Best Cricket Bats in India – [January 2022]

Cricket is one of the ultimate and exciting games across the world. There are massive fan following of Indian cricketers as cricket is the heart-throb of Indians. The demand for cricket bats is high among kids as well as adults who play cricket in their free time.

Various brands for cricket bat are available in the market that makes it tough to choose the suitable one. A wrong bat can affect the player’s performance.

We have prepared a buyer’s guide along with a list of Best Cricket Bats in India based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Which are the Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in India 2022?

1. SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

SG RSD Spark

These high quality cricket bats are made from good quality English willow material. It gives you style with durable performance. The new multicolour player grip provides a perfect sense of power. It is loved by the players who love to strike the ball between the gaps.

It is the Best-Selling Cricket Bat for Leather Ball. The great design of these bats provides stability for playing the cricket with powerful-shot. These willow cricket bats are suitable for the age group above 15 years. It comes with Sarawak cane handle, thick edges and round shaped blades that provide good power for great stroke play.

Key Features

  • A premium imported Sarawak cane used for the creation of the cricket bat holder.
  • The multicolour cricket-bat includes 11 to 13 standard grains.
  • It delivers excellent control and ideal power pack.
  • It comes with a toe guard for maintaining the moisture level.
  • Its backside is fully covered with fabric and front is loaded with grains tape.
  • With the weight of 1180-1250 grams, it is easy to hold and helps to hit four’s or sixes.

2. SG Phoenix Extreme Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

SG Phoenix Extreme

It is the Top-Rated Cricket Bat for beginners. It provides a rebound system of power, execution, and confidence. It is a Grade 3 product with an extreme mid profile with the concave-spine. This bat meets all your expectations when batting.

It has a broad flat face with a slight curvature. It provides an even distribution across the full face of the bat. Its mass is 1.32 kilogram. It is a reliable bat. Its design offers maximum resistance while striking the shots.

Key Features

  • It is suitable for novices.
  • It has a slightly square that increases the hitting surface area.
  • Its rubber-toe guard protects the bat from scratches.
  • It comes with round-handle with a comfortable grip made out of cane and rubber.
  • It provides an optimal power while batting.
  • It has thick-edges and curved-blade.
  • It has grain face tape with a full-length cover.

3. GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

GM Sting

The well pressed and having a round face, this Kashmir Willow Bat is a fantastic bat. It is the perfect fit for the children who are above 12. Its weight is from 1175 to 1300gm.

The master craftsmen have handcrafted this bat. It is made from top-grade-material with a short handle for better-control overstrikes. It is crafted by masters craftsmen.

Key Features

  • The bat is designed to praise your game with explosive power.
  • It gives traditionally shaped and styled when playing strong shots.
  • It has massive-edges for exquisite balance.
  • It gives you the maximum-stability during playing shots.
  • You can strike with leather and sports ball as well.
  • It is a powerful-bat that ensures lighter pickup.

4. SG Max Cover Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

SG Max Cover

These are the best-suited Cricket Bats for the age-group of 10 to 12 years. Now you can encourage your child sports with this size 5 cricket-bat. It delivers great control and enables you to play high shots.

It comes with a sturdy build and a fantastic grip for hitting fours and sixes. The only issue is that it doesn’t have comfortable-grip. It is made of standard quality Kashmir willow wood and fits with cane handle. It enables you to play high shots.

Key Features

  • It is covered in grain faced tape that gives a smooth finish and a stylish look.
  • It is ideal for the juniors.
  • With fabric-covered, it ensures more durability and full-length bat cover.
  • Its long handle delivers superior power and highest stability.

5. SS Magnum English Willow Bat

SS Magnum

SS is a popular brand that produces English willow bats. These expert cricket bats are made up of English Willow wood. It is the Best-Selling Cricket Bat for the age group of 6-7 years kids.

If you are one who is looking for the light weight bat, it is a perfect option that fulfils your cricket needs. These English Willow bats come with a hydrophilic and breathable coating. It reduces the condensation in the garment. It has a round-shaped-handle that is made of Sarawak Combination Cane.

Key Features

  • It comes with a scale grip.
  • This English Willow bat is available in different sizes.
  • It comes with concave edges and is light in weight.
  • These professional cricket bats are an advanced level of bat that promise to give you superior performance.
  • It is appropriate to play with the leather-ball.
  • It is affordable.

6. SS Magnum Kashmir-Willow Bat

SS Magnum

These Kashmir Willow Bats are specialized cricket equipment for sports that assists you in applying your batting skills while playing cricket. This brand is one of the trustworthy brands in the market. You do not need to take worry about its quality.

It comes with a round-shaped-handle that is made up of Sarawak Cane material. It has curved-edges that offer better shots. It is a lightweight bat that provides peak performance. It is a reliable and durable bat.  It comes with super rebound quality.

Key Features

  • It has thick edges and blade that provide optimum control and full balance.
  • It is suitable for a normal ball, tennis ball and leather ball.
  • It is a good cricket bat that has a weight of 1150gm.
  • It comes with Chevron grip based handle.

7. MRFF Genius Virat Kohli Popular Willow Bat

MRF Genius

These Virat Kohli Famous Willow bats are perfect for playing 8 – 15 years boys and girls. It absorbs shock well to prevent strain to your hands in the long run. It is an amazing Cricket Bat for the modern batsmen.

The round handle top of the cricket bat is comfortable to hold. The handle of the bat is made of MRFF cane that is light and sturdy. It can withstand lightweight, soft balls. In terms of portability, it is easily carried anywhere.

Key Features

  • It is meant for a lightweight sport-ball only.
  • It comes with a short handle.
  • Its blade is made of famous willow that is exceptionally hardy.
  • It is suitable for rubber balls.
  • It has a toe guard that prevents any harm.
  • It is suitable for advanced, training and beginner level.
  • It holds a weight of 999 grams.
  • It has extra thick-edges that assure effortless-pickup.

8. Nomex Plumcot Himachal Willow Bat

Nomex Plumcot

This Bat with full cane handle is perfect for the 15 or above age. These premium Himachal-Willow cricket bats are made with the unique design at the back. It is light weight bat.

It offers a strong grip for powerful shots. It is ideal for daily cricket practice and test matches. It comes with a broad width and extra-bend feature for the better performance of the batsman. It has a strong handle. It comes in a stylish design with the water-resistance feature.

Key Features

  • It is a lightweight that offers full-control and can play with sport and tennis ball.
  • It comes with a thick and curved blade for strong stroke game play.
  • With this bat, you should avoid the heavy and hard leather ball.
  • Its handle size is of 11 inches, and blade size is of 22.5 inches.
  • It is perfect for the all-round cricket season.

9. WilCraft WC 40-42mm English Willow Cricket Bat

WilCraft WC

WilCraft WC has brings another English Willow Cricket Bat with cover and toe guard. These professional cricket bats come with 40-42 mm blades sizes that assure great strokes. Seven plus grains included in this cricket bat.

The weight of the bat is 1150-11250 grams. It comes with 7 or 8 straight grains. It offers maximum balance to plays the cricket with a powerful shot. These English Willow bats have finished texture. It is a long-lasting and reliable product. It is available in different sizes.

Key Features

  • The English Willow Cricket Bat comes with a significant edge of 40 – 44mm and spine of 65 – 75mm.
  • It has a wide sweet spot and low profile.
  • It is a fantastic punch full-size short handle bat.
  • You can play it with dukes and season balls.

10. OEM KBM Tennis Popular Bat

OEM Tennis

Now be confident and fearless as this famous cricket-bat provides stable balance to shoot up the ball. It is lightweight that stays comfortably in your hand. Its pick up is light-weight.

The weight range of this cricket-bat is 1000 to 1180gm. It is suitable for performing great shots. It is available in different sizes. The bat-grip handle offers a comfortable-grip during matches.

Key Features

  • It is suitable for a tennis ball, plastic ball and wind-ball.
  • You can play only with a tennis ball.
  • Its toe guard protects the wood from any damage.
  • It is reasonable.

Most Popular Cricket Bat Brands in India

  • GM
  • MRF
  • Nomex
  • OEM
  • SG
  • SS
  • WilCraft

Other Bats That You May Consider

  • DSC Condor Scud Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat
  • DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat
  • Gray Nicolls Kaboom Warner Bat
  • New Balance TC 1260
  • Spartan MS Dhoni Sher Kashmir

How to Choose the Best Cricket Bats in India?

Crickets Bats are available in numerous shapes and design, but some are not good from their quality. Before purchasing, always look for specifications that guarantee surety about the product, whether it is safe for playing cricket or not.

In this section of this article, we have mentioned some important information that will help you to pick the best cricket bats. If cricket is your profession and you want to achieve cricket goals then before taking sports cricket equipment at online website or store, the following are the essential factors that you should take into consideration.


You should know your need first. If you play the match with a tennis ball, then a tennis-cricket bat is the right choice. If you play the cricket match with a leather ball, then go for a thicker bat.


Always buy high quality bats from reputed brands. The cricket bats are carved from natural fibrous-wood willow. There are two types of willow used in making the bats, and they are English willow and Indian willow.

  • English Willow: It is a timber that is soft and fibrous. It is the preferred choice for most of the manufacturers of bats. It has a high-performance effect when striking the cricket-ball. The bat can be damaged over time. The English Bats will become dented and scarred due to the game nature, and due to the high-intensity impacts of the ball, the bat becomes prone to damage.
  • Kashmir Willow: It is mostly used by cricket bat manufacturers as a substitute for English willow. The Kashmir-Willow has fewer performance effects as compared to the English willow bats as it is regarded as the harder wood. Only low range bats use Kashmir willow. An adult player doesn’t choose a Kashmir Willow bats for use.
  • Carbon Fibre: Some of the cricket bat manufacturers insert extra carbon texture into the cricket handle. It makes the handle of cricket-bat lighter.
  • Titanium: Due to the latest technological advancements and innovations, the titanium material can be inserted into the cricket bats handle. It delivers more power in the hitting zone and reinforcement.

Number of Grains

There are a variety of English Willow bats. Grade A and Grade 1+ are the highest quality of English willow bats. The number of grains differs from bat to bat. Grains are the lines that present on the bat face. The more the grains, the better bat performs. The grain between 6 and 12 is a perfect of quality willow.

Following are some premium range of bats with lower grains.

  • Grade 1+ (For the test match standard)
  • G1 (For the professional standard)
  • G2 (For the top club standard)
  • G3 (For the lower-league standard)
  • G4 (For the beginner-standard)

Toe Guard

Toe is the weakest part of a cricket-bat. So, there should be applied a top guard to protect it. Now, most of the professional cricket bats come with a toe-guard feature. Whenever a batsman taps the bat on the ground, the toe guard helps to protect the toe from damage. It is a good idea to fit a toe-guard that reduces the risk of breakage.

Shape, Size And Bow Of Bat

Ensure the bat size before buying the bat. It is a matter of your personal preference. Some of the players prefer cricket-bats with a large bow and others don’t. Professional players prefer a more heavy bow and thicker-edges that meet the rigours of the modern game. The size of the bow has an impact on the pick-up of the cricket-bat.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is the ideal area where the cricket-ball should be met. It gives maximum power and control. The sweet spot of the maximum strike is present in the mid right around the thicker part of the bat blade.

The placement of the sweet spot will define the type of bat.


The good handle can absorb the shock from the leather ball. Most of the professional batsman opt a short handle for greater control of the blade. If you are above 6 inches, choose for a bat with a long handle.

Covered / Uncovered Face

The fabric of the cricket-bat becomes visible due to the uncovered look. The covered look doesn’t immediately show the blade of the bat. The grain of the cricket-bat is evident in the case of the exposed look.


There are a lot of reliable brands available in the market. The top brands, such as SS, GM, are the most popular. An ideal bat is a blend of the taste of the batsman and skill of a bat-maker. If you need a bat for more prolonged use, then it is recommended to go for a branded product that assures refined manufacturing process and perfect build quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Necessary To Use An Oil On A Cricket Bat?

Yes. It is necessary to use oil on your cricket-bat before use. As per manufacturer’s reporting, 50 per cent of bats returned to them for repair haven’t been sufficiently oiled. Use a soft rag and apply a thin coat of oil to the edges, face, toe and back of the bat.

2. Which Is The Ideal Type Of Cricket bat?

The English Willow Bat is the premium quality material bat, and this is the reason it tends to be the most expensive. It makes the bat longlasting.

3. Is It Necessary Of Knocking In The Cricket Bat?

Knocking into the cricket bat is a necessary part for the bat preparation. All cricket-bats perform better once they have knocked. The toe, edges and blade need to be well-knocked in that withstand from the impact of a cricket ball. It is made to preventing breakages to the bat.

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