Best Beard Growth Oil in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Beard Growth Oil in India 2019

Gone are the days when a clean shaved gentleman was favoured above all others. Today, even men with a long beard enjoy a great attraction.

Once considered as a sign of manliness, the beard has now become a way of making a statement. These days, men love to flaunt their beard hair. It is something so important to a man’s overall personality. A subtle look and beard look with some style looks amazing and give men a rough and tough look.

Keeping a beard is pretty easy but maintaining it requires a lot of efforts. Just like the hair on the scalp, it is important to take care of the facial hair as well.

Thick beard comes naturally to some men. But it’s not the same for all. Many men don’t have proper facial hair growth. It can be due to genetics, skin type and poor diet. But there is nothing to worry about it. You can grow your beard with the excellent beard oils available in the market.

Based on Market Research, we have prepared a buyer’s guide along with a list of 10 Best Beard Growth Oil in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Beard Growth Oils in India for Men

Beard Growth OilQuantity
Beardo Godfather30ml
Captain Thug30ml
Man Arden 7X30ml
Bombay Shaving30ml
The Man Company30ml
Ustraa Mooch35ml

Which are the 10 Best Beard Growth Oils in India for 2019?

1. UrbanGabru Beard Oil (30 ml)

From INR 350.00 INR 294.00
Save INR 56.00 ( 16% )
(as of 17/06/2019 00:06 IST - Details)

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UrbanGabru brings high-quality products for men. They tell the importance of men’s grooming in India. If you want a clean manly beard that would make any girl go crazy, it is the perfect option.

UrbanGabru products are special for the guys living in urban areas. By simply rubbing a small amount of oil on beard and moustache, you will get a shiny look. It includes menthol essence with orange extract to keep your beard healthy and itch-free. It penetrates every single strand and gives proper nourishment to the beard hair.

Key Features

  • It comes with a quantity of 30 ml.
  • It gives the beard strength and growth.
  • It is the perfect blend of natural components.
  • It gives you smoother, shinier and healthier beard.
  • It is a blend of essential natural oils like argan oil, almond oil, etc. It gives proper nutrition to both the beard, as well as, moustache.
  • It is an excellent formula. It supports the growth and health of your beard.
  • It helps to soften your rough beard hair with ease.

  • It is mess-free, itch-free oil.
  • It doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue behind.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It ensures nourishment and strength.
  • It gives a nice scent.
  • It is budget friendly.

2. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil (35 ml)

From INR 399.00 INR 335.00
Save INR 64.00 ( 16% )
(as of 17/06/2019 00:06 IST - Details)

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Ustraa has managed to become one of the popular brands for men grooming products. Ustraa’s beard and hair products are based on natural oils. They know the importance of your beard. So they bring natural beard growth oil. It is one of the Best Beard Growth Oils in India from 2019 series as per quality.

It comes with a specially designed oil especially for growing a beard. It is a blend of 8 essential oils that give the beard protection and boosts growth.

Key Features

  • It comes with a quantity of 35 ml.
  • The oil consists of a blend of 8 oils like almond oil, castor oil, watermelon seed oil, avocado oil and so on.
  • It helps in the growth and nourishment of beard hair.
  • It works on hair follicle stem cells and promotes hair growth.
  • It contains vitamin E that repairs damaged hair and reduces breakage.
  • It contains Redensyl. It helps to protect your hair cells from dying.
  • It reduces itchiness, dryness, split ends of the scalp.
  • It nourishes and strengthens hair.

  • It is paraben free.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is a great oil to get a perfect beard.
  • It doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind.

3. Beardo Godfather Lite Beard and Moustache Oil (30 ml)

Beardo Godfather Lite
From INR 350.00 INR 245.00
Save INR 105.00 ( 30% )
(as of 17/06/2019 00:06 IST - Details)

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Beardo is a brand that makes good quality hair care and skin care products exclusively for men. Beardo Godfather Beard and Hair Oil is a rich blend of oils like castor oil, almond oil and so on. It helps to hydrate and condition your beard and the skin too.

The oil is specially formulated to increase the length of the beard. It gives thickness and texture to the beard. The oil seeps deep into the facial hair roots and stimulates hair production.

Key Features

  • The 30 ml beard oil ensures healthy beard hair and skin.
  • It carries the goodness of natural ingredients including a rose, hibiscus, aloe vera extract, fragrance,  mineral oil, Vitamin E oil, olive oil and so on.
  • It gives your beard nourishment, and Godfather feels.
  • It prevents itchiness and helps soften and tame your beard.
  • It gives long-lasting conditioning and leaves a refreshing fragrance.
  • It is best for fragrance and nourishment of your beard, moustache.

  • It makes your beard healthy.
  • Beardo beard and moustache oil don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

4. Captain Thug Medieval Beard Growth Oil (30ml)

Captain Thug Medieval
From INR 499.00 INR 234.00
Save INR 265.00 ( 53% )
(as of 17/06/2019 00:06 IST - Details)

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Though the theme of this oil is medieval, it isn’t medieval by nature. It is a premium beard oil for men from Captain Thug. Captain Thug is the leading brand for beard care products in India. It is an excellent balance of premium grade oils that support hair growth. This old world beard growth oil contains a carefully crafted blend of hydrating oils like golden jojoba, apricot kernel oil, cold pressed aloe vera, Bulgarian lavender oil, Wheat Germ Oil. All these oils work collectively to moisturize your beard and prevents dry skin.

Key Features

  • It comes with a quantity of 30ml.
  • It contains high-quality ingredients.
  • This beard oil helps to relieve itchiness and dryness, make your beard looking healthy.
  • This oil is best suited for your beard nourishing needs.

  • It ingredients are natural.
  • It won’t harm your skin.
  • It is free from paraben, sulphate.

5. Beardhood Beard and Hair Growth Serum (Biotin, Ginseng & Saw Palmetto, 50ml)

From INR 600.00 INR 499.00
Save INR 101.00 ( 17% )
(as of 17/06/2019 00:06 IST - Details)

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Beardhood Beard and Hair Growth Serum contain a unique set of ingredients to deliver maximum growth and volume of the beard. If your beard is patchy, it is a perfect option for you. It may take 2 to 3 months for visible results. Beardhood Serum is suitable for the damaged, chemically treated and coloured Hair. It uses biotin extract to boost keratin. It traps moisture to combat dryness of the hair. It smoothes the hair cuticles for an all-around shiny and well-kempt look. Though it is a bit expensive, this worth buying product will give you value for money.

Key Features

  • The best of science and nature combine to form this 50ml unique serum bottle.
  • It helps you to make a solid, healthy and great looking beard.
  • It contains ginseng that prevents hair loss.
  • This beard grooming product contains other ingredients like saw palmetto, argon, etc.
  • You can use it twice a day with a gap of 8 hours. It provides you with amazing results.
  • It is suitable for men with a patchy beard.
  • It makes your beard and scalp hair moisturized, shiny, and soft all day long.

  • It is perfect for the beard, scalp, and body hair.
  • It is free from sulphate and paraben.
  • It is a blend of natural elements.
  • It makes the hair manageable and frizz free while also conditioning the skin.

6. Man Arden 7X Beard Oil (Royal Oud, 30ml)

Man Arden 7X
From INR 399.00 INR 331.00
Save INR 68.00 ( 17% )
(as of 17/06/2019 00:06 IST - Details)

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If you are looking for a simple and effective product, you should opt for this. It is best for growth and thickness. It transforms wild beard into soft and shiny beard. It promises to moisturize, treat split ends, promote faster beard growth and add shine. It makes your skin nourished. The best part is that it leaves no chemical traces on the skin. It is lightly scented, so it not only makes you look great but smell great as well.

Key Features

  • It has a quantity of 30 ml.
  • Man Arden Beard Growth Oil is 100% natural and contains pure 7 super ingredients.
  • It moisturizes and softens your moustache and beard.
  • It is a lightweight and powerful formula to make your beard soft.
  • It contains 7 pure premium oils such as grapeseed oil, almond oil and castor oil for superior results. All these oils are rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • It has a seductive and irresistible musky blend fragrance.
  • It comes with a dropper and serum pump.

  • You can use it on a dry scalp, face or hair as well.
  • It adds shine to your beard.
  • It is free from harsh chemicals.

7. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil (30ml)

Bombay Shaving Company
From INR 345.00 INR 220.00
Save INR 125.00 ( 36% )
(as of 17/06/2019 00:06 IST - Details)

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Bombay Shaving beard-growth oil stimulates blood flow to the follicles. It is another nice beard growth oil for men. It helps promote healthy growth of the beard. With a few drops of oil, you can make your beard healthy, soft, and shiny. You can apply or massage the oil to beard and keep it overnight. Cleanse it in the next morning for the best results.

Key Features

  • It carries four oils that stimulate the growth of the facial hair.
  • It contains natural powerhouses like Sesame oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Brahmi Oil, Amla Oil and so on.
  • Jojoba Oil reduces the existence of rashes and acne.
  • Brahmi Oil replenishes the roots.
  • Sesame Oil moisturizes your beard.
  • It makes your beard softer, shiner and tamer.
  • It helps in the growth of hair in your face faster.
  • You can use a beard comb or brush for easy convenience.

  • It reduces rashes and acne.
  • It helps moisturize your skin.
  • It is free of SLS and paraben.
  • It is suitable for both men and boys.

8. The Man Company Smoothening Beard Oil (30 ml, Argan and Geranium)

The Man Company
From INR 350.00 INR 260.00
Save INR 90.00 ( 26% )
(as of 17/06/2019 00:06 IST - Details)

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The Man Company is known and trusted for the premium quality products. They believe in quality and use high-quality materials in their oil. With this, you can enjoy the luxury product without any financial sacrifice. Their products are health friendly, pure and natural for urban life. It strengthens the hair follicles and reduces hair fall. It nourishes the moustache & beard to the core and makes it thick. With 100% natural herbal components, it is one of the Best Beard Growth Oils.

Key Features

  • Its 30 ml bottle deeply conditions your beard.
  • It has high-quality ingredients to grow a beard.
  • It helps in the growth of beard without any artificial ingredients.
  • The Man Company Oil for beard is a 100% natural oil.
  • It contains oils such as Geranium oil, Argan oil, etc.
  • With this, you will enjoy an original beard without any weird smell.
  • It tames the beard frizz ensuring long-lasting conditioning.
  • It helps you manage your beard better.
  • The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of Geranium ensure healthy hair growth.

  • It is free from artificial ingredients.
  • It nourishes each hair from the root.
  • It moisturizes and softens your skin.
  • It promotes hair density.

9. Trumen Beard Growth Oil (30ml)


If you are desperate to have a long, bushy beard, then TruMen Beard Growth Oil is what you need. TruMen makes your beard grow faster. This oil by TruMen is a blend of natural oils. It works on all aspects and helps to maintain a healthy beard. While it gives a sheen to your beard, it also makes it grow with a bigger volume. It makes the skin and hair tender and softer. If you are suffering from dandruff, you must use this essential oil. It helps prevent itchy beard flakiness at the ends of the scalp.

Key Features

  • It comes with a quantity of 30ml.
  • It is prepared from organic and natural ingredients. It helps to grow the beard with care.
  • Apart from beard growth, it takes care of your skin under the beard.
  • It contains vitamin E to protect the hair from damage.
  • It is a mixture of oils like Moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and so on.
  • It allows you to style facial hair as per choice.

  • It acts as an anti-dandruff oil for the beard.
  • It makes the skin soft and smooth.
  • It boosts your beard growth.
  • It is a sulphate free oil.

10. Ustraa Mooch and Beard Oil 4×4 for Men (35ml)

From INR 298.00
Save INR 1.00 ( % )
(as of 17/06/2019 00:06 IST - Details)

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Is your skin sensitive and you are worried about hair-growth? If yes, then this Mooch & Beard Oil from Ustraa is the best companion for you. It is a sub-brand of a venture named Happily Unmarried.

It is one of the top quality beard oil for men. It is a blend of 4 oils that help in the beard and moustache growth. Its effect lasts for upto 12 hours unless you wash your beard. It is the Best Moisturizing and Cleansing Beard Oil available in the market.

Key Features

  • Its 35ml bottle is fuel for your healthy beard growth.
  • It is an excellent moisturizing, cleansing method for your beard.
  • It nourishes and softens your skin and beard.
  • It contains sunflower oil for the growth of your beard.
  • The evening primrose oil prevents dandruff, yeast, fungal growth and cures hair follicles.
  • It smoothens the rough hair and repairs the split ends.
  • It is the best hair conditioner that protects hair from UV radiations.

  • It has no fillers, scents, and parabens.
  • It is gentle for delicate skin.
  • It gives a long lasting shine.
  • It is safe to use. So, those who have sensitive skin can use it without any worry.

 Most Popular Beard Growth Oil Brands in India

  • Beardhood
  • Beardo
  • Bombay Shaving Company
  • Captain Thug
  • Man Arden
  • The Man Company
  • TruMen
  • UrbanGabru
  • Ustraa

How to Choose the Best Beard Growth Oil?

It is vital to read all specification before buying the oil for your beard. As there are many fake products are available in the market that becomes a fool to the customers for earning money. These are the few important points that you should consider before making any decision to buy.


It is the critical factor you should consider for choosing the Best Beard Oil. Your beard and skin sleekness depends upon this factor. You should not buy the product of such a brand that you never heard. Choose the product from reputable brands so you can use the products with full confidence.


It is another essential thing you need to consider. Since your facial skin is going to be in direct contact with the oil, you have to be very careful so as not to damage it.

So, the kind of ingredients your product contains is an important thing for you. It is true for any grooming or skin care product you buy. Choose the right product that contains all the naturally occurring ingredients. Don’t choose the one containing chemicals as they can cause burnt your face.

What Are Some Easy Hair Growth Tips?

Following are some quick tips for growing beard faster:

  • Wash your skin with lukewarm water and a good facial cleanser twice a day removes dust and dirt and boosts hair growth.
  • Exfoliating the face twice a week removes dead skin cells and improves blood circulation. It also stimulates beard growth.
  • Taking the essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, biotin supplements helps to grow the facial hair faster.
  • Regular facial massage also stimulates the growth of facial hair.
  • Experts recommend meditating daily helps you manage stress levels. It maintains the overall health and helps in keeping your hair thicker.
  • You can use beard growth oil regularly every night for a long and thick beard.
  • You should increase the protein amount in your routine diet. Take the diet such as milk, green vegetables, nuts as they boost the growth of hair.
  • It takes some time to grow the beard in teenage so keep patience and be gentle.
  • Always make sure you sleep well as it helps repair damaged skin cells. It promotes the beard growth as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Beard Oil Help To Relieve Itchy and Flaky Skin?

Beard growth oil helps the beard to grow fast, stops itching, nourishes and moisturizes your skin. It helps to relieve itching and control beard dandruff.

What Is The Right Time To Apply The Beard Growth Oil?

It depends on your grooming routine. It is better if you apply the oil two times a day. Once in the morning and once in the night before going to sleep. Every night apply the oil it on the beard and moustache and massage deep with your fingertips. Leave for the night and, wash in the morning.

Does The Beard Growth Oils Work In Reality?

Beard Oils are very effective for beard growth. They contain oils like jojoba, argan oil that give your beard a rough and tough look. They contain some other ingredients to deliver the maximum volume and growth.

What Is The Right Way To Apply Beard Oil?

You have chosen a good oil for growing the beard. To get the best results, you should also know how to apply it properly.

  • Cleanse and wash the beard properly.
  • Take some drops of the beard oil in your palms and apply/massage on the hair strands of the beard.
  • To boost the nourishment, apply the oil at night.

How Much Beard Oil Should I Use?

Its a bit tricky question.

The amount and requirement of the oil depend upon the length and thickness of the facial hair. If you’ve just started to grow a beard, 1-2 drops should be sufficient. For a medium-sized beard, 3,4 drops of beard oil work fine. However, if you’ve become a pro in growing the manly beard the, 5-6 drops would do a better job.

If you have rough and thick hair, you need to take some more oil and massage properly. Application of the oil at night does wonders; it makes the hair softer and smoother the next morning.

If you are struggling with scanty growth of hair or if you have a patchy beard, buy a suitable oil that would initiate the beard-growth.

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