Best OTG Oven in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best OTG Oven in India 2019

Are you looking for the Best OTG Oven and being confused about what should you buy?

The term ‘OTG’ refers to the Oven, Toaster and Griller. It is also known as the Oven Toaster Grillers in India. It is a small electric oven that is useful for reheating, baking, grilling and toasting. It takes less time to prepare delicious food.

Based on Market Research, we have prepared a buyer’s guide along with a list of 10 Best OTG Oven in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 OTG Ovens in India for Home

OTG OvenCapacityWatts
Bajaj Majesty 160316L1200
Wonderchef 6315214319L1280
Bajaj 2200 TMSS22L1200
Agaro Marvel Series M199L800
Lifelong16L 1200
Morphy Richards 18 RS18L1380
Prestige POTG19L1380
Prestige POTG 9 PC19L1380
Morphy Richards 18 RS18L1380
Prestige POTG 19 PCR19L1380

Which are the 10 Best OTG Oven in India for 2019?

1. Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (White)

Bajaj Majesty 1603
From INR 4,425.00 INR 2,799.00
Save INR 1,626.00 ( 37% )
(as of 27/06/2019 10:00 IST - Details)

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Bajaj OTG is the convection oven. You can use it for making crispy and crunchy toasts. Even, it is perfect for baking and grilling. It retains the authentic taste of the food. It comes with a powder coated body that is free from scratching, chipping and fading.

Bajaj toaster griller has a heatproof door handle. It will save your hands from burning while opening and closing the door. Its front panel has three separate dials for three different settings that are temperature, selector and 60 minutes timer function. It allows you to set all settings as per your food need. It includes an ergonomically designed grill that you can use to grill your food during cooking or you can use it to keep the food warm.

It is the Best OTG Oven in India 2019 for home.

Key Features

  • It comes with a powerful motor that consumes 1200 Watts of power. It will bake your food without using extra energy.
  • It has a unique stainless steel finish frame.
  • Its capacity is 16 litres that is enough for a small family.
  • It includes baking platter, griller rack and skew of rods, breadcrumb tray. You can bake your cakes and cookies in it. Its skew rod is ideal for cooking juicy kebabs.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty and an OTG with a high power can definetley be a great pick.
  • It has an automatic shut-off feature.
  • It comes with keep warm facility. It will keep your food hot for a long time.
  • It has Rotisserie. It is beneficial for roasting and barbecue meat.

  • It is portable. You can keep it anywhere in the kitchen.
  • Its control panel is user-freindly.

2. Wonderchef 63152143 19-Litre OTG (Black)

Wonderchef 63152143
From INR 5,000.00 INR 3,699.00
Save INR 1,301.00 ( 26% )
(as of 27/06/2019 10:00 IST - Details)

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Wonderchef 19-litre is the best kitchen appliance for grilling, baking and toasting. It is ideal for singles and couples. It comes with baking and grilling tray. It has an elegant chromed wire rack. You can make Tikkas and Pizzas. It is perfect for baking cookies and cakes, oil-free papads and rotis, meat and vegetables grilling.

Key Features

  • Its power consumption is 1280 Watts.
  • Its heating elements made of stainless steel.
  • It has a tempered glass window that is resistant to heat.
  • It comes with the temperature knob. You can set up to 250-degree celsius.
  • The Warranty is of 2 years on the product.

  • It can easily fit in your kitchen.
  • It comes with an auto shut-off timer.

3. Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22-Litre OTG (Black)

Bajaj 2200 TMSS
From INR 7,285.00 INR 4,699.00
Save INR 2,586.00 ( 35% )
(as of 27/06/2019 10:00 IST - Details)

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Bajaj TMSS is a medium-sized OTG Oven. It is a good choice for nuclear and joint families. It comes with a 22-litre capacity. You can reheat the food with ease. It is ideal for grilling, deep cooking, baking and toasting a large amount of food. Its stylish black colour looks attractive in your kitchen.

Bajaj 22-litre OTG comes with several accessories in it like griller rack, tong, baking plate. It has an efficient thermostat and 60-minute timer. You can set the temperature from 0 to 250 degrees.

Key Features

  • It has a unique selection switch. It enables you to set the different levels of heating modes as per your requirement.
  • Its wattage is 1200 Watts.
  • Its crumb plate will save your food from wastage as it collects bread crumbs that may fall during baking or grilling.
  • The Warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • It comes with extra long motorised rotisserie for barbeques.
  • It comes with the capacity of 22 litres.
  • It comes with a stainless steel body for effortless cleaning.

  • It is perfect for four to five family members.

4. Agaro Marvel Series M19 19-Litre Oven Toaster Griller with Rotisserie (Black)

Agaro Marvel Series M19

Agaro brings you a range of kitchen appliances that are feature rich and offer great value with lasting results.

Agaro OTG helps to prepare delicious foods through baking, grilling, toasting and rotisserie.

It comes in the list of Best OTG Oven in India Under 3000.

Key Features

  • It has compact and sophisticated body design with black matte finish body.
  • This OTG has a capacity of 19 litres with powerful 1280 watts heater.
  • It has a glass door along with an illuminated chamber.
  • It controls the temperature up to 250 C.
  • It has function knob that allows selecting modes for baking, toasting, grilling, and rotisserie.
  • You can set time up to 60 minutes as per recipe requirement.
  • It has four heating rods for better baking and grilling.
  • It comes with a tempered glass door and extra long power cord for easy access.
  • It is provided with one-year manufacturer warranty.

  • It is easy to clean and durable.
  • It will never emit a bad smell.

5. Lifelong 16L 1200-Watt Oven Toaster Griller (Black)

Lifelong 16L
From INR 3,499.00 INR 2,685.00
Save INR 814.00 ( 23% )
(as of 27/06/2019 10:00 IST - Details)

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Lifelong oven is portable. You can place it anywhere in the kitchen. It has a 0 to 60-minute cooking timer that you can set as per your liking. It saves your food from burning. Its front panel has a temperature knob that you can adjust as per your dish needs. It comes with the ergonomically designed grill. It will keep your food hot during cooking or even after cooking. Its matt finish body will double the decor of your kitchen.

Key Features

  • Its capacity is 16 litres. It has a huge space so you can place a large amount of food.
  • The Warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • Its power consumption is 1200 watts.
  • Its cooking and crumb tray will save your dishes from wastage.
  • Its grill rack and skew rods cleaning is simple.

  • It is compact and long-lasting.
  • It will fulfil your baking and grilling demands.

6. Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18-Litre Stainless Steel Oven Toaster Grill

Morphy Richards 18 RSS
From INR 5,715.00 INR 4,499.00
Save INR 1,216.00 ( 21% )
(as of 27/06/2019 10:00 IST - Details)

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Morphy Richards OTG is the wonderchef of the kitchen. It has convection technology that helps you to make crispy, crunchy and extra brownish toasts and sandwiches. It comes with multiple cooking capabilities like grilling, toasting and baking. It includes Rotisserie Rod set, Crumb and Baking tray, Wire rack, Tong, User Manual, customer care list and guarantee card.

Key Features

  • Its 18-litre capacity is suitable for two to three people.
  • The warranty is of 2 years on the product.
  • Its power consumption is 1380 Watts.
  • It comes with the superior stainless steel body. It circulates consistent heat during cooking.
  • Its Rotisserie is beneficial for roasting and grilling many delicacies.
  • It comes with a cooking timer and crumb tray that is easy to remove.

  • It is compatible to prepare the meal with a standard size dinner plate.
  • It has stylish silver finish.

7. Prestige POTG 19L 41463 1380-Watt Oven Toaster Grill (Red)

Prestige POTG 19L 41463
From INR 5,695.00 INR 3,924.00
Save INR 1,771.00 ( 31% )
(as of 27/06/2019 10:00 IST - Details)

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Prestige OTG lets you prepare lip-smacking delicacies like tikkas, kebabs, cakes, biscuits and much more. This OTG is capable of grilling, bake, toast and reheat the food.

Key Features

  • It comes in powder coated red colour body with 1380 Watts powerful motor.
  • Its capacity is 19 litres. It is suitable for 2-3 people.
  • It comes with a removable rod with two grips that helps in uniform heating.
  • It provides variable temperature control up to 250 degrees.
  • It has an ergonomically designed handle that stays cool irrespective of the temperature.
  • It has four high quality stainless steel heaters that give fast heat.
  • Its operating voltage is 230 volts and wattage is 1380W.
  • It comes with one year warranty.

  • Its convenient timer switch sets the system for precise cooking and saves energy.
  • It comes with full-size glass door for better display.

8. Prestige POTG 9 PC 800-Watt Oven Toaster Grill

Prestige POTG 9 PC
From INR 2,895.00 INR 2,171.00
Save INR 724.00 ( 25% )
(as of 27/06/2019 10:00 IST - Details)

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Prestige is one of the best toaster grills. It will serve you healthy meals within a few minutes. You can prepare homemade biscuits, cakes, Pizzas, Tikkas, Kebabs, Baked Vegetables and many more. It has a full-size glass door. It makes easier for you to monitor your food from outside.

Key Features

  • The warranty is of 1 year on the product
  • Its operating voltage is 230 Volts.
  • Its power consumption is 800 Watts.
  • Its capacity is 9 litres.
  • It is sufficient for two to three people.
  • It has a Temperature Control System with a Timer Switch.
  • It has a cool touch handle.
  • It comes with Enameled Baking Drop Down Crumb Tray and Grill Rack.
  • It has high-efficiency quartz heaters. It assures long-lasting performance.

  • Its cleaning process is easy.
  • It comes with user manual guide so that you can use it comfortably.
  • It has power on indicator.

9. Bajaj 1000 TSS 10-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Silver / Black)

Bajaj 1000 TSS
From INR 3,575.00 INR 2,159.00
Save INR 1,416.00 ( 40% )
(as of 27/06/2019 10:00 IST - Details)

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Bajaj 10-litre is another best oven toaster griller. It is beneficial for cooking the entire menu. It will serve you tasty recipes in minimal time. It is ideal for nuclear families. It is user-friendly and energy efficient too. You can defrost your frozen meals and bake your cakes and cookies in it. It includes cooking and pizza tray, skewer rods and tong.

Key Features

  • It consumes 800 Watts of power.
  • It comes with the stainless steel body that easily cleans in less time.
  • The warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • It has a 60-minute timer and auto shut off. It will save your food from burning.
  • Its cavity material will protect your toaster oven from rust.
  • It will save your time and energy.
  • It thermostat range is of 0 to 250 degree.

  • It is best for hassle-free cooking.
  • You can make 10 inch pizza with ease.

10. Prestige POTG 19 PCR 1380-Watt Oven Toaster Grill (Black)

Prestige POTG 19 PCR
From INR 5,395.00 INR 3,879.00
Save INR 1,516.00 ( 28% )
(as of 27/06/2019 10:00 IST - Details)

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Prestige OTG is one of the popular OTG toasters in India. It will serve you healthy meals with ease. You can prepare pizzas, kebabs, tikka, bread, baked vegetables and biscuits.

Prestige oven comes with removable rotisserie heating element, two grips and five heating position. Its rotisserie function rotates automatically and it gives uniform heat to grill the meat and vegetables perfectly. It has a facility of Temperature Control and Timer that allows you to set the cooking time up to 250 degrees. It helps in saving energy.

Key Features

  • It comes with the powerful motor of 1380 Watts.
  • Its operating voltage is 230 volts.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Its capacity is 19 litres.
  • It comes with Robust Stay Cool Handle. It ensures safe and easy operations.
  • It comes with Enameled Baking Sliding Crumb Tray and Steel Wire Rack.
  • It has a full-size glass door that is good for easy cleaning.
  • It has a powder coated outer body for the sturdiness.
  • It has 4 highly efficient heaters that are best for super fast cooking.
  • It comes with user manual guide that you can read if you face any problem while operating this.

  • It is safe and easy to operate.
  • It is ideal for 2-3 members family.
  • It’s versatile and has a lot of cooking options.

Most Popular OTG Oven Brands in India

  • Agaro
  • Bajaj
  • Lifelong
  • Morphy Richards
  • Prestige
  • Wonderchef

How to Choose the Best OTG Oven?

You should consider the OTG Oven Toaster Grill buying guide before buying the Best OTG Ovens for your home.

Size and Capacity

You should choose the oven size according to your family. As every OTG come with different capacity. This following table will help you to choose the right size.

Family SizeCapacity
2 to 3 members15 to 20 Litres
4 members26 Litres
More than 460 Litres


You should choose the wattage between 800 to 1200 Watts. High wattage ovens will serve you meals faster. Bajaj 22-litre OTG gives the best cooking experience. Its power consumption is 1200 Watts. It has auto shut off feature so it will save your electricity.

Ease Of Maintenance

Always choose powder coated body that is easy to clean, operate and maintain.

Brand & Warranty

You get a better warranty mostly from well-known brands. Bajaj, Prestige, Lifelong, American Micronic, Morphy Richards are the top brands of OTG ovens. It comes with two years warranty.

Auto Cook Menu

You should check auto cook menu feature as it ensures automatic cooking. You just have to set the power and timer. Rest of the function it controls itself.

Temperature control

It is an essential feature for an oven toaster grill. You can set a different temperature as per your needs. It will save your food from overheating.

Tray holder

It is the best accessory of the OTG toaster griller. It ensures that your meals will never fall down. It will serve you hot and scrumptious recipes.

Grill Rack

OTG microwave comes with a grill rack. It is useful for grilling chicken and fish. You can use it for preparing cookies, muffins, kababs, chicken and paneer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Use an OTG Oven for Heating the food?

Yes, you can use it for reheating the food. As it gives consistent heat to warm the food quickly. It will freshen up your food. It will also keep them away from the bad smell.

Can I Use Stainless Steel Containers in OTG?

No, you shouldn’t use in OTG. It will stick your container on the base plate. Always use high quality microwave pans otherwise, you may feel the bad smell.

Can I use Aluminium utensils in OTG oven?

You can use any non-breakable glass, aluminium. It is safe to use. It will never lose the performance of the OTG.

What is the difference between a microwave and OTG oven?

OTG is an Oven-Toaster-Griller that is used for baking toasting and grilling. It is light in weight. You can place it anywhere. Whereas, Microwave is heavy in size. It is of various types like Solo Microwave Oven that is ideal for heating the food. Grill Microwave ovens are perfect grilling, heating, baking and toasting, etc.

Below table helps you to find the right difference between these two:

Convection Microwave OvenOTG Oven
It consumes less electricity.It consumes more electricity.
It cooks faster.It takes more time to cook food.
Auto cook Options are available.Not available.
It bakes food normally.It bakes better and crisper food.
Its cost is high.It is cheap.

What foods can we cook in OTG oven?

You can use the it for grilling pizza, barbecue, baking cakes, cookies and toasting sandwiches.

Is a Microwave or OTG Best for Grilling Chicken, or Should I go for a Convection oven?

Well all of them come with grill function as OTG oven comes with Rotisserie function and convection mode that is especially useful for grilling chicken and kababs. So, you should buy an OTG Oven for your kitchen. It will fulfil all your non-veg cravings.

Which is Best Microwave or OTG Oven?

OTG bakes better than a convection microwave but, at the same time, it cannot be used to heat/defreeze food.

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