Best Roti Maker in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Roti Maker in India 2019

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. United Instant Chapati Maker Roti / Khakhra Maker
United Instant
2. Rico RM1408 Roti Maker
Rico RM1408
3. Kinnng Roti Maker
kinnng / HB National

Indians love to eat round, soft and perfect Rotis and that with fewer effort. The roti maker comes handy when you need fresh and quick chapatis with a delightful gravy.

Many home makers always try to make round rotis, but some fail to prepare it. With this, you will never fail to make round, tasty and round chapati.

We have prepared a list of Best Roti Maker in India based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our Roti Makers buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Which are the Top 10 Best Roti Maker in India 2019?

1. United Instant Chapati Maker Roti / Khakhra Maker

United Roti Maker

This is an electrical kitchen appliance for making rotis. It is so easy to use that you’ll never go back to the old way. With a non-stick coating, it allows you to make crispy rotis within minutes.

It comes with an LED light panel that turns the light off when the machine is ready to takes your dough ball. It absorbs 875-wats of energy. This has been tested twice to match the performance level as desired by the user. It comes with temperature resistance handles for the safety of the users.

Key Features

  • It is ultra-safe with the shockproof frame.
  • It has an automatic cut-off feature. It cuts off the energy amount to the machine and has temperature control property.
  • It has a diameter of around 8-inch.
  • It has high-quality Teflon with aluminium metal.
  • Its shockproof insulated bakelite handle is ideal for making rotis, crisp papads, khakhras, etc.
  • This khakhra maker comes with 2 year warranty.

  • It is a lightweight, portable machine.
  • It has a sturdy structure.
  • It has LED power indicators.
  • It is safe and effortless to use.

2. Rico RM1408 Roti Maker

Rico RM1 Roti Maker

This is an electronic roti maker that provides oil-free cooking with fewer efforts and time. It is India’s foremost assigned and innovative brand for the best making of fluffy rotis. It is one of the best-selling roti makers in India.

It ensures uniform heating, easy to use and clean, and equipped with a system for safekeeping. Its cool hard plastic handle makes the process of baking rotis in simple steps. You need to add the hot water and warm milk to the flour and knead the dough. Let the dough sit for 15 minutes to makes fine and delicious chapatis. Some visible bubbles will appear after pressing the upper part of the maker.

Key Features

  • It comes with 1 year warranty.
  • These roti makers need no oil to cook the chapatis.
  • You will enjoy hassle free cooking due to its even uniformly heating bottom.
  • It has non stick Teflon coated top plate and surface that makes even and soft chapatis and papad.
  • It is equipped with a thermostat for safety.
  • Its remains cool and keeps your hands safe while refining the perfect roti.
  • It also comes with on/off power indicator.
  • It usage 1000 watts of power to work and has an input requirement of 220-240V.

  • It allows you to make perfect rotis quickly in just 2-3 seconds.
  • It has a great nonstick surface thus dough does not get sticks.
  • It ensures oil-free cooking.
  • It is a good home appliances.

3. Kinnng Roti Maker

Kinnng Roti Maker

This is an electric 900-watt roti maker from Kinning, one of the most trusted brands in Roti Making industry. It has a stainless steel body with a user-friendly holder. It comes with a power symbol for the visual display.

It is made up of high quality components to assures its durability. It is made up of aluminium alloy. This roti maker minimizes your time and energy as well. It is a lightweight roti maker that gives you round shaped rotis within in a minute. It is a handy tool for a family function and gets together.

Key Features

  • This roti maker consumes 900 watt of electricity.
  • It has a durable non-stick coated base.
  • It has a moulded plug with a bakelite handle.
  • It has an easy to clean SS cover on its body.
  • It comes with a thermo-stat dual heating element for safety issue.
  • It has an easy lift handle for the convenience of the user.

  • It gives uniform-heating for oil free food.
  • It is safe to use.
  • It is a user-friendly appliance.
  • It has a sturdy design.

4. Boss Crisp Roti Maker

Boss Roti Maker

This is a high quality stainless steel 900-watt roti creator. Its ergonomic design comes with a heat resistant handle that makes the roti making the experience safe and secure.

It has a compact design and a durable stainless steel body. Its base makes soft and fluffy chapatis. It also comes with overheat security and safety points. It has an automatic shut-off with indicator light.

Key Features

  • Its working power is 900 watts.
  • It has an ergonomic design that comes with a flame-resistant lifting handle.
  • It comes with a non-stick coated aluminium base.
  • The inbuilt thermostat guarantees the required thermal temperature of the roti maker.
  • It has 230 V AC of voltage with 50 Hz.

  • It has a durable and compact design.
  • It allows you to make the round roti.
  • It’s design is new.

5. Hy Touch Roti Maker

Hy Roti Maker

It is designed to maximize the ease of the user. It has wider chapati making plate that offers a decent dimension for the roti. It has a stickproof layer that confirms that your roti does get stick with the surface. It is quite common and popular in the Indian pantry. It is a multipurpose electric roti maker.

It comes with a lock position property that makes the desired position during making. It occupies less area for storage. It comes with an adjustable temperature control knob. It is a durable and reliable tawa. It is a useful addition to your kitchen appliances.

Key Features

  • It is made up of a stainless steel body.
  • It comes with a shockproof body that minimizes the risk possibilities.
  • The broadness of the surface is 8 inches.
  • It comes with a haft and knob to lift the top lid cooking plate.
  • You can make a thin and perfect shape roti with minimal works by using this roti maker.
  • The volume of this tawa is 1.65 kg.

  • It gives soft and floozy chapati.
  • You can easily make paratha, khakra, dosa and other items with the help of this roti maker.

6. Bajaj Vacco 900W “Go-Ezzee” Non-Stick Chapati Maker

Bajaj Vacco Chapati Maker

Bajaj is a 60 years old national company that comes with high-grade material. It is rated as one of the Best Automatic Electric Roti Maker and Khakra Maker. It comes with a thermo-stat control feature. The roti and chapati maker is made up of the tubular element.

It is made up of non-stick that comes with a Teflon sheet. This maker comes with an automatic temperature hit off feature. It gives you light and airy chapati. It is a good kitchen appliance that works well during the big gathering.

Key Features

  • It comes with an automatic cut off point that cuts of the power supply to the roti. It saves roti from burning.
  • It comes with a pointer that turn off when the maker is available to place the dough ball.
  • The Bajaj Vacco roti maker has a light weight and fast best roti making technology.
  • You can easily flip the best roti in less time.
  • It requires 900w of power to work.

  • The attribute and performance of the device are best.
  • It has multi characteristics that allow you to make chapatis, khakra, and papads.
  • The machine is moderate and comfortable to handle.
  • This roti maker stand out best in making round roti.
  • It has a better shock proofing technology.

7. Favy Eagle/National Roti Maker

Favy Roti Maker

This 900-watt roti maker can make delicious roti within minutes. It is a wonderful appliance for couples or singles. It can simplify your roti-making process and helps in reducing kitchen workload. It is available under 800. You can easily buy it online. It is one of the great kitchen appliances.

It comes with a non-stick coating plate that assures good roti. Its power consumption is 900 Watt. It comes with the shock-proof frame that will give you the best stability in the kitchen. Its heavy-duty material guarantees long-lasting performance.

Key Features

  •  Its broadness is of 8 inches. It will serve you fleecy and soft Rotis.
  • It is easier to operate. Prepare the dough balls, put the dough balls on the coated cooking plate, and you have to press the maker to get soft roti with less effort in less time.
  • Its non-stick surface never let the dough stick on it.
  • It has two power indicator light that will let you know when roti gets prepared.
  • It comes with safe bakelite handles that make the roti maker process simple.

  • The performance of the maker is good.
  • It is beneficial for Khakra, Dosa, Parantha and other items.
  • Its large handle gives help you to open or close the maker.
  • It provides a demo CD so you will never face any problems by following the instructions during cooking.

What we didn’t like

    • It doesn’t come with any warranty.

8. Prestige Xclusive PRM 5.0 Roti Maker

Prestige Prm Roti Maker

The Prestige PRM roti maker is made up of a stainless body and granite nonstick coating. The roti maker has an elegant finish, and its curved surface makes sure that roti stays in the center part. It gives the experience of creating perfect roti with ease.

The stainless steel outer body makes the device shock proof and robust. The light indicator, flexible temperature knob, auto shut off attribute save plenty of your time. The red colour depicts that it is turned on.

The green colour indicates that the centre is heating; when it goes off the maker is ready to use. Its easy press handle and lid make rotis without any extra effort.

Key Features

  • You can make pancakes, omelettes, uttapams and much more on its curved bottom.
  • This Prestige Roti maker comes with a free demo CD and a dough (atta) manual maker.
  • Its stainless steel body makes the device shock proof and robust.
  • It has green and red light power indicators that perfectly tell whether it is switched on, heating or ready to use.
  • The prestige PRM offers one year of manufacturing warranty.
  • It comes with 900 watts of the voltage.
  • The appliance has an adjustable temperature knob that controls the temperature for making accurate rotis.
  • With the dough maker, you can prepare dough for chapattis, tandoori roti and paratha in just minutes.
  • The granite non stick coating allows making perfect and smooth rotis.

  • It ensures better performance all you need to know the right way to use it.
  • It comes with temperature control knob settings.
  • The Prestige Roti maker is elegant, durable and easy to use.
  • Its stainless steel frame is shock-proof and safe to use.

9. Baltra BTR-201 Roti maker

Baltra Roti maker

This roti maker comes from the most trusted brand in India. It operates with a voltage of near around 220 volts. It is a reliable tawa. It is perfectly made up of a steel outer body. It has a sleek and stylish look. It is free from cord wrap.

It conserves time and strength as well. It has Tawa that does not allow the stickiness of dough from both sides on the Tawa surface. It makes round and fluffy roti in just a minute. It is easy to clean the device. It comes with the anti-fall plate system.

Key Features

  • It comes with a thermostat factor that ensures assurance.
  • The dimension of the product is 27x22x31 cm.
  • The weight of this is 2.6 kg.
  • Its operating powers of 900 watts.
  • It is enabled with the dual uniform heating element that offers fast thermal warming of the device.
  • It comes with an indicator of the visual presentation of the processing.

  • It is best to make khakhra, dosa, and other items.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • The demo CD is provided for a better understanding of the individual.
  • The package contains one roti maker and one warranty card manual.

10. Unique Eagle Non-Stick Roti Maker

Unique Roti Maker

This 900-watt device saves your time to make the best roti with fewer shots. Make oil free, fresh rotis in minutes without any hassles using this Maker.

This a fully automated roti maker model that gives you fluffy and round rotis. It comes with a non-stick coating that prevents the stickiness of the dough on the Tawa. It is enabled with a shockproof body that ensures the security point.

These roti makers in India conserves your time and cooking hassles. It is suitable for the dough of Khakara, Dosa, Parathas and many more items.

Key Features

  • It comes with shockproof, heavy duty, food grade non-stick coating plates to prevent the dough from adhering to its surface.
  • It requires the power of 900 watt.
  • With a diameter of 8”, it makes round rotis.
  • It promises long lasting performance.
  • It comes with a haft that makes it easy to press the plates together.
  • Its knobs help you to lift the top heated lid.

  • It is of superior quality.
  • It is a light weighted product.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • It takes less space for storage.
  • It is easy to use and easily gets cleaned with a cloth element.

Top 10 Roti Makers 2019

Roti MakerWatts
Rico RM14081000
Hy Touch
Bajaj Vacco900
Favy Eagle900
Prestige PRM 5.0900
Baltra BTR-201900
Unique Eagle900

Best Roti Maker Brands in India

  • Bajaj
  • Baltra
  • Boss
  • Favy
  • Hy Touch
  • Kinnng
  • Prestige
  • Rico
  • United
  • Unique

How to Choose A Roti Maker?

One needs to keep in mind many important points before taking the roti makers in India for individual use. There are lots of choice of models that can be used from making round Rotis to making chapatis, many factors need to be check before purchasing the roti makers from different options for your house. You can follow these tips before taking efficient roti makers.

Compact Size & Weight

The main thing that needs to check is the weight of the best roti makers. Choose the roti makers that have the minimum volume as heavy roti makers are slightly difficult to handle. These small kitchen appliances are very useful.

Power Consumption

Always select the roti makers that utilise an average of 800-900 (W) of power with a voltage of 200-250 (V).

The powers that come under these ranges are sufficient for the convenient and best roti makers.


When buying the kitchen appliances, the feature does matter a lot. The first-class roti maker comes with hefty money, but some option is available at a budget price. Buy the products that are good in quality and comes at a reasonable price range.

Some best roti makers use a non-stick painted with Greblon Gamma like Jaipan JDRM-901 1000-Watt Jumbo Roti Maker and some uses an American non stick coating.

You can see the top 10 lists well-researched list above in the article.

Safety Traits

Since the best roti maker works on the heat, one must make sure that the body and the material are made of the right quality. To ensure that you get the maximum convenience, these roti makers come with auto switch-off function.

Before taking look for heat resistant and shock-proof material. The power indicator light is a plus point in roti makers.

Roti Output Size

The roti output size is based on the size of the roti that you demands. Some like the small size rotis while some prefer 8” sizes.

It is better to look for tawa or griddle size before buying the product.

Best Value for Price

The best product comes at a high price, whereas a low-quality product comes at a low cost.

Go for the budget maker that comes with the simple layout. Avoid the product that comes with multi-feature that you won’t need.

Buying a roti maker online has a lot of advantages such as you can see a roti maker review by customers and compare various brands at one place. If you are looking to buy a roti maker for your home, then you can also go with any of them. Molo Roti Maker, Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker, Eveready RM1001 900-Watt Roti Maker (Black), etc. are a good one to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do We Need a Roti Maker?

The job of the roti maker is to make the roti round and in less period. Instead of using a stove or Tawa, a simple roti maker reduces the forces and time. Simple press, release and you will get a good and fluffy roti. Not only this you can utilise your saved time in doing other works.

2. Can We Use Oil and Ghee in Roti Maker?

The excellent quality roti makers have a high in quality food grade non-stick coating. For the best result, you need to add oil or ghee while you are preparing for rotis. It is not advisable to use ghee or butter, but make sure you use it very minimal. In the alternative, you can take the roti and brush the ghee and roti finally.

3. How to Know if The Roti Maker is Ready to Use?

The roti maker comes with an indicator that tells if the roti is ready to prepare. After the indication, you can use the roti maker. Some roti maker gives you the Green Lights or Red Lights. When the maker is available to use at an optimal temperature, you can press the roti and its ready to use.

4. Why Roti Maker Gives Uncooked Rotis?

People sometimes make mistakes while preparing for the best quality roti. They don’t wait until the roti maker reaches the proper temperature.

Some people set their hands on the roti maker. If they feel the heat, they place the roti on the maker. It results in not properly cooked rotis.

The other mistakes that people tend to do are not pressing the handle properly, pressing handles hard. Using inconsistent dough, or applying too much ghee and butter on the stickproof covering.

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