Best BB Creams in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best BB Cream in India

BB cream is a cosmetic product that comes with a creamy composition. It is a blessing for the makeup lover. It is used for making your skin tone even.

BB is an acronym of Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. It acts as a multipurpose cream. This serves as moisturization, foundation, primer, and sun cream.

It was developed firstly in Germany for the patients that had gone through laser treatment. It keeps their skin protected and hydrated.

BB creams admire your beauty without much polish. It decreases the length of your beauty process.

Its effect has made it from an obscure product to a staple product.

Based on Market Research, we have prepared a buyer’s guide along with a list of Best BB Creams in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our bb cream buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 BB Creams in India 2019

BB CreamQuantity
Garnier 30g
Fair & Lovely40g
La Girl30ml
LOreal Paris30ml
Magic Dust-
Missha M50ml

Which are the Best BB Creams in India 2019?

1. Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream (30g)

Colgate ZigZag

From INR 165.00 INR 132.00
Save INR 33.00 ( 20% )
(as of 20/07/2019 14:01 IST - Details)

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Garnier manufactures the product with the right solution for your skin type. This all in one BB Cream clarifies, moisturizes, protects, smoothness and brightness your skin.

How to Apply

  • Firstly wash your face with any facewash, for a better result, you can use Garnier Light Complete Facewash.
  • Spread the cream like a regular moisturizer.
  • Apply it from the middle of your face towards outwards with circular strokes.
  • Now you are ready with a healthy and charming glow.

Key Features

  • It provides eight-hour moisturization.
  • Its UVA and UVB filters protect from the sun rays.
  • It has Vitamin C and Almond Extract that enhance skin care.
  • The brightening material gives a healthy glowing skin.
  • It comes in 30g packing.

  • It’s effective from the first use.
  • It is designed especially for the Indian skin tone people.
  • It is suitable for every skin type.
  • It provides makeup like finish instantly.
  • It is a budget-friendly BB Cream.
  • Its expiry period is 36 months from the manufacturing date.

2. Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream 01 Original (50g)

best bb cream

From INR 410.00 INR 332.00
Save INR 78.00 ( 19% )
(as of 20/07/2019 14:01 IST - Details)

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Pond’s produces cosmetic products for women’s since 1846. It values people needs and concern. The Ponds Institute brings the best solution to modern time skincare problems. It was constituted for bringing together the market-oriented product and skincare science.

Key Features

  • It acts as a foundation and fairness cream.
  • It is available in 2 shades.
  • 01 original that is for light to medium skin tone and 02 medium for medium to deep medium skin tone.
  • It comes in 50g packing.
  • It provides even skin tone with the instant glow.
  • It comes with SPF 30++ to protect your skin from harmful rays.
  • It is made up of Gen White Technology that proffers a natural look.
  • It is non-oily therefore, does not clog pores.

  • It does not smudge as it is sweat resistant.
  • It is clinically proven for reducing dark spots.
  • It offers all day long glitter to your face.
  • It gives a satisfactory result to every skin types.
  • Its melanin formula prevents tanning and skin darkening.

3. Fair & Lovely BB Face Cream (40g)

Fair & Lovely

From INR 179.00
(as of 20/07/2019 14:01 IST - Details)

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Fair & Lovely is a cosmetic brand of Hindustan Unilever. It was introduced in the market in 1975. It seeks to deliver fairness treatment all over the world with efficacy to reach more and more women. This is the first brand to use the Vitamin B3 formula for its product.


  • Apply the cream by making the dots on the clean face and neck.
  • Spread evenly using fingertips.
  • Gently mix using circular strokes.
  • You are ready with your makeup finish look.
  • Keep it in a cold and dry place.

Key Features

  • It instantly transforms into a makeup finish look.
  • It comes with SPF 15++.
  • It provides a non-oily look.

  • Its multivitamins give proper care to the skin.
  • It is suitable for Indian skin tones.
  • It can be used daily for a fresh look.
  • Its multivitamin formula helps in the inner glow.
  • It is suitable for every occasion.

4. Spawake 01 Perfect Glow Moisture Fresh BB Cream (30g)


From INR 269.00
Save INR 1.00 ( % )
(as of 20/07/2019 14:01 IST - Details)

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Spawake implies awakening of skin beauty with sea spa. They develop products with advanced Japanese Technologies. This brand offers replenishing and effective skincare products.

Key Features

  • It comes with a sea mineral moisture formula.
  • It contains SPF 25++ that helps in correcting your skin tone.
  • It gives one tone lighter shade with a clear complexion.
  • It is Dermatologically tested.
  • This BB cream is available in two shades.

  • It is wearable upto 8 hours.
  • It comes in 30 g packing.
  • It is a travel-friendly cream.
  • It is not much expensive.
  • It comes with a mild fragrance.

5. La Girl HD Pro BB Cream, Light/Medium (30ml)

La Girl

From INR 700.00 INR 563.00
Save INR 137.00 ( 20% )
(as of 20/07/2019 14:01 IST - Details)

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La Girl brand believes in beauty for all without any compromise. It offers a premium quality product for beauty lovers. This provides the inspirational effects by the art of colours.
It is in the market since 1985.


  • Allocate a small amount of cream on the brush or sponge and gently dab on the face.
  • Dab all over the face until it gets mixed evenly.

Key Features

  • It acts as a moisturizer, primer, and medium coverage provider.
  • It HD Pro formula provides a photo finish look.
  • It presents smooth and youthful skin.
  • It can be worn with makeup or without makeup.
  • It’s Vitamin C, E, and B3 ingredient nourishes the skin.

  • It provides pampering to the skin as it does not contain any parabens.
  • Its eight shade provides a lot of option to choose.
  • It enhances your skin tone.

6. L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream (Warm, Magic Dust BB Cream, Honey Beige, 30ml)

LOreal Paris True Match

From INR 670.00
(as of 20/07/2019 14:01 IST - Details)

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L’Oreal is a cosmetic company that has its registered office in Paris. It is the world largest company that develops the product for hair colour, skin protection, makeup, and perfumes.


  • For its better result, use it with your suited foundation.

Key Features

  • It is skin idealizing cream.
  • It comes in three different shades of warm(honey), neutral(gold), and cool(ivory).
  • Its 35++ SPF protects your skin from sun rays and keeps it healthy for 24 hours.
  • It acts on the skin from outside as well as from inside.
  • It is a water based cream, so it does not give a greasy look.
  • It’s one layer covers up all your dark spot, open pores and blemishes.
  • The cream gets evenly absorbed in the skin.
  • It has a sweat resistance formula that makes your makeup long lasting.
  • It is dermatologically tested.

  • It has attractive packing.
  • It instantly gives a natural glow to your face.
  • It is an ideal choice for oily skin.
  • It lasts for about 4-5 hours.
  • It is the 1st hyaluronic cream that makes skin supple.

What we don’t like

  • It has only limited shades.
  • It can get streaky if not blended properly.

7. Magic Dust BB Cream with all-in-one (Radiance)

Magic Dust BB Cream
From INR 1,500.00 INR 1,099.00
Save INR 401.00 ( 27% )
(as of 20/07/2019 14:01 IST - Details)

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Magic Dust brand generates certified hand-crafted and handmade organic body and bath product. It is a one-shop for all your organic beauty product. Its founder is Ranjan Dedhia.

Key Features

  • It comes in Nude, Natural, and Radiance shades.
  • It is a natural alternative for the harsh and chemicals full BB creams.
  • You can use it anytime for a non-foundation look.
  • It has a moisturizing ingredient.
  • It has 35 SPF value that protects from harmful sun rays and keeps it hydrated.
  • This BB cream is consist of anti-ageing and skin whitening formula.
  • The organic grape seed and lemon oil tighten and maintain the lustre of skin.
  • The mushroom and bilberry extracts help in improving acne and eczema and prevent wrinkles.

  • It is proper for every skin type.
  • It is suitable for both day and night time.

8. Missha M Perfect Cover No.23 SPF 42/PA+++ BB Cream (Natural Beige, 1.7 Ounce)

Missha M Perfect Cover
From INR 649.00 INR 499.00
Save INR 150.00 ( 23% )
(as of 20/07/2019 14:01 IST - Details)

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Missha is a South Korea based company that manufactures skin care and cosmetic products. This is a segment of Able C&C Co Ltd. It has headquarters in South Korea and Seoul. They have the philosophy that quality should be affordable. Missha offers a wide variety of affordable beauty quality products. The cream was developed initially for post laser treatment patients. It is one of the Best BB Cream in India.


  • It is used for the external purpose only.
  • Avoid its contact with the eyes.
  • Keep it away from the children.

Key Feature

  • It has good coverage property.
  • It gives a matte look all over the day.
  • It protects your skin from UV rays with SPF 42 PA+++.
  • It is a lightweight BB cream.
  • It’s sweat resistant formula provides full day support.
  • It easily gets blend in the skin and creates a balancing skin tone.
  • The presence of Rosemary and Chamomile extracts protect the skin from free-radical damage.
  • It improves skin elasticity with the help of Gatuline RC, Hyaluronic acid, and Ceramide.
  • It is a water-based cream that makes it easy to apply.

  • It provides choice for seven shades.
  • It is ideal for every skin type.
  • It comes in an attractive red-coloured pack of 50ml.

9. Clinique Age Defence BB Cream SPF 30 (Shade #02 40ml/1.4oz)

Clinique Age Defence

Clinique is an American based company that generates skin care, cosmetics, toiletries, and fragrance product. It is a division of the Estee Lauder Companies. It was founded in 1968. Its headquarter is in New York.

Key Features

  • It comes with SPF 30 PA+++ to protect your skin from sun rays.
  • It also acts great as a primer.
  • Its antioxidant elements help in the skin rejuvenation process.
  • It is long lasting upto 10-12 hours.
  • It offers good coverage for fine lines.

  • It has a light green colour decent packing.
  • It is ideal for every type of skin.
  • It prevents your skin from tanning.
  • It does not leave any creamy texture on the face.

What we don’t like

  • It is too much expensive.

10. Note BB Cream 03, Beige (35ml)

Note BB Cream

From INR 1,399.00 INR 755.00
Save INR 644.00 ( 46% )
(as of 20/07/2019 14:01 IST - Details)

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The Note allows enhancing your beauty with their wide variety of cosmetic range. It comes with a high range of beauty product. It provides stunning makeup to embrace your beauty without any compromise. It gives a natural skin tone.

Key Feature

  • It grants smoothness, moisturization, and nourishment to the skin.
  • It provides a flawless look all over the day.
  • Dermatologists approve it.
  • It beautifully covers all your dark spots and blemishes.
  • It is a paraben free BB cream.
  • It has 15 SPF value.
  • It does not create any comedo.
  • It’s every shade seamlessly blend with the skin.
  • It contains Vitamin E that protects your skin from environmental factors.
  • The presence of wheat germ makes skin healthier and younger.

  • It does not harsh your skin.
  • It is appreciated for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • It is hypoallergenic.
  • It is made up of vegan materials.
  • The sunflower oil helps in retaining the skin moisture.

Best BB Cream Brands in India

  • Clinique
  • Fair & Lovely
  • Garnier
  • La Girl
  • L’Oreal Paris
  • Magic Dust
  • Missha
  • Note
  • Pond’s
  • Spawake

How to Apply BB Cream?

Application by fingertip

  • The heat of your fingers melts the BB Cream and makes it easier to apply.
  • Squeeze a small amount on the back of your hand.
  • Now mark fives dots on the face.
  • Gently pat the cream into the skin.
  • Blend the cream in an outward direction.

Application with the help of a sponge

  • Apply some facial mist on the sponge.
  • Place a small amount of cream on the reverse side of your hand.
  • Place five dots on the skin.
  • Mix the cream with sponge all over the face.
  • Gently apply over the eye area.

Application with the help of a brush

  • Get a small amount in your palm. Since the palm of your hands has more heat so it will liquify the cream.
  • Apply five dots on the face.
  • Mix the cream on the skin using the brush.
  • Be careful with the eyes area.

How to Choose the Best BB Cream?

The BB creams are the one-stop-shop for all your desired makeup. It was initially famous in Asian countries. But the product effect and easiness made it popular worldwide.

If you are willing to try this fabulous creams, then must look out these points for a better outcome.

Skin Type

Every skin has different formulation and requirements. The BB cream provides a charming look to every skin. It is necessary to get the right product for your skin. Hence test it on your skin before buying.

If your skin type is oily, then look for the product that regulates oil. It will minimize the appearance of your pores. Persons with dry skin should go with nourishing and hydrating BB creams.


Most of the BB creams come with SPF protection. These creams will avoid sun rays to damage your skin. Choose according to your need.

If you are much exposed to sun rays, then opt for high SPF BB cream. Otherwise, you can prefer from SPF 15 to its higher level.


BB creams come in different shades. It’s essential that shade you choose will add a complement to your makeup. So before choosing, match it with your skin shade.

Clinically Tested

Facial skin is so sensitive and delicate, so don’t irritate it. Your skin will feel uncomfortable. Always use the clinically tested product for the safety of your skin.


Continuously don’t go with the expensive product. It’s not necessary that costly product will suit your skin. You can also go with some pocket-friendly creams that meets your requirements.


Choose the best quality product for your face. Be careful as facial skin absorbs all the product that is applied to it. Therefore ensure the quality of certification before purchase.

Expiry Date

Look for the date of expiry of the cream. Don’t buy the expired product or that product whose expiry date is near about. It may lead to allergic reactions, skin discolouration and even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BB cream works?

BB cream provides moisturization to the face with a flawless look and smooth coverage. It also acts as a primer.

It consists of the light reflective pigments that make your skin soft and radiant full. The skin loving agents like aloe vera, vitamin E, and shea butter makes nourishment of the skin.

What is the difference between BB and CC cream?

There is a subtle difference between BB and CC creams. BB is Beauty Balm, and CC stands for Colour Correcting. CC creams also deal with redness, dark spots, and sallowness. But BB cream only provides a light foundation with fewer skin benefits.

Can we use BB cream daily?

The brief answer is yes. Because of its multi-tasking capability, it reduces your makeup time and effort. It does not clog your pores. It keeps your skin hydrated. Prefer the natural cream for best result.

Does BB Cream provide any harm to the skin?

It is not much harmful. As every make is removed before sleeping the same as it should also be removed. It can lead to skin irritation, wrinkles, and breakouts. So gently remove the BB creams from the face and wash it.

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