Best Exercise Cycle in India 2019

Best Exercise Cycle in India 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Health and Fitness have become the primary goal of fitness freaks. But everyone doesn’t have time to go to the gym regularly. Exercise Bike is a better alternative to the gym. It saves lots of time and helps you get rid of those extra pounds or calories.

Exercise is essential for growth and development, and lack of exercise may lead to weakness or obesity. With an exercise cycling machine or bicycle, you can live a fit and healthy life. Exercise bicycles can give you a feel of the gym at home.

Cycling is considered the best form of cardio exercises for those having heart problems. It won’t put a strain on the joints, which is a major issue for overweight people. If you are trying to lose weight through exercise, a stationary exercise cycle is a great option for you.

Based on Market Research, we made a list of Top 10 Best Exercise Cycle in India. It consists of detailed customer reviews, key features, what we like and what we didn’t like.

We recommend reading our buyer’s guide located at the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Exercise Cycles in India for Home – Comparison Chart

Exercise CycleWeight Capacity
Fitkit FK500100kg
Reach Orbitrek100kg
Powermax BX-110SX110kg
Lifeline Combo100kg
Powermax BU-200100kg
Lifeline Air Bike100kg
Cockatoo Air Bike
Cockatoo CXB-05110kg
KS BGC-201100kg
JSB Cardio Max100kg

Which is the Best Exercise Cycle in India for 2019?

1. Fitkit FK500 Steel Airbike with Free Installation Assistance (Black / Grey)

Fitkit FK500
From INR 13,990.00 INR 7,160.00
Save INR 6,830.00 ( 49% )
(as of 25/03/2019 11:59 IST - Details)

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Fitkit allows you to customise your workout with a tension resistance mechanism. It is suitable for domestic workouts. It helps to burn more calories in less time and can quickly get fit in your room. It is a piece of great workout equipment for your home gym.

It can also track your workout progress by displaying speed, distance, time and calories you have burned. It is one of the best selling products in the exercise cycle category.

Key Features

  • It comes with backrest support and comfortable saddle for better comfort.
  • The cycling bike has five functions display. It tracks calories burned, time, distance covered and speed.
  • It has an adjustable seat height that is suitable for people of different height.
  • It comes with adjustable handles that can be adjusted up or down as per the height and convenience of the user.
  • The pedal of the bike comes with a foot locking system to avoid slippage of the foot. It ensures smooth movement of the joints and the foot.
  • Its resistance variance allows you to increase and decrease the resistance. You can make the workouts challenging with a turn of a knob away.

  • It has a unique fan wheel design with 3 kgs flywheel that allows air to ensure effective workouts. It provides smooth, substantial resistance.
  • The product is durable, reliable and fits in small space.
  • You can adjust the seat as required.
  • It is a clean-cut machine with a compact size.
  • This stationary exercise bike is made using a sturdy steel frame and has great quality.

2. Reach Orbitrek Exercise Cycle and Cross Trainer | Dual Trainer 2 in 1 Home Fitness Gym Equipment

Reach Orbitrek
From INR 14,000.00 INR 8,497.00
Save INR 5,503.00 ( 39% )
(as of 25/03/2019 11:59 IST - Details)

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Reach is India’s premium Fitness and Wellness equipment company. It creates innovative, reliable and effective fitness gym equipment to help the exercisers reach their fitness goals.

Reach Orbitrek is designed to give perfection regarding upper and lower body workouts. It has a 1 PC crank flywheel system that allows better workouts. It takes your fitness to another level. It is one of the Best Exercise Cycles.

Key Features

  • It comes with cushion adjustable verticle seat height and comfortable anti-slip pedals.
  • It has easily adjustable levels of resistance that you can adjust with the turn of a knob and minimal impacts on joints.
  • It provides one year of manufacturing warranty.
  • It is suitable for the entire body workout.
  • It comes with moveable handles ideal for cross training.

  • It has an anti-slip pad that protects your foot from slipping.
  • The quality of this bike is excellent.

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t come with backrest seat for comfortable cycling.

3. Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Bike with Back Rest

Powermax BX-110SX
From INR 17,832.00 INR 12,000.00
Save INR 5,832.00 ( 33% )
(as of 25/03/2019 11:59 IST - Details)

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Powermax is a fantastic exercise cycle can turn your home into your gym. It comes with all the good features and quality to provide comfort during high-intensity workouts.

It is a space-saving cardio machine with a versatile seat that allows the user to lean on the back support made of a soft cushion. It delivers a realistic ride experience.

Key Features

  • It comes with high-density foam padded seat with height adjustment.
  • It comes with the back support pad for better comfort.
  • The counterweight pedals come with adjustable footstraps to ensure the safest training session.
  • It comes with LCD that displays speed, distance travelled, time, hand pulse and calories burned.
  • The product comes with 4 kg fly system.
  • It has a drive system with Ribbed Belt Transmission.
  • The weight of the bike is 110 kg and provides magnet brakes system.
  • It comes with transport rollers with wheels for a comfortable moment.
  • It is certified or approved by TUV/GS.

  • It is a portable and durable non-motorized exercise bike.
  • It is a perfect bike for daily routine exercises.
  • The product provides a back support pad for better comfort.
  • The look of the cycle is sturdy and stylish.
  • It is ergonomically designed.

What we didn’t like

  • The pulse sensor is a bit inaccurate when it comes to calculating pulse.
  • Calorie Tracker doesn’t seem resistant.

4. Lifeline Exercise Bike Combo (Black) with Gym Bag, Sweat Belt, Tummy Trimmer and Skipping Rope

Lifeline Combo
From INR 9,600.00 INR 5,298.00
Save INR 4,302.00 ( 45% )
(as of 25/03/2019 11:59 IST - Details)

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Lifeline Exercise Cycle is a stationary bicycle beneficial for cardiovascular exercise. Regular Biking ensures stationary bikes that maintain your heart health.

It enhances the amount of good cholesterol and lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in the system. A 30 minutes regular riding with a healthy diet helps you to manage an active life. It reduces mechanical stress on the knee, back, hips and ankles.

Key Features

  • The cycle is joint friendly so that you can use it without affecting your joints.
  • The product comes with one year of manufacturing warranty.
  • It isn’t a motorized cycle.
  • It has a tension knob for adjusting the intensity of the exercise.
  • It comes with an electronic meter that displays time, calories, distance traveled, speed and scan.
  • It also provides complimentary gym bag, skipping rope, tummy trimmer, and a sweat belt.

  • It improves joint mobility and improves the range of motions of your joints, knees, ankles, hips and joints.
  • It is simple and sturdy and has a weight limit of 100 kg.
  • It is easy to assemble.

What we didn’t like

  • The seat and handle are very near, and an overweight person can fall or get down quickly.
  • The position of the seat isn’t that good.

5. Powermax Fitness BU-200 Exercise Bike

Powermax BU-200
From INR 7,500.00
(as of 25/03/2019 11:59 IST - Details)

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Powermax Fitness is the low impact solution and gives you a feel of outdoor bikes with more security and stability. It provides micro adjustment tension control of manual resistance system. A user can easily change it between his/her workout.

Key Features

  • It comes with a digital display that shows time, speed, distance, calories, odometer and pulse.
  • It can handle a user with a maximum weight of 100 kgs.
  • The product has a heart rate sensor on handle grip.
  • It comes with anti-skid foot pedals with adjustable foot straps. It ensures that the pedal rotation remains effortless.
  • The product has a comfortable seat and has vertical adjustments.
  • It has HRD foam grip handle.

  • It has excellent quality and useful for an everyday workout.
  • It accurately displays time, distance and calorie count etc.

6. Lifeline Exercise Air Bike with Back Seat (Bundles with the Bag, Sweat Belt, Tummy Trimmer, and Yoga Mat)

Lifeline Air Bike
From INR 11,990.00 INR 7,199.00
Save INR 4,791.00 ( 40% )
(as of 25/03/2019 11:59 IST - Details)

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Lifetime Stationery Bicycle is fit for body cardiovascular workout.

It is the perfect home regular exercise bike that helps to regulate blood sugar, low or high blood pressure and prevents a heart attack.

It makes your heart more efficient at pumping blood. A regular 30 minutes workout with proper diet helps you to manage a healthy lifestyle.

If you are suffering from Diabetes or, High or Low BP; you need to check the sugar level and heart rate regularly.

Key Features

  • It comes with improved joint mobility that helps to enhance the range of motion of your joints.
  • It comes with an electronic meter display that shows calories burned, time, speed and scan.
  • The box contains additional items like gym belt, sweat belt, moving handle gym bike and tummy trimmer.
  • It provides one year warranty on manufacturing defects.

  • It is an excellent bike for full body cardiovascular workout.
  • The significant part is it comes with joint mobility. It maintains your hips, knees and ankles while cycling. So, it is good for those having joint mobility issues.
  • The bike has a simple and stylish design.

7. Cockatoo Imported Air Bike Multifunction Function / Exercise Bike (Cycle & Cross Trainer)

Cockatoo Air Bike
From INR 11,200.00 INR 7,499.00
Save INR 3,701.00 ( 33% )
(as of 25/03/2019 11:59 IST - Details)

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Cockatoo Exercise Bike gives you a personal gym experience at home. It helps you to get a healthier lifestyle through regular workout.

It allows you to vary the intensity of your workout. So, you have much more control over the workout regime. It gives convenience and technological accuracy to carry out your workout.

Key Features

  • It comes with a steady and sturdy electronic display that shows your speed, distance, time and burned calories.
  • It comes with easy tension to adjust with the turn of a knob.
  • Its dual action handlebars engage lower and upper body workout.
  • The bike has a cushioned seat and easily gets adjust.

  • The bike is perfect for a home workout.
  • The overall quality of the product is good.
  • It comes along with a shaker bottle.

What we didn’t like

  • It produces much noise while cycling.

8. Cockatoo CXB-05 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike with 8 Level Manual Tension, Exercise Bike (1-Year Warranty)

Cockatoo CXB-05
From INR 18,125.00 INR 9,999.00
Save INR 8,126.00 ( 45% )
(as of 25/03/2019 11:59 IST - Details)

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Cockatoo Fitness Cycle allows you to get perfect fitness at home. The bike can fit in little space and will enable you to do workout anytime. It is one of the Best Exercise Bikes for weight loss.

It is a foldable workstation bike that allows you to sit or stand. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease the resistance. To make your longer workout sessions more comfortable, it comes outfitted with a padded seat and a seat back.

Key Features

  • It comes with a smart calculator that enables you to measure the calories burned.
  • It comes with 1.4 kg flywheel, two-way bearing and 3pcs crank-5.5″display.
  • It has an LCD display that shows distance, time, speed, calorie and pulse.
  • It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance to intensify your exercise. It has a magnetic brake system.
  • It can accommodate 110 Kgs weight and 160-195 cms of height.
  • Since it is a foldable design, it is suitable for the sufferers of back-pain who require support to place the body in an optimum horizontal position.
  • Its self-levelling, anti-skid foot pedals ensure safe footing during the vigorous workouts.

  • The bike is portable, and you can use it conveniently.
  • It comes with an easy installation.
  • It uses magnetic braking.
  • The design of the bike is sturdy and complex.

What we didn’t like

  • Since it is light in weight, it isn’t ideal for an overweight.
  • It doesn’t come with back seat support.

9. KS Healthcare Exercise Cycle BGC-201

KS BGC-201
From INR 9,000.00 INR 4,799.00
Save INR 4,201.00 ( 47% )
(as of 25/03/2019 11:59 IST - Details)

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KS Healthcare Exercise Cycle is an established name in fitness, gymnastics and other sports or exercise equipment. They have been relentlessly producing a variety of sports equipments for more than last two decades. Because of their high-quality products, there has been an exponential growth in this company.

Key Features

  • The monitor display of the bike shows time, distance, speed, and calories.
  • It comes with one year of manufacturing warranty.
  • You can control the resistance manually.
  • The product has adjustable seats and handles maximum user weight.
  • It helps build stamina, tone the muscles of arms and legs, and burn fats.

  • The product is compatible and light in weight.
  • You just need to lift the seat adjustable lever, and the seat will move.

What we didn’t like

  • The reading of the display meter might not be accurate.
  • It may produce noise while cycling.

10. JSB Cardio Max Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike Exercise Cycle

JSB Cardio Max

Cardio Max is one of the leading brands in Home Health Care Products. It is present in the market for over 30 years and provides products with the highest quality standards at genuine prices.

JSB Cardio Fitness Bike is a cost-effective solution for a person’s daily fitness needs. It is a magnetic upright exercise bike. It is compact in size and allows the best cycling experience. It provides 8 levels of tension controller for different athletic needs. It is the Best Exercise Bike for a cardio workout in India.

Key Features

  • It comes with a 4 kg flyweight that ensures a smooth cycling experience.
  • This magnetic exercise cycle comes with adjustable, non-skid foot pedals.
  • The display includes distance, calorie, speed, pulse, hand pulse sensor, and scan.
  • The weight capacity of the bike is 100 kg.
  • The resistance type of the product is Magnetic resistance.
  • The product comes with a one year of manufacturing warranty.
  • It takes care of the comfort level of the users.

  • It is durable and compact and can easily fit into your house.
  • The backrest cushion of the cycle is very comfortable.
  • It doesn’t produce any noise while cycling.
  • The product is made of a very strong frame.

What we didn’t like

  • The design needs some improvement.

Most Popular Exercise Cycle Brands in India

  • Cockatoo
  • Fitkit
  • JSB
  • KS Healthcare
  • Lifeline
  • Powermax
  • Reach

Types of Excercise Cycles/Bikes

In general, there are two types of exercise bicycle for exercising or doing cardio, i.e., Upright, Recumbent cycle.

Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright Cycles look likes real or regular road bikes. They have an upright riding position that allows you more movement like riding while standing on pedals. An upright bike gives you better workouts, especially on the back.

It might be hard on your back if you are not in the right position. Start with a slow process initially and build your exercise regime.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Bikes are stationary bikes with a comfortable backrest. The user sits against the backrest, with legs out in the front. A Recumbent Exercise Cycle is more relaxing than the traditional upright bicycle.

If we compare both the types on the basis of a seat, a Recumbent Exercise Bicycle has a larger and more comfortable seat. In a recumbent bike, you can easily reach the bike pedals as compared to upright cycles. Recumbent cycling is suitable for people with lower back pain and injury.

How to Choose An Exercise Cycle for Home?

When it comes to buying exercise machines, you actually get an amazing and valuable product. You need to do a bit of research if you want to buy the best one.

Here, we have elaborated the most relevant things to consider when choosing the Best Exercise Bikes/Cycles:


If you are planning to buy an exercise machine, then you must look for certain features and comfort. It includes resistance levels, comfortable seats and other adjustments. A stiff seat back sometimes cause back pain. You can also purchase an additional seat cover with gel or comfort padding.

Make sure that pedals are wide enough and have a strap to make sure your feet won’t slip while paddling. Look for built-in-computer or an LCD monitor that can show basic stats like time, speed, heart sensors and the number of calories burned. Further, the screen should be within an easy reach. It should be at a proper angle for clear sight. You can listen to music or watch TV while exercising.


The design of a bicycle plays a significant role as you have to keep it for a long time. Look for the valuable product that provides great comfort and better design.


Exercise Cycle provides various resistance levels such as air resistance, direct contact and magnetic resistance.

Magnetic resistance is the best one and offers a wider range of levels. It gives you a better field while pedalling. Direct Tension allows you to adjust resistance manually. Besides, this adjustable resistance system provides a smooth and quiet workout session.

On the other hand, air resistance allows pedalling against airflow that comes from the fan.


The high quality and resistant bikes include magnetic based resistance. Its great console base gives you specific information about your workout. A quality exercise bicycle includes built-in workout programs, heart rate monitoring, etc.


The seat comfort is an important and necessary activity while working out. It is better for your efficiency as an uncomfortable seat may lead to discomfort while working out. The other factor that one must also look for is the level of seat adjustments. An adjustable seat can easily adjust your legs and makes your workout comfortable.


A good set of pedals are essential parts of the cycle. It needs to be wide enough to set the feet comfortably on the bike. The narrow pedals may gets slip or uncomfortable for pedalling. One must look for the cycle which comes with strapped pedals.


Exercise cycles come with a wide range of varieties. It lasts from a few months to the entire lifetime. You should take into account that longer is the warranty, bigger is the chance of a high quality bike.

Cycle Stability

The stability of the bicycle is essential according to the weight of the body. Some bikes are slim, lightweight while others are heavy. The different types of bicycles are built to handle different body weight.

The lightweight is slim and not suitable for heavy body types. On the other hand, heavy bikes are bulky and ideal for all body types.

In case you are planning for heavy ones make sure it comes with moveable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Excercise Bike Burn Belly Fat?

An Exercise Bike or a Stationary Bike is an effective way to reduce belly fat.

One must exercise regularly to reduce belly fat with a proper and healthy balanced life. It is also considered to be the best cardio workout at home. It helps you stay in shape.

How Long Should I Ride Exercise Bikes?

The bikes are cardio equipment to shed extra calories as much as possible and let you sweat. At the start, you can do workout around 15 to 20 minutes. Over time you can increase the workout routine from 30 to 60 minutes. It allows you to release extra pounds per hour of bicycling at a moderate level.

Which is Better Exercise Bike or Treadmill?

Treadmill tends to reduce much more weight than stationary or exercise bikes. It helps to reduce weight, maintain bone density and cardio vascular health. Exercise Bikes are for lower impact workouts for body and joints. It burns fewer calories than a treadmill.

Can Treadmill Burn Belly Fat?

Running on a treadmill is a better way to lose fat. It not only burns calories but promotes overall fat loss. It also affects the visceral fat that lies under the stomach muscles thus reduces belly fat.

What Muscles Does Cycling Use?

Cycle transforms the body and fills the body with speed and strength. Cycling targets the lower body muscles, core and arm muscles. It provides a variety of health benefits and reduces body fat. It helps to improve the heart and lung function and targets significant muscles in the group. It includes calf, thighs, buttocks, glutes, arms, shoulders and foot.

What Is A Spin Bike?

Spin Bikes are similar to the Upright type of Exercise Cycle. However, a spin bike has a heavier flywheel, and the inertia keeps it spinning while the pedals remain fixed to the wheel. They move as long as the wheel keeps turning.

Whereas in upright type, the flywheel is of a few kgs only. It works smoothly but, when you stop pedalling; it stops down quickly. And, its pedals will freewheel. It means that the wheel keeps turning, but the pedals remain stationary.

Is Pedaling Good Exercise?

Pedaling makes you sweat, burn extra calories, and improves the cardiovascular system. You can indulge in a regular fitness routine or do high-intensity workouts. It is good for muscles fatigue and good heart-pumping workout.

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