Best Running Shoes in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Running Shoes in India 2019

One of the most critical and most straightforward ways of fitness is running. Regular workout makes you happy and blessed.

Most of the people do brisk walking, running and trotting for losing weight. Though the types of equipment needed by the runners are limited, a pair of running shoes is a must-have for you.

The excellent shoes provide you with great comfort and enjoyment during the workout system. They provide not only foot cushioning but also aid in the prevention of injuries. They reduce the stress placed on the heel, ankles or toes while running.

The best pair of the comfy running shoe allows hassle-free running on Treadmills as well.

While buying the best running shoes, a number of questions come to your mind like:

  • Is the brand trustable?
  • Is it high-quality?
  • Which pair of running shoes will work best for me?
  • Is it the budget-friendly?

If you are one of them with a lot of questions, you came to the right position.

Based on Market Research, we have prepared a list of Best Running Shoes in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Which are the Top 10 Best Running Shoes in India 2019?

1. Furo by Red Chief R1014 795 Running Sport Shoes for Men

Furo by Red Chief R1014 795 Running Sport Shoes for Men

Furo manufactures high-performance sports clothing and footwear. Furo pays continual attention to innovation. If you are a fitness freak and looking for a handy pair of shoe for men in The India, then this is the perfect option for you.

Furo’s shoes by Red Chief come with the technology for maximum convenience while running or gymming. The toe and heel section are hardened to provide the best grip and safety while running. The shoes are specially designed for running time and are highly comfy while running. Thus, it is the most suitable shoes for the men at a sensible cost.

Key Features

  • It is made of comfy mesh material that provides ventilation.
  • It has a round toe shape and assures absolute relaxation in the toe section.
  • It has a soft footbed that has soft cushioned padding.
  • The inside rubber sole is well-cushioned, flexible and soft.
  • It offers a lace-up style for a customised fit.

  • It is one of the best running shoes that are available online.
  • It is also used for a general jogging purpose in well-flatted track and road.
  • You can use this shoe while playing tennis, football and other sports related games.

2. Puma Men’s Emergence Running Shoes

Puma Emergence Running Shoe

These Shoes are sleek and delicate, with a comfortable and cool look. These are the best running. It brings and appends better comfort while running. These best running shoes for men are the perfect pair. It is free from heavyweight.

The upper part of the shoes has a modern bootie construction in the collar. It guarantees the excellent fit and ease of entry. It comes with the best sculpted EVA midsole with smart paint lines and Softfoam sock liner. This shoes for men in India is very famous.

Key Features

  • The product comes with 90 days of manufacturing warranty.
  • It comes in Black and White colour design.
  • It has a delicate foam and is the total emergence of shoes.
  • The shoes have a textile material type with a lace-up closure.
  • This running shoe is lightweight and comfortable on foot while running time.

3. Sparx Men’s Running Shoes

Sparx Running Shoes
From INR 899.00 INR 679.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:47 IST - More Info)

Check Price on Amazon

It offers a wide range of shoes for the gym or running. You can use these shoes casually as well. We highly suggest this for comfort and flexibility. It is available in navy blue and orange shade.

These shoes are accurate for regular use. It easily fits in Indian guys feet. It is designed with the best technology
for those who need comfortable shoes for their day trips. The men in India use them as casual shoes also.

Key Features

  • This running shoe for men in India is made with mesh-material for excellent relief and ventilation.
  • The Lace-up enclosure provides a firm-fit while you are playing.
  • The warranty is for 30 days.
  • The humanmade sole of the running shoe for men in India is comfortable and delicate for walking and running.
  • It is the right quality of running shoes for men with better specialities.
  • The upper material keeps air circulation and takes care of your feet when you go out for road running.

  • It is versatile, comfortable and fashionable.
  • It is best for a casual reason too.
  • It speed up your running.

4. Puma Unisex Running Shoes

Puma Unisex Running Shoes

These best running shoes for men from Puma is another great option you can opt for. It assures better performance on all the levels. It brings style into your running and training. In India, this is the first choice of the young generation.

It is one of the world’s leading company for sports shoes and casual shoes. It has established a history of making product brands for athletes.  It offer the best appearance and sport-inspired lifestyle products. It is worth for money for what it gives.

Key Features

    • Its sole has a better grip.
    • Whether you want to run on a wet surface or dry surface, you do not need to worry. It is a shoe that works on multiple terrains and provides excellent traction.
    • It comes with a breathable mesh body.
    • It is comfortable and lightweight.
    • It comes with a premium cushioning material.
    • You can use this unisex shoe both outdoors or indoors.
    • It comes with complete shock retention qualities.

  • The product warranty is of 90 days against manufacturing defects.
  • It the best running shoes for men at a moderate charge.
  • You can runs a long distance by using this shoe.

5. Adidas Men Running Shoes

Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas is a highly successful brand for sports shoes. Their mission is to deliver the best and utmost comfort to the users. It is a great quality pair of shoes from always famous Adidas shoe line. You must clean running shoes regularly to keep away the foul smell.

These best Running Shoes from Adidas are ideal for army jawans and officers. It is crafted with mesh and synthetic that gives added pleasure. It provides breathability with extended grip and comfort. In India, it is quite familiar. It is available in Indian market with ease.

Important Note

Do not apply polish or shiner to avoid damage. If you want natural contour, always put shoes in a bag when not in use. It will keep your shoes from dust & stains.

Key Features

  • It includes light strike IMEVA midsole for lightweight cushioning.
  • The shoe comes with a rubber outsole for comfortable grip & durability.
  • It is resistant to heat. You can also use in extreme sunlight. It’s sole will never burn your feet.
  • It assures relaxation in the toe space. It has a synthetic material that offer breathability.
  • It provides a lace-up feature to tie up the shoes.
  • It comes with a shock absorption formula.
  • The manufacturer gives 90 days of warranty against product defect.

  • This running shoes for men is best for Gyming, fitness exercise.
  • The shoe is suitable for joggers, army officers, sportsperson.
  • It also looks impressive with casual clothes.
  • It is available at a reasonable rate.

6. Power Urban Running Shoes

Power Running Shoes

You must have running shoes like these running shoes for men for jogging & brisk walking. It will protect your foot from accidental injuries at the time of running. Its smooth sole helps you to maintain a stable balance. You can also carry them with formal clothes.

It is perfect to rev up your sporty spirit. It provides excellent durability and assures a sturdy grip. It gives a soft and comfortable experience and keeps the feet relaxed. This fashionable and functional combo gives the best flexibility and freedom of movement.

Care Instructions

  • Don’t use polish or shoe shiner.
  • Keep in shoe pockets when not in use.
  • Always wipe dust after every use to retain the natural form or colour. It also keeps your shoes away from mildew.
  • Dry your shoes properly.

Key Features

  • This running shoes for men comes with 90 days of warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Its closure type is lace-up.
  • It is specially crafted for players.
  • It is made of canvas to make the shoes super lightweight.
  • It’s responsive cushioning allows you to move the feet any position.
  • It provides an excellent grip & lightweight feel to make runners exercise memorable.

  • Its unique looks are trendy and stylish.
  • It feels lighter on the feet.
  • Buy using this at home you can practice your gym also.
  • It’s delicate cushioning is responsive that assures a smooth journey.

7. Reebok Men’s Sweep Runner Lp Running Shoes

Reebok Sweep Runner Lp Running Shoes

Rebook shoes fully engineered with a woven technique gives you ample breathability, durability, and flexibility. It can boost your stamina as it provides the best blend of a supportive heel cradle, cushion & responsive feel. Though the payment is a bit high, this great shoe is worth spending money.

This running shoes for men provides better relief and stability. It ensures to keep your finger relaxed and at ease. The shoes are light in weight and ensure you remain fit while adding comfort to your feet.

Key Features

  • It comes with black laces to tie the shoes.
  • It is decent for a casual lifestyle.
  • It is made of quality synthetic that protects your foot from itching & rashes.
  • The manufacturer gives 90 days of manufacturing defects warranty in case of product defect.

8. Reebok Men’s Ree Scape Run Running Shoes

Reebok Ree Scape Run Running Shoes

These shoes are a good choice for sports. It gives enough breathability or stability to improve your physical activity. It is a lightweight, fast regular trainer at a nominal charge. If you want to upgrade your running experience, then the shoe from Rebook is a perfect option for you.

No matter if you are an amateur sports person or runners that shoes allows you to optimize the performance on the field. It lets you stay safe and enjoy running with great pleasure.

Key Features

  • It doesn’t require any polish or shiner. You can use delicate stuff to wipe the dust.
  • The manufacturer provides 15 days of manufacturing defects warranty against any defects.
  • Its lace-up enclosure provides you with full support for grip to keep the foot stable inside.
  • It comes in two shades combinations.
  • It can also cover your appendages & save you from tanning.
  • Its midsole prevents you from hard objects during running.

  • The shoe makes you feel comfy.
  • It comes with lightweight cushioning that pond out high mileage.
  • It covers your toe section properly.
  • You can use it as a casual shoe also.

9. Reebok Men’s Hurtle Runner Running Shoes

Reebok Hurtle Runner Running Shoes

Make your run energetic & soothing with this runner shoes. It provides lace-up closure that you can adjust as per your comfort. It is beneficial for playing sports or running at miles distance.

It has a stylish mesh and lightweight sole that adds high value to the sports shoes. It is perfect for a high-mileage trainer. This is the best running shoes for men that is reliable to use.

Key Features

  • It offers a lace-up style for a customised fit.
  • It provides ventilation to draw moisture and sweat.
  • Its Rebook logo builds an excellent reputation in front of others.

  • The shoe delivers high output.
  • It provides superior comfort with cushioning.
  • It embraces the foot for a stable drive.
  • It is a durable shoe.

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t come with any warranty.

10. Lancer Men Running Shoes

Lancer Running Shoes
From INR 549.00 INR 433.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:47 IST - More Info)

Check Price on Amazon

Lancer manufactures a wide range of foot wear, from slippers to school shoes to sports shoes and floaters. If you are looking for a running shoe that not only provides you comfort but also good in appearance, this shoe is perfect for you. It follows in the footsteps of a successful line of shoes.

The lancer provides exceptional products with an unbeatable impact with high quality. It also helps to enhance your experience, boost your confidence and let you stand apart from others. It comes in the sky and navy blue shade and in different size also.

Key Features

  • The Men’s Runners will love this shoe as it provides support and sufficient cushioning to shield your feet from harmful forces.
  • Its outer mesh provides proper breeze and comfort so that you can quickly run.
  • It has high-quality mesh material.
  • The shoes not only enhance your looks but boost your self-morale.
  • The warranty is for 15 days against defects.

  • It is quite easy to wash.
  • It is stylish.
  • It is ideal for everyday wear.

What we didn’t like

  • Its sole is hard.
  • It gives less grip on the wet surfaces.

Most Popular Brands for Running Shoes

  • Adidas
  • Furo
  • Lancer
  • Power
  • Puma
  • Reebok
  • Sparx

Other Models That You May Consider

  • Skechers Men’s Running Shoes
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoes
  • ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes
  • Nike Men’s Black Downshifter 8 Running Shoes

How to Choose Running Shoes?

There are a couple of factors; you should be keeping in mind if you want to pick new shoes from a lot of options for your workout routine or switch from one kind of foot wear to the other.

Budget-Friendly & Reliable Brand

The tariff is one of the most significant factors that come first to one’s mind. But it is also essential to opt for a premium brand.

Purchase the best pair of running shoes at the best budget.


It is an important factor that must be considered. Buy a pair with durable material; one that is light, supple, breathable and gives a sock-like fit. Synthetic Leather is one of the best materials. Avoid the shoes with a low-quality synthetic element that sucks a lot of dust and gets torn immediately.


Whether you need a shoe for your training plan, Marathon race day or racing shoe for daily habit, you need to consider its usage. You can purchase a set of multi-purpose shoes that you can wear for sports activities, as well as in casual life.

Look for the shoe’s stability characteristics, energy return, and flexibility.


Do not choose heavyweight shoes. Always opt for the shoe that is comfy and makes running easier. You can find for a shoe with foam midsole that provides lightweight cushioning.

However, if you’re running long distances, you can go for more massive shoes with extra cushioning.

If you are a good runner, you certainly need a shoe that supports your weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. After How Long Should I Replace My Running Shoes?

It depends upon the usage of shoes. Similarly, if you brush up your shoes before wearing, then the shoe may last at least for one year.  The next factor is if you feel that your shoes don’t feel good and you get bored after running 300 and 500 miles, you need to buy a new pair of running shoes.

2. Does A Pair Of Same Size Shoes From Two Different Companies Fit Differently?

Shoes are built in different companies with different levels of quality materials. The two boots are not the same.

3. Will Tight Lacing Help Me Work Better?

Yes. Tight Lacing will allow your shoes to wrap appropriately. Loose lacing makes your running uncomfortable.

But, do not tie your shoe too tight that makes you exhausted or give pain in your ankles.

4. What Are The Different Types Of Shoes?

There are a variety of shoes:

  • Stability Shoes
  • Motion Control Shoes
  • Neutral Shoes
  • Trail Running Shoes

A Stability shoe is designed for the runners who pronate past the neutral position. This type of foot wear comes with supportive properties in the midsole of the shoes. They help to bring the feet into a neutral alignment.

The shoes are for those who overpronate. This type of running shoes provides heavy-duty support that aligns the foot into an inactive position.

A Neutral runner is one doesn’t roll too far inward or outward while running, i.e., the ankle remains aligned while passing through the gait cycle. This shoe helps you running as efficiently as possible.

Trail Shoes are designed to be used in areas with a range of dirt, rocks, terrain, hard paths, mud, etc. Trail shoe has aggressive soles and thick rubbers that keep your ankle and foot in good shape.

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