Best Inverters for Home Use in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best inverters
In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Luminous Zelio+ 1100

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Inverter

2. Microtek Ups 24Ã7 Hb

Microtek UPS Inverter

3. Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter

Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter

An inverter is a basic need in India due to regular power cuts. In India, the power crashes or cuts range from 2 to 4 hours in many cities. And around 8 to 9 hours in towns and villages. Often the power failure disturbs in summers where it gets difficult to pass a day without light. It makes the problem insist for long hours; thus, it leads us to the need for backup.

However, whether you live in a great site or area, an inverter becomes the basic need of every house. It makes life less tired and solves the upshots of frequent cuts. 

If you are thinking of buying an inverter for home before summer, then you hit the right page. An inverter comes in various sorts and unique details that make the buying a complex task.

So we’re here to help you buy the Best Inverter In India. We’ve made an effort to list down the ten inverter for home in this post. Plus, we highly advise you to read our buying located towards the bottom of this post. 

Top 10 Inverter For Home

 InverterCapacityInverter Type
Luminous Zelio+ Luminous Zelio+ 1100 900 VAPure Sine Wave
Microtek Ups 24Ã7 Microtek Ups 24Ã7 950VAPure Sine Wave
Luminous Cruze 2KVA Luminous Cruze 2KVA 2000 VASine Wave
V-Guard Prime V-Guard Prime 1000 VAPure Sine Wave
Microtek Inverter Microtek Inverter UPS EB 700 VA Square Wave
V-Guard Smart Pro V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 2000 VAPure Sine Wave
Luminous Eco Luminous Eco 650 VAPure Sine Wave
V-Guard V-Guard 1450 Inverter 1200 VAModified Sine Wave
Luminous Zolt Luminous Zolt Sine Wave 900 VA Pure Sine Wave
Exide Technologies Exide Technologies 850 VAPure Sine Wave

Which Are The Top 10 Best Inverters In India For Home Use 2020?

1. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Inverter

Product Description

Capacity: 900 VA/ 756 WInverter: Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage: 220V – 230VInput Power: 110V – 265V
Inverter Battery: Flat Plate, SMF, TubularSound Level: Noiseless
Weight: 10 KgWarranty: 2 Years
Backup: 8 hrs
Extra Features: Smart LED, In-built MCB

This Luminous Zelio + 1100 is a pure sine wave inverter that can be used as both inverter and UPS. It supports a single 12 V inverter battery power and gives you a capacity of 900 VA. This inverter is capable of running a load of 3 CFL, 3 Tube light, 3 Ceiling fans, 1 Tv, 1 Air cooler. This smart inverter comes with an intuitive LED smart display. It shows all the essential indications on its screen.

The best thing about Luminous Zelio, that surprises you is its strength to protect all your devices. It consists of an inbuilt MCB to stop short circuits. It has a 32 bit DSP processor that acts as a inverter battery control set-up. The battery also guards it against huge charging.

This device also supports an almost complete types of batteries, i.e. Tubular, Flat & VRLA (SMF). It is a high-rated inverter that comes with a bypass switch. It allows the mains to be free to the devices, without having any changes in the wiring. Thanks to its silent operation, so you can carry on your work without getting disturbed.



2. Microtek Ups 24Ã7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sine Wave Inverter

Microtek UPS Inverter

Product Description

Capacity: 950 VA/ 760 WInverter Class: Pure Sine Wave
Charging Current: 10 AmpsInput Power: 230V/50 Hz
Inverter Battery: Tubular & Flat PlateBattery System: 12 VDC
Weight: 10 KgBattery life: 3 hrs
Extra Features: Digital screen, Auto restart, Bypass Switch

For the next-gen, Microtek inverter range of UPS 24 X 7 is the best choice. Based on a Hybrid technology that makes it a perfect combination of Digital & Sinewave. This inverter ensures you a noiseless performance, quick charging, and longer inverter battery life. It is a premium quality inverter made of plastic in grey colour. However, it comes with many traits such as an in-built bypass switch, IBGM (Intelli Battery Gravity Management) technology.

Moreover, this smart inverter comes with an advanced 7 segment digital display that indicates input and output voltage. It also provides you with an energy saving mode that assures high play. Yet, this inverter comes with a 12 VDC battery system with 950 VA rated capacity and 760 W output power. With this inverter, you can run all your electronics devices and stops changes.



3. Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter with RC 18000 Battery

Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter

Product Description

Capacity: 2000VA/ 24VInverter: Sine Wave
Max. Bulb Load: 1680 WBattery Capacity: 12V/ 150 Ah
Battery: Tall TubularBody Material: Sealed Plastic Housing
Weight: 20 KgWarranty: 36 months
Extra Features: 2 Combo batteries, Bypass switch

In summers, the inverter is much required to survive the power cuts. Luminous Cruze 2Kva with 150 Recharge battery will stand out at your expectations. It offers high quality and safe power supply for running delicate appliances. It is the best sine wave inverter that holds two 150Ah batteries. They are made out of low antimony alloy that needs little care. It also has a best tolerance power. The inverter is specially designed for areas with frequent power cuts.

Along with this, the tubular battery plate provides trouble-free service. However, this durable inverter protects from short circuit and deep charging etc. Also, its noiseless work helps you to have a relaxed sleep. With this inverter say no to fumes and pollution.



4. V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS

V-Guard Prime 1150 inverter

Product Description

Capacity: 1000VA/800WInverter: Pure Sine Wave
Input: 230V, 50Hz, 1PRecharge Time: 8-12 hrs
Battery: Tubular, Flat Plate, SMFBody Material: High grade ABS
Weight: 9.4 KgWarranty: 2 years
Extra Features: Automatic overload sensing, Less than 45 db noise level

V-Guard 1150 is a smart DUPS with best in the class play. Equipped with water surpass  alert that tells you for battery filling to avoid the failure. This product fits with all batteries types – tubular, flat plate, SMF. It also has user selectable output voltages button through that you can change the power supply of your inverter. This inverter helps you to run appliances like TV, mixie, fridge, coolers, music system, chimneys, fans etc. Its battery gravity builder boasts its health to ensure long backup.

The Prime 1150 is a digital based inverter that comes with mute sign options and visual and audio signs. Its graphic LED screen icons on the front board shows each function. Featuring water surpassing reminder, main modes, battery charging, low back up and more. Plus, you can also get a quiet reading without being interrupted by its mute alarm option.



5. Microtek Inverter UPS EB 800 (700VA) Inverter

Microtek Inverter UPS EB

Product Description

Capacity: 700VA/ 588WInverter: Square Wave
Voltage: 100-300 V X 180-230VFrequency: 10.5-14.2 x 50 Hz
Battery Class: Lead Acid batteriesBody Material: Plastic, Metal
Weight: 8 KgWarranty: 2 Years
Backup Time: 8 hrs
Extra Features: Digital display, Run heavy appliances

If you are looking for a home inverter, then this Microtek is an ideal fit. With this inverter, you can run fans, lights, computers, a more heavy application. It is a pure  square wave with complete firm performance. The solid plastic and metal body make it rustproof and shockproof.

It urges low maintenance. It is the best device for all sensitive and heavy electronics. The inverter is also quite an energy useful. It comes with a microcontroller-based design that allows you to switch from mains to UPS and UPS to mains. However, it is capable of handling load up to 5 fans, 5 lights, and 2 Tvs. The LED screen tells you all the status of the battery, and in case there are any errors.



6. V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity Digital Sinewave UPS

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200

Product Description

Capacity: 2000 VA/ 800 WInverter: Pure Sine Wave
Voltage: 90 V – 295 VFrequency: 47 – 53 Hz
Battery Style: Flat Plate, SMF, TubularBody Material: ABS Plastic
Weight: 9 KgWarranty: 2 Years
Backup Hours: 8 hrs
Extra Features: Graphical LED, Topping Reminder

Introducing the smart Bluetooth inverter. This wise Pro 1200 is India’s first advance DUPS that works as per your needs. It can be controlled by V guard mobile app. The features app includes is a mode to run loads up to 1000 W (electronic iron, coffee maker, toaster) etc. You can also check the backup hour, different ways, and power cuts.

So with this inverter power cut’s won’t be any problem to your lifestyle. This output runs almost all your home applications. The fantastic water surpassing reminder enhances the life of V-Guard Smart Pro.

Moreover, you can switch to the turbo charge mode to charge the battery faster. It also provides a fix charging point on the front side, to charge your smartphone.



7. Luminous Eco Watt Inverter 650 VA/12V for Home

Luminous ECO Watt Inverter

Product Description

Capacity: 650 VA/ 504 WInverter Type: Square Wave
Power Consumption: 352W – 387WInput Power: 12V/120Ah – 150 Ah
Battery Style: Flat Plate, Tubular, SMFBody Material: Solid Plastic
Weight: 7 KgBattery life: 8 hrs
Extra Features: Support Single Battery, Three Stage Charging, Eco & UPS mode

Luminous is a reliable brand for providing a wide range of products. The Luminous Eco Watt + 650 is a square wave home UPS inverter. Designed with a simple and user friendly interface. The company makes it easier to maintain batteries and inverter without any worry. It is a highly efficient home UPS model that fulfils the power backup calls. This smart inverter also enhances battery life by up to 70%.

Although, it is an active inverter built with smart PCB program, microprocessor and FSW transformer. It also has an extra load holding limit that can run more load than other UPS. Plus, its intelligent thermal control set-up shuts down the inverter in case of overheating. It is a smart device come with 3 stage charging system that offers safe & fast charging.



8. V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave 1450 Inverter

V Guard Sine Wave Inverter

Product Description

Capacity: 1200 VAInverter Type: Modified Sine Wave
Input Power: 90 V – 295 VUPS Frequency: 47 -53 Hz
Battery: Tubular & Flat PlateBody Material: Solid Plastic
Weight: 10 KgBattery life: 8 hrs
Extra Features: Normal/High voltage mode, Water topping alert

Here’s another product from V-Guard that assures you primeness by all means. The all new Sinewave 1450 inverter is one of the nicest inverters of its kind. It ensures lesser energy using and offers higher backup for a longer period. It has a high charge handling skill. However, the battery gravity builder provides over and huge charging protection.

V-Guard-1450 come equipped with average/high voltage modes for different outputs. With this inverter, you enjoy the ease of an auto battery fill note. Another vital point that adds this product to our list is its digital signal controller. It is designed to assure you of the pure sinewave outcome.



9. Luminous Zolt 1100V Inverter Sine Wave Home UPS

Luminous Zolt Inverter

Product Description

Capacity: 900 VA/ 756 WInverter Type: Pure Sine Wave
Input V: 110 V – 265 VOutput Frequency: 50 Hz +/-2Hz
Battery Set: Flat Plate, SMF, TubularBody Material: High Grade ABS Plastic
Weight: 10 KgBattery life: 3 hrs
Product Warranty: 2 Years
Extra Features: LCD Display, 32 bit DSP Processor

Introducing another product from Luminous, the Zolt 1100V, a sine wave UPS/Inverter. It provides a rare layer of quality backup. Zolt is a powerful inverter come equipped with external MCB that protects your appliances against faults. You can also operate this inverter in dual mode eco and UPS. The UPS mode ensures the safety of devices like computer. While with ECO mode voltage range is increased and battery usage is decreased.

It is an intelligent machine that shows all the work at its digital LCD. The presence of a fault also occurs at its screen. It is a superior model with 32 bit DSP processor, equipped in the heart that enables the quick charging rate and gives you maximum performance. It also assures the safety of sensitive applications. This black colour inverter improves the running load of up to 75%. With an in-built alarm control system, warns you about short circuit, battery heating, wrong wiring, and more.



10. Exide Technologies 850Va Pure Sinewave Home Ups Inverter

Exide Inverter

Product Decription

Capacity: 850 VA/ 580 WInverter Type: Pure Sine Wave
Input Voltage: 180 V – 260 VOutput Frequency: 50 Hz +/-1Hz
Battery Style: Flat Plate & TubularBody Material: ABS Plastic
Weight: 11 KgBattery life: 3 hrs
Extra Features: 32 bit DSP Processor, Eco & UPS mode, External MCB

Exide is a long lasting brand that offers quality appliances to the Indian market from years. Inverters and their batteries made by this company bond the customers with their best services. This selected model also has some advance traits that make it perfect for any home.

This inverter comes with the best digital signal processor (DSP) with a high speed microprocessor. Plus, it will ensure excellent power backup. It also has an LCD screen that makes easy to keep a sign about the inputs and outputs.

On equaling it with other models, it seems that it has a maximum load capacity of 580W. It is a safe inverter that keeps your devices protected from short circuits. Thanks to its electrolyte level sensor that shows and reminds you when there is less water level in the battery.



Types Of Inverters

Best InverterAre you thinking of buying the best inverter or updating your old ones? Whatever the reason is, it is very vital to choose the right device. The power need in your home must be separate from your neighbour’s. So don’t just wildly fix or buy the product.

Before jumping to its buying guide, let us understand the basis of an inverter. The device that converts DC into AC is called an inverter. It is used to convert DC to variable AC. This change depends on the size of the voltage, no. of phases, cycle and phase difference.

For every order, we describe our results for in belief. This is done to give better insight. Here we list of types inverter based on their output points.

So there are 3 different types- 

  • The Square Wave Inverter 

Best Square wave InverterA square wave is one of the easiest types, that turns a good DC signal to AC signal. But the output is not true AC. On the other side, they are the cheapest and simplest types. It can give the power back up to insensitive things such as fans and lights. 

  • The Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Modified Sine Wave Inverter The making of this type is a bit more complicated than a simple square wave. But it is still a lot easier than a pure sine wave. The modified wave inverters give the key to AC devices. It works well with most of the machines. But for some devices, it is less useful. Overall they are cheaper than pure sine waves. 

  • The Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Sine Wave Inverter It is far more costly than both other inverters. But this type is an ideal choice for one looking for high power devices such as TV and computer. It has far better energy power and also uses less power. The solid-state allows it to run many appliances by changing as per power mode. 

How To Choose The Best Inverter In India For Home Use?

Best Inverter In India

In this part of this article, we have mentioned some major factors that you choose the right one according to your needs.

  • Know Your Power Requirement 

One of the main factors that you must think first before buying an inverter, whether for your home or office. Choice of the best inverter often depends on the power consumption. In simple words, what devices you want to run at the time of power cut (like a fan, tube light, TV, CFL, etc.).

Power consumed by appliances –

AppliancesPower (Watts)
Mixer Grinder350
Induction Cooker1000 – 1500

So now guess if 2 fans, 2 tube lights, 1 CFL, and 1 Tv is working at the time of power cut. Then the total power need would be ( 2 x 90 + 2 x 45 + 1 x 25 + 1 x 150) = 445 Watts power. So you need an inverter that can hold 445 watts power. Hence we advise you to use fewer appliances during the power cut for a better and lasting life of the inverter.

  • Check the inverter capacity

The inverter range serves how many devices you want to use for hours, and how much it can provide. The capacity of an inverter, as a rule, measured in Volt-Amp (VA). It is the basic rule – the larger the capacity, the more the number of devices you can use.

The formula through which you can count is – Total Power load / Power factor.

For Example, as we have mentioned above the power requirement of 445 W.

So the needed VA would be 445/ 0.8 = 556.25 VA. Hence, better consider 800 to 900 VA inverters to fill your needs. 

Example Note: In general domestic use, power factors are considered as 0.7 to 0.8. Here 0.7 is super safe, and 0.8 is fair.
  • Type Of Batteries

The battery is the central part of your inverter. As it stores power for long hours, it acts as a backup. It is better to get a larger size battery to have a relaxed sleep on summer nights. There are three types of battery in the market.

1. Flat Plate Battery

This battery type is a lead-acid battery. It is most define to heat. These types of sets are light in weight and cheap. They have rechargeable nature and produce a large amount of flow. However, if you live in an area where power cut is a common issue, then opting for this battery for your inverter might be right.

2. Tubular Battery

This battery is well known in India. They come with tricky design, long life of 8+ years that delivers superb show. It also needs low resources to work and is easy to maintain. Overall, it is safe and doesn’t produce any lousy air.

3. Maintenance Free Battery

As the name hints, these types of batteries are maintenance free battery. It kills the need of filling distilled water. You can even call it ‘Gel Battery‘. Plus it creates a current by its gel. Also, they are safer than other batteries.

  • Battery Size 

Once you pick the type inverter and battery, now its time of look at its size. So how to start this? Well, just start by sizing your inverter. The capacity of the battery size is held in Ah (Amp-Hour). It refers to the amount of current provided by battery for a fixed time.

Let’s take a case – a 1000 Ah battery can fulfil around 1000 amp in an hour. You can calculate the battery size by using this formula:- 

Inverter VA x Usage time (in hours) / input power = Battery size. 

Now let’s take 556 VA inverter for 6 hours backup then it would be – 556 VA x 6 hrs = 3,336 Ah. 

Battery size is also usually served in Ah value. This tells us how much energy can use a battery store. However, it offers an input of 12 volts. So then it would be – 3,336 Ah/12V =278 Ah. As per the case, battery start from 250Ah can be the right choice. 

  • Material Quality

The significant factor you should always check. The material quality doesn’t mean by a just interior, but the exterior as well. You might be thinking why to look for its outer material. Well, if the product doesn’t have a robust outer surface, then it got the rust fast. And also slow down the life of your inverter. So it could be best if you look after its material and keep your device clean to extend its life. 

  • Bypass Switch 

With an inverter, there is always a chance to face issues like a blown a fuse or overload. These results can affect the role of your inverter. So this is why ‘Bypass Switch’ is essential. It allows the users to bypass the UPS usual work in case of high fault states. Here, the power does not pass directly through an inverter, so it gives you some time to fix the issue. 

  • Earthing and other issues 

Before buying a one, make sure to check the wiring and earthing of your house. This will helps in limiting undesired events. Wiring of the house gives an electric backup to all your appliances. Never move the battery or inverter with wet hands and keep it out of the range of pets and kids. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Will The Battery Run?

The higher the ampere, the longer your battery will last. Suppose your battery has a 90-hour amp rating. You will be able to run 400 Watts load for approx 2 hours.

2. Is It Possible to Operate a Microwave on the inverter?

Yes. You can run your microwave on the inverter. They can be powered by both pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverter. However, choose the right capacity of the inverter and battery. It can help you to take the load of a microwave. For Example, the microwave of 800 W uses more than 1200 W through 230 V system. 

3. How should I maintain my inverter?

There are some maintenance tips to improve the life of your device – 

  • Must use a well-aired area and make sure the proper fitting.  
  • Use the inverter daily.
  • If there is little a cut, then discharge the battery once.
  • Keep the battery ends corrosion and rust-free.
  • Keep the cover and sides of the battery clean and dust-free.
  • Avoid the over-charging. It may destroy the device.
  • Do regular inspection to keep an eye on your inverter and battery health. 

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