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Tips to Grow Your Beard

15 Tips to Grow Your Beard

Grooming Beard is never an easy task. One needs proper cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing to take care of their beard hair and growth. Try these tips now.

Gas Stoves Maintenance Tips

Gas Stove Maintenance Tips

To ensure that a gas stove works efficiently and to avoid costly repairs, you need to maintain it. Here, we've elaborated some easy gas stove maintenance tips.

Caller Tune Deactivate SMS Codes

How to Deactivate Caller Tunes for Any Network in India?

If you want to get rid of unwanted caller tunes by mobile companies, then follow the steps provided in this post to deactivate Caller Tunes Services with ease.

Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy

Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy

Here, we have shared the most important things about Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy that will help you make the most educated decisions about diabetes management.

Things You Can Make in a Sandwich Maker

10 Things You Can Make in a Sandwich Maker

Cook delicious food items with Sandwich maker to relish the happy moments with your family and friends. Prepare food and snacks with proper hygiene, maintenance.

Tips to Keep Your Mixer Grinder Clean

8 Tips to Keep Your Mixer Grinder Clean

To make a mixer grinder function well, we have to maintain it. Here, we've come with the easy tips to keep your mixer grinder clean for long-lasting service.

Benefits of Kitchen Chimney

Benefits of Kitchen Chimney at Home

In today's era, an electrical chimney is a must-have appliance to keep your kitchen free from fumes, odour, heat, steam, dirt, and helps prevents sneezing.

Inverter Refrigerator

Inverter Technology in Refrigerators

Inverter Refrigerators are more efficient, save energy, generate less noise, can work at variable speeds as compared to the Conventional Refrigerators.

Storage vs Instant Geysers

Storage Water Heaters vs Instant Water Heaters

After reading a lot of reviews, here we've furnished various parameters of Storage vs Instant geysers. Buy the one that offers best balance of power and money.

AC Maintenance

Save Electricity With AC Maintenance Tips

Everyone loves to use AC. At the same time, we are afraid of electricity bills. Luckily, there are some ways that can help your AC run better and save money.

Air Pollution Health Effects

Effects of Air Pollution: A Threat to Human Health

Air pollution health effects has become an area of increasing focus in the past few decades. SO2, NO2, Ozone, Particulate matter are the major air pollutants.

Air Purifier Filters

Types of Filters Used in Air Purifiers

A filter is an important component of an Air Purifier. Air Purifier Filters perform the job of filtering the impure air using different technologies.

AC Filters

Types of Filters Used in an Air Conditioner

Air Filters improve efficiency of an AC, purifies air. Nano Silver, HEPA, Fibreglass, etc are the most frequently used types of filters in an Air Conditioner.

Vitamin C Filter

Vitamin C Filter in an AC – Pros and Cons

Vitamin C Filter in an AC unit provides additional protection against the impure air present inside the room. Its pure air moisturises and softens the skin.

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter – Working and Importance

HEPA Filter is an efficient technology used in air purifiers which remove smallest of the airborne particles present in air. It reduces indoor air pollution.

Anti-Bacterial Filter

Why Do We Need Anti-Bacterial Filter In an AC?

Anti-Bacterial Filters trap dust particles, pollen, mold spore, bacteria and other harmful impurities present in the air. It improves the efficiency of an AC.

Groundwater Pollution

Groundwater Pollution – An Emerging Challenge

Groundwater Pollution occurs due to various man-made and natural factors. It pollutes the drinking water and adversely affects health, environment, economy.

Inverter Washing Machines

Inverter Technology in Washing Machines

Inverter Washing Machines use inverter technology. It allows an ideal use of electricity at variable speeds depending upon the load inside the machine.

ISEER, EER, BEE Star Ratings

AC Terminology – ISEER, EER, BEE Star Ratings

Finding the best products isn't hard if we have knowledge of the jargon used by each. Understand the important terms used in ACs: ISEER, EER, BEE Star Ratings.

Harmful Effects of Heavy Metals in Drinking Water

Harmful Effects of Heavy Metals in Drinking Water

Heavy metals pollution in water is a serious problem. The harmful effects of heavy metals in drinking water can pose a silent threat to your health.

Fluoride Drinking Water

Fluoride Drinking Water - Health Risks

Fluoride is found naturally in all water sources. But, if present in excess, fluoride drinking water can cause serious health issues like bone deformities.

pH Level in Drinking Water

What Should Be the pH Level in Drinking Water?

pH is an important factor which tells about the quality of water. pH level in drinking water should fall within a specified range i.e, between 6.5 and 8.5.

Ultrafiltration Water Purifiers

What Are Ultrafiltration Water Purifiers?

An Ultrafiltration Water Purifiers (UF) is a non-electric water purifier. It purifies even the turbid water and removes bacteria, cysts and other impurities.

Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

What Are Ultraviolet Water Purifiers?

Ultraviolet water purifiers is based on UV or ultra-violet rays. It kills harmful bacteria, virus, cyst and other microbes present in the water.

Reverse Osmosis

What Are Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers?

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier provides safe drinking water. It neutralises the pH of water, reduces TDS level and retains the essential minerals in the water.

TDS Level in Drinking Water

Importance of TDS Level in Drinking Water

Water is said to be pure if it has a ph value of 7. High TDS Level in Drinking Water makes it bitter, salty or metallic. It may have an unpleasant odour.