Best Backpacks for Men in India 2019

Best Backpacks in India 2019 | Top 10 Backpacks

Backpacks play an important role when it comes to accessories men can carry. A wrong backpack can ruin your whole look.

To feel good, you first have to look good. Looking good is not only about wearing good clothes and having a good body. Its more than just that.

Men these days are careful about their looks. They want to look good just like women do. And a stylish backpack helps men a lot with that. You can also read our guide on Best Running Shoes.

Backpacks make your life comfortable as all you have to do is, stuff your things in the bag and keep your hands free.

It helps you ride a two-wheeler easily. For office goers, backpacks are helpful for keeping your documents, laptops and other useful things.

The backpack is the first thing that comes into our mind when we talk about college. You can easily carry your books and other gadgets in it.

Backpacks come in a variety of colours and styles. A good quality backpack with strength goes a long way.

Based on our Market Research, we have prepared a list of Top 10 Best Backpacks in India. It includes detailed customer reviews, key features, what we like and what we didn’t like.

We highly recommend you to read our backpacks buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Backpacks for Men & Women in India – Comparison Chart

BackpacksCapacity (Litres) 
Fur Jaden15 Buy at Amazon
Quechua Nylon10 Buy at Amazon
Lunar’s Comet35 Buy at Amazon
Skybags BPBRA11EBLK- Buy at Amazon
Gear BKPCMPUS1011022 Buy at Amazon
Gear Classic BKPCAMPS8380424 Buy at Amazon
American Tourister AMT Fizz SCH Bag 0332 Buy at Amazon
Skybags Xcide Plus SBXCP02WHT49 Buy at Amazon
Skybags BPBRA10ELBU- Buy at Amazon
Puma 747060124 Buy at Amazon

Which is the Best Backpacks in India for 2019?

1. Fur Jaden 15 Ltrs Navy Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack

Fur Jaden
From INR 3,500.00 INR 1,199.00
Save INR 2,301.00 ( 66% )
(as of 18/02/2019 15:20 IST - Details)

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Fur Jaden brand brings the best backpack for men and women. Its Anti-theft formula makes sure that your items inside the bag are fully safe.

This backpack comes with remarkable functionality and aesthetics. Its super stylish looks make it the best choice for men.

Key Features

  • The product comes with a 6 months warranty period.
  • It is made of water resistant material. It keeps your belongings in the bag dry and safe.
  • It has multiple compartments for laptop and your other essentials.
  • It has an attached charging dock at the back of the bag. It allows you to connect your phone with a portable power bank.
  • It comes with Anti-theft pocket at the back of the bag. It ensures complete safety of your items and protects them from being stolen.
  • Its made from Polymer of durable quality.

What we like

  • Its suitable for travelling.
  • Its a lightweight product.
  • Its washable.

2. Quechua Nylon 10 Liters Navy Blue Multipurpose Backpack

Quechua Nylon

Quechua Backpack is a high quality product that is perfect for men.

It has a unique combination of style and usability.

Key Features

  • Its made of high quality Nylon.
  • This product comes with 10 litre capacity. It is perfect for carrying all your goods.
  • It weighs 0.160 kg. This makes it very easy to carry and comfortable on your shoulders.
  • Its ideal for daily use, occasional travelling and hiking.
  • It a stylish product with a trendy look.

What we like

  • The product is stylish, comfortable and stylish.

What we didn’t like

  • Its small in size.

3. Lunar’s Comet 35L Water Resistant Casual Backpack (3 Compartments, Anti – Theft Internal Organiser, 1 Year Warranty, Black and Blue)

From INR 1,699.00 INR 799.00
Save INR 900.00 ( 53% )
(as of 18/02/2019 15:20 IST - Details)

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Lunar’s Comet backpack is one of the finest backpacks for men & women.

Its a stylish backpack that comes in different colours.

Key Features

  • The product comes with 1 year warranty.
  • It comes with 35 litre capacity that makes it quite a spacious backpack.
  • Its Water-resistant material keeps your belonging safe and dry inside the bag.
  • It has 3 large compartments, 1 side bottle holder, 1 front zip pocket and one internal organizer for storing keys, money, pens, etc.
  • This Lightweight backpack is made from Imported 420D Polyester Fabric.
  • It comes with a super strong base with a protective foam padding.
  • It has adjustable shoulders for comfort.
  • It comes with a padded handle.
  • It has a 3D Air Flow Panel to prevent sweating.

What we like

  • It has an attractive look.
  • It has a large storage amount.
  • Its build quality is good.

4. Skybags Polyester Black Casual Backpack (BPBRA11EBLK)

From INR 2,010.00 INR 949.00
Save INR 1,061.00 ( 53% )
(as of 18/02/2019 15:20 IST - Details)

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Skybag Casual Backpack is a perfect choice for men who are looking for a durable and stylish backpack.

Key Features

  • The product comes with 1 year Warranty.
  • Its outer material is of Polyester.
  • It weighs around 350 grams. Its lightweight makes it easy and comfortable to carry.
  • It comes with 2 compartments. It helps you easily organise your things.
  • Its Butterfly lock makes your backpack safe. It helps to avoid any stealing.
  • It comes with world-class functional features.
  • The product comes in unique and vibrant designs.
  • It is aimed at men who love to travel.
  • Its super stylish look makes you look outstanding among the crowd.

What we like

  • Its strong and durable.
  • Its perfect for travelling.
  • Its has a stylish look.

What we didn’t like

  • Its not waterproof.
  • Its not compatible for Laptops.

5. Gear 22 Ltrs Black and Royal Blue Casual Backpack (BKPCMPUS10110)

Gear BKPCMPUS10110
From INR 1,099.00 INR 474.00
Save INR 625.00 ( 57% )
(as of 18/02/2019 15:20 IST - Details)

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For the men who are looking for a backpack that is stylish and comes at a reasonable price, Gear Backpack is a perfect choice for you.

Key Features

  • This casual Backpack by Gear comes with 22 litre capacity making it a lot spacious.
  • Its fabric is made of strong and durable Polyester material. Its perfect for men who love to travel.
  • Its straps are comfortable. This makes it easy to carry for long hours
  • It has zippered pockets that can easily fit in all your belongings. It keeps your small objects safe.
  • Its body is made of strong polyester material. It makes it resistant to any wear and tear.
  • This backpack can easily last through any hard-core usage.
  • Its outer body is made of water resistant material. This makes it suitable for rainy weather.
  • It comes with an elasticised bottle holder. It can store a bottle of medium size. This way you can stay hydrated all day long.
  • It has broad adjustable straps. It distributes weight over the shoulders evenly and makes it more comfortable to carry.

What we like

  • Its good to carry Laptop.
  • Its suitable for the rainy season.

6. Gear Classic 24 ltrs Charcoal Grey and Grey Casual Backpack (BKPCAMPS83804)

Gear Classic BKPCAMPS83804
From INR 1,299.00 INR 664.00
Save INR 635.00 ( 49% )
(as of 18/02/2019 15:20 IST - Details)

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Gear Backpack is a stylish and durable product for men. Its designed to balance comfort, functionality, style and endurance.

Key Features

  • This product comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Its outer material is made of Polyester. Its inner material is of Suede fabric. This makes it a durable product.
  • This backpack is water resistant and stain resistant. It keeps the belongings safe during rains or any spills.
  • It comes with 2 compartments.
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap of 36 cm length.

What we like

  • Its great for school and college students.
  • It has stylish looks.
  • It is spacious.

7. American Tourister 32 Ltrs Red Casual Backpack (AMT Fizz SCH Bag 03, RED)

American Tourister AMT Fizz SCH Bag 03
From INR 2,300.00 INR 1,117.00
Save INR 1,183.00 ( 51% )
(as of 18/02/2019 15:20 IST - Details)

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American Tourister is an international brand that brings fun, stylish and high quality backpacks for men & women.

Key Features

  • It has an international warranty for 1 year.
  • It comes with multiple organizer compartments. This makes it perfect for the office, college or weekend trips.
  • It has an adjustable strap for extra comfort.
  • Its material made of Double Dot Polyester makes it durable.
  • It has 3 full compartments. It can hold enough journals and textbooks for college or school.
  • It can also accommodate supplies for one or two day travel.
  • It has an internal organizer in the front pocket. It gives easy access to your stationery, keys, phone, charger.
  • It has ample space for diaries, novels and your earphones.
  • This backpack is strong and durable.

What we like

  • Its a stylish backpack.
  • Its suitable for college and school.

What we didn’t like

  • Its not laptop compatible.

8. Skybags Xcide Plus 49 Ltrs White Casual Backpack (SBXCP02WHT)

Skybags Xcide Plus SBXCP02WHT
From INR 2,400.00 INR 1,585.00
Save INR 815.00 ( 34% )
(as of 18/02/2019 15:20 IST - Details)

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Skybags brings a durable and fashionable backpack for men. It gives you the confidence to hit the road with style.

Key Features

  • This backpack has an international warranty of 1 year.
  • It has a capacity of 49 litres.
  • It weighs around 760 grams.
  • Its outer material is made of Polyester that makes it resistant to any wear and tear.
  • It comes with 3 large compartments with multi-level organizer. It can easily hold your belongings.
  • Its Padded Shoulder Straps make it comfortable and easy to carry. It puts less pressure on your shoulders.
  • It has smart hidden pockets to ensure safety.
  • It gives easy access to your belongings like phone, headphones, keys with a Quick Access Pocket.
  • Its unique Air mesh at the back for sweat absorption.
  • There is a Side mesh for holding a bottle.

What we like

  • Its is quite spacious.
  • Its a lightweight product.
  • Its suitable for college and school students.

What we didn’t like

  • Its not water resistant.

9. Skybags Blue Casual Backpack (BPBRA10ELBU)

From INR 2,010.00 INR 936.00
Save INR 1,074.00 ( 53% )
(as of 18/02/2019 15:20 IST - Details)

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Skybag Casual backpack makes a good choice for men who are looking for a trendy looking backpack.

Key Features

  • It comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • It has a butterfly lock that gives enhanced security.
  • It has 3 compartments to carry all your essential items without worry.
  • Its Adjustable cushioned straps do not let any discomfort happen for your shoulders.
  • It has a front zipper to carry small items like keys, headphones.
  • Its Side compartment is good for carrying a water bottle.
  • Its outer material of Polyester makes it a strong and durable choice.
  • Its weight is 350 grams. Its quite a lightweight bag.

What we like

  • It has a good build quality.
  • Its good for school, college and travelling

What we didn’t like

  • Its not Laptop compatible.

10. Puma 24 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack (7470601)

Puma 7470601

Puma is one hell of a brand that ensures complete durability of men’s backpack and that too with style.

Key Features

  • This product comes with a 90 days manufacturer warranty.
  • It has a capacity of 24 litres. This provides a huge space for your essentials.
  • It has a separate compartment for carrying Laptop.
  • It has 3 large compartments for keeping your items in an organized manner.
  • Its material is made of durable Polyester.
  • It comes with water resistant material that makes it suitable for the rainy season.

What we like

  • It has a good quality finish.
  • Its suitable for travelling.

Best Backpacks Brands in India

  • American Tourister
  • Fur Jaden
  • Gear
  • Lunar
  • Puma
  • Quechua
  • Skybags

How to Choose the Best Backpacks for Men & Women?


Before buying a backpack, check the space it has for your things. A good backpack should have plenty of space. Backpack with less space is not able to contain all your items.


A good backpack should be of lightweight material. It should not be heavy on your shoulders. A backpack made of a light material puts less stress on the shoulders.


A backpack with more pockets helps to put your belongings in separate pockets. It makes the backpack less messy. Your items can be kept in a more organised way.

Material Quality

The backpack of good material lasts up to many years. The one with inferior quality will wear out in a few days only. A good brand ensures the quality and longevity of the bags. So, always invest in a good brand for buying a backpack.

Water Proof Material

It saves your items from any water spills. It keeps you carefree about the bag and the things inside it during the rains. It acts as a shield for the items inside the bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Backpack?

A backpack is the bag that has straps attached to its back.

The straps go over the shoulders while walking and riding a bike or a cycle. This makes it easy to carry keeping both of your hands free.

How to Wear a Backpack Properly?

The best way to wear the backpack is by hanging it on both the shoulders. Hanging it on a single shoulder alone puts the entire pressure on that shoulder. This may cause shoulder and neck pain.

What Is Air Mesh Bag Fabric?

Air mesh fabric is a special kind of fabric that absorbs sweat. This helps your body to stay cool for longer period.

Is Backpack Different From a Rucksack?

A rucksack is kind of a backpack that is a bit larger in size than a backpack.

A rucksack is also referred as a rugged backpack.

Best Backpacks in India
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