Best Food Processor in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Food Processor in India 2019

Food processors have become a vital part of the kitchen. It makes the cooking process more straightforward.

In no time, you’re finished with the kitchen job.

Do you want help while cooking food for your family members?

Are you tired of handling the kitchen work? If so, then the food processor will assist you to ease the kitchen job.

Food Processors shapes up the style of cooking. It helps to mix, grind, mince, or beat ingredients. It does the job effectively and efficiently.

Based on Market Research, we have prepared a buyer’s guide along with a list of Best Food Processor in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our Food Processor buying guide located towards the bottom of this post. It will help you find the Best Food Processor for your Kitchen.

Top 10 Food Processor in India 2019

Food ProcessorPower/Watts
Panasonic MK-5086M230
Inalsa Fiesta650
Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2700
Philips Daily Collection650
Bajaj FX7600
Bajaj Food Factory FX 11600
Singer Foodista Plus600
Inalsa Inox1000
Morphy Richards Icon Superb1000

Which are the Top 10 Best Food Processors in India 2019?

1. Panasonic MK-5086M 230-Watt Food Processor

Panasonic Food Processor
From INR 9,500.00 INR 8,255.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

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It is one of the Best Food Processors in India that makes your cooking better and faster. It comes under a low price and does not compromise on the quality. It is a good investment that saves a lot of time and reduces the effort.

You can use it for cutting green vegetables, chopping and grinding. It makes kneading of atta easy. It is a high performing and good food processor.

Key Features

  • The warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • It uses 230 Watts power.
  • It has a high power motor with a circuit breaker to process harder food.
  • It includes chopping, kneading, grinding, shredding, and cutting blades.
  • It comes with a citrus juicer for extracting healthy juices.
  • It comes with a unique safety lock clamp. It has an ultra-tight seal with a leak-resistant ring.
  • This food processor is quite easy to clean and maintain.
  • It can interact well with the user. It operates without any fear of damage.

  • The SS blades are durable and rust-free, and chops vegetables in no time.
  • It is ergonomic and comfortable to use.
  • It helps to save your lot of time.
  • It comes with a safety lock feature.
  • It is suitable for grinding nuts and fruits.

2. Inalsa Fiesta 650-Watt Food Processor

Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor
From INR 6,795.00 INR 3,899.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

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Inalsa Fiesta is a fast, efficient, multitasker and simple yet elegant processor. This amazing food processor settles in a small space in the kitchen. It has a durable body that ensures a long life span. The switches help to control the speed of blades. Its segmented cutters are strong and sharp, and atta kneader makes a soft dough.

It has a unique locking system. It’s grating blade makes a sharp slicing of vegetables and fruits. The high quality superior blades are used for blending, chopping, processing and fine chopping. It has a large capacity and is suitable for preparing large meals. It is easy to maintain, clean up and gives a silent performance.

Important tip

Please don’t be afraid if you will experience burning smell on the first time. It is a normal thing to happen due to motor varnish. The lousy odour vanishes in consequent uses. Don’t be nervous, at the moment of overloads or emergency shut down.

Key Features

  • It comes with a heat-resistant plastic body.
  • It comes with the two years of warranty on the product and five years motor warranty.
  • It comes with Blending-Jar that provides benefits like kneading the dough, slicing vegetables, frothing eggs.
  • It comes with a Grinding Jar that is of 1L capacity and best for grinding any chutneys, spices, etc.
  • It includes four functional blades and cutters. These are Coarse Shredding Cutter, Fries Cutter, Egg Whisker, Chopper, Kneading blade, etc. These all are ideal for cutting, slicing, shredding hard cheese, and making french fries.
  • Its additional components are Whisking Disc, Holder Disc, Stem Rod, etc.
  • It contains Citrus and Centrifugal Assembly to make fresh juice.
  • Its processing bowl quantity is 1.0 litre that is sufficient for mashing a small amount of material.
  • Its working power is 220 to 240 volts.
  • Its power cord length is 1.5 meters.
  • It has multiple speed options. It comes with a three-speed control handle.
  • It uses 650 watts power to chop hard ingredients.
  • The housing material of grinder container is stainless-steel.

  • Its consumes low power.
  • It is suitable for multi-uses.
  • It makes your kitchen work or tasks easy.
  • It comes with a motor that works with high speed and efficiency.
  • It is easy to use, and its all parts are repellent to heat.
  • Its Anti-Skid feet prevents the processor from slipping.

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t have Citrus-Juicer mixer attachment.
  • It’s a bit noisy at times.

3. Boss 1000-Watt Food Processor

Boss Food Processor
From INR 10,955.00 INR 8,101.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

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Boss offers a complete range of kitchen accessories and home appliance. Boss Products strive to raise standards in Product Utility, Durability, and Innovation. It can perform various functions like Mincing, Chopping, Grinding, and Juicing. Not only this it comes with many additional features and attachments.

It has a powerful 1000 Watts motor that comes with 12 attachments. Its Aesthetic Design adds a style to the kitchen and makes the cooking experience more convenient. It comes with three speed settings with a stainless steel body and material blades.

Key Features

  • It has a power consumption of 230 V and 50 Hz rate.
  • The processor comes with three-speed variable with incher and overload protection.
  • The product offers five years of motor warranty.
  • Its power is 1000 W on a heavy-duty motor.
  • The processor comes with 12 attachments that make your cooking experience more convenient.
  • Its multifunctional blades can slice, Chop and grate all your vegetable and other food items.
  • It has an elegant design and a sturdy body that ensures high durability.
  • It comes with an LED power indicator that indicates power on as well as a speed setting.
  • The safety interlock mechanism makes the processing safe and secure.
  • Its protector protects it against the sudden overloads. If any mishap occurs, the processor will get automatically turn off.

  • It provides long-lasting performance.
  • It makes processing safe and secure.
  • It provides protection from overload.
  • The processor has a sleek, durable and elegant design.
  • It is a high quality product.

4. Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700-Watt Food Processor

Inalsa Wonder Food Processor
From INR 7,995.00 INR 4,795.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

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Inalsa Maxie is a compact and user-friendly food processor which perform various functions and provides ease and comfort in cooking. Inalsa, founded in 1967 by a company called Taurus from Spain. Inalsa Wonder Plus is a most trusted device. It brings smart techniques to complete kitchen duties with low efforts. The modular kitchen looks incomplete without food processor.

This Food Processor from Inalsa helps you to make a healthy milkshake with grated almonds and nuts. You can do multiple duties with ease within 30 minutes.

It offers versatile safety features such as locking, and bowl cover. The protector protects the motor from sudden overloads by automatically shut off the unit. Its powerful engine provides various types of usages that make the cooking more convenient. It will not make your kitchen messy.

Key Features

  • It has an Overload Protector. Its automatic shut-off feature stops the machine in case of overload. If it happens, then you can turn off the device for two to three minutes. Once its motor gets cool down, you can restart the machine.
  • It comes with the three-speed control switch. Its inbuilt pulse operation crushes the element in any form.
  • Inalsa Wonder offers the two years of warranty on the product and five years on the motor.
  • It comes with a 700 Watts copper motor.
  • It has six stainless steel cutters that handle all kinds of operations.
  • It has a juicer-mixer attachment that makes varieties of juices. You can enjoy juices like orange juice, lemon, and citrus fruits juice.
  • Its centrifugal juicers make healthy soups, carrot juice, and coconut milk.
  • It has two blades that are plastic and chopping. The plastic blade is ideal for mashing potatoes, shell peas and kneading atta. Its blade is right for tomato purees, crushing ice, mincing meat, crumbs bread. It makes chopping of garlic, onion, ginger, and chillies easy.
  • It has three number of jars that are Dry Jar with 1.0 L capacity, Poly Carbonate Blender Jar with 1.5L capacity and Chutney jar with 0.4L capacity.
  • Its processing-bowl capacity is 1 litre.
  • Its jars are non-breakable as it has made of polycarbonate materials.

  • Its slicing cutter is suitable for cucumber, potato, and cabbage.
  • Its shredder is suitable for carrot, radish, and beetroot.
  • It can grate coconut, pulp chikoo.
  • It is user-friendly, so it gives much comfort.
  • It works with higher speed.
  • It is one of the best home appliances.
  • It will make your kitchen work easy.
  • It helps in the preparation of food easier by saving time.

5. Philips Daily Collection HR7627/00 650-Watt Mini Food Processor

Philips Daily Collection HR7627/00
From INR 4,795.00 INR 3,159.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

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Philips HR7627 650-Watt has an elegant, simple, sturdy and durable design that lasts for longer. The daily handy kitchen appliance prepares your meals easily and performs multi-functions. It allows you to prepare delicious food at home without any hassle. Its SuperChop technology offers multiple functions such as slices, dices, chop, grating etc.

It’s master chef jar can perform multiple roles. It can be used for mincing, grating, pureeing, chopping, grinding, etc. It provides a better combination of sharpening blades. Its 650 Watts of powerful motor offers 2-speed settings and cooks your food without any hassle.

Key Features

  • It has an adjustable 2-speed motor that works with 650 Watts power.
  • Its jar lid covers to ensure no spillage on the shelf.
  • Its speed 1 is efficient in beating eggs, cake or pastries mixture, bread dough. And, speed 2 work faster. It saves the pre-cutting time of fruits and vegetables.
  • It has the power chop capacity for excellent chopping chores.
  • It has a fruit extractor accessory for extracting citrus juice.
  • Its bowl and jar capacity is of 2.1 and 1.75 litres.
  • The capacity of the working bowl is 1.5 litre, and working jar volume is of 1.0 litre.
  • This food processor maximum RPM is of 21000 and bowl maximum RPM is of 1900.
  • Its stainless steel accessories are a dishwasher friendly and safe.
  • Its kit contains a chopping blade, coarse shredding tool, blade unit S-blade, etc.
  • Its non-slip feet allow for easy removal of jars with lids after processing.

  • It saves your time and effort during cooking.
  • Its container can serve around 5 cups of soups in one time.
  • It can slice a variety of materials.
  • It has a sturdy base which stands stable. It does not fall off while mixing, grinding or even during kneading.

6. Bajaj 600-Watt Food Processor

Bajaj Food Processor
From INR 6,915.00 INR 5,120.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

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It is house full robotic appliance for doing the toughest tasks. You can use it for dough kneading, chopping, grating, blending, mincing, slicing. The body is made of plastic and stainless steel and polycarbonate material. Its body is heat-resistant and durable for a longer time. It has speed variable levels for completing every task in the least time.

It is a trusted, and sturdy food processor also prepares smooth products such as shake, juice, and chutneys. Its stainless steel blade is efficient in chopping and grinding. It is energy efficient and saves time, energy, and money.

Key Features

  • The product warranty is for two years and five years on motor.
  • It has a neon LED indicator light that turns on when you start the machine.
  • It has three-speed gears with the pulse setting. So the different kinds of food processed in a processor.
  • It comes with unbreakable polycarbonate processing bowl. It has a large storage capacity that is convenient for large families.
  • It contains two stainless-steel jars. One is a dry grinding jar that is of 1.0 litre. Another one is the liquidising jar that is of 1.25 litre.
  • It has a motor overload protector for safety. So, the user may feel safe.
  • It comes with proper quality attachments like kneading-blades, scooper knife, strainer.
  • You can use it for preparing smoothie, chutneys, blending lassi & milkshake.
  • It provides an interlock safety system that avoids leakage.
  • Its motor is energy-efficient. It uses 600 watts of power and runs a machine with 18000 RPM rate.
  • Its components and accessories are long-lasting.
  • It is a useful tool for slicing mushrooms, garlic, ginger, cucumber, and other food items.

  • It is useful for kneading, pastries, pancakes, crushed ice, soups, lassi, edibles.
  • It is stylish & elegant.
  • It is one of the best appliance among the other kitchen appliances.
  • It is compact so that you can put it in any place
  • It comes with the non-slip base.

7. Bajaj Food Factory 600-Watt Food Processor

Bajaj Food Processor
From INR 6,365.00 INR 5,215.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

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The food processor has a classy design and a sturdy body which lasts for longer. It offers multifunction features that enhance your experience and complete the tedious tasks. It has brought a great combination of mixer grinder. The chief motto of Bajaj is to provide double standard safety. Use a twist and lock mechanism to run the food processor well.

It is handy and best to use. It can perform fantastic jobs to make work simple for you. It is one of the Best Food Processors in India from the house of Bajaj. Its multifunctions includes slice, chop, shred, and grating your vegetables and food items with ease.

Key Features

  • It comes with everlasting polycarbonate bowl with lid.
  • It has a warranty of two years on product and five years on motor.
  • It utilises 600 power wattage plus 60 Hertz frequency. It can do several tasks in minimal time.
  • It has a built-in interlocking system in every jar.
  • It assures the better protection of the food. And, it prevents all accidental injuries.
  • Its steel liquidising jar can hold 1.5 litres of meals at one time.
  • Its grinding-jar storage power is 1.0 litre.
  • It has a three-speed rotatory knob that you can set on low and high mode.
  • Its chutney-jar is of 0.3 litres.
  • It offers stapula for mixing the dry-powders. You can use it for making a cake batter in the mixie. You can remove the jar blades through Stapula.
  • Its sturdy and powerful motor works with 18000 RPM rate.
  • It comes with the juicer jar, which is ideal for preparing fresh fruit juice.

  • Its motor will not give wrong results even on grinding hard vegetables.
  • It is perfect for juicing, grinding, atta kneading, blending, and liquidising.
  • It comes in a sleek, stylish and classy design. It has a white finish body, an overall decent look.
  • It is good for multiple uses.

8. Singer Foodista Processor

Singer Food Processor
From INR 6,720.00 INR 3,946.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

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This processor is a highly versatile and efficient processor that performs all the duties such as Juicer, Mixer and Grinder. Singer Food Processor can make your kitchen work easier and hassle-free. It is an all-purpose kitchen tool for slicing, shredding, grinding. It is useful in chutney making, and chopping of any foods. Its motor is super powerful as it consumes 600 Watts of power.

It comes with 14 blade attachments that help in preparing food in less time and saves your time efficiently. It also provides Demo CD with the package that enables you to understand the product completely.

Key Features

  • The two years warranty on the product and five years of warranty on the motor.
  • Its chutney jar capacity is 300 ml.
  • It comes with 1500 ml (1.5L) blending-jar.
  • It has a big bowl with a 2-litre capacity.
  • It’s cutting tools & stainless steel jars are sharp. And are enough to complete all tasks within minutes.
  • It has a centrifugal/citrus juicer attachment. Tare perfect for making fresh orange juice.
  • It comes with a non-breakable jar.
  • It provides 14 accessories and attachments for different operations.
  • It comes with a fruit filter attachment for following a healthy diet. You can make fruit juices regularly.
  • It has a vacuum suction anti-sleep feet for a comfortable grip.

  • It ensures stress-free cooking.
  • It is reliable and takes less space.
  • It is one of the best food processors for your home.
  • It is capable of crushing hard fruits and veggies.

9. Inalsa Inox 1000 Watt Food Processor

Inalsa Inox Food Processor
From INR 10,495.00 INR 8,590.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

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It is a powerful, robust, and efficient model suitable for doing multitasking. It takes your kitchen and food preparing experience to a whole new level with minimal efforts. It takes care of your all the cooking tasks such as grating, slicing, mashing and pureeing etc. The processor comes with a wide range of accessories like chopping- blade, kneading blade, french fry cutter, blender, vegetable chopper etc. It requires low efforts for grinding spices, herbs, hard foodstuff.

Its Overheat Safety Protection switches of the processor automatically if it gets too hot. This feature also turns off the motor in case of overload. Its jar, bowl and cover are unbreakable. It is one of the most potent food processors for your kitchen.

Key Features

  • The product has a warranty period of 2 years.
  • It comes with different capacities of bowls.
  • It uses 1000 Watt motor. Its operating energy is 220 to 240 Volts.
  • Its chopper blades and kneading blades are fast. Its blade can slice all vegetable within a short period.
  • It has a break-resistant,
  • It comes with citrus and a centrifugal juicer.
  • Its jar of grinder is suitable for both dry and wet grinding.
  • Its five functional SS disc blades are beneficial for five purposes.
  • It has the three-speed rotatory switch. It will help you to chop your favourite ingredients.
  • It offers two pusher system for small and large sizes of meals.
  • Its SS-304 dry/wet grinder jar is of 1 litre, bowl storing capacity is of 2.4 litres.
  • Its SS-304 chutney grinder is of 0.4 litres that can carry a massive quantity of spicy sauces in the jar.
  • Its multipurpose blades help in chopping, slicing, kneading, liquidising, etc. It is useful in chutney grinding, finger chips and french-fries slicing.
  • It comes with 1.5 litres of the clear blending jar.
  • It comes with the wide feeding tube for carrot, bitter gourd, turnip, spinach grinding.

  • It is eye-catching and time-saving design.
  • It is one of the best food processors for your home.
  • It comes with a powerful motor. It is helpful in the long run, without chances of wear and tear.

10. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000 Watt Food Processor

Morphy Richards Food Processor
From INR 11,299.00 INR 8,269.00
(as of 24/08/2019 15:54 IST - More Info)

Check Price on Amazon

Morphy Richards Superb Food Processor is a versatile and stylish model good at chopping vegetables. It makes blending milkshakes easy. You can make cake batters, crush-ice. It is useful for slicing of salads. It is suitable in making an omelette; you can use whipper for making an egg batter. Cutting of onion brings tears. So, use Morphy Richards Icon Superb Food Processor for onion slicing. It protects your eyes from itching.

The quadra flow technology acts as a flow breaker that ensures ingredients are grounded and blended perfectly. The processor also helps in superior processing of the elements. Its multiple-blades perform better functions and do the most robust job efficiently.

Key Features

  • The warranty is of 2 years on the product.
  • It comes with a powerful 1000 Watts motor. It creates less noise during operation.
  • It has a pulse with three-speed settings. Low speed is perfect for whipping creams, egg & pastries batter, dough.
  • Its high-speed setting is ideal for chopping meats, blending smoothies & soups. It is useful for grating or slicing veggies, etc.
  • Its jars blades are of high-quality stainless steel material.
  • Its package includes three multi-purpose jars. Use for grinding lassi, milkshake, purees, paste, batter.
  • Its dry jar capacity is of 1.0 litres with an operating volume of 0.7L.
  • Its SS chutney jar size is of 0.5 litres, and its operating volume is of 0.3L.
  • Its processing bowl is of 3.2 litres with an operating volume of 2 litres.
  • It has a Non-slip surface and superior handle.

  • Its motor ensures long-lasting running performance.
  • It makes your kitchen work much easier.
  • It comes with the shock-resistant body of plastic.

Best Food Processor Brands in India

  • Bajaj
  • Boss
  • Inalsa
  • Morphy Richards
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Singer

You will not need anything, once you get this beauty to your kitchen. You won’t be unhappy with the performance. It looks attractive and takes less space in the kitchen. In general, good food processors come in different features. So it becomes a bit difficult to pick the best one. But when you think of purchasing it, then you have plenty of options.

Food processors are delicate; they can break down if not used well. So, be careful while using it to avoid any damage.

In this article, we had covered all the needed information and factors. We have mentioned the Top 10 products. So you can find the best one for you. We have included different pros and cons for each product. The conclusion is one should have to buy the multi-functional machine.

How to choose the Best Food Processor for your Home?

Food Processor is an essential appliance for the household. It makes cooking easy and comfortable with its multitasking features. Always choose the food processor as per your needs. But before you buy the food processor for your kitchen, you should have to consider the following factors.


It is the most crucial factor you should have to consider before buying the food processor. Always make sure that the food processor you are buying is powerful enough to handle the tough jobs like kneading, chopping, shredding, etc. The powerful ones can run for a long time. Choose the food processor that’s motor works at least 600 Watts.

Size / Capacity

Food processors come in all sizes from mini to full-sized. It is best to choose the food processor according to the number of people you are preparing recipes with it.

Mini food processors are good enough for small families to make small batches. It comes with a small bowl capacity and limited functions. It can grate, dice, chop, mix, shred, etc.

Full-sized food processors are perfect for large families. It comes with a capacity of a large bowl and powerful features. It can perform all the functions to make large batches.

So, it is essential to choose the food processor as per the need of the family.


Choose the food processor that comes with high-quality material. The food processor that is made of premium and sturdy material gives a long-running performance.

Attachments & Accessories

The food processor comes with a lot of attachments and accessories for the optimum use of the machine. These are discs, dough blade, egg whip, juicer, blades, different sized bowls, etc. Before you spend your hard-earned money on the machine, you have to check these attachments and accessories to make your cooking experience easy.

Brand / Warranty

Always buy the branded food processor because reputed brands always provide a warranty period on product and motor. The big brands that make food processor are Bajaj, Inalsa, Rico, Singer, etc. Their food processors come with all powerful features and the longest warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is RPM?

RPM is the revolutions per minute. The maximum rpm of the motor is 16000. The minimum is around 500 rpm. It means if the motor rpm is high, then, this will work with speedy spins.

2. What Is Centrifugal Juicer?

It uses flat blades for chopping on the bottom of the spinner. It extracts hard fruit juices with ease.

3. Is It Safe to Crush Ice in the Blender? Would It Harm to the Motor?

Yes, you can crush-ice without any stress. There will be no impact on the motor.

4. Which Ingredients Can We Chop in Choppers?

Chopper comes with a sharp stainless steel blade. It helps to cut onions, peppers, herbs, nuts, almonds, cashew nuts, bread crumbs, meat, garlic. It helps chopped a tomato, cabbage, cucumber, radish, carrots.

5. What Is Whisking in Cooking?

It is a cooking utensil. It is useful to blend smooth mixtures such as egg whites, cake, or pastries batter. You can attach the whisker with the food processor.

6. What Is the Difference Between Blender And Food Processor? Is Both Are Same?

Food Processor is the best multitasking kitchen appliance. It is useful for blending, mixing, grinding. It is suitable for crushing, whipping, slicing, mincing, grating.
Blender is useful for liquid mixing — for example – lassi, milkshake, pancake batter, smoothie, frozen drinks, puree, etc.

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