Best Cordless Phones in India – [August 2021]

Walk and Talk with cordless phones. The cordless handsets are always a better option than regular landline phones. However, many people seem to be giving up their old handsets by smartphones, but still few people prefer to use a home phone. 

Home phones are not helpful to those who love to use smartphones. In addition to this, it adds ease for your elders to use. Cordless phones are easy to use plus cost not much and offer a better show. It also provides great safety as you can connect to your suite number. 

So if you’re thinking of buying a cordless handset, read our expert list of Best Cordless Phones available in India, to get the best model of your need. Here we’ve prepared this list based on Our Market Research and Customer Reviews. We also advise you to read our buying guide below the post to ensure the right choice.  

Top 10 Best Cordless Phones For Home & Office Use ​

Mixer GrinderStandby TimeTalk Time
VTech CS6719 DECT 120 Hrs7-Hrs
Panasonic KX-TG3611 SXM 264 Hrs5-Hrs
Beetel X91 100 Hrs8-Hrs
Panasonic KX-TG3611SX 265 Hrs5-Hrs
Gigaset A450 180 Hrs8-Hrs
Beetel X70 96 Hrs8-Hrs
Panasonic KX-TG3411SX 144 Hrs10-Hrs
Gigaset Germany A270 192 Hrs18-Hrs
Panasonic KX-TG 6821 170 Hrs15-Hrs
Beetel X78 96 Hrs8-Hrs

Which Are The Top 10 Best Cordless Phones In India 2021?​

1. VTech CS6719 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone ​

VTech CS6719 Cordless Phone

Technical Specifications
Display2.8-inch LCD
Wireless TypeDECT 6.0
Frequency1.9 GHz
Handsets Support5
Base UnitPower Adapter
Battery2 x AAA
Talk Time7 Hours
Standby Time120 Hours
Extra FeaturesIntercom, Built-in clock, 50 contact storage, 10 dial call memory
In The BoxMain Unit, Base, Battery, Charger, User Guide

Add a firm phone mode to your home with this VTech CS6719 DECT 6.0 expandable silver cordless phone. This silver phone system features caller ID/ call waiting to show details. With its backlit keypad and display, you can even use the phone quickly in the darkness. Its duplex handset speakerphone makes it hassle-free. This is a smart cordless device that allows you to have a conference call with your friends and family.

As we already mentioned, VTech is an expandable phone that supports up to 5 handsets so that you can place it in any room. The built quality gives you easy holding and adds charm to your room. Also, you can fix it on a wall or place it at the table as per your needs. This cordless phone is one of the easiest and best phones to use in India. The buttons are soft and allow you to drive a simple and clear menu system.

The Good

  • High-quality sound.
  • Soft and backlit keypad.
  • Expandable up to 5 handsets.
  • Optimal battery performance.
  • Enhanced design and compact size.

The Bad

  • Average battery life.


If you want a speakerphone, power outage backup with enough storage volume, then you may consider this model. For the money, this is a great phone.

2. Panasonic KX-TG3611 SXM Digital Cordless Phone

Panasonic KX-TG3611 SXM Digital Cordless Phone

Technical Specifications
DisplayIlluminated LCD
No. Of Channels90
Frequency2.4 GHz
No. Of Line1
Base UnitAC Adapter
BatteryAAA Ni-MH
Talk Time5 Hours
Standby Time264 Hours
Extra Features7 ringer patterns, Digital security code, Paging, 50 no. storage, 5 redial memory
In The BoxMain unit, Base, Battery, Charger, User manual

Introducing Panasonic, KX-TG3611 SXM Digital cordless phone. This digital cordless telephone is one such phone that is sure the full load features. With easy dialling keypad and crystal clear display, it raises the ease of handling and control. This cordless phone also praises the various needs and meet the active interface. The Panasonic KX-TG3611 SXM comes with a wide working range from the base unit with the smooth signals.

However, the memory allows you to store 50 names and numbers in its phonebook. Also, the redial mind permits you to has 5 numbers in a row. The ergonomic and sleek design adds charm to your interior. Another useful feature of this device is the ringer ID. This feature allows you to store 2 numbers with different tones so you can guess the call from a ringtone. Thanks to its smart night mode that lets you see the phone even in dark light.

The Good

  • Caller identification.
  • Modern and sleek look.
  • Easy to use at night.
  • Distinct Ringtone for 2 calls.
  • Enough storage memory.
  • Monochrome backlight LCD.
  • Affordable.

The Bad

  • Looks are not appealing.


Panasonic always stands on quality, and this device speaks itself. If you have been looking for one with ergonomic design and easy handling, then this is for you.

3. Beetel X91 2.4Ghz Cordless Phone

Beetel X91 Cordless Phone

Technical Specifications
Display1260 x 640 pixels resolution
No. Of Ringtones20
Frequency2.4 GHz
No. Of Handset1
Base UnitAC Adapter
Battery2 x AAA Ni-MH
Talk Time8 Hours
Standby Time100 Hours
Extra Features100 contact entries, Paging, Auto answer, Intercom service
In The BoxCordless phone, Unit base, 2 x batteries, 1 x charger, User manual

Beetel, the most believed brand in the landline class brings you the affordable cordless phone in India for home and office use ‘X91’. This 2.4 GHz, cordless phone by Beetel, comes packed with features that make it convenient and efficient. The blue backlit display just looks stunningly cool. It makes it simple to find and dial contacts. Plus, it is soothing to the eyes and also helps you use in the dark. Plus, the phone has 2 way speakers and 20 regular and 20 Polyphonic ringtones.

However, with this device, you can enjoy the long chit chat with your friends and family. It brings you 100 standby support and 8 hours of talk time. The phonebook also allows you to store 100 numbers with a name. The sleek and stylish black finish ensures ease. And to add to that, 2.4 GHz is a more advanced digital rate that allows for more reliable calls with a crystal clear voice.

The Good

  • 20 ringer tone.
  • Powerful AAA batteries.
  • Crystal clear sound.
  • Smooth blue light display.
  • Able to do conference calls.
  • Speaker with adjustable volume.

The Bad

  • No audio jack.
  • No speed dial.
  • Can’t be mounted on the wall.


Gift your home the most reliable landline phone that connects more than one person to the call. And with that, this is the right cordless phone you can have for your home and office.

4. Panasonic KX-TG3611SX Single Line 2.4GHz

Panasonic KX-TG3611SX​ Single Line

Technical Specifications
DisplayIlluminated LCD
Channel Number90
Frequency2.4 GHz
No. Of Line1
Base UnitAC Adapter
Talk Time5 Hours
Standby Time265 Hours
Extra Features5 redial memory, Wheel navigation keys, 7 ringer patterns, Digital security code
In The BoxMain unit, Base, Battery, Charger, 1 x manual

With Panasonic, you don’t have to worry about quality. Panasonic has been one of the most famous brands when it comes to electronics. Therefore if you are intent about buying this Panasonic Single line 2.4 GHz digital cordless phone then must take a look at its features. This cordless phone comes in a sleek and stylish frame that fits with the interiors of your home. Its LCD display and backlit makes the interface easier in the dark. The alphanumeric keypad lets you run and use the device more easily.

This Panasonic model KX-TG3611SX comes with single line support and seven ringer patterns. The lightweight body with a hands-free feature makes the device hang on the wall. The brand brought this affordable device for Indian homes in a limited budget with all major features. It includes high volume, long range, higher strength, clock, alarm, digital security code, paging, and more. With the AAA Ni MH battery and 265 hours standby support, you can enjoy the 5 hours talk time with your friends.

The Good

  • 5 hours of talking.
  • Great battery backup.
  • Wall mountable design.
  • Lightweight and stylish.
  • It comes with the Battery.
  • Allows 50 phonebook entries.
  • Ease use display and keypad.

The Bad

  • The display is quite small.


Panasonic has designed this phone as per the latest trends. The sleek black body and easy to use keypad makes the phone trendy.

5. Gigaset A450 Cordless Landline Phone

Gigaset A450 Cordless Phone

Technical Specifications
Display1.6″ Illuminated
No. Of Ringtone10
Frequency2.4 GHz
No. Of Line1
Base UnitAC Adapter
Battery2 x AAA
Talk Time8 Hours
Standby Time180 Hours
Extra FeaturesCaller ID detector, 50 contact entries, Text-based menu, Alarm clock
In The Box1 x base, 2 standard batteries, 1 x battery cover, 1 x power supply unit, 1 x telephone cord, 1 x Guide

For those looking for a reliable landline phone, the Gigaset A450 Cordless would be a well made a choice. This cordless landline has a robust body, and its black finish mixes well with any decor set-up. The fact that makes it stand on second on our list is it ample range strength. It allows you to talk 300 m in outdoor and 50 m indoor. Landline phones become a vital tool for senior citizens. In the present era, where everyone is working, elders stay alone at home. So for them, landlines are the best option to have.

This cordless phone is well planned with improved handling and use support. The 1.6″ bright display with alphanumeric keypad bring improved view while using. Moreover, by long pressing (# key) you can on/off the keypad screen. It also lets you have a flash key with long pressing (R).

One interesting feature about this set is Phonebook memory capacity. The book lets you store 50 contacts and also come with caller ID system. As far as you can connect the phone speaker to your loudspeaker for seniors with hard hearing. Its two AAA Ni-Mh batteries and 8 hours long talk time provide full enjoyment.

The Good

  • Easy redialing.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • On/off keypad lock.
  • Sleek and stylish set.
  • Smartphone speaker.
  • Phonebook for up to 50 entries.
  • Long standby hours and talk time.

The Bad

  • Cannot be used as an intercom.
  • Doesn’t work in case of a power cut.


Customize your cordless phone ringer interface by selecting 7 distinct ringer tone. This cordless phone is best for Indian families, as it provides all the essential features in affordable price.

6. Beetel X70 Cordless Landline Phone

Beetel X70 Cordless Landline Phone

Technical Specifications
Display1.6″ LCD
No. Of Ringtone5 Polyphonic
Frequency2.4 GHz
No. Of Line1
Base UnitPower Adapter
Battery2 x AAA
Talk Time6-8 Hours
Standby Time96 Hours
Extra Features10 step ringer, Space for 50 entries, 10 redial, Paging
In The BoxMain unit, Base, Battery, Power adapter, Line cord, Manual

Enjoy the wireless interface in your home with the most trusted brand Beetel. This brand brings the popular landline cordless X70 phone for your home and office use. The stylish and attractive white colour frame comes with a crystal clear illuminated LCD and alphanumeric keypad. This device weighs only 250 gm and comes packed with multiple features. It has a devoted menu, speaker, CID, mute option, and more. The phone also comes with feature like call waiting and 10 different ringtones.

Moreover, Beetal X70 offers excellent value to the users by giving a lasting standby time of 4 days and a talk time up to 9 hours. While the fantastic 2-way speakerphone gives you a trouble-free life and the phonebook allows you to store up 50 contacts. This compact device keeps you safe, thanks to its efficient caller ID disclosure.

The Good

  • Link up easily.
  • Backlit keypad.
  • All-round service.
  • Caller ID Support.
  • 10 ringer melodies.
  • Long-lasting Battery.
  • Stylish and attractive look.
  • Soft and dedicated buttons.

The Bad

  • No keypad lock.
  • Not able to perform conference call.


This sleek X70 cordless is the perfect upgrade device for your home. It allows you full freedom of movement with long talk time.

7. Panasonic KX-TG3411SX Single Line Digital Cordless Phone

Panasonic KX-TG3411SX Single Line

Technical Specifications
DisplayIlluminated LCD
Frequency2.4 GHz
No. Of Line1
Base UnitAC Adapter
Battery2 x AAA (Ni-MH)
Talk Time10 Hours
Standby Time144 Hours
Extra Features50 phonebook entries, 5 redial memory, 50 caller ID memory, 14 ringer melodies, 6 ringer tones
In The BoxHandset, Base, Batteries, Charger, Guide

Enjoy simple and easy talking with Panasonic 2.4 GHz digital cordless telephone. This cordless phone frees you from the trouble of wires. It also allows you to talk on the go. Made from the high grade plastic and black finish make it face robust use. Its illuminated LCD screen makes store 50 entries with 5 redial memory and 50 caller ID.

This device supports 2.4 GHz frequency that provides better signal quality and lessens the chance of call drops. Plus, the Ni-Mh Battery assures a longer talk time of 7 hours and 144 standby time. The overall charging time of the device is 7 hours.

This compact Panasonic device makes you mount it on the wall too. The lightweight body with an alphanumeric keypad provides aid while typing. Plus, the brown colour backlight makes the control easy and allows you to dial numbers easily. Along with these features, the time and any key answer function come in use. The 14 melodies ringer gives you lots of options to choose from for your ideal Ringtone.

The Good

  • Fast charging.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable material.
  • Cordless phone with caller ID.
  • Long talk time and standby time.
  • Call waiting and call share functions.
  • Compact design mounted on the wall as well.

The Bad

  • Small display screen.


Now with this device, you can talk to your loved ones all day. This phone sets you free from the hassle of wires and allows you to move anywhere in your house while talking.

8. Gigaset Germany A270 Cordless Telephone with Caller ID

Gigaset Germany A270

Technical Specifications
DisplayIlluminated LCD
Frequency2.4 GHz
No. Of Line1
Base UnitAC Adapter
Battery2 x AAA (Ni-MH)
Talk Time18 Hours
Standby Time192 Hours
No. of Ringtone10
Extra Features24 no. of languages, Adjustable menu, Alarm function, 80 contacts entries
In The BoxHandset, Base, Batteries, Charger, Guide

That’s what we name value for your money – The Gigaset A270. This high made-in-Germany cordless phone comes with everything you need. Thanks to its user-friendly function that makes the use of this device comfortable and straightforward. Its delicate soft buttons and large golden colour screen provides optimal information and readability. The display also lets you store 80 entries. So now you can have everything in view-anytime.

Gigaset A270 clarifies everything from easy handling to talking freely. Its hands-free key function lets you operate the device while cooking, cleaning up, or whatever extra you want to do while talking. You can no matter how long you want to talk to your friends or family. This device comes with the greatest 18 hours talk time. Also, the battery life has a long standby time of up to 200 hours. Pretty handy, isn’t it?

The Good

  • Built to serve.
  • Show 25 call logs.
  • Easy handling and use.
  • Convenient alarm function.
  • Comes with ECO DECT technology.
  • Equipped with an answering machine.
  • Store enough entries to the phonebook.

The Bad

  • Not yet.


Are you looking for a handy easy to use landline free from wires hassle but you also don’t want to pay too much? Then go with this hands-free cordless phone just perfect for calling.

9. Panasonic KX-TG 6821 Cordless Telephone with Answer Machine

Panasonic KX-TG 6821 Cordless Telephone

Technical Specifications
Display1.8 inch LCD
Frequency1.88 – 1.90 GHz
No. Of Line1
Base UnitAC Adapter
Battery2 x AAA
Talk Timeup to 15 Hours
Standby Timeupto 170 Hours
No. of Channels120
Extra FeaturesOne-touch eco mode, Navigation key, Step-up ringer, Any key answer, Locator or Paging
In The BoxHandset, Base, Batteries, Charger, Guide

Here is another superior product by Panasonic KX-TCKX-TG 6821 cordless phone best for stylish and reliable home. It is a high quality device that comes with a valuable budget. This KX-TG 6821 impresses the audience with its style and function. Panasonic boasts this device with an attractive 1.8 inches display. It helps the user to have a user-friendly interference. Plus a sleek base is safer with a slimline design that takes up very little space.

This device, with all the benefits from handy message counters to the integrated answering machine. Thanks to its high precision error correction system that lets you have a clear and disturbance free sound. This system helps in eliminating the error in sound to have more clear talking. However, this device is not just easy to use, but also simple to set up. The caller display let you store 50 names and number in the phonebook with space for up to 120 more. It is also an energy efficient device that delivers up to 15 hours talking time and 170 hours standby time, with 7 hours charging.

In addition to this, its great recording feature lets you record 30 minutes of messages. Even though, who like to have their messages to beep, there is an Audible Alert function that does it for you.

The Good

  • DECT system.
  • 30 min record time.
  • 100 items storage.
  • 50 items caller ID memory.
  • Ease-of-use and reliable play.
  • Multiple Handsets Capability.
  • Excellent sound quality with noise reduction.

The Bad

  • No intercom function.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use digital cordless telephone with basic yet reliable function then, this model by Panasonic is best for you. It offers incredible quality & value for money.

10. Beetel X78 Cordless and Corded Combo Landline Phone

Beetel X78 Cordless and Corded

Technical Specifications
DisplayBacklight LCD
Frequency2.4 GHz
No. Of Line1
Base UnitAC Adapter
Battery1 lithium-ion
Talk Time8 Hours
Standby Time96 Hours
No. of Ringtone10
Extra FeaturesIntercom & External call transfer, 10 20 nos of entries. 150 nos phonebook memory, Paging
In The BoxCorded and cordless unit, Coil cord, Line cord, User manual, battery

Here comes our final product by Beetel, X78 Cordless handset and corded landline. With a long-lasting standby time of 4 days and 8 hours talking time, it offers more excellent value to users. Beetel is a very trusted brand that believes in providing useful products. This phone works on the 2.4 GHz frequency that makes the communication clear and enjoyable.

However, the blue backlit display lets you store 150 contacts in the phonebook. This stylish cordless can also call on your landline. It gives the best intercom function and also transfers external incoming calls even far off rooms. The fantastic thing about this device is its clear 2 way speakerphone that gives you a hassle free calling.

For safety purposes, expert caller ID detection lets you know who is calling you. Isn’t it awesome? Beetel X78 gives the full freedom to talk and move around. In case you are in the kitchen or busy doing something, its 10 ringer option gives you a choice to set the tone to different numbers. So in the future, you can guess who is calling you. One more fantastic feature is, you can have a conference call too. Thanks to its 3-way conference calling factor that gives trouble-free calling sessions.

The Good

  • Comes with full safety.
  • Easy talking and using.
  • Two-way speakerphone.
  • User-friendly display & keypad.
  • Capable of doing conference calls.
  • Ample space to feed 150 contacts.

The Bad

  • Not Yet.


Do a conference call with your friends while relaxing at the terrace with this cordless landline phone. It is the best cordless phone to have for office yet home in India.

How To Choose A Cordless Phone For Home & Office Use?

Best Cordless Phone In India

Buying a cordless phone seems easy, isn’t it? But it often leads to difficult roads with the pros and cons that come with different models. Knowing what they can do and what to look at their key features can be difficult.

Here, we highlight some of the key points you must look at when buying a cordless phone so that you can get the best phone.

Let’s Get Started….

  • The Frequency Of The Device

You will find various cordless phones with mixed frequency options from 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, or 5.8 GHz, etc. All of these affects the link range and sound nature. The meters differ from region to region.

Best Cordless Phone

However, it limits how far away you can take the handset from the base unit. The more you go away from the unit, the more you lose the strength. So always opt for a higher rate model, that gives great connection range.

  • Select The Type

There are two types of leading cordless phones – Analog and Digital –

Analog is the ideal model in cordless. It uses a program that takes an audio or video signal and turns it into electric beats. Also known as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). It is one of the systems that most people are known. This kind of link allows analog voice signs to travel along copper wires.

Digital, on the other hand, is a new era cordless phone. They offer fantastic voice quality. With this, you can control the signal quality and strength on your own. The design provides raised voice tone even further. Digital cordless telephone also use less bandwidth that results in lower costs.

  • Look and Design

Appearance is the first thing that attracts everyone. Cordless phones are designed in a way to make it more stylish and compact plus useful. It should be easy enough to move during long job hours without wrist pain.

Cordless Phone Design

Other than note, the display also plays an important role. Make sure your selected model should have a clear and easy to operate the display. The LCD screen shows all your contacts, length of call duration, and other useful information.

The keys designing also matter the most. So ask a few questions like are the keys large and easy to control? Or do you need a keypad backlit so you can easily see the keypad in dim light? Once you consider all these features, you will get better for your family.

  • Long Battery life
Cordless Phone Battery

It would help if you chose a cordless model that comes with good battery life and backup. It works even if there is no light. Talking time with friends or cousins usually range from around 5 to 10 hours. A low battery backup can ruin this, and for that, you need charging for at least 4/5 hours.

Cordless phones come equipped with Lithium-ion batteries, but some models still use AAA or AA batteries.

Lithium batteries are more often efficient but costly. At the same time, AA type batteries are cheap and easy to replace. So as per your need, choose the required model and always read the manual carefully.

  • Other Important Key Features

There are a lot of features cordless phones come with. Apart from the Battery, and looks, following features, are also noted.

Use the following items as a checklist –

1. Sound Quality  – If you’re hard at listening, look for a phone with large volume adjustments. Check the quality of the sound that each model puts out.

2. Bluetooth Support  – Some advanced cordless phones come with this feature to allow mobile phone calls to be made using a cordless handset. This gives you an easy to make and receive calls from your mobile.

3. Hands Free  – This feature lets you use the device hands-free just keeping the call on speaker. It enables you to chat hands-free and allow others to join in a chat. You can also join the headset jack if needed.

4. Sleep mode  – You can set the phone not to ring when you need it. It is a convenient feature; you can set it when you don’t get to disturbed for a specified period.

5. Call Block  – If you don’t like unwanted calls from sales companies, then must look for this feature. It helps you to stop a specific number or secret calls.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Do I Need Special Rechargeable Batteries For My Cordless Phone?

Yes, you would need an individual rechargeable battery for the cordless phone. If you are using standard batteries, they won’t charge well. Ni-Cd is one of the most reliable batteries that allows the handset to act longer. 

2. How Long Does The Battery Of A Cordless Telephone Run?

The average battery life span of a cordless phone is about 1 to 2 years. At some stages, it damages within a year. It would help if you took care of the phone while charging or discharging. 

3. Can Cordless Phones Work In The Absence Of Electricity?

The Cordless phones need the power to work either from backup batteries or power supply. Most of them come with the power backup talk system. So, yes if you charge your device well, you can talk long during a power cut. 

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