Best Toothbrushes in India – [January 2022]

It is said well that “A healthy mouth brings a healthy life.” A right toothbrush can remove any plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the teeth.

Brushing of teeth is one of the most tedious tasks. It is essential to consider a few things while choosing the best Toothbrush for your tooth as it is more valuable than a diamond.

It is an oral hygiene resolution to use for teeth, gums, and tongue cleaning. When you choose the Toothbrush, always remember that the bristle of Toothbrush should be soft.

A right toothbrush can help you to maintain healthy teeth, without any bad gums, bacterial, plaque, and stains.

We have prepared a list of Best Toothbrushes in India based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Toothbrushes In India

Colgate Charcoal Manual
Sensodyne Manual
Colgate ZigZag Manual
Oral B Cross Action Electric
Terrabrush Manual
Oral B Cavity Defense Manual
Thermoseal Manual
Colgate Slim Soft Manual
Oral B Ultrathin Manual
Oral-B Pro-Health Manual

Which are the Top 10 Best Toothbrushes In India 2022?

1. Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush

It has an ordinary end-rounded bristle. Its 17x slimmer tip bristles specially designed for eliminating plaque from both the teeth and gums effectively. It can remove bacteria from the tongue along with a narrow gap between the teeth.

It comes with a smart cleaning technology that brings a confident smile every day. It maintains oral health and abstains you from tooth decay. It has unique tri-tip bristles for deep yet gentle cleaning. It has an ordinary End Rounded bristles that easy to reach difficult spots for eliminating germs and bacteria.

Key Features

  • It has an elegant design.
  • Its handle is soft and comfortable.
  • It gently brushes your teeth from inside and outside.
  • It will give you fresh breath.
  • It keeps the teeth healthy and white.

What We Like

  • The pack of 4-toothbrushes are budget-friendly.

2. Sensodyne Sensitive Soft Toothbrush

Sensodyne Toothbrush

It is specially designed for sensitive teeth. It is specific for daily cleaning and provides effective cleaning, even in the hard to clean areas.

It has a flexible brush head that is durable. Its smooth bristles remove dirt and clean the germs deeply. Using the toothbrush twice a day helps to clean teeth and gum effectively.

Key Features

  • Its soft stiff hair clean the gum line without any pain.
  • It cleans the germs from the tooth effectively.
  • It is suitable for daily cleaning.
  • It reaches the teeth-areas which are hard to clean.
  • The dimensions of the product are 23 x 6 x 1 cm.

What We Like

  • It is a good quality product.
  • It is highly durable that makes it value for money product.
  • It cleans the gum and teeth effectively.

3. Colgate ZigZag Soft Toothbrush

Colgate ZigZag Soft Toothbrush

Colgate offers a wide range of products, from dental health care to personal care. Colgate is No.1 toothbrush and toothpaste brand that provides quality oral care goods. Millions of people prefer Colgate as it is a safe and healthy option.

This features a flexible neck that gives a gentle massage to the gums. Similarly, it helps in reducing pressure and move flexibly during brushing. It provides all-around cavity and germ protection.

It comes with international quality Multi-angle crisscross bristles with rounded tips. It has a tongue cleaner that gets rid of foul smell. It ensures deep cleaning of the entire tooth. It keeps your mouth clean and fresh all the time.

Key Features

  • It gives an ultimate brushing-control.
  • It comes with End-rounded-bristles to remove plague in-between-the-teeth.
  • Its rubber cushioned handle provides a comfortable grip.
  • It is a manual-type toothbrush.

What We Like

  • It is made of high quality material.
  • It is available at a reasonable price bracket.

4. Oral B Cross Action Battery Powered Toothbrush


If you want to make your brushing routine exciting and memorable, then use this battery-operated electric toothbrush of Oral-B. You will feel the difference compared to a manual-one.

Overbrushing can pose a risk of gums damage. It can also break your braces, So it is necessary to adopt a new technique that automatically notifies you to improve your focus while brushing. It is the Best Electric Toothbrush in India.

Key Features

  • It is easy to reach difficult areas.
  • The electric toothbrush clears the plaque from the surface. It comes with a powerhead that rotates to whisk away all the stains.
  • Even electric toothbrushes are lovely for gum cleaning.
  • It contains Multi-angled Criss-cross bristles. It can easy to rotate in the opposite direction to reach between-the-teeth.
  • The best electric toothbrush has a soft rubberised grip handle that gives you great comfort.
  • It ensures more cleaning with less toothpaste.

What We Like

  • It promotes overall oral health plus safe for your gums.
  • It comes with the replaceable brush head. You can replace the brush head every 3-months.

5. Terrabrush Adult Bamboo Toothbrushes


Terrabrush offers superior Bamboo tooth brush that is very effective than a plastic toothbrush. It provides you with long-lasting protection against harmful germs and bacteria.

The bamboo-based toothbrush is naturally microbial that quickly removes unnecessary waste. It is lightweight and comfortable.

Key Features

  • It is 100 % biodegradable.
  • It is durable, long-lasting and waterproof.
  • It is free from a splinter.
  • It has BPA free bristles that offer smooth movement.
  • It comes with an eco-friendly handle and kit.
  • It has been tested by doctors for months to give you a great experience.

What We Like

  • Its package contains a pack of two kids and two adults bamboo toothbrush.
  • It is a complete mouth care partner for your family.

6. Oral B Cavity Defense 123 Black Toothbrush

Oral B Cavity Defense 123 Black Toothbrush

It is the Best Toothbrush as it is efficient in removing sticky food particles. It provides a unique massage to teeth and gums with protection.

It can fight against unhealthy-bacteria that cause a cavity. It is available in the pack of 4-toothbrushes. This gum expert provides you with long-lasting and fresh breath to keep your mouth healthy all day.

Key Features

  • It comes with an elegant rounded-bristle for soft cushioning.
  • It is a 3-in-1 superior brush that properly cleans your mouth to make them healthy.
  • It cleans out yellow stains and spots.
  • It enhances the beauty of your smile and lessens the lousy breath.
  • The pack of four brushes are long-lasting.

What We Like

  • It is available at a economical price.
  • It is easy to handle.

7. Thermoseal Ultrasoft Toothbrush

Thermoseal Toothbrush

It comes with the ultrasoft design that gently cleans the teeth and germs deeply. The dimension of the product is 23x19x2 cm.

It provides you with long-lasting protection against harmful germs and bacteria. It maintains oral health and abstains you from tooth decay.

Key Features

  • It has a small head that can reach easily all corner of the mouth.
  • It comes with ultrasoft bristles.
  • It comes with easy to grip design.
  • It can remove bacteria from the tongue along with a narrow gap between-the-teeth.

What We Like

  • It cleans without hurting it.

8. Colgate Slim Soft Advanced Toothbrush

Colgate Slim Soft Advanced Toothbrush

If you have sensitivity then, this toothbrush is the perfect choice for you. It brings fresh breath plus keeps teeth-healthy. It is a prime source of oral bacteria that brings freshness in the mouth and keeps your teeth clean and healthy.

Several dentists recommend it as it is completely safe for kids and adults. It is efficient in plaque cleaning. It gives you a comfortable experience.

Important Tip

You can place the bristle along the gumline at a 45 degree so that your gums would not get damaged. Similarly, it will help you in brushing the surface of each tooth.

Key Features

  • It has silky soft feathers that gently clean the teeth as well as gums.
  • It’s brush head size is small so easy to reach corners of the mouth.
  • It has a flexible neck that doesn’t put any pressure on gums.
  • Its thumb grip ensures better control during the brushing process.

What We Like

  • It doesn’t require any battery.
  • The pack of 1-toothbrush is cost-effective.

9. Oral-B Ultrathin Sensitive Toothbrush

Oral-B Ultrathin Sensitive Toothbrush

Oral-B is worlds no. 1 toothpaste brand that offers health, personal care or dental sanitation products for a cleaner and healthier mouth. It brings revolutionary solutions to you and your family. This ultrathin sensitive black coloured toothbrush contains tea extracts.

Its 20x thinner bristle tips stay gentle on your gums and clean between teeth. It has a combination of ultrathin and regular bristle tips that gives you a superior cleaning experience.

Key Features

  • It has a cup shaped bristles that cover each tooth and ensures a deep clean.
  • The regular-bristles deliver a superior cleaning action.
  • The toothbrush tips are extra soft that stays gentle on gums.
  • It has dual bristle types that include ultrathin and regular bristles.

What We Like

  • It provides you with superior cleaning.
  • It is the right quality product.
  • It includes green tea extracts.

10. Oral B Pro Health Smart Flex Soft Toothbrush

Oral B Pro Health Smart Flex Soft Toothbrush

It is an excellent choice for regular use. It is the only toothbrush that has pro flex sides. The flex sides adjust as per the shape and gum of your teeth. In terms of portability, it is easy to carry while travelling.

Oral B oral care expert lifts out the harmful film of bacteria and sticky particles. It has End Rounded bristles that ensures no more bleeding. It gives a gentle massage to the gums.

Key Features

  • It instantly clears out 93% of plaque from hard to reach areas.
  • It includes criss-cross-bristles for deep cleaning.
  • It lifts out 34% more plaque from the gumline.
  • It also minimises the gingivitis for improving gum health.

What We Like

  • It has a stylish and sleek design.
  • It is a suitable toothbrush for travel.
  • It is the number one choice of worldwide dentists.

Best Toothbrush Brands in India

  • Colgate
  • Oral-B
  • Sensodyne
  • Terra
  • Thermoseal

Types of Toothbrush

There are two types of Toothbrush.

1. Manual Toothbrush

A manual-toothbrush is a handheld toothbrush that is made of hard plastic. It varies from their Shape, Size and Bristle.

Shapes of Manual Toothbrush

Conventional and Diamond are the most common shapes of manual-toothbrush.

1. Traditional Shape
The head of the manual-toothbrush is rectangular shaped. It can effectively clean the surface of each tooth.

2. Diamond Shape
It has small tips. They are very efficient and help you to reach every corner.

Types of Bristles
The manual-bristled tooth brush is available in three varieties – Soft, Medium and Hard.


Toothbrush with soft-bristle is recommended to the people with sensitive teeth. It is essential for people with pale gums. It is effective for eliminating debris, plaque or receding gum disease. It is the most comfortable, safer and healthier option. It is suitable for people with very painful gums.


It is enough for people with average dental conditions. It can remove a significant amount of plaque than soft-bristles. But, overbrushing with a medium-bristled tooth brush could damage the root surface and gums.


The hard-bristles are also known as firm bristles. It can cause more cavities and other dental problem. It removes a slightly more plaque than soft type. However, brushing your teeth with a hard-bristled toothbrush can damage tooth enamel. It is not ideal for delicate teeth.

Benefits of Manual Toothbrush


The normal manual toothbrushes are inexpensive than an electric toothbrush. It has a variety of colours, shape and style.

Easy To Available

The manual toothbrushes are readily available at the grocery store. You can also get from a medical shop.

No Battery Required

It does not require an electric-outlet or any battery to charge the brush so it can easier to maintain.

Disadvantages Of Manual Toothbrush

  • While using a manual-toothbrush, you do not have a timer so that you do not clean as much as possible.
  • It does not have a pressure sensor or multiple brushing modes.

2. Electric Toothbrush

It works on the principle of oscillatory and full Circular motion. It comes with a rotating head that vibrates in a movement to perform a sweep styled cleaning. Choosing the electric toothbrush will result in clearing out the plaque and other dirt.

The electric toothbrush is divided into three types.

1. Motion type

The motion of the toothbrush is classified into two kinds:

a. Oscillatory Motion

It can clean better. It is powerful in removing the germs and bacteria.

b. Full Circular Motion

The brush head will rotate in a circular motion. In other words, we can say that it can cleanse in an up-and-down motion.

2. Brush Head

The brush head is an essential thing before choosing a toothbrush. The size and shape of these electric toothbrushes determine the quality and use of the tooth brush. It comes with uniquely designed small fibres called ‘bristles.’ These differ from their pattern. Mainly, electric toothbrush comes with two kinds of bristles, namely Criss-Cross and Round Flat bristles.

Criss-cross can remove 90 per cent of plaque from hard-to-reach areas. It also keeps your mouth healthy.

The round-bristles of electric toothbrushes are quite sturdy because it has polished or rounded tips. The electric toothbrushes offer softer and more effective cleaning than a regular tooth brush.

3. Charging type

An electric toothbrush requires a battery to work. The electric toothbrush comes with two forms of cells such as Removable or Non-removable batteries.

Removable batteries refer to an internal battery that is fixed inside the tooth-brush. It doesn’t require any charging to operate the tooth-brush. These are also called Power Electric Toothbrushes because it works with AAA size battery. You can easy to buy an AAA battery from the market. It is available at an affordable price.

Benefits of Electric Toothbrush

More effective

It is effective in eliminating plaque. It can quickly remove germs and food particles. The electric-toothbrushes also prevent gum related issues.

Battery Required

The electric toothbrush is expensive as it can be operated using a battery pack. Generally, this battery-operated tooth brush is preferred over people because they give better performance. The electric toothbrushes are great for persons with sensitive gums-and-teeth.


It gives better results than a regular toothbrush. It is more efficient and saves time. The electric toothbrushes rotate, vibrate and oscillate with different speed.

Disadvantages of Electric Toothbrush

  • It is costly compared to a manual-one.
  • It might not be good for people with a sensitive tooth.
  • It requires charging or replacement of the battery, so they are not travel-friendly.

Features of Electric Toothbrush


The electronic toothbrushes come in different types of patterns such as Cleaning, Sensitive, Whitening and Massage modes.

Pressure Sensor

The electric toothbrushes have a small component that presents inside the toothbrush handle. It automatically detects the excessive pressure when you clean your teeth with too much force. If you have sensitivity, then this would be a better option for you.

Removable Head

Always purchase the electric toothbrush with rechargeable or replaceable head. You can change the brush heads after three months to get better results. Most of the doctors suggest that if the bristles of the electric toothbrushes get frayed, then they need to be replaced. Otherwise, it can cause an infection in your gums.

Charging Indicator

The electric brush contains an LED indicator that notifies you when the battery gets charged.

How to Choose the Best Toothbrush?

There are a lot of health and beauty hygiene products available in the market. It is essential to consider all specifications before choosing the right tooth brush. Always keep in mind that the bristles of the brush should be soft; otherwise, it may harm your sensitive gums, or teeth. Similarly, good teeth stay away from decaying, cavities.

We hope this information will help you to find a suitable tooth-brush at the online website or shops.


Manual and Electric toothbrushes are the basic types of tooth brush. If your budget is low and you want to buy a toothbrush for your small kid, then, the manual-brush is the safest option. There are also various great quality baby brushes available in the market.

However, if you are sluggish and feel brushing task monotonous, then, use an electric toothbrush with multiple features. Its cost is a little bit high.


It is the crucial factor that one should consider while choosing the toothbrush. Whether you want a manual or electric toothbrushes, always look for comfortable and easy to use settings.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of the brush heads should be easy to manipulate in the mouth. You can buy either Conventional and Diamond Shaped tooth brush. Conventional brush heads are more significant as compared to Diamond brush heads shape. It can easy-to-reach every tooth surface. The tips of Diamond head is small.

Power Source

The manual-toothbrush doesn’t require batteries, but an electric toothbrush cannot work without a battery. For electronic brush, you can buy AAA batteries that are readily available in the market.


The electric toothbrush is faster than manual-one. It is more effective, easy to understand, so it saves a lot of time.


An electric toothbrush is expensive. Whereas, a manual-toothbrush is cheaper. Electronic toothbrush requires batteries and charging, so its additional expense is also high.

Soft Bristles

Soft-Bristles toothbrush is good for removing plaque and gums. The hard bristles can provide damage.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Are Manual toothbrush better than an Electric toothbrush?

According to the American Dental Association, both manual and electric toothbrushes are better in their way. Firstly the brand matters a lot. A cheap quality tooth brush poses a risk factor. Oral-B, Colgate and Pepsodent are the leading brands of oral care products. Their manual-brushes are inexpensive and easy to handle. Whereas, it offers advanced features in electric brush such as an inbuilt timer, pressure sensor, etc.

2. Is Electric Toothbrush safe for children?

It is not safe for 0-3 years child. So, don’t use on your toddlers-teeth until you can use a manual brush with soft-bristles.

3. Is Manual Toothbrush bad for gums?

Well, overbrushing poses several risk factors. It may damage the enamel of your tooth and can cause sensitivity. It doesn’t have any sensor or an inbuilt timer that automatically alerts you to stop the brushing task. Here, all control is in your hands. So, if you use a manually operated toothbrush, always use a tooth brush at a specific period.

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