Best Geysers (Water Heaters) in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1.  AO Smith HSE-VAS-X Water Heater Geyser

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X Geyser

2. Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater

3. Venus Magma Plus 25GV

Venus Magma Plus Water Heater

On chilled winters morning, the passing of a warm bed to a cold bath is not a favourite task and taking a bath, especially with cold water not at all. The image is enough to send you the goosebumps. Winter is on the way, and the demand for geysers grows at this time. Many people use hot water for splashing water on the face and washing utensils or hands. The need for warm water is a living hero in the winter period.

On the other hand, in a country like India, you need a water heater, mainly during the winter. A good geyser meets all the hot water needs, but the main problem that occurs is picking the best one from so many brands available in the market.

If you are looking to buy a water heater to win the cold this winter, you are on the right page. In this post, you will indeed find the right water heater in your budget.

We’ve prepared a list of Best Water Heaters (Geysers) in India, based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research. Also, we suggest you read our buying guide located towards the bottom of the post, which will make it easy for you to choose.

Top 10 Best Water Heater (Geysers) in India 2020

 Water HeaterEnergy RatingTank Capacity
A.O Smith HSE-VAS AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 5 Star15 L
Bajaj New Shakti Bajaj New Shakti 4 Star25 L
Venus Magma Plus Venus Magma Plus 5 Star25 L
Havells Monza EC Havells Monza E.C 5 Star25 L
V-guard Victo V-Guard 4 Star15 L
Morphy Richards Morphy Richards Lavo EM 5 Star15 L
A.O Smith SGS Green Series AO Smith SGS-GREEN 5 Star25 L
Bajaj Flora Instant Geyser Bajaj Flora Instant 4 Star3 L
Havells Instanio Havells Instanio 4 Star3 L
Usha Misty Usha Misty 5 Star15 L

Which are the Top 10 Best Geysers (Water Heaters) in India 2020?

1. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Water Heater with 5 star

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X Geyser

Product Description

Size: 44.1 X 33.8 X 33.8 cmWeight: 11.8 kg
Color: WhiteCapacity: 15 L
Body Material: MetalPower: 2000 W, 230 V
Tank Material: Blue Diamond Glass LinedPressure Bar: 8
Style: Storage

Another product from A.O Smith, with some extra features, including control knob, energy meter, and more. It is a storage tank type water heater with 15 L capacity, and 25 L. Comes with rigid inner tank and outer body to prevent rust and remain durable. The heating factor of a water heater is always a crucial part. Also, A.O Smith has glass coated heating elememt. These parts ensure the uniform, endless, and supreme supply of hot water.

On the safety aspect, this geyser is one of the most beneficial to have. Equipped with advance PUF method, lasting anode rod, active inlet water diffuser. All these things support the form and function of the geyser.



2. Bajaj New Shakti Storage Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater

Product Description

Size: 43.3 X 44.1 X 57 cmWeight: 13.8 kg
Color: WhiteCapacity: 25 L
Outer Material: CRCA + PPPower: 2000 W
Tank Material: Mild Steel with Glass CoatingPressure Bar: 8
Type: Storage

The name is enough to tell the making quality of this product. Bajaj is one of the best and trusted brand in the world of appliances. Same features fit with this Bajaj New Shakti 25 L Vertical storage tank water heater. Come with all modern safety parts for the one who looks for. This is one of the top-rated best water heater geyser in India. Its small size, ample storage tank, and the affordable price make it one of its genera.

The glass coated tank is rust free while the outer body makes it durable, attractive and light appliance. This geyser comes with a PUF insulation to let keep the water in its original state for enough time. From the safety perspective, this appliance has multiple safety traits. It comes with a safeguard against overheating, dry heating element, and even excess stress features. Plus, the cable length of this heater is fire-retardant. So you can relax fully enjoy the more extended period of hot water with limit electricity use.



3. Venus Magma Plus 25GV Storage Water Heater

Venus Magma Plus Water Heater

Product Description

Size: 37.2 x 37.2 x 45.5 cmWeight: 16.34 kg
Color: IvoryCapacity: 25 L
Outer Material: ABS Tank Material: Copper
Power: 2000 W, 220-240 VPressure Bar: 8
Type: Storage

The Magma Plus is a the best geyser with lasting design. It comes with a durable & rust resistant enamel tank. However, the material and Scaleguard Technology gives it a hard water immune body. This appliance comes with two ceramic heating items. That ensures less layer damage and longer life. So, if one lined glass part fails, the other element will continue the work.

The light and charm colour mixture adds a new look to your bathroom decor. However, it comes with an Analog thermometer. It helps in showing the water state inside the tank. The 8 bars pressure and PUF wall keeps the water warm for a much longer time and reduces the energy usage.



4. Havells Monza E.C. Storage Tank Water Heater with Flexi Pipe

Havells Monza EC Water Heater

Product Description

Size: 36 X 38.5 X 63.5 cmWeight: 12 kg
Color: WhiteCapacity: 25 L
Body Material: ABS PlasticTank Material: Stainless Steel
Power: 2000 W, 230 VPressure Bar: 8
Type: Storage

Experience the energy efficiency of smart heating with this 25 L Havells Monza water heater geyser. An active geyser for modern and stylish bathrooms. The tank is made from ultra-thick freezing ground plates. Plus Feroglass dry powder coating. Its Flexi pipe has an 8 bar working pressure which is made of stainless steel for lasting play. This geyser is compact enough to fit in any edge of your bathroom or kitchen. So you can enjoy an on-demand water supply in winters.

The Monza by Havells come with a mounting design and subtle colour mixture. However, it blends perfectly with your home decor. You will get fitted water tubes with Whirl Flow Technology. It allows a direct link between cold and hot water flow that saves 20% energy. You can also adjust the temperature by its adjustable knob.



5. V-Guard Victo 15-L Water Geyser

V-Guard Victo Water Heater

Product Description

Size: 30.5 X 30.5 X 54.3 cmWeight: 10 kg
Color: WhiteCapacity: 15 L
Outer Material: Powder Coated Mild SteelPower: 2000 W
Tank Material: Steel with Glass Limed A.C CoatingPressure Bar: 8
Style: Storage

The Victo 15 L from V-Guard has a chic cylindrical shape that blends with your style interior. Equipped with a handy temp knob to give you hot and cold water action. The inner tank and the outer body is made of excellent material that makes it a durable appliance. Thus the heater can work for a long time.

Moreover, this water heater comes with a 4 layer safety system that includes hi-tech thermostat and thermal cut off feature. It helps in avoiding overheating. Plus, the multifunctional pipe ensures an optimal force control and defends it from leakages and rust.



6. Morphy Richards Lavo EM Storage Water Heater

Morphy Richards Water Geyser

Product Description

Size: 54.3 X 32.7 X 30.5 cmWeight: 11749 kg
Color: WhiteCapacity: 15 L
Outer Material: ABSPower: 2000 W, 230 V
Tank Material: Superior Glass LinedPressure Bar: 8
Style: Storage

If some of you don’t know about this name, then I tell you. It is a brand of electrical appliances situated in South Yorkshire, England. However, Bajaj is using this brand since April 2002, as per the license deal. So here this best water heater in India that is capable of fulfilling the needs of 4-5 members. And ideal for using in high rise buildings.

Morphy Richards Lavo EM 15 L geyser comes in a sleek, compact, and modern design. It suits the modern day style of your bathroom or kitchen. The glass line inner lining of the water tank prevents rust with a durable ABS outer body for last long life.

However, this heater does not damage or overheat itself. It consists of an automatic heat off switch that puts heater on standby mode. The regular knob permits you to preset the temp as per your needs. It even has a small screen, which displays the state of water. With great heating element and the presence of a magnesium anode rod, you can quickly meet your hot water needs.



7. AO Smith SGS-GREEN SERIES-025 Water Heater

A.O Smith SGS Green Series Geyser

Product Description

Size: 44.4 X 44.4 X 38.5 cmWeight: 13 kg
Color: White/RedCapacity: 25 L
Outer Material: ABSPower: 3000 W, 230 V
Tank Material: Blue Diamond Glass LinedPressure Bar: 8
Style: Storage

The AO Smith SGS-GREEN 25 L is the best water heater in India that may fill all small and big Indian families needs. It comes in a stunning white and red combination that agrees on any wall or place. It looks evenly attractive to your eyes even if you use it in your kitchen. The body of the geyser has an ABS material. And the inner tank with Blue Diamond glass coated  which makes it rust-resistant. The product comes along with a temp adjustable knob which allows you to set the temp as per your need.

This small, compact and durable appliance have a great glass coated heating factors. It helps in preventing the scale formation and extend the life of parts. Comes with a high 5-star rating and Advance PUR Technology to give precise and fast hot water amount.



8. Bajaj Flora Instant Water Heater 3 L

Bajaj Flora Instant Geyser

Product Description

Size: 43.8 X 27.8 X 26.8 cmWeight: 4.12 kg
Color: WhiteCapacity: 3 L
Body Material: ABSPower: 45OO W
Tank Material: SS 304Pressure Bar: 8
Style: Instant

The instant water heater with 3 L capacity that is ideal for couples and bachelor. Bajaj Flora series is one of the elite instant water heater available in the market. Besides the excellent programs, it is an attractive and cute appliance which can fit easily anywhere. The ABS material body and inner tank ensure no mark of corrosion on the device. It is a rust and germ-free product.

Moreover, this water heater comes with a great pressure bar and high-quality heating element to deliver instant hot water. Just switch on and wait for a few seconds, and you will get hot water for the bath. Therefore well suitable for working partners. It also has a neon indicator that alerts you when the water gets heated.



9. Havells Instanio 3-L Water Heater

Havells Instanio Geyser

Product Description

Size: 22.5 X 19 X 37.3cmWeight: 3 kg
Color: White/BlueCapacity: 3 L
Body Material: ABSPower: 3000 W, 230 V
Tank Material: SS 304Pressure Bar: 8
Style: Instant

A smart and attractive Instant water heater from Havells. It comes with LED signs that change the colour to indicate the temperature of the water. Its 3 L capacity suits small families and bachelor needs. The outer body of this Instant water heater is rust and shock-proof. At the same time, the ultra-thick S.S. inner tank of 304 grade keep the heat and save power. Just like all other models mentioned in our review.

To ensure safety, it comes with a safety pipe, fire retardant cord, and preset thermal cutout. However, the heating factors provides quick hot water, thereby standing up to its name. The best thing about this Instant geyser is that it comes with a pair of Flexi pipes to reduce installation charges.



10. Usha Misty 15 LTR 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Tank Water Heater

Usha Misty Water Heater

Product Description

Size: 46 X 32.5 X 32.5 cmWeight: 10.16 kg
Color: Ivory Cherry BlossomCapacity: 15 L
Body Material: ABSPower: 2000 W
Tank Material: Glasslined enamel-coated SSPressure Bar: 8
Style: Storage

Ending our list with Usha Misty 15 L storage water heater, that isn’t just beautiful to look but also energy efficient. It comes with a 5 star rated and 2000 W power. The classic design of the Misty water heater blends quietly with any interior. Thanks to its power pack high-grade PUF lining and super silent copper part for pleasure performance.

This geyser is, however, equipped with a best in class high-grade thermostat to cut off power when temp beats the set limit. The highly durable inner tank and outer body prevents the growth of rust and control the electric leakages. Also, it comes with an anode rod which is coated in magnesium concentrate. It protects the tank against many reactions. Usha is a well-known name in the field of appliances for its safety point-of-view and classic designs.



Types Water Heater

Types Of Water Heaters

If you are thinking to buy a new one for your home, it is vital to do some study before buying a water heater. Aside from budget and all other feature you should know the type of Geyser available in the market. That isn’t very difficult. Here is a guide that explains the types.

1. Storage Water Heater

Storage Water Heater As the name implies, storage geysers have a water tank that collects the heated water for a certain period. The storage tanks come in various capacities right from 6 L and above. These are the most basic type of geysers with a tank of hot water suitable for everyone.

However, these type of appliances occupies more space, hence not fit for the small bathroom until and unless you choose the lower litre tank. The major problem with this type of geysers is it start losing temp when the water remains in the tank.

2. Instant Water Heater or Tankless Water Heater

The tankless or Instant water heater is also known as an Electric water heaters geysers able of heating water instantly. They are compact in design, so uses less space that can be installed anywhere you want in the kitchen or bathroom.
Instant Water Heater Besides, it gives an attractive look and helps you a lot in the kitchen or doing other household things. It can heat water in the blink of an eye and also save electricity. Just switch on and get hot water within flashes. You don’t need to wait long.

They are equipped with high-pressure pipes and thermostat that deliver water while using less power. Tankless or instant water heaters are a better choice concerning investment and for last long use.

3. Immersion Rod Water Heater

Immersion Rod Every individual in India often uses these rods before electric water heaters geysers. They are a pocket-friendly option to real geysers available today. Immersion rod heaters usually cost around Rs 500/- to 2500/-.

But now most of the Indian homes turn themselves to electric water heaters geysers. Because of the fear of electric shock and slow process. Immersion rods need proper care while handling it and is not safe for children.

4. Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater If you are living in your own house, then solar geysers are the right choice. These devices work by receiving heat from the sun through roof mounted solar panels. It is a onetime purchase and cost no high bills. However, it suffers from cloudy and rainy days.

There are solar heaters that run on power or gas as backup. One of the problems of these devices is – they are only cooperative if you have your own home. It only works great with open space or open yard. Also, not be useful in winters when sunshine is little.

5. Gas Water Heaters

Gas Water Heater These heaters work on LPG and propane gas. They are energy efficient and have the skill of heating water fast when compared to electric water geysers. It is vital to fix the device after the LPG gas cylinder to provide enough amount through pipelines.

They are best for areas where power cut is so standard, and the power rate is high. The only downside of having this appliance is a leakage problem which forms major heat loss.

How to Choose The Best Water Heater For Home Use?

Best water heaterNow that you have a clear idea of the type of geysers, we shall further discuss other factors to help you out in making the right decision.

  • Size Of The Family 

Your daily demands are one of the main parts that should decide the size of your water heater. The mass of water heater depends upon the members in the house using a geyser. An over-sized water heater means boiling extra water that is not needed. But it is advised to go with at least maximum capacity in case your relatives come over to your place to enjoy the winter vacation. At that point, the lower capacity of geysers won’t work great.


Size of FamilyManner of intended useGeyser TypeIdeal Geyser capacity
2 to 3 membersBathing – bucketInstant6 litres
2 to 3 membersBathing – bucketStorage10 to 15 litres
2 to 3 membersBathing – ShowerStorage15 to 25 litres
2 to 3 membersWashing utensilsInstant1 to 3 litres


Size of FamilyManner of intended useGeyser TypeIdeal Geyser capacity
4 to 8 membersBathing – bucketStorage25 litres
4 to 8 membersBathing – ShowerStorage25 litres
4 to 8 membersWashing utensilsInstant1 to 3 litres
  • Where will it be installed?

The first thing to consider while picking a geyser is where you want to install it? In your kitchen or bathroom.? Electric and storage tanks water heaters are available in dense designs and are easy to install. It would help if you had a chosen spot with easy accordance to input and exits the taps and should be easy to maintain. Best Water Heater In India
Although water heaters come in several shapes Vertical, Horizontal and Round. The Vertical mount water heaters are the most basic style of heater found in the market. Whereas horizontal and round shape heaters are new in a race. So make sure the size and place of your bathroom/Kitchen before buying one.

  • Style and Material

When buying an appliance, many people pay attention to its performance. Nowadays most of the manufacturer’s not only pay care to its performance but now as well as on texture too. It looks great when you buy an appliance that matches your kitchen or bathroom to give a charming look to the place.Style & material of water heater

Besides this, the next vital feature is the material of a water tank and the outer body. The material used for water tanks is either copper, stainless steel, or thermoplastic. These materials ensure performance and safe output. On the other side, let us look at the shape of the outer body. The external body normally produces by using plastic. However, a firm body such as ABS is favoured.

  • Power Consumption

Star RatingHaving a water heater should not raise your power bills. To save power, always check the BEE rating that can help tell you energy ability of the product. Energy efficiency products are not only good for your pocket but also for the environment.

Look at the BEE rating label and study the annual energy efficiency consumption in units. It is simple to learn, higher the rating of the product saves a lot of money over a longer time. 

  • Thermal Cut Out Feature

You should check the safety side while buying a water heater.The most secure water heater comes with auto cut off feature and a security pipe. It ensures automatic temp control and provides additional protection.Thermal Cutout

It also helps to improve the water pressure and the state of the water geyser to stop overheating. It cuts off the power supply on its own when the water temp tops the highest value or the preset temp value.

  • Auto-Off Feature

An auto shut off feature protects your water from overheating. It also helps with power change. You don’t have to suffer if you skip to switch off the geyser after the bath.

This feature will shut the geyser itself once it joins the desired temp state. Besides, this feature keeps geyser safe from burning. It protects against electric injuries and overpressure as well.

Other Features
  • Hard Water

Many people look at important traits while buying the water heater, but forget to pay attention to water type. Hard water can harm the heating sections and body of the geyser. 

Look for an anti-corrosive material coated inside the water tank. You can use vinegar to kill bacteria, rust and other germs. And always clean your water heater. Also, install a water softener for better play.

  • After-sales services

If you buy some product, whether it is geyser or anything else, it can go wrong at some point, and you must ensure the After service before buying. 

Appliances like this which cost you more is a one time purchase. It is always desirable to purchase one from a reliable brand which gives great repair and replacement aids.

  • Warranty

Just like the above point, this feature is also vital. Most of the high brands come with 4 to 5-year warranty on the water tank and 2-3 year on the other parts. Carefully check every small detail before paying for the product.

  • Additional Points

It is always good to look after extra features like strength, wattage, pressure, covering, and others to make the bathing action even handier. 

Our body cannot control too much hot water, so it is better to have customized heat temp adjustment or keep an eye on your geyser. Otherwise, you can mix the hot and cold water to get acceptable hotness you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which water heater is right for hard water prone areas?

Suppose you are living in the area having hard water. In that case, the right solution is to buy a corrosion-resistant water tank geyser. You can also install a water softener with the water heater. You can buy the AO Smith or V Guard Victo water heater for hard water.

2. How often should I clean my water heater?

Most of the manufacturers advise for cleaning the water heater is at least once a year. The need for cleaning depends on water quality and area.

3. What size of geyser is best for a joint family?

The capacity of the water heater depends on the number of people using the geyser. So according to studies, 15 to 25 Liter is enough for a joint family or 4 to 8 members.

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