Best Deodorant for Men in India 2019

Best Deodorant for Men in India 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

While it’s patently obvious that men don’t allocate as much time and attention to beauty and personal care products as women do. There are still some lines that men won’t cross when it comes to personal hygiene.

Smelling nice is one of the most important things of one’s personality.

People remember you if you look good. But if you also smell great, then you have an instant fan-following.

For instance, we all have a favourite deodorant, whether it’s a choice made by preference or habit. How do you know if it’s the best one for you?

A good deodorant is the one which controls the sweat, and body odour for long hours.

Based on Market Research, we have prepared a buyer’s guide along with a list of 10 Best Deodorant for Men in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Deodorants for Men in India

Deodorant for MenQuantity
Fogg Marco150ml
Brut Original200ml
Axe Recharge Marine Splash150ml
Set Wet Cool, Charm and Chill Avatar3x150ml
Fogg Royal150ml
Nivea Fresh Active Original150ml
Set Wet Spunky and Funky Avatar2x120ml
Wild Stone Red150ml
Axe Dark Temptation150ml
Park Avenue Voyage Signature235ml

Which are the 10 Best Deodorants for Men in India for 2019?

1. Fogg Marco Body Spray For Men (150ml)

Fogg Marco
From INR 230.00 INR 161.00
Save INR 69.00 ( 30% )
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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Fogg is one of the top-selling deodorant brands in India.

Fogg Macro body spray has a refreshing scent which envelops you in a pleasant smell for a long time.

Key Features

  • Fogg Macro body spray comes in a sleek black colour bottle.
  • It contains triclosan as an active ingredient for deodorizing.
  • Triclosan is an anti-bacterial agent that kills odor-causing bacterias.
  • It ensures you 800 sprays.
  • It prevents body odour all day long.

  • It is high on fragrance with no amount of gas.
  • This deodorant is suitable for men who sweat a lot.
  • Its fragrance lasts for 6 to 8 hours.
  • It is ideal for regular use.
  • It is affordable and easy to carry in your bag.

2. Brut Original Deodorant For Men (200ml)

Brut Original
From INR 275.00 INR 265.00
Save INR 10.00 ( 4% )
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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Since its launch, Brut signature fragrances have empowered men across the world to wear its fragrances with confidence, charm and character.

Its 7 unique variants offer distinctive fragrance which gives you the confidence you need throughout the day.

Key Features

  • It contains notes of bergamot, lemon, lavender, basil and anise.
  • This deodorant gives classic and unmistakable fragrance.
  • It also fights the existence of bacteria that can lead to infection or even body odour.

  • It refreshes and quickly recovers body odour.
  • Few sprays in the morning lasts for several hours.
  • It is free from harmful chemicals.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • Its price is reasonable and travel-friendly.

3. Axe Recharge Marine Splash Deodorant (150ml)

Axe Recharge Marine Splash
From INR 230.00 INR 133.00
Save INR 97.00 ( 42% )
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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Axe Recharge range of deodorants is made for the hot, humid seasons.

AXE Men Recharge Marine Splash Deodorant is enriched with aqua notes and spicy cedar wood notes for a calm, cooling effect instantly.

Key Features

  • This deodorant comes in a sturdy black and blue can with a unique twist top cover.
  • It has aqua citrus fragrance.
  • Its heat boosted fragrances last up to 24 hours.
  • Its cooling action lowers body temperature by 6 degrees instantly.

  • Its refreshing fragrance makes you feel energetic even in the hot environment.
  • These spray is ideal for men who sweat a lot.
  • It is safe on skin.
  • Its staying power is great.
  • It is budget-friendly and easily fits in your bag.

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t act as an antiperspirant.

4. Set Wet Deodorant Spray Perfume (Cool, Charm and Chill Avatar, Pack of 3, 150ml)

Set Wet Cool, Charm and Chill Avatar
From INR 447.00 INR 299.00
Save INR 148.00 ( 33% )
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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Set Wet is the active player in the deodorants category. These new ranges of deodorants from set wet are a blast of colour, energy and youthfulness.

Kick start your day with the masculine and refreshing fragrances of this deodorants set.

Key Features

  • It contains the Set Wet Cool Avatar, Charm Avatar and Swag Avatar.
  • Its Cool Avatar has a breezy fragrance with a fresh breath of mint and ginger.
  • Set Wet Chill Avatar has top notes of citrus, with a heart of almond and tonka beans.
  • Its Charm Avatar has a musky fragrance with a whiff of lavender.

  • It prevents body odour caused by bacterial breakdown of perspiration.
  • Its Cool Avatar deo is the king of sun and sand.
  • Its Charm Avatar brings refreshing and alive morning with its musky fragrance.
  • Chill Avatar changes your dull, boring avatar into Swag Avatar with its mad energy.
  • These products are completely safe on skin.
  • It lasts for 4-5 hours.
  • It is a good deal for the price of the combo.

What we didn’t like

  • It has more volumes of gas than a real fragrance.

5. Fogg Royal Body Spray For Men (150ml)

Fogg Royal
From INR 230.00 INR 160.00
Save INR 70.00 ( 30% )
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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The Fogg Royal body spray gives you fresh bursts of energy and keeps you feeling refreshed and confident all day long.

Key Features

  • Fogg Royal Body Spray includes the notes of the fresh fragrance line which keeps you active all day.
  • It prevents body odour all day long.
  • This deodorant bottle contains enough perfume that lasts for 800 sprays.

  • It has a long-lasting effect that makes you feel fresh and active.
  • It helps provide a soothing experience throughout the day.
  • It is safe and suitable for all skin types.
  • It is pocket-friendly and easy to carry.

What we didn’t like

  • The fragrance, however, is a little irritable since it is very strong.

6. Nivea Fresh Active Original 48 Hours Deodorant For Men (150ml)

Nivea Fresh Active Original
From INR 190.00
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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Nivea Men is a worldwide leading men’s skin care brand.

Nivea Fresh Active Original, a deodorant for men that keeps you feeling fresh, all day long.

Key Features

  • It is a combination of reliable deodorant protection and NIVEA MEN Care Complex.
  • It comes in a blue bottle with beautiful packaging.
  • It is filled with refreshing tones of Ocean Extracts.
  • Its anti-bacterial actives helps in body odour control.
  • It has a fresh masculine fragrance.
  • Its care complex takes care of your underarm skin.

  • It keeps you fresh and confident all day.
  • It gives long lasting freshness.
  • It ensures day long body odour control.
  • It is perfect deo for summers with refreshing tones of ocean extract.
  • It is dermatologically proven to be skin-tolerant.
  • Its is affordable and travel-friendly.

7. Set Wet Perfume (Spunky and Funky Avatar, Pack of 2, 120ml)

Set Wet Spunky and Funky Avatar
From INR 440.00 INR 264.00
Save INR 176.00 ( 40% )
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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Set Wet Fragrances exclusively created for parties and daily routine to keep you smelling good.

These fragrances are perfect for your day out, be it shopping, movies or just chilling!

Turn on the charm and improve your confidence without saying a word.

Key Features

  • It comes in the pack of 2 which includes Spunky avatar and Funky avatar.
  • Set Wet Spunky avatar is a fresh fragrance with top notes of citrus and a heart of almond.
  • Whereas Funky avatar is a fragrance with the sharp notes of spicy citrus and a heart of lavender.
  • It has a fruity citrus scent.

  • It gives you a masculine appeal that stays all day long.
  • It is completely safe on skin.
  • It doesn’t contain gas.
  • It is quite reasonable since it has two different fragrances.

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t have antibacterial properties.
  • The smell will last for a few hours only.

8. Wild Stone Red Deodorant For Men (150ml)

Wild Stone Red
From INR 199.00 INR 149.00
Save INR 50.00 ( 25% )
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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Wild Stone is a popular leading male grooming personal care brand.

It is known best for its variety of deodorants/perfumes.

Wild Stone Red Deodorant will back you up with its long-lasting fragrance of freshness that leaves an intense scent on you for the greater part of your day.

Key Features

  • It features mild completion of the woody notes of cedar with Fruity essence.
  • It contains triclosan as an active ingredient for deodorising and long lasting fragrance.
  • Triclosan has anti-bacterial agents that kill those bacteria that cause body odour.
  • It has a fresh masculine fragrance.

  • It has long-lasting fragrance which leaves you fresh all day long.
  • It is ideal for men who sweat a lot.
  • It is mild on the skin.
  • It is budget-friendly and easy to carry.

What we didn’t like

  • It lasts only for 7-8 hours.

9. Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant (150ml)

AXE Dark Temptation
From INR 200.00 INR 170.00
Save INR 30.00 ( 15% )
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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The World’s most popular Male Deodorant Axe presents a range of deodorant bodysprays for men.

The Axe range of deodorant bodysprays not only helps you smell great but also keeps you fresh and confident.

Start your day with this irresistible fragrance of AXE Dark Temptation.

Key Features

  • It has the irresistible chocolate fragrance.
  • It controls the body odour all day long and makes you feel fresh.
  • It has long lasting scent lasts up to 24 hours.
  • Its packaging is quite pleasing.

  • The bottle is lightweight which makes it travel-friendly.
  • It is safe on skin and suitable for everyday use.
  • Apply it once and feel the reviving freshness all day long.
  • If you like the sweet smell of chocolates then a deo spray like this can be your choice.

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t have antibacterial properties.
  • It has more volumes of gas than a real perfume.

10. Park Avenue Voyage Signature Deo For Men (235ml)

Park Avenue Voyage Signature
From INR 299.00 INR 210.00
Save INR 89.00 ( 30% )
(as of 25/04/2019 07:10 IST - Details)

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Park Avenue is an Indian brand owned by Raymond.

This deodorant from the house of Park Avenue can keep you fresh and confident throughout the day.

Key Features

  • The deodorant has strong and refreshing notes of amber intertwined with Mandarin.
  • It is packed with new aromatic oils, which have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It provides 8 hours freshness with freshness lock technology.
  • It has antibacterial properties which control the body odour.

  • It is more appropriate for long summer days.
  • It is safe and suitable for all skin types.
  • It provides long-lasting freshness.
  • It comes in a travel-friendly packaging.

What we didn’t like

  • It is bit expensive.
  • It contains more volume of gas then perfume.

Best Deodorant for Men Brands in India

  • Axe
  • Brut
  • Fogg
  • Nivea
  • Park Avenue
  • Set Wet
  • Wild Stone

How to Choose the Best Deodorant for Men?


Far from simple matter grabbing whatever catches your eye. Selecting the right product for your pits comes down to your lifestyle.

If you’re a gym person, you need something that reacts to intense movement and minimises odour.

Whereas in your desk drawer it’s best to go for a light-smelling formulation that you can layer a fragrance on.


As the body chemistry of every person is not the same, some people might be sensitive to particular ingredients such as essential oils or baking soda. One with the sensitive skin can suffer from rashes due to harsh constituents.

  • People with sensitive skin should look for alcohol-free formulations.
  • It’s advised that you switch up your deodorant every six months to avoid your body becoming immune to the ingredients.

Go for a Deodorant Which Dries Instantly

The deodorant which dries slowly can be messy and uncomfortable. As they leave residue behind on clothing.

Scented Deodorants or Fragrance Not for Everyone

If you are sensitive to artificial fragrances, either look for a natural or an unscented deodorant.

Decide Whether You Need Deodorant, Antiperspirant or Both

Many people deal with excessive sweat on a regular basis but don’t know whether to use deodorant or antiperspirant.

  • Antiperspirants are made to defence against sweat. It reduces sweat production.
  • Deodorant handles the stink of bacteria as it contains antibacterial properties. They can’t prevent sweating completely.
  • There are many products which include both deodorant and antiperspirants.

Always Check the Label

You must always follow the directions which are printed on the label of a deodorant. You may experience irritation if you don’t follow such instructions carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Antiperspirant and Deodorant?

Antiperspirants are formed to prevent underarm sweating and wetness. Whereas deodorants are formulated to neutralise or mask the underarm odour.

An antiperspirant/deodorant fights both sweat and odour in one product. These combination products are prevalent.

Can You Apply Deodorants Anywhere?

No, it is just for Underarms. Antiperspirants are considered the first line of treatment for extreme sweating and can be used nearly anywhere on the body where sweating is the problem.

What Chemicals Should You Avoid in Deodorants?

Avoid the toxic chemicals in the deodorants like Aluminium compounds, Parabens, Steareths, TEA and DEA, Triclosan and Artificial colours.

Can the Use of Deodorants Cause White Residues on Textiles?

Some deodorants, more specifically antiperspirants, which contain aluminium salts they can leave white residues on clothes under particular conditions if not applied correctly.

When using antiperspirant sprays, it is important to shake the product well.