Best BCAA Supplements in India – [August 2021]

Today, everyone wants to be healthy and fit by working out in the Gym. Various health products help athletes & fitness lovers in maintaining their muscles.

BCAA’s is one of the supplements that help reduces muscle fatigue and supports body mass. They control mass & strength when physical pressure is involved during the practice.

BCAA consists of three Essential Amino Acids (EAA), i.e. Valine, Leucine & Isoleucine. They help to expand your internal growth.

BCAA is perfect for intermediate or advanced physique builders. There are so many BCAAs products in the market.

We have prepared a list of Best BCAA in India based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our BCAA buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 BCAA Supplements in India

Naturyz 450gm
MuscleXP Pro 400gm
Sinew Nutrition 200gm
MuscleXP 400gm
MuscleBlaze Gold 450gm
Advance Musclemass 200gm
MuscleBlaze Pro 450gm
Bigmuscles Nutrition 250gm
Ultimate Nutrition 457.6gm
HealthyHey Sports 300gm

Which are the Top 10 Best BCAA in India 2021?

1. Naturyz Instantized BCAA

Naturyz Instantized

This advanced form of BCAA is a powerful intra workout fuel drink. It helps in cells building and acts as a recovery booster. It contains Glutamine. These both increase the pumping of blood during an intense training process. It restores the essential amino acids that you lose during the workout.

It maintains physical health. It raises endurance as well. During a workout session in the gym, if you feel tired then it recovers your strength and makes you feel good. It gives effective results. It is beneficial in reducing body stress. Naturyz brings BCAA in various tasty zest.

Key Features

  • Each 7gm serving contains pure isolated BCAAs in the ratio of 2:1:1.
  • It contains 2.5gm per serving Glutamine. It speeds up the rate of recovery.
  • For building the strength, it contains 1gm per serving beta-alanine.
  • It consists of 1G Citrulline Malate for increased pump during the workout.
  • It builds muscles and progresses muscle force.
  • It aids to reduce muscle stress effectively.
  • Its amino acids boost the stamina to do more exercise.

What We Like

  • It is affordable.
  • You will get lean muscles with this vegan BCAA.
  • It is perfect for expert physique builders & sportsperson.
  • It replenishes electrolytes.
  • It gives more stamina to achieve fitness goals.

2. MuscleXP PRO With L-Glutamine


This is an essential supplement to boost up the stamina. The branched chain amino acids are useful for growth and recovery. BCAA triggers protein synthesis for the maintenance of your physique. It will overcome tiredness.

Increased level of BCAA minimises the breakdown of protein. It has superb taste and essences. It gives relief to body tension and speeds up your war-up rate. It comes with no added sugar advanced formula.

Key Features

  • Each serving of the product has 2.5gm of L Glutamine & 1000mg of L Citrulline.
  • The ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine to Valine is 2:1:1.
  • It builds up the lean muscles and reduces muscle soreness. At the same time, it enhances intensity and appearance as well.
  • With Citrulline Malate, it encourages athletes who train and push their physiological goals for intense training and recovery.
  • Each serving has 7gm BCAA, 2.5gm L-glutamine and 1gm L-citrulline.
  • It reduces the breakdown of protein.
  • It raises immune power.
  • It reduces mechanical force.

What We Like

  • It contains zero sugar.
  • It improves your athletic execution on the field or in the gym.
  • It has the great taste and flavourings.

3. Sinew Nutrition Instantized BCAA

Sinew Nutrition

This BCAA from Sinew is one of the most energetic intra-workout supplement. Sinew BCAA is a unique blend of the branched chain amino acids that are formulated in an accurate ratio. It overcomes tiredness. It helps the sports lovers and individual to work harder. It helps to improve their performance.

The three BCAAs play a crucial role in your body muscles development. Leucine is known for its function in wounding the recovery from bones & muscles. The isoleucine and valine are well known for boosting energy levels. Valine maintains the balance of nitrogen that is necessary for overall development.

Key Features

  • Sinew BCAA comes with a new, improved formula with orange flavour. It works as an energy booster after the intense workouts.
  • It works together with L-Isoleucine, L-Valine to protect the muscle.
  • It grants you massive 6gm of Instantized amino acid in the ratio of 2:1:1.
  • Take one heaping scoop of 8gm into 250ml of water. You can mix it with your preferred whey protein shake or juice. You can prepare a shake using Whey Protein Powder and Peanut-Butter as well.
  • BCAAs dissolve easily in water as compared to the Whey Proteins.

What We Like

  • Its faster absorption property gives you extra energy.
  • It helps you heal faster from intense exercise.
  • It comes in Tangy Orange.

4. MuscleXP Instantized with L-Alanine & Taurine

MuscleXP Instantized

MuscleXP offers complete health and cosmetic range. These BCAA’s are free from banned substances. It is the Best BCAA supplement in India that provides peace of mind with the high-grade quality and advanced formulation. Each flavour has a mouth-watering and superb taste.

With the high formation, it gives a sense of safety to your health. Each serving mixes with a blender, shaker, or a spoon. This BCAA 6000 has been designed to advance your potency and performance needs.

Key Features

  • L-Alanine provides glucose for vitality after an exercise.
  • Each serving has 500 mg of L-alanine and Taurine.
  • It has a 2:1:1 ratio of L-leucine to L-Isoleucine to L-Valine.
  • These acts as the primary building blocks of muscles.
  • You can take it during your workout sessions.
  • It assists in the growth of muscle tissue.
  • It will boost your stamina to do more warm-up.
  • It recovers the concentration. It maintains the muscles size.
  • It will speed up your workout performance.

What We Like

  • It has no sugar.
  • It has a superior taste.
  • It doesn’t contain any added colours.

5. MuscleBlaze Gold 8:1:1-450 g

MuscleBlaze Gold

This Muscleblaze BCAA is a 100% pure powder for pre or post-workout. It has the essential amino acids. It comprises around 35-40% of your muscle protein. It minimises the protein breakdown during the exercise. It one of the Best BCAA Supplements in India.

It preserves muscle glycogen to fuel your potential. The branched chain amino acids help to boost the growth of muscle and metabolism. It helps to make a recovery from gymnastics. It increases your immunity to do more exercise.

Key Features

  • It contains the ratio 8:1:1 of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine that helps to get the effective results in your figure.
  • This BCAA powder gives better performance and helps in the faster absorption process.
  • It is available in green apple flavour for better taste.
  • It supports muscles proteins and replenishes the power lost.
  • It reduces muscle fatigue and enhances your workout duration.
  • It raises immune power.

What We Like

  • It plays a vital role in protein synthesis and recovery.
  • It helps to get more out of your daily gym session.
  • It is 100% pure and helps to repair muscles.
  • It gives better results in performance. It provides an active post workout recovery.
  • It gives 1 g citrulline malate per servings.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The cost of the product is a bit more.
  • The taste is not so good.

6. Advance Musclemass Instantized With Sunflower Lecithin

Advance Musclemass

Advance Musclemass is the leading sports nutrition BCAA company. The BCCA supplements come with faster absorption formula and are easy to consume. It helps to promote protein synthesis. It gets a speedy recovery of internal systems as well.

The product gets natural body muscles growth and is good to taste. Many fitness freaks use this branched chain amino acids BCAA and also recommend it. You can mix it with water or your favourite juice. It helps to promote
muscle growth effectively.

Key Features

  • It can take during the workout, post workout session & after the workout.
  • It contains L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine in the ratio 2:1:1.
  • The figure builders can take a 1-2 scoop of BCCA per day.
  • It builds your muscle force and performs heavy workouts with ease.
  • It gives you immense energy to perform the workouts.
  • It supports protein synthesis and builds lean muscles efficiently.

What We Like

  • It fastens muscle recovery.
  • It reduces muscle breakdown.
  • You can mix it with water, juice or favourite drink.

7. MuscleBlaze Pro

MuscleBlaze Pro

This MuscleBlaze BCAA is branched chain amino acids supplement that immune the human internal system. It comes with a ratio of 2:1:1. 7gm BCAA’s per serving act as a powerful intra-workout fuel for muscle.

It helps replenish the loss of essential acids from the muscles. Electrolytes are vital enzymes in our body fluids. Their deficiency may cause muscle cramps during or post workouts. It comes with no added sugar formula.

Hydrating yourself with an abundant amount of electrolyte fluids is necessary. It speeds up the time of recovery. It reduces soreness in muscle and fatigue. This drink will help you to unlock your inner strength. It boosts up your potential to grab your goal.

Key Features

  • Its 1gm citrulline dl malate swells your tissues with increased blood flow.
  • Each serving has 7gm of BCAAs in an active ratio 2.5gm of glutamine.
  • It prevents the loss of potency and increases protein synthesis.
  • With potassium & sodium as electrolytes, it replenishes the salt reserves.
  • It is perfect for gym lovers. It fastens up their muscle gaining regime.
  • It raises up the energy level to grab your fitness goal.

What We Like

  • This BCAA supplement doesn’t contain calories like sugar.
  • It helps in hydrating your body.
  • Its taste is good.
  • It has an enhanced onset time.

8. Bigmuscles Nutrition Lemony 50 Serving

Bigmuscles Nutrition

Bigmuscles Nutrition is a optimum nutrition brand that can be trusted by athletes worldwide. It aims to deliver best-in-class quality nutrition to support extreme workout and performance goals. It is 100% authentic and is made of purely raw materials.

This BCAA supplement supports to reduces muscle fatigue and improve recovery time. It is better for muscle building and strength and prevents muscles loss. Its amino acid gives instant muscle tissues improvement and burns fat.

Key Features

  • It is made of 100% natural vegan dairy-free BCAA.
  • It provides a blasts amazingly delicious Tangy flavour with a lemon base.
  • It contains 5gm BCAA, 0 g Sugar and 0g Carb Per Serving with no gluten and no soy.
  • The amino acids BCAA has 2:1:1 Proportion Of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine that ensures better results.
  • It has Intra-workout Powder with 5g of Micronized BCAA.
  • It is free from added sugar ingredient.

9. Ultimate Nutrition 100% Crystalline

Ultimate Nutrition

Ultimate Nutrition is a trusted name in the BCAA supplement industry. You will improve your endurance and muscle growth with this powder. You can mix one scoop of 6 grams with 6 to 8 ounces of water or cold beverage. BCAAs are beneficial for the bodybuilders, athletes. It is healthier and effective in the long run. It has no side effects.

It helps in preventing muscle breakdown along with maintaining vitality level.

Key Features

  • For the good results, you can take it between meals or after a workout.
  • It provides 100% crystalline, high-quality BCAA in a ratio of 2:1:1.
  • The BCAA comes in various flavours.
  • It is useful for aerobic events like cycling, running, swimming and so on.
  • It gets dissolved with ease and get into the bloodstream.

What We Like

  • It is the right option for building physique.
  • It increases your strength.
  • It gives instant recovery.
  • It offers instant energy.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The flavour of this BCAA supplement isn’t good.

10. HealthyHey Sports BCAA Powder

HealthyHey Sports

This BCAA Powder aids in building muscle tissues strength. It plays an important act in building your physique. It prevent protein catabolism.

It contains amino acids, Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine. Taking BCAA’s after the exercise or meal promotes the replacement of amino acids in muscles. It speeds up your performance rate for the workout.

It helps in reducing muscle soreness & fatigue. It is excellent in the test. It comes in various delight forms. It is also available in sugar-free taste.

Key Features

  • It prevents the breakdown of protein during the entire workout session.
  • It contains three essential BCAA’s in the ratio 2:1:1.
  • It is available in delicious relishes.
  • With the sugar-free elements, it gives proper hydration.
  • Each jar of this BCAA’s has 300gm of BCAA’s.

What We Like

  • It is a vegan product.
  • It provides anti-catabolic support.
  • You can mix it with water, shake or beverage.
  • It comes in delicious flavourings.

How To Choose the Best BCAA?

There are certain factors that you should pay attention before buying the supplements. First, you should know your requirements and expectations. Are you looking for the BCAA Supplements with good flavour? Do you want BCAA at a low-cost? These questions help to decide which BCAA you should buy.


Most of the BCAAs contain a blend of 3 amino acids that are considered essential for life. It includes Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine elements. Some BCAA powders include L-Glutamine, L-Citrulline, green tea extract etc. You should buy it with a maximum of acids. Choose the advanced form of BCCA for the best results.

Perfect Ratio Of Ingredients

Go for BCAA Supplements that have a ratio of 2:1:1 of the three essential BCAAs. The 2:1:1 ingredients ratio is perfect for increasing your energy. The BCAA Supplements are crucial for your body muscles after a hardcore workout. It will strengthen your body. It expands up to your immune power.


Naturally, BCAA Supplements taste bitter. These days, they are available in various flavours in the market. Taking the tasty flavours of BCAA makes your mood fresh. You can choose any of the flavours of BCAA as per your taste.

Please note that you need to consume the supplement at the earliest once the seal is open. Sometimes when the moisture seeps in, small lumps may be formed. It is healthy and harmless. Don’t confuse it with the lousy quality of the supplement powder.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do We Need Branched Chain Amino Acids?

BCAAs are Branched Chain Amino Acids that a human can’t produce on its own. They form proteins in the body. Our body muscles need proteins to carry out essential bodily functions. So, you need to take it as a dietary supplement. It will help to increase muscle strength.

It plays a crucial role in increasing the growth in our body. It lifts you to build muscles. As s result, the body performs better during workout or training.

2. Do Branched Chain Amino Acids Contain Caffeine?

BCAAs don’t contain any caffeine. But some brands add caffeine to BCAA. You may notice more strength and energy after taking it. It happens due to BCAA reducing l-tryptophan action in the brain.

3. When Should I Take Branched Chain Amino Acids?

It is advised to take the BCAA powder 15 minutes before workout sessions or after a workout. If the BCAA’s include Caffeine, you should avoid taking it before going to bed. Caffeine is an ideal supplement for a pre-workout.

4. What Is The Role Of Branched Chain Amino Acids in Bodybuilding?
BCAA contains Valine, Isoleucine, Leucine.

BCAAs defeat the degeneration of proteins. In this process, various key enzymes are involved. These are received as a signalling effect from Leucine. It causes an anabolic effect on the muscles.

It is suitable to take the BCAA before workout sessions and after the workout sessions. They enhance recovery and play a unique role in strengthening.

5. How Safe Are Branched Chain Amino Acids To Consume?

BCAA’s are essential nutrients and are safe to take. But, there are some side-effects such as loss of coordination and fatigue. You should use BCAA cautiously during the activities. They may cause nausea, pain and headache as well.

6. Do BCAA Powders Work?

Yes. It maintains your potential during an intense workout.

The amino acid is building blocks of proteins in our body. They help your body to produce insulin. It converts sugar into energy in the body. BCAAs reduce the degradation of proteins.

There are nine EAA in total. But most of the BCAA contains three, i.e., Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. They help you with maintaining outlook. Among the three, Leucine is the powerhouse of muscle building.

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