Best Multivitamin Tablets in India 2019

Best Multivitamin Tablets in India 2019 | Buying Guide

A Multivitamin is a set of vitamins and minerals; the human body needs to work properly. They are available in many forms like tablets, capsules, powders and liquids. They are the most commonly used health supplements today.

Our body needs a good amount of nutrients to function well.

Experts say that our body needs around 50 nutrients to maintain good health. These nutrients include 13 essential vitamins and minerals. So, we can say that they are the building blocks of life.

It is always good if our body is getting all the nutrients from natural food such as fruit, vegetable, dairy products, etc.

However, sometimes we fail to receive those nutrients due to the lack of nutrition in our diet. So, we need to take a good multivitamin supplement.

Choosing the best multi-vitamin from a number of brands is a tough decision.

Based on our Market Research, we have prepared a list of Top 10 Best Multivitamin Tablets in India. It includes detailed customer reviews, key features, what we like and what we didn’t like.

We highly recommend you to read our multivitamin buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Multivitamin Supplements in India for Men and Women – Comparison Chart

Multivitamin TabletsQuantity 
Wow Omega-3 Fish Oil60 Capsules Buy at Amazon
Wow Biotin60 Capsules Buy at Amazon
NUTRILITE Multivitamin And Multimineral120 Tablets Buy at Amazon
Nutrilite Alfalfa Calcium Plus90 Tablets Buy at Amazon
Healthkart Fish Oil60 Softgels Buy at Amazon
MuscleBlaze VITE60 Tablets Buy at Amazon
HealthKart Multivitamin with Ginseng Extract60 Tablets Buy at Amazon
Naturyz Fish Oil60 Softgels Buy at Amazon
MuscleXP Biotin60 Tablets Buy at Amazon
Naturyz Men's Sport60 Tablets Buy at Amazon

Which are the Best Multivitamin Tablets in India for 2019?

1. Wow Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 mg Triple Strength 550 mg EPA 350 mg

Wow Omega-3 Fish Oil
From INR 899.00 INR 799.00
Save INR 100.00 ( 11% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

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Wow Life Science Omega-3 is packed with the health benefits of Omega 3 essential fatty acids in a 3:2 EPA:DHA ratio. It provides the optimum nutrition for the wellness of heart, joints and body. It is one of the best Omega 3 supplements in India.

Key Features

  • These are pale, yellow coloured, oblong-shaped, oil softgels capsules containing long-chain fatty acids.
  • DHA and EPA are the most bio-available forms of Omega-3 fatty acids. Our body absorbs and uses these essential acids for various functions.
  • Every capsule is a blend of 350mg DHA, 550mg EPA and 100mg other Omega 3s.
  • Each pill has an enteric coating. This coating makes it easy to swallow the capsule. It increases the absorption of fatty acids and avoids the fishy aftertaste.
  • It is clinically tested to provide heart and joint benefits. Omega 3s protects and improves heart and joints.

What we like

  • Omega 3 fish oil capsules improve heart health.
  • It reduces stiffness in the joints and relieves pain.
  • It decreases blood triglyceride levels. So, it decreases the risk of heart diseases.
  • It doesn’t contain any fillers, mercury, additives or binders.
  • It provides you with 3-4 times more Omega 3s as compared to other brands.
  • It is ideal for a keto diet.
  • It is 100% natural and gluten-free.
  • It balances the cholesterol levels.
  • It provides you with the best heart and joint nutrition, your regular day-to-day food may lack.

2. Wow Biotin Maximum Strength Veg Capsule 10,000 mcg

Wow Biotin
From INR 899.00 INR 799.00
Save INR 100.00 ( 11% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

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Wow Life Science Biotin supplies your body with Biotin (Vitamin H or Vitamin B7).

Biotin is a water-soluble nutrient from B complex group of vitamins. It replenishes the hair, skin and nails.

Key Features

  • It provides you with a good 10000 mcg biotin and 60 mg calcium.
  • It is 100% natural and vegetarian.
  • It helps improve the health of hair, skin and nails.
  • It helps to overcome the deficiency of Biotin in the body.
  • It is gluten-free and stearate-free.

What we like

  • It reduces the brittleness of nails and improves the radiance of the skin.
  • It promotes the cell growth that increases the nail health.
  • It is free of any binders or fillers.
  • It helps in lowering cholesterol.
  • It helps improve the ability of Insulin to control blood sugar levels.
  • Biotin protects hair from dryness.
  • Its regular use aids with producing healthy follicles.

3. NUTRILITE Multivitamin And Multimineral Tablets

NUTRILITE Multivitamin And Multimineral
From INR 2,229.00 INR 1,757.00
Save INR 472.00 ( 21% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

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Nutrilite Multivitamin and Multimineral Tablets provide 13 essential vitamins and 11 essential minerals to the body.

It contains the goodness of organically grown exclusive Nutrilite plants. Amway India Enterprises manufactures this product.

Amway Nutrilite Daily is one of the best multi-vitamins available.

Key Features

  • It is a rich source of a variety of vitamins and minerals. It contains Vitamin C, D, E, K, B1, B6, B12, Niacin, Folic Acid and Biotin.
  • Iodine, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, etc. are the other active ingredients found in these tablets.
  • Along with these components, it is enriched with the natural extracts of plants such as spinach, alfalfa, watercress, carrot, etc.

What we like

  • Amway Daily multi vitamin meets the nutrient requirement for general well-being.
  • Nutrilite Daily offers an ideal balance, as well as, a good nutritional coverage.
  • It contains a variety of vitamins, essential minerals that fulfil the nutrient deficiency of the body.
  • It contains organically grown plants extracts.
  • It contains a variety of Minerals including zinc and iron help to maintain health and fitness.
  • Vitamin D and K are good for bones and teeth health. Also, they improve vision.
  • It regulates the health naturally.

4. Nutrilite Alfalfa Calcium Plus 90 N Tablets (Combination Of Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D)

Nutrilite Alfalfa Calcium Plus
From INR 720.00 INR 649.00
Save INR 71.00 ( 10% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

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Amway India presents another excellent health care product to boost your health. Nutrilite Alfalfa Calcium Plus structures and provides support to the muscles.

Key Features

  • It contains calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D as key ingredients.
  • Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium.
  • Calcium is the building block for bones. It is important for dental health as well.
  • Magnesium regulates the calcium levels in bones.
  • All these three ingredients help support bone density.

What we like

  • It helps prevent the bone loss.
  • It supports the diet with three essential nutrients for bone health.
  • It protects the organs of the body and stores 99% of the calcium used by the soft tissues for their various functions.
  • Calcium controls the high blood pressure and muscular contraction.

5. Healthkart Fish Oil (1000 Omega 3 , With 180 Mg Epa & 120 Mg Dha)

Healthkart Fish Oil
From INR 2,048.00 INR 1,199.00
Save INR 849.00 ( 41% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

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Healthkart Fish Oil is a dietary supplement containing Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil and, in walnut and flax seeds. It is a rich source of heart-healthy fatty acids – acid EPA and acid DHA.

Key Features

  • These are enteric coated softgels.
  • The 1000mg bio-available oil present in these pills improve the flexibility of joints.
  • DHA and EPA are present in a 2:3. It provides the best support to improve brain and vision.
  • It contains 180mg EPA and 120 mg DHA. It gives you ultra-purified and refined fish oils. It ensures that there aren’t any traces of heavy metals such as mercury.
  • It comes with an acid-reflux formula. So, it doesn’t leave any fishy smell after taste.
  • It contains Omega 3 acids that help decrease the risk of heart problems.

What we like

  • It supports healthy heart function.
  • It helps increase good cholesterol (HDL).
  • It helps in normalising the blood-pressure.
  • It is a natural antidote to arthritis. It improves joints functions.
  • Higher levels of DHA in the blood lowers the chances of memory loss. So, it supports brain development.
  • It improves eyesight.
  • These 1000mg fish oil softgels are easier to swallow.

6. MuscleBlaze VITE Multivitamin

MuscleBlaze VITE
From INR 599.00 INR 394.00
Save INR 205.00 ( 34% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

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MuscleBlaze mb-vite multivitamin is a high quality supplement.

It provides you with essential nutrients that aren’t produced by the body in bulk. It is enriched with super ingredients that change the way we define health.

Key Features

  • It contains a blend of 24 essential vitamins and minerals that improve body’s metabolism.
  • It contains botanical extracts of Gingko Biloba, the oldest living species of plants. It enhances the healthy brain function.
  • Ginseng increases energy and reduces oxidative stress.
  • It contains Grape Seed Extracts to improve blood circulation. It is helpful in losing weight.
  • Lypocene helps in enhancing stamina, immunity and strength.
  • It also contains calcium, iron, zinc, folic acid, biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, etc.

What we like

  • It is one of the best multis for sports and fitness enthusiasts. It supports faster muscle recovery.
  • It protects the muscles and reduces fatigue.
  • It acts on overall well-being. It reduces stress in the body that gives rise to other health problems.
  • It enhances the absorption of nutrition by the body from the food we eat.
  • It keeps you active and supports you through everyday fitness routines.
  • It contains no added sugars.
  • It boosts the Immune System. A healthy immune system fights against the antibodies that may cause disease.
  • It keeps you active the entire day.

7. HealthKart Multivitamin with Ginseng Extract

HealthKart Multivitamin with Ginseng Extract
From INR 650.00 INR 399.00
Save INR 251.00 ( 39% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

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HealthKart Multivitamin with Ginseng Extract helps in providing the key nutrients in the everyday diet. It is a blend of nutrients with the goodness of Ginseng and Taurine.

It is a perfect blend of essential nutrients to protect the body from the damage caused by the free radicals.

Key Features

  • It contains nine essential amino acids.
  • Ginseng present in this multi-vitamin is extracted from Panax Ginseng (True Ginseng). It stimulates physical and mental activity.
  • Taurine helps in maintaining proper hydration and is a good source of energy.
  • It contains Vitamin A that helps in improving vision.
  • Chromium helps in improving blood sugar levels.

What we like

  • It is good for brain health. It improves concentration and focus.
  • It improves heart and digestive health.
  • It is a rich source of amino acids. Amino acid provides our body with proteins.
  • It contains Vitamin D and Magnesium that makes the bones stronger.
  • Vitamin B12 helps improve the health of the nervous system.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • It is natural, healthy and safe to use.

8. Naturyz Fish Oil 1400Mg (Triple Strength) With 1000Mg Omega 3

Naturyz Fish Oil
From INR 899.00 INR 849.00
Save INR 50.00 ( 6% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

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Naturyz 1400Mg with 1000Mg Omega 3 is high in fatty acids. It contains ultra-pure Fish Oil. It provides the body with multiple health benefits.

Key Features

  • Each soft gel of Naturyz Triple Strength Fish Oil provides 1000Mg Omega3 (EPA, DHA).
  • Regular 1000Mg Fish Oils provides only 300Mg of Omega3 fatty acids. Remaining 70% of the capsule contains fish fat that has no benefits to the body. Naturyz 1400Mg provides 3 times as much Omega 3 than the regular fish oil.
  • It is ultra-pure, free from toxins and mercury.

What we like

  • It is burpless and has no fishy aftertaste.
  • It is good for the overall strength of the body.
  • A high level of EPA and DHA helps reducing stress and depression symptoms. It boosts vision.
  • It is beneficial for heart health.
  • It provides memory benefits.

9. MuscleXP Biotin Hair Skin and Nails Complete Multivitamin with Amino Acids

MuscleXP Biotin
From INR 1,199.00 INR 899.00
Save INR 300.00 ( 25% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

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MuscleXP Daily Vital Multivitamin contains powerful Grape Seed Extract, Vitamins & Minerals and Amino Acids. It provides you with the right balance of nutrients for your hair, skin and nails health.

Key Features

  • It delivers a total of 36 nutrients containing vitamins, minerals and 13 amino acids.
  • It contains Biotin, which is a part of the Vitamin B complex. Biotin or Vitamin B7 acts as a coenzyme in the body. Our body needs Biotin to convert and use the fats, proteins and carbs.
  • Vitamin E contributes to skin health. Vitamin C produces collagen and provides vibrant skin.
  • It provides 100% RDA limits of Vitamin A (beta carotene).
  • Zinc, Folic acid, Iron, Iodine improves brain function.
  • It is an excellent aid to hair, nail and skin health.

What we like

  • It improves the strength of hair, skin, nails.
  • It is a simple solution to boost your health naturally.
  • It is a 2-in-1 supplement. It means that you are taking a complete multivitamin plus Biotin supplement. You save almost double its cost.
  • It helps in improving metabolism.
  • It contains brain health blends to improve brain functioning.
  • It helps to reduce post workout fatigue and tiredness.

10. Naturyz Men’s Sport Multivitamin With 55 Vital Nutrients & 13 Performance Blends

From INR 949.00 INR 819.00
Save INR 130.00 ( 14% )
(as of 18/02/2019 12:47 IST - Details)

Check Price on Amazon

Men’s Sports Multivitamin from Naturyz is an advanced multi-vitamin. It is a nutrient blend containing 55 nutrients and 13 performance blends. It is a complete multivitamin for men. It fulfils the nutrient requirements of sports person, athletes or body builders.

Key Features

  • It contains essential vitamins; Vitamin A, C, D, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Biotin, Folic Acid, etc.
  • Beta-Alanine, Betaine, L-Arginine makes an excellent muscle building blend. Arginine is also good for sexual wellness.
  • Turmeric and Boswellia extract takes care of joints.
  • It contains anti-oxidants such as Ginseng, Grapeseed, Pine bark, Lypocene, etc.
  • It has Black pepper, Spirulina, Garlic extracts.
  • It contains digestive enzymes that improve metabolism.
  • It also contains Green Tea extract that helps in weight management.

What we like

  • It is good for brain and eye health.
  • It supports muscle and bone health.
  • It helps to increase sports performance.
  • It increases Testosterone levels and supports sexual health.
  • It supplies super antioxidants, vitamin and minerals and to the body.
  • It is a complete nutrient booster for men’s health. It builds stamina and immunity in men.

Best Multivitamin Brands in India

  • Healthkart
  • MuscleBlaze
  • MuscleXP
  • Naturyz
  • Nutrilite
  • WOW

How to Choose Multivitamin Tablets?

There are hundreds of options in the market for buying a multi vitamin. Many of these may be subpar and wastage of money. Make sure to choose the one that proves to be a big bang for your buck.

Have a look at the things you need to keep in mind while choosing a multi vitamin.


It is the first thing one should check on the container or the label of the supplement. By doing so, you will get to know about the number of vitamins and minerals in the product.

Consider the Safe Values

Like packaged foods, all supplements have a ‘Supplement Label’ that lists the Daily Values (DVs) of the nutrients in a single serving.

It should have the right proportion of different nutrients. Too much or too little of the essential nutrients can put our health on a stake.

If present in excess, they won’t be absorbed by the body. On the other hand, if there is a shortage, it won’t make any sense to buy that supplement.

Vitamin Seal of Approval

Choose a product that bears a seal of approval from a legitimate organisation. It tells you if the supplement has passed their tests for quality. The seal shows that the product was correctly manufactured. It ensures you what’s inside the bottle matches what’s on its label.

Avoid Formulas That Contain Both Iron and Calcium

Avoid the supplements that contain both Iron and Calcium. Calcium may interfere with the Iron’s absorption. It isn’t an ideal choice if we are taking the two minerals for specific health issues.

Choose the one that contains only one of these minerals.

Look for Activated Forms of Nutrients

Activated forms of nutrients are the best for our body. Some multi-vitamin tablets available in India contain nutrients in their active forms. Our body absorbs these nutrients easily.

Avoid Synthetic Folic Acid

You should avoid synthetic Folic Acid. It’s best to go for natural folate. Sometimes, a genetic mutation prevents the conversion of folic acid into its active form (5 MTFH).

Spinach, lentils, broccoli, citrus fruits, avocado, etc. are the natural sources of folate.

Choose the Multis With Vitamin E Complex

It should contain Vitamin E complex. Vitamin E has types such as alpha, beta, gamma and delta. If the label includes ‘mixed tocopherols’, it means you are taking Vitamin E complex.

Most of the multi-vitamins contain one type of Vitamin E.

Beware of the Additives and Fillers

You need to make sure that your multis don’t contain fillers and additives. Vitamin makers use these compounds to cut the cost of manufacture, to extend their shelf life or to make them look appealing.

Make sure that you are buying a natural health product.

Beware of the market gimmicks

Today, companies spend a huge sum of money for sponsoring the well-known athletes to endorse their product.

You may see a popular athlete promoting a brand of a multivitamin. But, it doesn’t mean that the product is the best. You should keep in mind that they are just promoting the product. They may or may not know about the key ingredients or benefits of the product.

So, you need to be smart enough to research a bit before you buy multivitamins.

Consider the Price

Price plays an important role while choosing a multivitamin supplement. Compare the ingredients and buy best quality product at the best price.

Who Should Take a Multivitamin?

There isn’t any evidence that everyone should take multivitamin. In fact, they may cause harm to the body. However, there are certain groups of individuals that may benefit from taking these supplements. They are as under:


Children require Vitamin A, C and D in their growing years (6 months to 5 years). If a child doesn’t eat properly, a multi-vitamin supplies the necessary nutrients to him/her.


These people are at a higher risk of nutrient deficiency. For Example, Vitamin-B12, that is found only in animal foods. So, they can boost their diet with these multivitamins supplements.

People who had weight loss surgery, have a poor appetite and are on a low-calorie diet can also take benefit from multivitamins.

People With a Deficiency

Many people can’t achieve proper nutrition from their regular diet.

Due to the poor soil quality, fruits and vegetables aren’t as nutritious as they were decades ago. An unhealthy diet is another reason for poor nutrition.

It may cause vitamin deficiencies in the body.

A daily dose of multivitamin helps you recover from this vitamin deficiency.

Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women

Doctors recommend a regular intake of 400 mcg folic acid and 10 mcg Vitamin D to the pregnant women. It supports the growing fetus and reduces the risk of neural tube defects.

Women Going Through Menopause

Menopause causes the loss of estrogen. It further increases bone loss. Women require a higher intake of Vitamin D and Calcium while going through the menopause period.

Elderly People (Above 65 Years)

As the age increases, it is important to increase the nutritional intake for a well-being body.

To increase bone strength, multis with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, Calcium or Iron can be taken by adults over 65 years.

Athletes and Bodybuilders

Intense exercise may cause tissue damage and stress. So, athletes require a higher amount of Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Amino Acids and Creatine supplement plays a vital role in recovery and growth.


Smokers have a lower serum level of Vitamin B12. Smokers require a higher dose of Vitamin C. It neutralises the free radicals produced by the chemicals in cigarettes. Smokers should avoid multivitamins with beta carotene or Vitamin A. It may cause Lung Cancer. A multivitamin doesn’t break the habit of smoking.

Please note that multivitamin isn’t a cure or an excuse to slack on your diet. It isn’t a ticket to optimal health. 
Neither it’s a magic pill to prevent all the diseases. It fills the nutritional gaps and keeps your body running efficiently.

Real food is always the best for living healthy life.

However, it’s always a wise decision to consult a doctor before you choose to take supplements to aid any health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If You Need to Take a Multi Vitamin?

Most of the people get the essential vitamins and minerals from their diet. They don’t need to take extra vitamins from the supplements.

However, here are some of the signs you might be low on what your body needs:

  • You have been diagnosed with the illness.
  • You face symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, peeling nails, skin problems, weight loss, etc.
  • You don’t eat a healthy diet.
  • You have been a vegan.
  • You feel stress and weakness.
  • You have digestive issues.

These are a few conditions that indicate you need more vitamins in your diet.

Can a Healthy Person Take Multi-Vitamins?

It’s a fact that “People feel healthier if they are doing something, they believe makes them healthy.”

However, if you are in good health, there is limited research evidence to suggest that taking supplements will make you healthier. In fact, researches say that certain supplements can be harmful.

We suggest that supplements are helpful for people with certain medical issues. Or, it’s best to eat a balanced diet for nutrition and not the pills.

Is It Safe to Take Different Multi Vitamins at the Same Time?

Generally, multi-vitamins don’t interfere with the way they work. However, some of them may interact with each other. They compete within the gut. A large dose of one may affect the absorption of the other.

So, one should consult a doctor or a nutritionist before combining the multi-vitamins.

Can We Take Multi Vitamins on Our Own, Without Consulting a Doctor?

One can find a variety of multi-vitamin supplements over the counter of a local chemist shop or online. Still, you always need to check with your doctor before taking any product.

The reason is they may cause side-effects.

It becomes even more important to ask your doctor if you have health issues such as high or low BP, sugar, heart diseases or if you are pregnant or about to have surgery.

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