Best Steam Iron in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Steam Iron Box in India 2019

Why do we iron our clothes? To get rid of the wrinkles and deep creases!

We don’t want to look like we slept in the clothes we wear. Crumpled or wrinkled dresses make a person look lazy.

It straightens your outfits and makes them look crease-free. It kills the toughest of the wrinkles from the fabric. You need to buy the right iron box for well-ironed clothes.

Based on our Market Research, we have prepared a list of Best Steam Iron in India 2019.

We recommend you to read our buying guide located at the bottom of the post.

Top 10 Steam Irons 2019

Iron BoxWattsTankSteam Rate
Havells Plush 1600230 ml15 g/min
Black + Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200380 ml35 g/min
Philips GC1905 1440180 ml13 g/min
Bajaj Majesty MX 8 1200250 ml18 g/min
Usha Techne 500 100050 ml35 g/min
Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000350 ml11 g/min
Philips GC1010 1200150 ml15 g/min
Singer Sapphire 1600350 ml10-20 g/min
Philips EasySpeed GC1028 2000200 ml25 g/min
Havells Fabio 2200230 ml15 g/min

Which are the Top 10 Best Steam Irons in India 2019?

1. Havells Plush 1600-Watt Steam Iron

Havells Steam Iron
From INR 2,420.00 INR 1,650.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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This Iron is a excellent model by Havells for crease-free clothes. With the use of this iron, ironing becomes an easy task. It comes with the sole plate that is made of non-stick for a smooth glide over fabrics. It is the most effective and efficient way to iron fabric with fewer efforts.

Its dual-sealed steam generator reduces efforts to make attire wrinkle-free. It is one of the Best Steam Irons that has an ergonomic form that gives the long-lasting performance. It has a soft-grip holder that makes it easy to handle.

Key Features

  • Its tank volume is 230 ml.
  • The package contains iron, filling cup, and instruction manual.
  • It comes with a warranty of two years.
  • Its consumption is of 1600 watts that empowers constant high-speed.
  • It comes with two best useful functions Spray and Steam.
  • Its temperature setting can be adjustable according to the fabric.
  • It allows vertical steam ironing of clothes.
  • The iron comes with a self-clean feature that makes the Iron neat and increases shelf-life.
  • The iron has an over warm safety feature. It cuts off power in case of overheating.
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel cord. The cord aids to move press in any direction with efficiency.

  • It removes tucks within a few minutes.
  • It creates powerful continuous steam output up to 15 g/min.
  • It is easy to use and store.
  • It has a cool-touch body.

2. Black + Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron

Black Decker Steam Iron
From INR 3,425.00 INR 2,220.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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This is a famous US Brand. They made great home appliances, garden tools, and energy tools. This is one of the efficient iron that comes under this brand. The cleansing of steam vents does not take much time.

It comes with a Ceramic Coated Soleplate that ensures longer life of the iron. With dozen of attractive properties, it provides optimum steam ironing experience at home. It is light in density that makes it easy to carry and use. It can produce 35g/min continuous steam output and 90g/min steam boost.

It is one of the Best Steam Irons in India with a stylish pattern.

Key Features

  • It has an Anti Drip feature that avoids leakage of water.
  • It has an anti calc clean function.
  • Its self-clean feature prevents the tank from scale or dust particles.
  • Its water storage capacity is 380ml.
  • Its consumption is of 2200 watts.
  • Its operating voltage is of 220-240 volts.
  • It has changeable temperature control setting and steam options.
  • Its fine spray steam function best smoothens the stubborn folds from clothes.
  • Its warranty is of 2-year.
  • It has a ceramic coated soleplate that supports in even warmth dissipation.

  • It can remove creases within a few seconds.
  • It comes with quality assurance.
  • It comes with an effective water splash framework.
  • It delicately took care of the fabric while pressing.

3. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron
From INR 1,895.00 INR 1,298.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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Philips is one of the most trusted brands for steam iron in India. This Steam Iron blue coloured is one of the great product that comes under this brand for steam ironing apparel. It allows you to iron different type of dresses such as cotton, silk, and woollen. It comes with the best portable design to deliver you the maximum comfortable ironing experience.

It comes with easy and super-fast filling & emptying the container with sideways opening door. With aluminium sole plate, it smoothly glides on all fabrics with relief. The liquid spray assists you to easily remove the creases, as it delivers a fine mist to moisten the cloth evenly.

It is the Best Steam Irons in India available at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • It gives continuous steam output up to 13g/min.
  • It uses the energy of 1440 watts.
  • This steam iron with spray functionality comes with a 1.8 m long cord.
  • Its input voltage is 240 volts, and its frequency is 50 Hz.
  • It has the best thermostat dial for multiple temperature control setting.
  • It comes with a cap for filling the water with a spray.
  • It has a thin linished sole plate.
  • It comes with the large water tank potential of 180ml along with 180 degrees rotating cord.
  • The warranty is of 2-year on the product.

  • It has a self-clean feature.
  • It comes with a pointed tip.
  • It has a vast emptying hole that makes it easy to empty the vessel.
  • It raises strong creases.
  • It has changeable steam and temperature setting.
  • It gives a lasting steam performance.

4. Bajaj Majesty MX 8 1200-Watt Steam Iron

Bajaj Steam Iron
From INR 1,799.00 INR 1,600.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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This Iron produces a strong boost in steam output for tough creases. With 19 steam vents, it delivers even warm distribution to clothes. It provides enjoyment to wear the well-ironed garment to create the best impression. It smoothens the fabric quickly, be it your denim or rough clothing. It gives the continuous steam output with 18 g/min.

This steam iron box comes with a multiple temperature setting for different kinds of fabrics and dress. The water spray benefits to iron heavy fabrics and difficult areas such as collars, pockets, etc. With 360 swivel cord, it reaches every corner of the cloth quickly. Its best cool-to-touch shape allows you to enjoy the ironing with comfort.

Key Features

  • Its operating charge is 230 Volts.
  • The power consumption of this iron is 1200 Watts.
  • Its sole plate comes with a non-stick coating that easily slides over outfits.
  • It comes with 30 per cent extra cord.
  • It is made with a super clear surface finish.
  • It allows vertical steam pressing for hanging fabrics and curtains.
  • It comes with an auto shut off facility. It automatically shuts off the iron when it reaches the maximum temperature for a particular setting.
  • It has a self cleansing functionality that increases the life span of the iron by removing dust particles itself.
  • It comes with an anti-calc system that reduces the build up of limescale.

  • It is simple to use and handle.
  • It has a transparent water tank design.
  • It comes with a rubber grip that provides a comfortable hold while ironing.
  • The brand gives a two-year warranty on the product.

5. Usha Techne 500 1000-Watt Steam Iron

Usha Steam Iron
From INR 2,195.00 INR 1,550.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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Usha is one of the famous brands of steam iron boxes in India. This 500 Steam Iron is handy and compact iron that comes under this brand. It allows you to do vertical and horizontal ironing of fabric with ease.

It is a cute little iron that provides ease of comfort to carry it anywhere and anytime. It is suitable for travelling purpose as it takes less space in the bag. With the mini built layout, it also performs high-end performance. Thus, it is a must-have device for singles, travel-lovers and even for families.

Key Features

  • Its consumption is of 1000 watts of power that results in steam output in the constant high-speed.
  • Its required input is between 220-240 volts.
  • It comes with 50ml tap water tank capability.
  • It has a non-stick sole plate for soft ironing on all fabric types.
  • It has a powerful spray for stubborn wrinkles that best softens the fabrics.
  • It has variable steam temperature control and steam settings.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • It produces continuous steam with 35g per minute of steam.
  • It has an Anti-Drip steam function that doesn’t allow leakage through steam holes.

  • It has a comfortable handle.
  • It comes with over warm safety protection.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It gives maximum satisfaction.

6. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Morphy Richards Steam Iron
From INR 2,580.00 INR 1,609.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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Morphy Richards is one of the popular brands for electrical devices. This Glide Steam Iron is one of the outstanding product in India of this brand. It gives effortless ironing with better results. It provides easier and smooth gliding on all fabrics.

This steam iron box comes with 46 steam holes at the bottom for shooting steam. With high-pressure steam shots, it gives a tidy, crisp look to your outfits. The water tank sprayer flattens the fabric with ease. It is made of high-quality material that makes it more durable and long-running for a long time duration.

Key Features

  • It is a 2000 watt steam iron that works at 230 volts.
  • It has a large water tank of 350ml which is transparent.
  • It offers 360-degree free movement swivel cord. It helps to move the iron in every direction.
  • Its turbo steam boost feature allows 150gm steam for removing the pleats. It can remove wrinkles from jackets, suits, and curtains.
  • It comes with anti-calc and a self cleaning feature.
  • It supports the filling of water when the power is on.
  • It comes with a steam blast for upright ironing. It allows to steam and freshens up hanging garments.
  • It comes with 46 holes on the premium ceramic coated soleplate. It provides the best mixture of steam and high temperature.
  • It has changeable frames.
  • There is a 2-year warranty on the product.

  • It reaches to the high temperatures with 150g turbo shot that is super powerful.
  • It gives continuous steam of 11 gm up to 11 minutes.
  • It has a large finished soleplate.
  • It is trustworthy to use as per ISI mark.
  • It gives a powerful steam shot that works well when heated.
  • It is best for every household as it gives high performance.
  • It is a long-running iron.

7. Philips GC1010 1200-Watt Comfort Steam Spray Iron

Philips Steam Iron
From INR 1,445.00 INR 1,200.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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This is perfect for an Indian household. It comes with an aluminium layer on the sole plate that gives easy gliding on all materials with gentle care. It comes with a Calc-Clean function that gives longer life to this iron by preventing the build-up of scale and scraps.

It is built for speed to provide you desired result as quickly as possible. With best vent design, it delivers uniform heating in every direction of the fabric. This Philips steam iron comes with amazing and useful roles that give better results with fewer efforts.

Key Features

  • Its vessel space is for 150 ml of water.
  • It consumes 1200-watt of power.
  • It can make steam of 15g per minute after becoming operational.
  • It has multiple hotness setting that you can set as per your cloth stuff.
  • It is useful for all types of garments.
  • It has indicator lights that let you know that the iron is on.
  • The warranty is of 2-year on the product.
  • Its input supply is 220 Volts.
  • Its linished soleplate is thin & stable. It slides on all kinds of stuff.

  • It provides continuous steam.
  • It heats up within minutes.

8. Singer Sapphire 1600-Watt Steam Iron

Singer Sapphire Steam Iron
From INR 2,015.00 INR 1,127.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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This Steam Iron is an awesome product for ironing clothes. With outstanding looks, it adds beauty to your wardrobe. The iron box is capable of providing long-lasting and high ironing performance. The amount of steam is easily controllable.

It has the best non-stick Teflon coating soleplate that smoothly glides on all stuff. It comes with a precision tip to remove solid lines from any part of the cloth. It is ISI certified by BIS for its safety standards. So, it is safe to use at home.

Key Features

  • Its consumption is of 1600 watts of power and 220-240 volts.
  • It offers an anti-calc and self-cleaning function to wipe the iron.
  • It has variable steam settings for ironing clothes. It will help you to change the temperature.
  • It provides continuous steam and has an adjustable thermostat control.
  • It comes with a vertical steam ironing feature. It helps in eliminating the severe wrinkles from swinging stuff.

  • It is easy to run.
  • The steam vents get easily washed.
  • It is an ISI approved product.
  • It gives an intense burst of steam.
  • It has the best cool-touch plastic frame with a soft grip holder.

9. Philips EasySpeed GC1028 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Philips EasySpeed Steam Iron
From INR 2,495.00 INR 1,735.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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This Steam Iron box is the ideal crease removal product. It is a combination of a stylish look and great performance. With multiple button frameworks, it allows you to adjust the temperature as per the need of the fabric. It is available at a reasonable price that makes it budget friendly.

It takes less time to remove difficult folds from delicate areas. With Drip Stop system, it lets you iron delicate clothes at low temperatures. It provides even steam distribution for better ironing. Hence, it fulfils all the needs of ironing by giving easy and smooth operation.

Key Features

  • It is a 2000 Watts steam iron that works on 230 voltage.
  • It comes with the best nonstick American heritage coated sole plate that spreads even steam up to 25g/min of steam.
  • Its steam increases up to 1oo g that helps to remove tough folds.
  • It comes with standard frames, spray, and power indicator light.
  • Its swivel cord length is 180-degree.
  • It has an anti-calc button. It cleans all the dust bits from the iron.
  • The steam iron comes with a warranty of 2-year.
  • This Philips steam iron comes with a triple precision tip. It best eliminates harsh lines from button grooves and reaches up to all areas.

  • It keeps the neat look of the clothes.
  • It saves a lot of time.
  • It gives the best quality results.
  • Its soleplate is scratch resistant, glides well and easy to clean.

10. Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Havells Steam Iron
From INR 1,895.00 INR 1,248.00
(as of 21/10/2019 23:00 IST - More Info)

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This vertical steam Iron box is an excellent choice for your home. The iron box comes with three amazing functions that are dry, spray and steam. It allows you to adjust the temperature according to clothes. It does not have a stainless steel plate that makes it a lightweight iron. The steam control attribute is enabled.

The dual steam function allows you to do iron in the vertical and horizontal position. With advanced technology, it helps in quick flattening with minimum efforts. It lets you move the iron freely on clothes. Self Cleaning increases the life span by keeping it mess-free.

It is the Best Selling Steam Iron that gives long-lasting performance.

Key Features

  • It has a non-stick coated soleplate.
  • It comes with a 230ml large water tank storage with a translucent body.
  • It has a 360-degree cord movement.
  • It comes with two years of warranty.
  • It makes soft gliding over all kinds of materials.
  • It removes dense lines from buttons, jeans pockets.
  • It comes with an adjustable thermostatic command dial.
  • It provides continuous steam with a rate of 15 g per minute.

  • It comes with great tank capacity and is handy.
  • It’s steam vents are easy to wash.
  • Its non-stick soleplate quick warmth up system makes steaming fast.
  • It is a budget-friendly device.
  • It allows to iron curtains, hanged clothes in the vertical position.

Best Steam Iron Boxes Brands

  • Philips
  • Morphy Richards
  • Bajaj
  • Black + Decker
  • Havells
  • Singer
  • Usha

Types of Iron

There are three types of Irons.

Conventional Iron

A conventional iron is low-priced. They require water in the Iron to produce steam. It removes the tough crease from the clothes. These Irons need ironing board to settle down. It gives heat throughout the surface.

Steam Iron

The demand for steam irons is high in India. The soleplate with a non-stick sheet is the best one.
The surface of the steam irons is flat. It comes with an auto shut off feature that saves the stuff from burning. The Steam Iron comes with a translucent tank to enables you to monitor the level from outside. It ensures that the material doesn’t stick to the iron.

Cordless Iron

The name ‘cordless’ tells that the ironworks without the power cord. They come with a quick heating element that works with batteries. Black and Decker BD BXIR2201IN 2200-Watt is the leading cordless Steam Iron. The cordless steam has various purposes like anti-clock and steam burst. It comes with nonstick coated soleplate.

How to Choose the Best Steam Iron for Clothes?

It becomes a bit confusing to decide which Steam Iron is best to buy for Clothes.

Before buying a steam iron, you need to keep a few things in mind. Choose the home appliances product that fits your budget. You need to figure out which iron is right for your earned money.


Higher wattage means an ability to attain high steam output easily. The higher the wattage, the better it is.

So, buying an iron with high wattage is the best option. These irons are a bit costly, but give you a better ironing result. It’ll smooth the crease much more pleasant and quicker.


Steam and heat are essential for lifting wrinkles. A soleplate spreads the calefaction over all the fabric. You should choose soleplates made from American heritage coating, anodised metal, ceramic, stainless steel and nonstick soleplate.

Anti Calcium

The build-up of limescale with time can hinder the amount of steam your iron creates. Most irons come with a built-in limescale filter, but some don’t. It is best to use drinking water or distilled water for steam irons. This feature allows you to use regular tap water rather than distilled water.

Cord Length

Irons come with different power cord length. Make sure that it suits your need. You can also choose the cordless steam iron as per your convenience.

Easy To Refill Water Tank

Pick an iron which is light in colour or has a transparent tank. It can be difficult to see the water level on dark tanks. Look for a large filler hole so that the shell can quickly get filled. Some Irons have a removable vessel, making the filling process more suitable.

Water Tank Capacity

You have to inspect the tank capacity dimensions before making a purchase. Irons with large tank capacity can save your time to refill the tank.

Some steam irons have a tank that is removable. It makes the filling and emptying of the water easier.

Temperature Settings

A steam iron should have a different steam setting. Most of the steam iron comes with multiple temperature adjustment settings. It allows you to change the temperature according to the type of fabric.

Number of Steam Vents

You need to see the supply of steam vents before buying the iron. Cheaper Steam Irons tend to have a fewer number of steam vents. The costly models will have a lot more vents.

The Steam Irons with more vents spread the steam & heat evenly. They ensure even distribution of warm over all the cloth.

Steam Blast Feature

A Steam Blast can help to remove hard folds. Some Iron Brands term it as a steam-burst feature; a shot of steam, or a steam jet. Steam iron with this feature will be an advantage for your use.

Variable Steam Control Feature

The steam control point commands the flow of steam. It is essential to buy an Iron with steam control option.

It allows you to use a steam iron for different cloths. It helps the user to regulate the amount of steam.

Vertical Steaming

Most of the steam irons come with vertical steaming function. It allows you to iron fabric in an upright position. It is one of the most important factors which you have to investigate.

Self Cleaning

The Self Cleaning function is the most crucial feature to keep the iron neat. It allows for wiping dust and dirt from Iron itself.

Please make sure not to use hard water in a steam iron that doesn’t have a self-cleaning and anti-calc function.

Automatic Heat Control

It is necessary to protect garments from burning. Auto shut-off is a useful safety feature. If you forget switching off the iron, you don’t need to worry. It will automatically turn off the iron.

Power Consumption

Most of us use an Iron in our daily routine to iron garments. High electricity consumption may increase our bills. Steam iron with high power watts uses a lot of electricity. So, it is another crucial factor to think.

The most efficient steam irons sustain the warm without an energy source. They don’t take much long time to heat up again.

You should purchase a steam iron that consumes less electricity. It’ll even out hard ridges of the cloths easily and quickly. You get wrinkle-free outfits without worrying about the high electric bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Steam Iron?

Steam Iron is an electric iron that distributes steam from vents.

It comes with a tank where we pour water. The heating elements convert this water into steam.

Every Steam Iron comes with a soleplate. It is useful for erasing hard lines from the fabrics.

It includes multiple steam & heat setting options. Its unique active calc clean prevents scale build up.

2. Which Is Better, Steam Iron Or Dry Iron?

Steam and heat are essential for eliminating wrinkles from fabrics. Steam iron is popular in the market. It is light in weight, easy to clear and never puts stains on uniforms.

Dry Iron doesn’t have a tank, heat, and steam setting. You can’t command the temperature if it gives excess heat.

The steam irons won’t damage your attire even at high heat.

Steam iron gives knob selector facility. It allows you to change the temperature from maximum to a minimum level as required.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Steam Iron?

  1. It gives instant heat.
  2. It gives you wrinkle-free fabrics within a few minutes.
  3. It comes with a water tank and a spray.

4. How To Clear A Steam Iron?

Keep the iron dirtless and in an excellent working condition.

To clarify the tank of the iron, fill it with water and add one-spoon vinegar or baking soda. Turn the iron on and wait for a few minutes until it gets heated. Shake it well. Empty the tank and wash it.

To pick out the soleplate, take a wet cloth and rub it over the soleplate. Make sure that you are using a soft cloth to polish it. It shouldn’t have any particles that could destroy the softness of the plate.

To wash the steam vents, take cotton swabs and dip them in vinegar. Use these swabs to wipe them.

5. Is It Safe To Purchase Steam Iron Online In India?

It is secure to purchase steam iron from online e-commerce sites. You can look at the customer reviews about the product. You need to make sure that the website is secure.

6. Do Steam Irons Leak?

They shouldn’t, but the possibility of leakage cannot be excluded. To prevent your iron from leaking, don’t use the steam button till the Iron is heated up. You should leave some gap while filling the water tank.

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