shortlist of type of strollers – 

Let’s Get Started 

  • Prams 

Pram Prams are better known as Carriage. This type features a fully resting seat where the baby can get to lie down easily. Prams lying traits make it best for newborn babies. This type of prams gives ample flat sleeping space for babies. 

  • Standard or Everyday Stroller

There are various names for this type of strollers, just like regular strollers. Some even call them full sized strollers, so don’t get confused while seeing one. It is the basic and common type you will find in the market. Standard Stroller

It comes with lots of storage functions, wide handles, and a safety harness. With firm tires and a solid frame, it is an excellent choice for babies or kids of 2 or 3 years. 

  • Lightweight 

Lightweight Stroller When babies age one year old and above, lightweight strollers become the right choice. Just like other types, it also is known as Umbrella Strollers. Parents consider it as a great choice for 1 or 3 year old kids. 

Just like the name, it meant to be light, easy to move, and portable. Some models even come with shoulder straps too. We urge you not to buy this stroller for infants. 

  • Jogging

As the name hints, these are built to aid actions like jogging or hiking. It comes with three rings that make it easier to move and control. Jogging Stroller

A jogging stroller also comes with some pause system built-in that keeps the little rider safe from the jump around bumps.

Just like lightweight strollers, these strollers are also not for infants. 

  • Travel System 

Travel Convertible Stroller  If you’re raising a newborn, then this baby stroller is the best to have. It allows your baby to lay flat and guard next to the sun. 

Travel strollers are also known as changeable strollers. Its frame unit will let you break out the seat. That after called a car seat, so you can convert it when it comes to travelling. 

  • Double stroller

Double strollers are best for parents with twins or siblings. Many of the brands make them differently. Some come with side by side seats or one in front of the other. Twin Stroller

They have extra storage space on the bottom too. Some models also allow the kid to sit in the front and others in the lower rear seat.

How To Choose Baby Stroller?

Best Baby Strollers In IndiaWhether you’re a skilled parent or greeting your first little one into this world, a stroller is the must thing to have. The selection for the gear depends on many points. So to help you get the right one here is the list of main factors that you should know:-

  • Pick as per your lifestyle

As you already know, there are various kinds of strollers open in the market. For example, standard strollers, travel strollers and more. If your child is an infant, then there are unique strollers for them that can even hold your child if he/she grows up. As everyone wants to give their child the best, but that doesn’t mean you need to go ahead of your lifestyle.Best Baby Strollers

However, don’t link yourself with others ever. There might be some people bringing their babies in other types. Do not bother at all and make your step. Just think what is best for your means and pocket. Stay on your choice and trust yourself.

  • Ease of Carrying

Folding StrollerThe most crucial thing is to focus on the ease of carrying the pram. Things get tricky if the stroller is heavy or not foldable. There might be various spots where you’ve to fold or lift the stroller on your own while handling the baby. So in that case, keep an eye on the product details. If you feel it is heavy for you and doesn’t have the folding feature, then do not buy it. A stroller should be firm, steady but not heavy.

Moreover, the lighter the pram, the easier it is to push and fold. It is a tale that if the gear is lightweight, it won’t be safe. The foldable stroller is great to deal with kids no matter how often you travel. So make sure to buy a stroller with folding and lifting features.

  • Go For The Stroller With A Car Seat

If you travel a lot or your hobby is to travel, then must consider this point. Most brands or their few models come with a car safety seat stroller. It gives you and your baby more protection. It can be a little pricey for some of you, but it is a fit way to travel with your kid.Travel Convertible Stroller

However, in the market, you will find car seat prams. It allows you to divide the seat from the cart so you can carry your child in a small space where the big stroller can’t reach. Isn’t it a fantastic idea to just separate the seat and use it in any way you love?

  • Pay Attention To Baby Needs

Most basic things look for your baby needs. Ask yourself first, you need a pram with a basket or not. Well, it is useful if you pick a model with a storage basket.

When you’re out or about to go with your child, you’re going to need a lot of things with you. A large basket under the seat is noted for carrying diapers, a blanket, tissues, toys, and many other things. Because of this, you’re going to need a basket stroller.

Apart from the basket, also look for a cup or bottle holder. It helps you keep your drink or your babies while walking instead of holding in your bag.

  • Does It Recline?

This one is one of the noticeable features in prams. It is because newborn babies or kids ( 2 to 3 years) are unable to stay up for long. So you’ll need a seat that can recline to provide the support. Reclining seats give comfort.Recline stroller

Apart from this, also look for a canopy. It acts as a guard to protect your baby from direct sunlight. A roof cover is an essential thing to have if you are going on a sunny walk. 

As you know, UV rays are not suitable for the babies, so canopy keeps your baby safe from dust and dirt too.

  • Important Safety Features

No matter how costly strollers you buy, if it is not safe for your baby, then it’s worthless. Many brands add the essential features in their models to meet the legal aid. Here are some of the features that you should know –

  1. Brakes – Brakes are very vital on a stroller, no matter what stroller you pick. Whether you’re taking your kid for a walk or shopping, brakes will keep your baby safe from the sudden stop. Some of the strollers have handlebar brakes, and others have brakes on the ring.
  2. Safety Harness – Look for a 5 point harness system that wraps around the waist, within the legs, and comes down over the shoulders. Just like your car seat belts that save you from accidents. Harnesses also act the same in keeping your child protected from sudden stops. It also helps secure babies in the seat even if they try to come out or change their sides.
  3. Umbrella – Sun cream won’t protect your kids from the UV rays. First, make sure the stroller should have a cover. And second, the material of the canopy should be good in protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the most popular brand for Baby Strollers?

As per the research, LuvLap, Chicco, and R for Rabbit are one of the top-rated brands. They add safety and good change in models to bring the best for babies.

2. Can I put my newborn in a stroller?

Yes, but make sure you buy a reclining stroller for him/her. As newborns cannot sit up or hold up their heads.

3. What is the role of reversible handlebars?

It makes you and your baby more comfortable. If the stroller has a reversible handler, you can keep your baby face to your side at all times.

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