Best Olive Oils for Hair in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Olive Oil for Hair in India

The beauty is not about applying royal makeup and dress up like a Bollywood star. It is the gold accessory for women, so never let them fade. The tickled pink face and intensive makeup are incomplete without having beautiful hair. There are many health benefits of olive oil for skin and hair.

Are you scared from grey hairs and to hide them with artificial hair colours? Of course, yes! Have you dreamt of long hair and want to channelise your inner bombshell? Olive Oil is the ‘Mool Mantra’ that promotes healthy hair growth by supplying vitamins and nutrients. The fruit of Olea europaea, namely ‘Olive’ is the heal-all for scalp and skin conditions.

Based on Market Research, we have prepared a list of Best Olive Oils for Hair in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Olive Oils for Hair in India 2019

Olive Oil for HairQuantity
UrbanBotanics® 250ml
Grandeur 200ml
The Balance Mantras 200ml
Noor Secrets 200ml
Morpheme Remedies 120ml
Aroma Magic 100ml
Natures Absolutes 200ml
Soulflower 225ml
Greenberry Organics 50ml
Mesmara 200ml

Which are the Top 10 Best Olive Oils for Hair in India 2019?

1. UrbanBotanics® Pure Cold Pressed Olive Oil

UrbanBotanics® Olive Oil

This is a pure, natural and unrefined oil agent that provides Antioxidants, Primary acids, Vitamin E & A. Urban Botanics is olive oil brands that provide good quality of the hair oil for everyday use.

It helps in removing makeup without making many efforts. By applying a little drop of olive oil on a cotton swab gently clears the lip shades. You can use it for removing kajal and eyeliner as well.

Benefits of Using this Olive Oil

Hair Care

It seals the moisture to stay the hair pliable and hydrated. The natural antioxidant of olive oil supports healthy skin, preserves the protective lipid layer to reduce oxidative stress. These vitamins are necessary for maintaining hair growth.

Body Massager

You don’t need to acquire body spa after regular massaging with olive oil. The oil keeps the skin hydrated and prevent dryness. Due to antioxidants & fatty acids, the oil relieves you from microbial skin infections, chapped and dry skin. It reduces stretch marks from the skin and improves blood circulation.

Nail Care

It fixes the dull and brittle nails to improve their appearance and promotes growth.

Key Features

  • It is 100% pure and doesn’t include chemicals, additives and hexane.
  • It gives relief from joint pains and sore muscles.
  • It boosts the energy levels and supplies proper nourishment to the body.
  • It removes the darkness from under the eye and gets rid of chapped and dry lips.
  • It is made up of the cold pressing to leave the goodness of olive extract.

  • It improves the texture of the skin.
  • It comes in a plastic bottle packaging with 250 ml quantity.

2. Grandeur 100% Pure And Natural Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Grandeur Olive Oil

This oil has an extract of pure and natural cold-pressed olives. The mixture of vitamins and nutrients prevent the keratin in hair. By applying olive oil to the cuticles, you will get healthy shine and sufficient moisture to soothe the scalp and stay hydrated.

This oil is made under the guidance of National Award Winner & Limca Book Of World Record Holder. Its ayurvedic treatment heals the infection, dryness, worsen hair conditions. It aids in making the eyebrow and eyelashes, thicker and darker.

Key Features

  • It includes a high amount of antioxidants to lessen the damage of skin cells.
  • Its anti-ageing properties give you home spa experience, positive energy and relief from extreme pain.
  • It is beneficial for both skin and hair.
  • The bottle contains 200 ml of olive oil.

  • This unfiltered olive oil is 100% free of chemicals.
  • It is the highly effective cleanser for removing makeup, grime, dirt to keep the skin fresh and moisturised.

3. The Balance Mantra’s Olive Oil Pure Premium Quality Carrier Oil

best olive oil for hair

This is an unscented, undiluted hair care product. It smoothens the hair roots and helps in regrowing lost hair. Due to its nature made qualities, the oil is applicable for multi-purpose use.

It lightens the dark circles and returns the required glow. This olive oil is suitable for removing stretch marks, hair and scalp treatment.

Key Features

  • It effectively removes makeup.
  • It avoids razor burns, bumps, redness, irritation when it is slathered before shaving.
  • It supplies fatty-acids to provide you with a significant conditioning effect.
  • It naturally derived and processed for retaining the quality of olives.
  • It contains 200 ml quantity of 100% pure nourishing hair oil for proper growth.

  • It is suitable for all family members.

4. Noor Secrets Carrier / Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Massage Olive Oil

Noor Secrets Olive Oil

This is a pure and potent Olive Oil infused with tea tree essential oil for deep conditioning. Massaging with extra virgin cold-pressing oil act as a hair mask to protect from pollution, dust and split ends.

It is also used in aromatherapy as an essential oil. It can give you shiny nails & softens the outer layer of the body when using before going to bed. It is a chemical-free oil for your skin.

Key Features

  • It can give you youthful and radiant skin by fading up fines lines and wrinkles.
  • It brings positive energy when using for body massage.
  • It is the remedy of premature ageing and perfect for removing eye makeup.
  • It regenerates the skin cells to develop a natural glow.

  • It is obtained from the state of the art GMP certified facility.
  • It is first press cold-pressed olive oil.
  • It gives a shiny look with honey and egg yolk.

5. Morpheme Remedies Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Morpheme Olive Oil

This olive oil is the hair remedy to fight against loss of hair. It acts as a daily moisturiser to nourish the most skin types to bring a healthy glow. Few drops of extra virgin olive oil work wonder on hair to deliver extra glossy finish.

You can use it as a night cream and for the growth of eyelashes. The concoction of olive oil with two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice provides conditing to the hair. Apply the mixture before head wash for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse with shampoo.

Key Features

  • Its main motive is to provide maximum nutrients.
  • It has the goodness of natural and pure oils with zero artificial preservatives.
  • It is perfect for baby bodies massage.
  • It gives fatigue relaxation along with strengthening the bones.
  • This pure oil protects your skin from external factors.
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil with hot water helps in nail growth.

  • Both men and women can use this oil for glowing skin.
  • It gives longer hair by using a mixture of egg yolks.
  • It maintains thick consistency after shampooing.

6. Aroma Magic Olive Oil

Aroma Magic Olive Oil

This thicky fruity olive oil offers great beauty benefits to Indian ladies. It has an extract of olives to transfer healthy fats, phenolic antioxidant vitamin E, oleic acids to repair the hair damage.

The perfect moisturiser for dry and chapped skin and is suitable for body and head massage. It doesn’t contain chemical ingredients to keep your skin safe and allergic-free. It is from one of the best olive oil brands in India.

How to Apply

Add a tablespoon of olive oil and mix the basic oil in bathwater. Mix it gently and massage with your hands in a circular motion to get a sparkling effect.

Key Features

  • It improves the skin tone and lessens the dark circles with regular application.
  • It treats skin burns, wounds, inflammation and yeast infection.
  • It leaves the moisture to stay hydrated in every season.
  • It brings natural glow and maintains the pH level of the body.

  • It is ideal for oiling, cleansing, moisturising, toning.
  • The package contains 100ml of liquid form.

What we didn’t like

  • It is not safe for people with nut allergies.

7. Nature’s Absolutes Olive Oil

best olive oil for hair

This olive oil has a blend of necessary oils to provide high nutrients to both skin and hair. It is a Cold-Pressed Olive Oil from Nature’s brand that can be used from skin care to hair care.

The fatty acid of olive oil is good for premature greying and does deep nourishment of the damaged scalp. Its anti-ageing properties enhance the nutritive value to lessen the sign of ageing from under eyes while massaging on the face. It also works as makeup removal.

Key Features

  • The package contains 200 ml of olive oil.
  • It reduces dandruff, irritation and gives a healthy shine to rough hair.
  • It circulates blood in follicles of hair to make them healthy and thicky.
  • It deeply absorbed into the skin to remove dirt and other residues to keep the face shiny and glowing.
  • It helps in hydration to bring the soft, radiant and healthy glow.
  • It is excellent for eyelashes and eyebrows. You can apply a little amount of drop to make the lashes dark & intense.

  • It is ideal for both men and women.
  • It is suitable for all hair types.
  • It suits both the normal and combination skin.
  • It is useful for aromatherapy to relieve you from pain & keep the body fresh and cool.

8. Soulflower Olive Oil

Soulflower Olive Oil

Soulflower the undiluted, 100% vegan handmade olive oil prevents loss of hair with cold-pressed therapy. The one-stop solution to magnify the beauty of hair and skin. It ensures healthy and wellness benefits due to including Therapeutic and Healing properties. You can use this olive oil for skin benefits also.

It is specially made for women to provide healing spa experience at home. Massage your body with This is a light olive oil to get positive energy and peaceful sleep. It has a sharp fruity smell and comes in yellow colour. It is ideal for hair, skin, nails and the entire body.

How to Apply

Use a few drops of Soulflower with sesame and coconut oil for better results. Gently massage it over the scalp to leave the natural shine on hair.

Key Features

  • It avoids bare scalp and flakes.
  • It limits the splits of the ends to manage the hair growth cycle.
  • It improves skin health and soothes dryness.
  • It is full of anti-ageing antioxidating and hydrating squalene.

  • It is safe and secure for all types of hair.
  • It is suitable for normal to dry skin.
  • It is a natural moisturiser that ensures no side effects.
  • It removes the impurities, dust and makeup from the delicate skin.
  • It controls the fine lines and signs of ageing.

9. Greenberry Organics Organic Olive Oil

Greenberry Olive Oil

This olive oil is famous for its deeply moisturising and anti-ageing properties. The versatility of this pure olive oil makes a valuable addition in your daily grooming. It is 100% vegan and not tested on the animal body.

It is composed of USDA and Ecocert ingredients to promote natural hair growth. This carrier oil aids you to overcome the skin itching, dullness, sunburns, pimply rash. It is the one solution for thinning hair, dry scalp, split ends and frizz.

Key Features

  • It blends easily to deliver nutrients that are essential for skin and hair.
  • It is rich in antioxidants and high in vitamin A & E to provide essential fatty acids. It gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It restores the natural hair balance with help in blood circulation.
  • Its hydrating properties make your skin soft and supple.
  • It deeply penetrates the skin to remove sticky dust from face, skin and hair.
  • Its nourishing touch up on hair prevents external factors like pollution & dirt.
  • It can fight against acne and bacteria to deliver good health.

  • It is useful for cuticle care, skin care, nail care and many more.
  • It gives powerful results when applied with other essential oils.
  • It can be used as an aromatherapy to boost up the immune system & relax your body.

10. Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mesmara Olive Oil

The highest grade extra virgin olive oil comes from the house of Mesmara to regain the lost hair. Whether your skin is too dry or rough, the oil from Mesmara deeply absorbed within one go to lock-in moisture into the skin.

The mingling of Olea Europaea exfoliates the itchy skin, scalp and softens the hands and nails. The extracted extra virgin vegan olive oil using a cold-pressed method is ideal for males and females.

Key Features

  • It has a 200 ml of pure content with adding nutritional value.
  • It combats dandruff and oxidative stress throughout the body.
  • It eliminates the build-up of sebum to run the hair growth cycle properly.
  • It can be applied as a shaving cream to exclude the foundation, lip shades, intense eyeliner.

  • It retains the natural shine for hair styling.
  • It’s one tablespoon serving provides 900/3700 energy, 100 gm of total fat, 15 gm of saturated fat and 75 gm of monosaturated fat.

Best Olive Oil Brands for Hair in India

  • Aroma Magic
  • The Balance Mantra
  • Grandeur
  • Greenberry Organics
  • Mesmara
  • Morpheme Remedies
  • Nature’s Absolutes
  • Noor Secrets
  • Soulflower
  • UrbanBotanics

How to Choose Olive Oil for Hair in India?

Olive Oils are easily accessible in the market, but it might be confusing to understand which one is 100% vegan and natural. To overcome this solution, you should keep in mind several things before buying the best olive oil.

Types of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed)

It has anti-ageing properties to soothe the scalp from irritation, dandruff and dryness. It adds a valuable addition to your beauty routine. It makes the hair thicker and keeps them healthy for a long time. It is an effective moisturiser for massaging the skin and body. It is free from chemical and additives. It prevents pollution, split ends and lessens frizzy hairs. It is extracted from the olives by using the cold press method. It doesn’t use solvent and high heat like other vegetable oils.

It is suitable for multi-use. You can also use it for cooking, skin and nail care, acne treatment.

Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin Olive Oil works similarly as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The main difference is in their oleic acidic level. It can be used for baking and frying. It contains low saturated acids that are good for maintaining a healthy diet.

Refined Olive Oil

It is mostly available in grocery stores. It is excellent for making Indian dishes. It has a blend of refined olives and flaxseeds to renew the body cells. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Pure Olive Oil

It contains a high source of Mufa, Antioxidants to give the best results while massaging on body and hair.

Skin Type

It is an Ayurveda solution that suits every skin types. It is perfect for dry skin to normal skin and normal skin to combination skin. But if you have any skin allergy or nut allergy, then before use consult with your doctor.


It is not necessarily that olive oil is available in a similar colour. In the market, olive oil comes in pale yellow, golden or green colour. The colour means nothing as it looks different due to their ripening of olives. You should focus on brand and quality.


The oil extracted from olives has saturated, unsaturated and monosaturated acids. It also contains omega acids, vitamin A & E. The antioxidants produce excellent results. It reduces oxidative stress from the scalp to improve the growth of hair.

Gluten-free & Unscented

Never rely on the attractive fragrance of the oil. It may cause an allergic reaction on the skin. If you want long hair with good health, then always choose that which is 100% pure and doesn’t contain chemicals, preservative, sulphates, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Olive Oil Helps in Hair Growth?

Yes, Olive oil is made up of monosaturated acids to promote the growth of hair. It is rich in antioxidants that deliver good health to the scalp. Regular massage with olive oil enhances the circulation of blood in hair surface & provides a shiny look to chapped and dry hairs.

2. What Is The Difference Between Virgin Olive Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a liquid form that derives from the pressing or crushing small fruits called olives. It has another name as ‘Whole Olives’. It is mainly a composition of Oleic acid, linoleic acid and fatty acid. It can be used as a cosmetic product, fuel for traditional lamps, making soaps. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. You can use it for hair massage to strengthen the tips of the hair. It improves the circulation of blood in your scalp, keeps the hair follicles healthy, stronger and thicker. Whereas, Extra Virgin Olive Oil immerses with nature-based cold-pressed olives for cooking purposes.

3. Which Country Produces Olive Oil?

Spain is the largest producer of virgin olive oil. Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, Portugal, Algeria, Argentina, USA are the popular countries that produce olive oil in tonnes.

4. Which Is Better For Hair – Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil?

Both are effective in their way. Both are used as a hair care product. The distinction between Coconut and Olive Oil are so many. Some of them are given below that helps you to find the oil for hair growth as per your choice.

Benefits of Massaging with Coconut Oil

  • It is an anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent to treat yeast infection that causes dandruff.
  • It prevents the scalp from getting dry.
  • It inhibits the formation of lice on the scalp.
  • It holds ultra-moisturising properties to get rid of excessive hair loss.
  • It is a pre-hair wash mask to nourish & strengthen the hair. Most of the researchers believe that massaging with coconut oil before head wash prevents from damage while blow drying to straighten the hair.
  • It promotes hair growth faster with regular oiling and keeps them stronger and bouncy.
  • It prevents from harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Massaging with Olive Oil

  • It treats with split-ends to help your hairs to grow faster.
  • Chumpy with warm olive oil to cure dandruff.
  • It adds an ultimate shine in dull hairs.
  • It prevents you from environmental exposure to stop the seasonal breakage.
  • It transforms the dry hair into soft and silky.
  • It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.
  • It lessens the scalp irritation.
  • It two folds hair growth by providing sufficient nutrients.

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