Best Refrigerators (Fridge) in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. LG (GL-I292RPZL) 260 L Refrigerator 

LG Double Door Refrigerator

2. Haier (HRF-619SS) Side-By-Side Refrigerator 

Haier Side-bY-Side Refrigerator

3. Whirlpool single side Refrigerator with Drawer

Whirlpool Single Door Fridge

Can you imagine your life without a refrigerator? Absolutely no. The fridge is a domestic part of any Indian kitchen to keep fruits, vegetables, and other food elements fresh at least for one or 2 days. Plus, it also gives you a chilled glass of water on a hot afternoon or when your kids come back home after playing. 

However, in today’s modern life, technology is updating very fast, and a lot of new features are being united. So updating a kitchen becomes difficult with so many options available in the market. 

We have done our Market Research and prepare a list of Best Refrigerator In India by top-class brands and based on customer reviews. We highly suggest you read our refrigerators buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Refrigerator for Home

Which are the Top 10 Best Refrigerators (Fridge) in India 2020?

1. LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door (GL-I292RPZL)

LG Double Door Refrigerator

Product Description

Size: 26.4(L) x 23(W) x 57.9(H) cmWeight: 127 kg
Color: SilverCapacity: 260 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 100~310V
Suitable For: 2 to 3 members or bachelorsMaterial: Stainless Steel
Extra Features: Double Door & Glass racks

LG refrigerator frost free dual door comes with a smart digital inverter compressor. So whenever the power goes off, it automatically takes inverter power to run without any manual guidance. It is designed to give excellent power consumption, longer freshness holding and less noise. This model has a 3-star energy rating in power consumption and firm free stabilizer service that reduces the chance of damage due to voltage fluctuations.

The highlight of this model beside smart digital inverter compressor is ample airflow vents that circulate the cold air like air conditioner to every part of it. Thus it ensures uniform cooling and keeps freshness for a long term. It also comes with 3 racks of spillproof toughened Glass material, 2 L bottle guard and egg tray section that takes the massive load without any damage. On the other side, the vegetable section of 23 L room with frame type cover helps in keeping the moisture level within it.



2. Haier Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator (HRF-619SS)

Haier Side By Side Refrigerator

Product Description

Size: 65.5(L) x 90.8(W) x 179(H) cmWeight: 98 kg
Color: SilverCapacity: 565 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 135
Suitable For: Joint FamilyMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: French/Side-by-side & Glass shelf

When it comes to smart and cool functions, Haier never fails, but always stand out from the rest, same with this model. This modern look side by side door 619 slimline SBS fridge ensures to fit into any modular kitchen flawlessly. It is one of the best refrigerator in India, meant for large families. However, it is very spacious and best refrigerator with freezer ratio of 66% to 34%. The fridge has a space of 347 L, while the ice section has 218 L.

It comes with an ample storage option and 90⁰ door opening to have full access to your food. Besides this, the refrigerator cools any food item with just one touch, all thanks to its super freezer and cooling arrangements.

On the other side, the twin inverter technology ensures the fan motor and the compressor that both runs at DC and cause some changes. Another smart connect feature of this model is the holiday function. This function helps in maintaining the stable temp range even when you’re not at home.



3. Whirlpool 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator with Base Drawer (WDE 205 ROY 3S)

Whirlpool Single Door Fridge

Product Description

Size: 130.4(L) x 53.5(W) x 61.9(H) cmWeight: 36 kg
Color: Wine FiestaCapacity: 190 L
Defrost System: Direct Cool technologyPower: 130V~300V
Suitable For: 2 to 3 members and BachelorsMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: Single Door & Glass racks

This Whirlpool 3 star direct cool refrigerator WDE 205 ROY 3S makes use of 6th sense QuickCool technology for holding cooling up to 9 hours when the power cuts off. So you can still enjoy the chilled and fresh beverages or food. It has an eye-catching design that enhances the look of any kitchen. Plus it comes with a base rack drawer for storing onion, potatoes and whatever you like. Compact and sleek model, designed for small family and couples.

Equipped with toughened glass shelves, jumbo bottle guard, large vegetable crisper with advance honeycomb lock-in moisture slider. All this gives you enough comfort to keep anything you want, and you never run out of space. However, it is a single door appliance that comes with an easy manual melt mechanism. It runs excellent on in-built stabilizer and auto smart connect to home inverter feature. All these traits help in lessening the extra need for stabilizer and delivers extended cooling.



4. Samsung 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3483S8/HL)

Samsung Double Door Fridge

Product Description

Size: 63.7(L) x 55.5(W) x 154.5(H) cmWeight: 46 kg
Color: Elegant InoxCapacity: 253 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 220V
Suitable For: 2 to 3 members and BachelorsMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: Double Door & Glass racks

Samsung’s new 3 star free frost double door fridge comes with a modern look design, digital display and powerpack feature. It can feed the calls of medium to large sized Indian family. This refrigerator is best for holding power cool feature that gives you rapid cooling at the click of a button. 

However, it works great without the stabilizer, which is able of operating within a range of 100 ~ 300 Volts. This fridge is also an inverter friendly that keeps the food chilled for up to 12 hours during the power trips.

Samsung proves durable performance, which not only makes less noise but also saves a lot of energy. The multiple airflow vents inside the appliance ensure the proper and free circulation of cold air. 

Besides this, it has a deep door holding section which is able of carrying large size water bottles and more. It also comes with resistant glass shelves that can be easily slid to make room for other food items. However, thanks to its door alarm feature that alerts you if you haven’t shut the door properly.



5. LG 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-D201ARGY)

LG Single Door Refrigerator

Product Description

Size: 53.40(W) x 63.3(D) x 132.6(H) cmWeight: 33 kg
Color: Ruby GlowCapacity: 190 L
Defrost System: Direct Cool technologyPower: 90~310V
Suitable For: 2 to 3 members and BachelorsMaterial: Stainless Steel
Extra Features: Single Door & Glass racks

Another product from LG, 4 star Inverter based Direct Cool Single Door fridge. It comes with unmatched play, incredible energy saving, super silent operation and more. This model has a 4-star energy rating in power consumption and one of the best refrigerator for small families.

It has 190 L storage space including 12.3 litres vegetable basket. Its unit works on smart connect inverter compressor that keeps the food fresh up to 6-7 hours of a power cuts, plus decreases the electricity bills.

The LG 4 star Direct cold is the best refrigerator with an elite fastest ice making zone and two ice cubes tray section and a transparent freezer door. A notable feature of this model is that it has a drawer on the base that not only hides the anti bacterial gasket but also gives you extra storage to keep onion, potatoes and other dry vegetables.

Its antibacterial glass rack and bacterial gasket are easy to clean plus keeps the food hygienic for a longer time. Moreover, another helpful feature is that it can work on solar energy as well as run without stabilizer.



6. Haier 2 Star Inverter Refrigerator (HRB-3404BMS-E)

Haier Double Door Fridge

Product Description

Size: 59.5(W) x 64.1(L) x 160(H) cmWeight: 62 kg
Color: Moon SilverCapacity: 320 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 135 V
Suitable For: Families with 5 & moreMaterial: Stainless Steel
Extra Features: Double Door & Glass rack

This new bottom Mounted refrigerator from Haier comes with a freezer at the bottom which makes it the best option for those who has a back problem. The frost free refrigerator also ensures that the fridge will be frost free all the time. This is the high-tech best fridge suitable for huge families that believe in style and energy saving and keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. Haier HRB-3404BMS-E presents a sleek and artistic design with an engaging shade of moon silver that adds a charming look to the kitchen.

As an advance refrigerator, the manufacturer adds many more features to give you comfort life. It has a 360-degree airflow that keeps the drinks and other food items fresh. You can also store the frozen food in this amazing freezer. Plus the twin inverter and in-built stabiliser help in reducing the bills plus works fine when there is any power cuts. However, it runs on the 1 hour icing power cool technique, which keeps the state of freezer down to -5 degree Celsius to get the ice beam within 60 minutes. With this, you will get a handy and big crisper to store vegetable and fruits.



7. LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator (GC-B247SLUV.APZQEBN)

LG Frost Free Side By Side Fridge

Product Description

Size: 73.8(W) x 91.2(L) x 179(H) cmWeight: 113 kg
Color: Platinum SilverCapacity: 687 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 230 V, 125 W
Suitable For: Families with 5 & moreMaterial: Stainless Steel
Extra Features: French/SBS & Glass rack

LG has equipped some brilliant features in this side by side door appliance that keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for long. This model is considered as the best fridge. Its hands-down robust cooling device magnifies the look of your kitchen—often trusted by many modular kitchen users. The size of this appliance needs space, so it will  justify with small space, as you can make easy changes in this convertible refrigerator. It has a SmartThinQ that controls all your home appliances from anywhere. Plus you can even set the setting of the fridge with its touch panel for your fruits and vegetables.

The style of refrigerators is most popular because of the latest cooling and freshness method, handy storage and more. The advantage of having this model is, it saves up to 52% energy by inverter linear compressor. On the other hand, the multi-digital sensor controls and reacts to the warm food and open doors and maintain the inside temp. It also comes with a multi air flow feature just like all other models.



8. Samsung 3 Star Inverter Single Door Refrigerator (RR22T272YS8/NL)

Samsung 3 star Inverter Single Door

Product Description

Size: 53.6(W) x 66.5(L) x 131.5(H) cmWeight: 32 kg
Color: Elegant InoxCapacity: 212 L
Defrost System: Direct CoolPower: 220 V
Suitable For: Family of 2 to 3 membersMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: Single Door & Glass trays

As you all know, Samsung is one of the top class brands in electronics and already gained so much trust of many customers. So with this, here is another product from Samsung that comes with smart inverter compressor. The best 3 star direct single technology door refrigerator in India. It comes with a digital inverter technology, that works longer and gives ample power. It adjusts the speed in response to cooling demand for vegetables and fruits. It is also able of working without stabilizer even when voltage fluctuations occurs.

Like other best single door refrigerator in India, this one also features a toughened glass shelves and ABS plastic cove over the vegetables and fruits box and at the freezer. Moreover, the fridge has an excellent keyhole on its bar chrome handle that keeps safe from kids. The design of the device comes with 3 star rating and adds a sleek and elegant look in the kitchen and doesn’t take much space to fit.



9. Whirlpool Multi-Access Refrigerator (FP 263D Protton Roy)

Whirlpool Triple Door Fridge

Product Description

Size: 55(W) x 68(D) x 162(H) cmWeight: 50 kg
Color: Alpha SteelCapacity: 240 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 230 V
Suitable For: Large and 2 to 3 membersMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: Three Doors & Glass tray

Whirlpool offers this triple way convertible refrigerator with some best features. The best phase of this product is that it provides high grade cooling with maximum energy efficient quality. It has three separate gates, each with a specific role. The upper section comes with a free frost zone, central area as the main part and the last for keeping vegetables and fruits fresh.

All the sections get equal cooling by air booster and moisture holding mode for better flow of air that keeps the food fresh. It also comes with a Zeolite role which stops extreme ripening of vegetables and fruits. The advantage of such methods is that there is no mixing of food odour.

Apart from this, a customized cooling temperature control knob is another great feature. It permits you to customized the temp according to your food. The interior has a unique microblock technology additive limits up to 99%* bacterial growth.



10. Godrej 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RF EON 236B 25 HI RY DR)

Godrej 2 star Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Product Description

Size: 59.7(W) x 70.6(L) x 143.7(H) cmWeight: 50 kg
Color: BlueCapacity: 236 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 230 V
Suitable For: Families with 2 to 3 membersMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: Double Door & Toughened Glass trays

Here we reach on our final product by Godrej, one of the famous brand in India. This is the first brand to launch the best budget 2 star direct cool double door fridge for Indian families. This fridge includes 2 shelves with built-in air vents which ensure all-round cooling and smart inverter compressor support. With its 236 L volume, you can store anything you want. The frames and the side chambers are made of toughened glass that has the strength to hold up to 150 kg weight. Inside it, you will get a bright LED light which ensures a well-illuminated view.

However, this frost free double door fridge comes with a defrost feature that stops the extreme ice buildups inside the freezer. It is a small and budget-friendly fridge that suits most small to medium size families. The floral print on its body magnifies the appeal of the kitchen plus available in many other colours also. Moreover, you can place the five 1-L bottle in its large chiller tray, for a quick chilled drink during the party.



Other Models That You May Consider

  • Bosch 661 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerators (KAN92VI35I).
  • Godrej 255 L 2 Star rating Inverter Frost-Free double side Refrigerators (RF EON 255B 25 HI SC DR).
  • Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door fridge  (WDE 205 CLS 3S, Blue)
  • Samsung 324L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door fridge (RT34T4513S8/HL)

Types Of Best Refrigerator In India

Mixing the classical and modern designs of the fridge, there is 4 main type of refrigerators you will find out in the market. We have put them together to suites different types of kitchen styles! Before buying one, you must get familiar with their classes. Scroll down to check out all types…

  • Single Door Refrigerators

Single Door Refrigerator As the name implies, these fridges have a single door on it. The freezer is in-built built in side refrigerator. It is a basic style you will see in many houses. It comes in different sizes and capacity, plus in a very budget-friendly price. Single door fridge also comes in the shape of a small fridge like a mini or movable fridge that can be quickly taken in a car.

However, they are compact and ideal for a couple and small families. It is affordable as compare to other models. They are also known as a Direct Cooling Refrigerators, which we will discuss further.

  • Double Door Refrigerators 

This double door refrigerators type is very common in India after the single door fridge. Most of the dual door refrigerators comes in two variety –Top Mount and Bottom Mount. In this, you will find a two different slot, each with separate access.

One for putting stuff and another for keeping ice cubes or ice creams. This double door refrigerators contain a unique heating element that prevents frost development. Hence knows as Frost Free Refrigerator. However, this type of double door refrigerators are the right choice for extended families.

The being of 2 different doors fridge lessens the chances of heat escape. Here are types of the best double door refrigerator you will find in India – 

Top Mount Refrigerator 

Top Mounted RefrigeratorIf you are always ending for the freezer, the top-mounted door refrigerator would be a great choice. In this type, the freezer box is found on the top. It is too beneficial for those who have a back problem.

An affordable option for most. Plus, it is without a doubt found the fittest model in homes today. It has a fresh food items section under the freezer section, which makes it ideal for smaller kitchens.

Bottom Mount Refrigerator 

Bottom Mounted RefrigeratorThis style refrigerator is best for the Indian folks who use the fridge section more often than the freezer. You will find yourself bending a lot lesser. The freezer is present at the bottom of the fridge.

Their upside-down aspect makes them look attractive. This type of design is very user pleasant. It also comes with lots of adjustable drawers and container to sort away your groceries and make cleaning a wind!.

  • Triple Door/Multi Door Fridge

best Multi Door Refrigerator In IndiaThis type is one of the best and based on advances technologies. It is a modification of the best double door refrigerators, where you have more than two separate cells. 

However, it also comes with a combined art of side by side refrigerators with bottom freezer. It adds style to your rooms and has ample food and freezer space. Moreover, they consume more power but are more useful in comparison to the standard double door fridge.

  • Side by side/ French Refrigerator

Best Side By Side RefrigeratorThis type of side by side refrigerators come with a bigger and slimmer body. It includes a vertical freezer and looks like an convertible refrigerator. The main benefit of side by side appliance is the flexibility and availability of more space.

Each model comes with different features. However, it is also known as a “French door side refrigerators” that has a freezer on the left side or both sides. Or other models have a traditional refrigerator unit style on the right side. 

How To Choose The Best Refrigerator In India 2020?

How To Choose The Best Refrigerator In India
  • Capacity

The capacity of the refrigerator is the major factor that affects the choice of the people. Depending upon the family size and storage requirements look for the size and Liters capacity of the appliance you want to pick. A family of 3-4 members require a fridge with storage space range from 200 to 300 L; dual access door models serve as a better choice here.

Since it is energy saving appliance as frequent opening increase electricity consumption. On the other size, huge families must recommend going with a storage space of more than 300 L. This is one of the vital consideration to make.

Suitable ForCapacityDoor Type
1 person50 to 250 LitersSingle door
2 to 3 people250 to 300 LitersSingle door, Double door,
4 to 5 people280 to 350 LitersDouble or Three Door
6 or more people565 to 630 LitersFrench or side-by-side
  • The Appearance

Since the refrigerator is an essential appliance of the house, the finish and the style have a massive impact on the decore of your kitchen. Pick the best refrigerator with an exact look that blends with the interior of your kitchen.Best Refrigerator In India

Stainless steel is the most common pick by most of the families. Somehow refrigerator also comes with a black stainless finish, floral design patterns which gets difficult to blend with your kitchen. Plus, there are different style too like single door or double door refrigerators. 

  • Look for Energy Efficiency

Energy Star Rating Whenever you buy a new model or used, always look for the energy star rating label. It tells you how much power consumption your fridge will consume per unit. More the number of star rating, lesser the energy uses.

Typically, a 5-star refrigerator costs more than 2 star rating. But it is your lifetime investment at least for 10 years, so buying a good grade model will never harm you and cuts down the overall power consumption cost for the long run.

  • Defrosting Type

As the name shows, it is the system that needs removing the ice buildup inside the refrigerator. All fridges require cold air conditioner like circulation in their cells which are divided into 2 types – direct cool refrigerator and frost free technology. Let’s look at these types in detail below….

1. Direct Cool Refrigerator– This technology makes coolness by less power consumption method. It is often found in all single door freezers. As the process is natural, there is an uneven temp pattern due to which there is a form of ice beam.

There is no way you can control it. Under such condition, you feel the collection of frost in and around the freezer box. You have to press a button by yourself to defrost the ice.

2. Frost Free Refrigerator  – This frost free technology works on the law of even distribution of cool air inside the appliance by electric fans.

As there is no formation of ice, so there is no need for defrosting. However, it consumes more power than the other one but gives you more extended duration.

  • Inverter Technology

Inverter Technology is ruling the market nowadays. It works on the basic rule by optimizing the digital inverter compressor unit’s to stand accidental power cut. It optimizes the cooling method and makes it useful in the best manner. In general, the digital inverter compressors usually go for on and off site at regular periods which leads to more electricity bills.

However, with this idea and the compressor works at various speed levels to fit the required output. Inverter technology saves up to 20-40% of the power as compared to regular compressors.
Best Refrigerator

  • Dealing with power cut

Some high-end models come with this new method that enables them to keep food state even during the power cuts from 2 to 7 hours. If your appliance doesn’t have this feature, then it leads you to two kinds of problems.

– One is that the food gets spoil.

 – Other, your refrigerator can get harm due to extreme voltage fluctuations. 

Modern best refrigerator brands models in India like Samsung, Godrej, and Whirlpool come with this unique cooling technology.

Additional Features For Refrigerator

  • Touch and feel the experience

A fridge is something you end up touching every day. So before buying it, do not wait to get the feel of your choice. If you believe in buying online, it is advised to visit your nearby shop just to feel and see the actual look of your model.

  • Functional drawers & Shelves

Having flexible shelves and functional drawers features is helpful. They gave you comfort an ease to store the things gently. There are mainly three types of shelves –wired, acrylic and tempered glass. Among all of the tempered glasses are the most strong and approved. Multiple Drawer

On the other side – Single door Refrigerators come with two to three shelves. The Three door refrigerator comes with more number of frames so that you can put the food in a more organised way. Therefore, a fridge with more number of plates is favoured over those with less number of shelves.

  •  Water and Ice Dispenser

Water faucet gives a simple way to chill water anytime without opening the fridge. It is placed in the outside of the door. It assists cold water and ice without opening the refrigerator. However, it needs an endless supply of water.

  • Beep Alert

Some fridges issue a warning beep when the door stays open for too long or if it remains unclosed for any reason.

  • Built-in StabilizerStabilizer Free Operation

It is vital to keep the fridge shielded from voltage fluctuations. If you have an inbuilt stabiliser, you don’t have to buy a separate voltage stabiliser.

  • Reduced Noise Level

Always check the noise level of a refrigerator. A right appliance from a good brand does not make much noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Decide What Capacity Of Fridge I Should Buy?

If you are a bachelor, then 40 to 80 L is the right option for you. A refrigerator with a capacity of 80 to 240 Litres is ideal for small family and couples. If you have 4-5 family members, go for a fridge with a total of 240-400 litres. Refrigerators with a capacity of 400 L and above are ideal for joint families.

2. Do We Need An Extra Voltage Stabiliser For A Refrigerator?

Nowadays, refrigerators come with an inbuilt stabiliser that prevents electrical damage during voltage fluctuations. So, there is no need for extra voltage stabiliser.

3. How can I get rid of unpleasant odours in my refrigerator?

There are many different hacks you can try to remove the smell from your fridge and freezer –

  • Take a bowl of baking soda and put it inside your fridge and freezer and than close the door. Baking soda has an odour killing traits.
  • Use vinegar, and it helps in offsetting the bad smells.
  • Place a few parts of lemon and leave them inside your fridge and freezer. It will consume the all bad smell.
  • Clean the inside with a soft cleaning detergent or furniture cleaner.

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