Best Inverter Battery for Home Use in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Inverter Battery in India 2019

In areas with regular power cuts, an inverter keeps a lot of importance. But, an inverter is nothing without a battery.

Inverter Battery supplies power to the inverter. Further, the inverter provides this power to the electrical appliances.

It is a vital part of an inverter. An inverter battery helps in the smooth working of an inverter.

Based on the Market Research, we have prepared a list of Best Inverter Battery in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our Inverter Batteries buying guide located at the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Inverter Batteries 2019

Inverter BatteryCapacityWarranty
Amaron CR 150 Ah2 Years
Exide IP1500 150 Ah2 Years
Luminous ILTT 18048N 150 Ah5 Years
Exide IMTT1500 150 Ah3 Years
Amaron CR165TT 150 Ah4 Years
Luminous RC18000ST 150 Ah3 Years
Exide Insta Brite 150 Ah3 Years
Luminous ILTT 26060 220 Ah5 Years
Luminous RC 18000 150 Ah3 Years
Luminous EC 18036 150 Ah3 Years

Which are the Top 10 Best Inverter Batteries in India 2019?

1. Amaron CR 150AH Inverter Battery

Amaron Inverter Battery

Amaron is a well-known brand that manufactures inverter batteries in India. Amaron Inverter 150ah Tall Tubular Battery can give you an instant supply. It is one of the ideal Maintenance Free Batteries that are easy to operate. With this high-quality battery, you can run LED Lights, two to three fans at a single time.

This Amaron Battery is one of the Best Inverter Batteries available in the market that lets you will enjoy a flawless performance, as its battery includes an ultra modified hybrid alloy / high-heat resistant calcium for zero maintenance. It is a technologically advanced home inverter UPS battery that is a good one for Indians who suffers from the regular outage.

Key Features

  • It requires 12 volts to operate.
  • It has a battery capacity of 150 AH.
  • This battery comes with a warranty of 24 months.
  • It is best to fit for all kind of inverters.
  • It will give you a completely hassle-free experience.
  • It comes with dual handles for secure handling.

  • Its high heat tolerance capability makes it perfect for summers.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It has a sturdy body.
  • It gives the flawless job done.
  • It is highly enduring.
  • It has an affordable cost.
  • Its working is long-lasting.

2. Exide Inva Plus 150Ah Battery

Exide Inva Plus Inverter Battery

It is the Best Inverter Battery for long power-cut. Its body is of plastic with lead-acid material. Lead Acid Technology is used in Exide batteries to make them long-lasting. It is the leading battery manufacturing in India.

The great point of the Inva Plus is that it protects the battery from rust for maximum output and lower maintenance. It has a unique system of hybrid-alloy to withstand all weather conditions. It is the best performer of its class.

It is a perfect inverter battery that will never face any problem during a power outage. It is suitable for home, commercial and industrial use.

Key Features

  • It comes with a battery capacity of 150 Ah.
  • The Warranty is of 2 year on the product.
  • Its dimensions are of 60 x 25 x 40 cm.
  • It has a balanced plate design and a sturdy handle.
  • It supports the inverter of 800 VA and above.

  • It is an outstanding battery from Exide with high-quality performance.
  • It comes with high durability.
  • It is great option for home and office use.
  • It is available at an affordable price.

3. Luminous ILTT18048N 150Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous 18048N Battery

Luminous provides the handiest Home UPS Inverter Batteries in the Indian market. This Inverlast ILTT tubular battery sorts the issue of the power shortage at your home. It is an Inverter Battery designed to withstand long power-cut. You will get instant brightness. There is no need to face sweating during a power outage.

It is one of the Best Inverter Batteries that offer level indicators for easy maintenance. This 150ah tubular battery has flexible and extra intense oxidation-resistant gauntlet. This home UPS battery gives compelling performances and enhances the lifespan of the product. It minimises the risk of short-circuits due to the Puncture-resistant polyethene separator.

Key Features

  • It comes with a capacity of 150 AH.
  • Its input supply is 12 Volts.
  • It has a connection for the internal partition that ensures low inter resistance.
  • It comes with 60 months warranty.
  • The acid volume is 30% higher than other batteries.
  • It has thick battery plates that are for areas with frequent electricity failures.
  • It is corrosion-free.
  • It has no chances of short-circuiting.

  • It is slim and lightweight.
  • It is designed for use with a home UPS system.
  • It is a long-lasting battery.
  • It is leakage resistant.
  • It has no impact on overcharging.
  • It is a rust-free product.
  • It is more durable.

4. Exide Technologies Inva Master Tall IMTT1500 150Ah

Exide Technologies Tall IMTT1500 150Ah

This 150ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery from Exide is another powerful Inverter Battery. It is a standard range of inverter battery that delivers optimum performance even in extreme temperatures. It is the best choice for home purpose. It comes with a clean top surface that ensures no leakage of water. With long battery backup, it gives long-running battery backup in case of power failures.

This Exide range of tall tabular batteries can withstand high power outage or voltage fluctuations. It is made of high-quality material that makes it more long-running. It is a blend of high-end performance and built-in design. Therefore, it has all the capabilities that make it worth buying.

Key Features

  • It weighs 56.5 Kg.
  • It comes in the multicoloured body.
  • Its dimension is 435(L)X187(W)X416(H).
  • Its battery capacity is 150 Ah.
  • It comes with a tall tubular battery.
  • It has 20% more electrolyte that makes it capable of confronting electricity cuts.
  • It is suitable for deep discharge.
  • It has a tubular plate design.
  • It is a quality deep cycle battery that has 1000 Cycles at 80 % dod.

  • It is shock-proof.
  • It is the perfect for home usage.
  • It comes with thicker plates.
  • It requires low maintenance cost.
  • It comes with molded handles that make it easy to handle and carry.
  • It comes with a warranty of 36 months.

5. Amaron 165 Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron Inverter Battery

It is an excellent battery from Amaron. It offers easy charging facility with the highest reserve capacity for a constant supply. It is one of the Maintenance Free Tall Tubular Batteries that require zero maintenance cost.

It comes with all the latest techniques to make your investment-worthy. It is suitable for running 2 LED lights or standard lights, three fans simultaneously. It has a super vent design for spill protection. It is made up of metal and plastic to prevent it from corrosion.

This Inverter Battery can be operated with all types of inverter. It is a worthy and the best device to purchase because it is durable and has the grids of high heat-resistant calcium.

Key Features

  • It comes with a capacity of 165 Ah.
  • It consumes 24 volts for working.
  • It comes with a warranty of 48 months.
  • Its dimensions are of 27 x 37 x 30 cm.
  • This battery comes with pressurised spine casting.

  • It provides a good warranty.
  • It provides fast charging.
  • It is one of the best choices for a home requirement.
  • It is rust-proof and has a pan-optic spine.
  • It is less prone to lose water.

What we didn’t like

  • It contains low lead reserve.

6. Luminous RC18000ST 150 AH Battery

Luminous Inverter Battery

Luminous is a grand brand for Inverter Batteries in India. This Pure Sine Wave Inverter Battery is available at an affordable price in India. It is much reliable and gives the best performance. With 150 AH battery, you can run two-three lights or LED, fans for long hours as per need. It requires a technical person to install the battery. Its spill-proof design comes with a water level indicator and battery charge indicator.

It has been designed with rugged tubular plates to lessen the maintenance cost. It is ideal for extended power cut areas as the battery has the best overcharge tolerance.

Key Features

  • It needs the energy of 150 Ah.
  • It consumes 12 volts for operation.
  • It comes with robust tubular-plates.
  • The Warranty is of 3 years on the product.
  • It supports from 600 VA to 900 VA.
  • It is best suited for Indian homes.
  • It has great overcharge limit.
  • It is a sine wave type of battery.
  • It has hassle-free water level maintenance.

  • Its backup of power is good.
  • It provides long service.

What we didn’t like

  • Its installation needs an expert.

7. Exide 150Ah New Insta Brite Inverter Battery

Exide Inverter Battery

Exide is a trusted brand for inverter batteries in India. Exide has a name & fame in the Indian market. Exide 150ah New Instabrite Inverter Battery comes with a capacity of 150 AH. It uses advanced technology to withstand with thick plate construction and high temperatures. It provides a Float Guide to notify the electrolyte level for easy handling.

This Exide Inverter Battery comes with a Spill-Proof Moulded Handles, Top Vented Lid with Coin Flush Vent Plugs and Anti Splash Guard to keep the battery safe from leakage and fumes. Exide 150Ah Inverter Battery has high-quality and is long-lasting. It will save you from scorching heat during long power-cuts in summer.

Key Features

  • It comes with a warranty of 36 months.
  • It has spill-proof handles.
  • Its hybrid technology ensures the low loss of water & dual plate separation. It is best suited to resist high temperature.
  • It can handle deep discharge conditions.
  • It comes with a Spark Arrestor fitted in the float that restricts fumes & acid spills.
  • Its operating voltage is of 12 Volts.

  • It has a handy top vented-lid.
  • It doesn’t produce any flame or acid throughout the working.
  • It has a clean-top with no surface leakage.
  • It is the preferable model among home users.
  • It comes with a Hybrid-Alloy System that assures lesser chances of premature failure.

8. Luminous ILTT26060 220Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous Battery

This Inverter Battery has spine alloy composition & high purity to enhance battery life. It uses the most advanced techniques to make the battery highly durable. Its Oxidation Resistance feature saves the battery from air & rain to save it from rust.

It is the Best Battery for Inverters that can give a large amount of constant power. Luminous Inverlast uses the Tubular-Plate technique to improve charge-acceptance. With more technical advances, it gives you wonderful results.

Key Features

  • It consumes 220Ah of energy.
  • It needs 12 volts of power.
  • The Warranty is of 5 year on the product.
  • It is suitable for the places having high power-cut off.
  • It charges at a fast rate.
  • Its working is long-lasting.
  • It has durable battery plates.
  • It supports from 600 VA to 10 KVA.
  • It is a compact and portable body.
  • It has a lesser chance of short-circuiting.
  • It can replace with a warranty if any issue will found.
  • It is more durable with sealed plastic housing.

  • It is easy to refill.
  • It has a low antimony alloy.
  • Its compact and portable design makes it a good choice for a home usage.
  • It is rust-proof.

9. Luminous RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

Luminous Tall Tubular Battery

Luminous is the most trusted brand for inverter batteries in India. These tall tubular batteries are designed for power supply. It has Corrosion-resistant lead. It has a good uniform grain structure that is void-free.

These battery models have a puncture-resistant to reduce the chances of short-circuits. It gives a versatile gauntlet for better and higher performance. The tubular battery faces minimal internal short-circuits with the Polyethene separator. It has a super fine grain structure with robust spine technology.

Key Features

  • It needs an energy supply of 150 Ah.
  • It needs the electric supply of 12 volts.
  • It is a long-lasting battery with a sealed plastic case.
  • It has a superb deep charge recovery.
  • It provides a quick charging.
  • With 80% depth of discharge (DOD), it can perform 1250 cycles.
  • It is ideal for places with frequent power cuts.
  • Its dimensions are 52 x 23 x 32 cm.
  • The warranty is of 3 year on the product.
  • The patented alloy composition protects the lead element from corrosion.
  • Its VA rating is 600 VA – 10 KVA.
  • It is protected from short-circuits.

  • It provides a longer backup time for your home.
  • It allows you to run tube lights, LED, ceiling fan, television, etc.
  • It reduces power consumption.
  • It is shock-proof.
  • It is heat-resistant.
  • It is much durable.
  • It can accept deep discharging in areas with an extended power cut.

What we didn’t like

  • The size of the battery is large.

10. Luminous ExtraCharge EC 18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Luminous EC 18036 Battery

This Inverter Battery is built with the latest technology. It comes with plenteous functions. It has a leakage-free surface and an anti-fumes vent design that is made up of a high purity spine alloy. It ensures a long life of the battery.

If you want continuous supply then, Luminous Extracharge EC18036 150ah Tall Tubular Battery is a must-have appliance for you. Even on high voltage, the lead part of the battery never gets affected. The inter-partition connection of battery assures excellent charge acceptance and lowest internal resistance.

This Inverter battery designed to have a life of over 1250 cycles. 80% of deep discharging makes the inverter most convenient to use at home during frequent power cuts.

Key Features

  • The capacity of the inverter battery is 150 Ah.
  • Its voltage is of 12 volts.
  • The warranty is of 3 years on the product.
  • It has a lesser chance of internal short circuits.
  • Its VA rating is of 600 VA – 10 KVA.

  • It provides excellent working.
  • It is corrosion-free.
  • It can tolerate power fluctuations.
  • It is suitable for areas facing power cuts.
  • It is long-running.
  • It has a sturdy body.

Best Inverter Battery Brands in India

    • Amaron
    • Exide
    • Luminous
    • Microtek

How to Choose the Inverter Battery for Home?

Before choosing the Inverter Battery, you should look for the factors like brand name, quality, excellent service/support. A battery is the backbone of an inverter. The inverter is just a box, and it is nothing without a battery. The supply of power depends upon the quality of the battery type and the required capacity.

You can buy an inverter battery online without any hassle. Below are some factors that help you to buy the best combination of inverter and battery type –

Types of Inverter Batteries

They are of two types :

  • Tubular Plated Inverter Battery
  • Flat Plated Inverter Battery.

Tubular batteries are efficient in terms of maintenance. These tall tubular batteries are free from rust and long-lasting. It is ideal for home use and can withstand intense temperatures. However, the life expectancy of a flat plated battery is less compared to the tabular cells.

Battery Capacity

It is the simple formula to calculate the battery capacity :

Total Power (in watts) x Back up hours (in hrs) / Voltage of Battery (in volts).

Battery Size = Total load x Backup hours.

Total Power

Before buying an inverter battery you have to evaluate the total power requirement of electrical home appliances and devices that you want to use with the inverter.

It is the requirement of power in watts. Suppose you want to use the inverter battery for such home appliances – 2 Ceiling Fans, 2 Tube lights, LED and 1 CFL of 48 Watts then 48 is the total power requirement. It is advised that don’t run air conditioners on the inverter as it consumes lots of power.

Battery Voltage

Most of the inverter batteries are available in 12 volts, 24 volts and 48 volts. It is called the Nominal Voltage. It is measured in the Volts or V.

Some smart batteries come with a textured glass mat. They have a magic eye feature as well.

Different Types Of Inverter Batteries

There are two main battery types:

Tubular Inverter Battery

This Inverter Battery is a type of lead-acid battery. It is made up of negative plates. The Lead Acid Batteries are advanced for inverters.

  • The Tall Tubular batteries are efficient, and it provides high performance.
  • They are perfect for high-end applications.
  • They have a futuristic design.
  • It takes less time to get fully charged.
  • These are “deep discharge” tall tubular batteries.
  • It gives a good power backup.
  • It has a low water loss.

Flat Plate Inverter Battery

The flat plate battery is made up of the positive & negative plates as well. The flat plate batteries are more resistant to heat.

  • These are standard batteries with a simple design.
  • Their life is lesser than the tubular inverter batteries.
  • They have a durable and robust build.
  • They have excellent protection from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Will The Battery Run My Inverter?

The higher the ampere, the longer your battery will last.

Suppose your battery has a 90-hour amp rating. You will be able to run 400 Watts load for approx 2 hours.

2. Which Acid Is Used In A Battery?

The batteries use a mixture of lead plates & an electrolyte consisting of diluted sulfuric acid. It converts electrical energy into potential chemical energy and vice-versa.

3. How To Check The Health Of Inverter Battery?

There are the few main points that you should look during checking.

  • Check the terminal first to keep your home safe. If it gets broken, it can cause a short circuit.
  • You should check the water level for continuous power.
  • You should take the reading of the battery and test the battery load.
  • Place it in the well-ventilated place.

4. Which Water Is Good For Inverter Batteries?

You can use RO water or rain and AC water. Never use tap water as it contains impurities that can degrade the battery performance.

5. What Is The Difference Between Solar Batteries and Inverter Batteries?

Solar Batteries get the power from the sun while on the other hand, inverter batteries get the power from the electricity.

6. Which Battery is suitable for 900VA Inverter?

Luminous RC 18000ST 150AH or Exide IT500 150Ah tall battery is fit with Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter.

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