Best Exercise Cycles (Bikes) in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Powermax Fitness BU-200

Powermax Fitness Bike BU-200

2. Reach Air Bike

Reach Air Exercise Bike

3. Dolphy Exercise Spin Cycle

Dolphy Exercise Spin Cycle

There is something special for training at home. There will be no one to find what you’re wearing, how you smell, or how much you work. You can also fit in a session any time you want on the most common yet popular gym equipment. That’s why one vital piece of any home gym is the best exercise bikes.

Cycling is a useful form of task you can do for weight loss, or staying fit. It will increase and tone your legs and muscles too. However, with a workout bike, you can update your home into the gym and track your exercise fitness. Training at home is a fun and thrilling way to keep the body in action.

If you want to stay fit without going or spending too much at the gym, then you’ve hit the right page. Here we’ve prepared the list of Best Exercise Cycles available in India by top brands.

This list is prepared on Our Market Research and Customer Reviews. We also suggest you read our buying guide towards the bottom of the post to help you select the best one.

Top 10 Best Exercise Cycle (Bikes) In India For Home

 Exercise CycleType Max. User Weight
Powermax BU 200 Powermax BU 200 Upright100 kg
Reach Air Bike Reach Exercise Cycle Air 100 kg
Reach Air Bike Dolphy Home Cycle Spin 150 kg
Cardio Max JSB HF73 Cardio JSB HF73 Upright100 kg
Cockatoo CUB 01 Cockatoo CUB 01 Upright110-150 kg
Powermax BU-205 Powermax BU-205 Air / Recumbent 110-150 kg
Durafit X Bike Durafit X Bike Recumbent 110 kgs
FitKit FK717 FitKit FK717 Spin 110-150 kg
Kobo SB 1 Kobo SB 1 Spin 120 kg
Klikfit KF02F Klikfit KF02F Air100 kg

Which Are The Top 10 Best Exercise Cycles In India 2020?

1. Powermax Fitness BU-200 Exercise Bike for Home Gym

Powermax Fitness Bike BU-200

Product Description

Max User Weight: 100 KgResistance Type: Direct Contact
Pressure Level: 2Frame Material: Steel
FlyWheel: 15 KgDisplay Type: LCD
Heart Rate Sensor: YesCrank: One piece crank/5.5″
Handle: HDR foam gripSeat Adjustment: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year

Feel like a gym at your home with this heart winning bike – PowerMax Fitness BU-200 Upright an ideal piece for home workout. This attractive bike is a great way to stay in shape. It features a monitor that enables you to see the distance travelled, time, speed and how many calories you burned per session.

The compact size of BU-200 requires only a small space to do the workout. The bike comes with a lot of comfort like a cushioned adjustable seat, heart rate sensors on the handle grip, HDR foam grip, Wheel for easy moving, etc. This bike adds the sober feel with antiskid pedals and flexible foot straps too. Aside from this, it offers a resist micro adjustable tension control and single piece crank of 5.5 inches.



2. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle With Moving Handles

Reach Air Exercise Bike

Product Description

Max User Weight: 100 KgResistance Type: Direct Contact
Pressure Level: 8Frame Material: Steel
FlyWheel: Belt Drive SystemDisplay Type: LCD
Handle: HDR foamSeat Adjustment: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year

Bring home the versatile and best exercise bike from the premium brand Reach Fitness. The brand comes with two variations with and without backrests. This without backrests model, uses a direct contact belt resistance to give better play than cheaper air bikes. It is designed to help in targeting cardio and strength training. The goal of the brand is to deliver low impact yet intense workout. Plus, this exercise bike comes with a dual workout option too. It provides a chance to use the handle not just for lower body muscles but also for your upper body muscles buildup as well.

The unmatched strength and comfort, letting you reach your full potential in the comfort of your own home. Its LCD digital monitor displays all your calories burned, distance covered and more at your fingertips. You will find this an exciting device. The cushioned alterable seat adjusts vertically for proper body posture. The pedals arms put close to offer a more cynic cycling action. Moreover, the adjustable tension knob lets you have a friction level as per your need.



3. Dolphy Exercise Spin Bike for Home Gym

Dolphy Exercise Spin Cycle

Product Description

Max User Weight: 150 KgResistance Type: Direct Contact
Pressure Level: 5Frame Material: ABS Sprayed Steel
FlyWheel: 8 KgDisplay Type: LCD
Handle: RubberSeat Adjustment: Yes (Horizontal & Vertical)
Transmission Mode: Belt

Introducing high quality spin bikes by Dolphy made of heavy duty ABS sprayed steel with a max user weight capacity of 150 kg. It is a brand that needs no promotion, as it is a well known brand for providing hospitality items. Its exercise cycles are also well known in the market yet affordable. You will count on this spin exercise piece to lose weight and build up your strength!

With unique frame material and colour combination, it adds an attractive look to your room. The digital monitor scans your performance to help you keep on track for your progress. Doing exercise without fun can be awful. This bike comes equipped with an advanced table holder that allows you to enjoy the music or video during a workout.

Other than this, it also provides a water bottle holder, so you stay hydrated all time. Apart from this, with safety in mind, Dolphy hard pedals guard your feet, and soft padded seat ensures comfort to hip. However, in case of an emergency, you can stop this device by just pushing down the resistance knob. This knob helps you control the workout force you need. The precision flywheel and belt drive system also make you endure a smooth and quiet ride.



4. Cardio Max JSB HF73 Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike

Cardio Max JSB HF73

Product Description

Max User Weight: 75 – 100 KgResistance Type: Magnetic
Pressure Level: 8Frame Material: Fibre
FlyWheel: 4 KgDisplay Type: LCD
Handle: RubberSeat Adjustment: Yes
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Cardio Max a well-known brand for more than 35 years. Today it offers high quality health and fitness equipment with assured after sale service. This Cardio Max HF73 Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike is a cost-saving solution for an everyday fitness freak. It comes with a digital console display that shows distance speed, time, pulse rate, total distance covered and more.

For the various powerup levels of workout, you can opt this bike for your home. The 4kg Flywheel and the weight limit of 100kgs allow you to have a great workout experience. Since it is a compact yet space saver device, you can easily set it or move it anywhere you want. The cushioned seat and height adjustment gives you ease. Plus, the feet have rubber caps so your feet won’t slip even if you speed up no matter how much.

Moreover, JSBHF73 magnetic bike comes with an 8 level friction adjuster knob to fulfil great workout plans. This magnetic exercise cycle not only provides you comfort, but it also promotes weight loss action and lower body muscles workout.



5. Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series

Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 110 – 150 KgResistance Type: Magnetic
Pressure Level: 8Frame Material: Stainless Steel
FlyWheel: 3 KgDisplay Type: 6″ LCD
Handle: RubberSeat Adjustment: Yes
Warranty: 2 Years

The Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Exercise bike comes with many great features to help you lose your weight. It features 6 inches monitor that allows a lot to hunt down your act like the calories, time, distance speed as well as distance covered. Since it is a compact device, it becomes best for home and for those who want a non-intense workout. The product comes with a magnetic resistance brake system so that if you’re going to stop now, it won’t create any sound. The tension control is also quite magnetic with an 8 level tension control knob.

Moreover, the Cockatoo CUB 01 comes along with adjustable seat just like all other models in this list. Its build up quality makes firm and scratch proof. This bike has wheels for the maximum movement that lets you move it anywhere you want. Even though the handle and the pedals are all secure.



6. Powermax Fitness BU-205 Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home

Powermax Fitness BU-205 Exercise Cycle

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 110 – 150 KgResistance Type: Fan Based
Pressure Level: 8Frame Material: Stainless Steel
FlyWheel: 4 KgDisplay Type: Digital LCD
Handle: RubberSeat Adjustment: Yes (Vertical)
Warranty: 1 Year

Another product from the brand PowerMax, the air bike BU-205 with back support that lets every member of the family enjoy it. It enables you to experience a complete cardio routine without leaving the comfort of your home. This air bike comes with a high-density foam handle and anti-slip pedals for better show. Moreover, this stationary bike comes with a user friendly digital display that tracks all your workout details.

PowerMax Fitness BU-205 is designed with a simple pattern to do workout easily. It can hold a user weight upto 150 kg. Plus due to its compact size, you can store it in any corner of your room. With the belt-driven system, the machine gives smooth and silent operation. It also comes with an 8 resistance level knob to have a pressure according to your need.



7. Durafit Recumbent Exercise X Bike for Home Use

Durafit Recumbant x Bike

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 110 KgResistance Type: Magnetic
Pressure Level: 8Frame Material: Stainless Steel
FlyWheel: 1.5 KgDisplay Type: LCD
Handle: RubberSeat Adjustment: 1-7 level

Start your day and stay fit with this backrest recumbent exercise bike. Durafit recumbent X Bike is a great value not only to youngsters but also elders. This bike is designed for a major leg workout. However, its digital display lets you know how many calories you have burned during the session, how much distance covered and more. It might be compact in nature, but no one can beat it in terms of play. The 8 level tension control knob will help you fulfil all your different athletic needs.

Apart from its functional features, Durafit Recumbent exercise X bike comes with a tray at the front. It helps you to keep a water bottle, mobile, or towel. Plus you can also have a choice to use a laptop during the exercise. The seat of this fitness cycle is remarkable. It comes with a 1-7 level height adjustment to give the best result during your exercising session. Also, you can quickly move this cycle with its easy to move wheels installed at the base.



8. Fitkit FK717 with Free Diet Plan, Trainer & Free Installation Services

Fitkit FK717 Exercise Cycle

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 110 KgResistance Type: Direct Contact
Pressure Level: 5Frame Material: Steel
FlyWheel: 6.3 KgDisplay Type: LCD
Handle: Foam GripSeat Adjustment: Yes
Warranty: 6 months

Are you looking for an intense and vigorous workout? Then this Fitkit FK717 spinner exercise cycle is the best option. The goal of the brand is to provide high quality results to fitness freaks. This Fitkit model is a very user friendly option for people who want to stay fit. It comes with multiple superior features to provide a gym like life at home.

The digital console display board crafted uniquely to fulfil real-time workout. You can connect your practice cycle with the Fit plus App. It helps you track your daily training and organizes all your data at one place. The LCD monitor of this spin bike shows your health parameters such as calories burnt, sleep cycle, BP, Pulse Rate etc.

The bike has a sturdy and robust frame with a comfortable and seamless seat. The pedal also includes a toe cage to make sure your safety and lock during the workout. However, in case you want intense exercise, the resistance knob lets you adjust the power level as you require. It comes equipped with a felt fabric pad system and 14 lbs flywheel to offer great force with friction.



9. Kobo SB-1 Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel

Kobo SB-1 Fitness Cycle

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 120 KgResistance Type: Direct Contact
Pressure Level: 10Frame Material: Steel
FlyWheel: 18 KgDisplay Type: 6 Function LCD
Handle: RubberSeat Adjustment: Yes Chain drive

If you are not impressed with the products listed then here comes our best and top rated exercise cycle in India the Kobo SB-1 spin cycle. It has been imported specially to India from Taiwan. Due to its international mark, the Kobo spin exercise cycle priced as an expensive one. However, if you are a dedicated fitness freak then don’t look at the price, check the features Kobo comes with.

Kobo SB-1 is a spinner exercise bike specially designed for beginners and intermediates. It helps in losing fat, muscle strengthening, and leg toning. The bike is built with a heavy frame and yet with wheels for easy moving. It comes with a heavier flywheel of 18 kgs that requires much more effort to run it. It is an excellent alternative to the gym. You can train on this bike by yourself just the way you do in the gym. Also, it tracks your performance and displays on the LCD screen. Seats with good padding and spring shock absorbing system gives full comfort.

Just like other exercise bikes mentioned here, you can regulate the pressure by its tension knob as per your needs. The machine is designed in a manner to give a smooth and silent operation.



10. Klikfit KF02F Indoor Stationary Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Klikfit Indoor Stationary Air Bike

Product Description

Max. User Weight: 100 KgResistance Type: Fan Based
Pressure Level: AdjustableFrame Material: Metal
Drive System: Belt DrivenDisplay Type: LCD
Handle: Cushion gripSeat Adjustment: 6 Level

Expand your workout potential with two in one fitness Klikfit KF02F Stationary bikes. This is another excellent exercise cycle you will find in India. It allows you to perform upper body and lower body workout with your desirable force.

Klikfit KF02F is crafted from heavy duty material to hold user weight upto 100 kgs. Instead of paying a gym every month, buy this affordable exercise cycle for your home. It not just makes you fit but also your family members too. The compact footprint of this device makes it portable and space saver.

This exercise cycle is an excellent pick for Indian families. No matter if you’re a novice or intermediate, this machine takes your energy to the next level. However, due to its driven belt system, you can quietly and smoothly run this cycle. Apart from this, you can also adjust the level of friction and seat height as per your terms.



Types Of Exercise Cycle

Picking an exercise bike depends on your fitness goals. You can choose from any of the kinds of exercise bikes out in the market. There are five different types of stationary bikes for home. Each of them has various features and comfort levels.
So Let’s begin,

1. Upright Cycle

Upright Exercise Bike This exercise cycle style keeps you in a regular riding position. Since they feature a usual seat with no back support. These bikes also named as ‘Static Exercise Cycle‘, the most common type of exercise cycle for home fitness.

It gives you the feel of stationary bikes. It keeps the rider in an upward form with bent forward. Plus, the handles are higher than regular cycles. It makes an upright easier as the body isn’t leaned.


  • Better than recumbent exercise cycles.
  • Usually more comfortable.
  • Great for an intense workout.
  • Suitable for the back.
  • Gives the best result to your lower body and abs.


  • Not suitable for seniors with back problems.
  • At some point back stiffness is noticed in some individuals. 

2. Indoor Cycle

Indoor Exercise Cycle In case you get puzzled, Spin bikes are another name for indoor bikes. They often have an open flying wheel that weights on its edge.

This bike style is similar to the upright exercise bikes in India but with flywheels. It fits more strength to the person for burning more calories in less time.

Another variation is that, with spin, you can do both upper body and lower body exercise. It forces the full body into a quieter area. Overall spin cycle are considered the best exercise bike to have. It comes with more soft seat comfort and handles.


  • Best for an extreme workout.
  • Allows adjustable seat.
  • Design for robust cardiovascular training.


  • At some point, it put extra strain on the back.
  • Not fit for those with joint pain issues. 

3. Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Exercise Cycle These recumbent bike is meant to give full back aid to those with joint pain. Recumbent bike instead of standard seats have a large backrest seat.

These bikes provide a similar type of workout as the upright bikes but in a more elegant way. People who are healing from knee or back pains should prefer recumbent bike rather than upright bikes. 


  • Best for elders with back pain results.
  • It divides the muscles of the legs.
  • Recumbent bike reduce the strain.
  • The most comfortable exercise bike. 


  • They aren’t fit for active workouts.
  • Expensive.
  • Owns more space. 

4. Air Cycle

Air Exercise Cycle It looks same as spin bikes but comes with a big fan wheel in the front. The air bikes are also known as ‘Fan bikes’ or ‘Cross trainer bikes’.

They have a two straight arm at a rough height that moves back and ahead.

You can push and pull the handles as you operate. It gives you a great full body workout. The machine depends on the speed of your pedal and air. Overall these bikes are perfect for those looking for an intense action routine.


  • You can do hard cardio workouts.
  • Tone your full body.
  • High friction level due to wheels.


  • Take up space.
  • Expensive. 

How To Choose The Exercise Cycle For Home?

How To Choose The Best Exercise Cycle In India

Exercise bikes are an excellent option for the gym equipment. They can give you good cardio workout all in your home comfort. As you are familiar with different type of exercise cycles open in the Indian market. But picking an exercise bike depends on all your health goals. While selecting up the best exercise cycle, must consider several factors, as it is a one time purchase.

  • Usage Routine

If you want to make sure that your buying should be fair, guess how often you will use the bike. If you usually go to the gym and use the bike or gym equipment, then gym membership may cost you more. 

Exercise bikes for home are great for people who need low-impact task but cannot go to the gym. It also helps you to do exercise even in the winters. Measure your routine and then think about having one.

  • Check the Weight Capacity

Most of the models named above have a supreme weight capacity of up to 150 kg. Along with this, your machine should also have a maximum mass of at least 10 kg more than your weight capacity. Also, make sure to have enough space to place your device in your house. It should be easy to carry in case you want to shift the bike from one to another room.Max User Weight

Overall the more your cycle weighs, the more it will be firm. Don’t worry about moving. If you want to buy heavy bikes, they always come with mover wheels; otherwise, you will have to face hassles moving your machine. 

And last but not least, make sure that your own weight isn’t above the machine support; otherwise, it might not give the result you want from it. You can also put your safety at risk.

  • Check the Resistance

Not every exercise bike uses the same system to create various levels of friction. There are three main resistance ways you will find on exercise cycles – Magnetic, Direct Contact, and Fan based.

  1. Magnetic Resistance – This resistance system is available in high end bikes and makes no noise. It works with the law of electromagnets. The Flywheel acts as a magnetic head.
  2. Direct Contact Resistance – This is the most common resistance style you will find in spin and upright. It is also called ‘Friction Based Resistance.’ The brake helps in reduce the wheel speed. Once you apply the brake, it produces the sound only in the lack of oiling.
  3. Fan based Resistance – In this type, the Fan turns at huge resistance. The air around the screen creates motion as you pedal. All the friction leads to the pedalling time speed. It is the magic of air that holds only if you pedal faster and well.
  • Look For The Console 

Most of the bikes come fitted with a console that reveals helpful information about your sessions, distance speed, distance covered, pulse rate, average calories burned, etc. But before this ask yourself do you want a console based cycle or not. Best Exercise Cycles in India

Most of the time, exercise cycles with ahead features cost more. But if you want one of them with a display, then make sure the screen is clear and wide enough to read. Some models also fit with other devices like MP3 to give you more fun while using.

  • How Much An Exercise Cycle Cost 

Firstly, how deep you’ll love to spend on the exercise cycle. There are many models available by top brands in India at the moment with prices vary from each other. So keeping this thing in mind, the more features you need, the more expensive it will get.

Exercise Cycle budgetHence prefer the one that suits your pocket and fitness needs. Don’t go for a lavish one, if your friend or neighbours go without proper study. The price of the cycle depends on the brand, quality and features too. There is no secret that a well named brands cost you more. So first consult your funds, then choose the bike as per your fitness equipment needs.

  • Comfort While Exercising

The exercise cycle you pick should have a soft plan as it should have a comfy seat and pedals with the perfect fitting. As there can be risks when users find the chair hard. Having a comfy chair is vital, as a long term workout session needs soft seating. 

Best Exercise cycle With the wrong seat choice, you may have to face many problems or pain in the back, hips or butt. It is advised that go with a model that comes with adjustable seats, so you can set it as per your call and do training without any problem.

Aside from this, the cycle pedal and strap is also an important feature. To avoid random slipping while using, make sure your machine has a flexible pedal band to hold on your feet tight. A wider pedal is right to have to fit different sizes of feet. All these small details become a big part of having a perfect workout life.

  • Other Key Features

You should also pay regard to the following key features for avoiding problems in future –

  1. Non Slip Feet – For being safe while operating, having non-slip feet is very great. Make sure your machine has a firm base to stop the bike from moving.
  2. Check the Warranty and Return Policy – Exercise bikes are not a small purchase and come at a high price. It’s essential to check all care provided by the company. Always buy a exercise equipment with a warranty and return policy with a point of 2 or 3 years.
  3. Determine the Fitness goal – Whether you want to overcome the fat or get healthier, an exercise bike is a great source. You will need to set the quality with the needs of your exercise fitness. It is easier to pick a bike you want if you know your exercise fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of having exercise cycles?

Exercise cycles give a great cardio workout with many fitness gains:

  • Rise and tone your legs.
  • Cycling is an active form of losing weight.
  • It enhances your sport.
  • Riding a bike makes the heart and lungs fit.
  • They are helpful.
  • Easy to the joints.
  • Comes with adjustable friction.
  • Decrease body fat.
  • Decrease the stress level.
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness.

2. Which is the best exercise bikes for home use?

If you have a back pain problem but also craved to lose the weight, then consider – Durafit Recumbent x Bike. It comes with backrest support and many advanced features. You can also prefer – Powermax Exercise Fitness BU-205 and Healthex Unisex Exercise Cycle.

3. Can I lose weight with an exercise cycle?

Yes, you can, it depends on the depth of your workout and your body mass. However, you can burn more than 500 calories per hour while running 5-mph

4. Which exercise is most effective to burn belly fat?

The best and useful way to burn body or gut fat is cardio exercise such as running, jogging, walking, cycling, and elliptical training. With these, you can lose your body/belly fat and also build a six pack abs.

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