How to Deactivate Caller Tune in Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Airtel, Jio?

Caller Tune Deactivate SMS Codes

Mobile Callers Tunes always fascinate people. It allows you to change your default boring “Tring-Tring” Tune and set your favorite song as caller tune. It carries a nominal fee charge of Rs 30 per month that allows 30 days service. But these days lots of mobiles networks are fooling and cheating people by automatically activating …

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Gas Stove Maintenance Tips

Gas Stoves Maintenance Tips

Cooking with gas stoves has been around since hundreds of years ago. Since then, gas stoves have become important kitchen equipment. The introduction of Gas Stoves has completely changed the way of cooking. However, today’s technology has developed new techniques for cooking such as induction stoves, microwaves and ovens. But, many people still rely on …

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Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy

Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy

Home Testing Method has become very common today. All those who know someone who has Diabetes will be aware of what a Glucometer or Blood-Glucose Meter (BCM) does. This device allows you to check the glucose levels in your blood anytime, anywhere. Perhaps, most of us are concerned with the blood glucose meter accuracy. If …

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Storage vs Instant Water Heaters

Storage vs Instant Geysers

The rattling of teeth and shivering of the body in winters can only be stopped by a warm, relaxing bath. Thanks to a Water heater or geyser that helps us shower in the chilly winters! While buying a Water Heater, we come across a variety of models. We find it tough to decide which one …

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15 Tips to Grow Your Beard

Tips to Grow Your Beard

Every man wants a perfect growth of beard to show their signs of masculinity. But grooming beard is never such an easy task. For some men, facial hair growing is easy, but for some men the pace of hair growth is slow. To grow a faster beard, one needs to care for their hair correctly …

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Benefits of Kitchen Chimney at Home

Benefits of Kitchen Chimney

An electric Kitchen Chimney is an essential thing one must have in their home. It keeps your kitchen free from fumes, odour, heat and steam. With the advent of modernism, the household’s kitchen has taken the shape of Modular Kitchens. Kitchen Chimneys is one of the most demanded appliances or accessory of Modern Kitchen. It …

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