Best Floor Cleaning Mops in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Floor Cleaning Mop in India 2019

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop with Round Refill Heads
Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin
2. Wotra Standard Prime Mop
WOTRA Standard
3. Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Magic Mop
Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Magic Mop

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is a well-known saying. Just as we brush our teeth and bathe regularly to keep our body clean and healthy, our home needs to be cleaned periodically.

To keep our house cleaned, we are supposed to sweep and mop the floor daily. A clean floor indicates that a home is clean overall.

And, a clean home indicates a healthy and happy family. It keeps our home sanitised.

However, there is no denying the fact that Mopping is one of the most tiring and time-consuming household chores that we can’t ignore to keep our home neat. It involves too many efforts.

But, you no longer need to hurt your hands, back and knees to mop a floor. The new mop is specially designed to make cleaning simple, quick and hassle-free. With this simple piece of equipment, you don’t need to bend again and again for squeezing the mop. You get the work done in no time.

We have prepared a list of the Best Floor Cleaning Mop in India based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our Floor Mops buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Which are the Top 10 Best Floor Cleaning Mops in India 2019?

1. Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop with Round Refill Heads

Scotch Jumper Mop

Cleaning the bottom area of the furniture is hard. It offers superior micro fibre dirt-trapping technology. It is a brand new technology that provides mop to clean the whole house in a few minutes. This 360 rotating mop helps to achieve the cleaning goals by reaching difficult areas.

This bucket mop provides the lockable facility to attach the mop head and to make them ready to use. It comes with a strong and sturdy material that makes it more durable and the best class product. With round-refill mop heads, it makes mopping a simple and enjoyable task.

Key Features

  • It comes with 1 unit Stainless-Steel Handle, 1 unit Bucket, 1 Round and 1 Flat Refill.
  • Its unique single bucket is useful for both cleaning and wringing. You can dip or squeeze the mop in the same bucket.
  • Its flat head refills remove the sticky dirt from every nook and corner.
  • Its round micro fibre refill raises the dust from the surface.
  • Its 360-degree rotatable head goes smoothly under the furniture with handle.
  • Its bucket is compact and robust that it is light to carry all over the house.

  • Its handle is light-weight.
  • Its flat-refill head makes it easy to clean.
  • Its re-fill is removable. You can replace it after the cleaning-process.
  • It gives the best convenience and hassle free cleaning.
  • It eliminates black spots efficiently.
  • Its unique stitching design helps the cleaning mop to last for a long time.

What we didn’t like

  • Its refills are bit expensive.

2. Wotra Standard Prime Mop

Wotra Standard Mop

It is a standard and flexible mop with easy wheels and 360-degree cleaning. It includes laminate, concrete, and hand-push spin mop. It is possible to cleanse under furniture and hard-to-reach places.

This is the best spin mop that brings freshness in the entire home. The 360°-rotating handle is good for wiping the dust from fans, windows,  chairs, kitchen floor, etc. Its handle is ultra-durable, gives long lasting results. Drain outlet of the floor cleaner is formed to empty the dirty water.

Key Features

  • The bucket comes with bigger size wheels that make it easy to move on uneven surfaces.
  • It comes with 4cm thickness Microfiber re-fill with Superior Absorbency.
  • It has a separate bucket that gives a cleaning solution.
  • It offers spin mop with stainless steel wringer handle.
  • It has 1 Spin Mop complete Set, two extra Re-fills, and mop handlebar.
  • The product holds a one year warranty.

  • It is best for cleaning all floor types.

3. Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Magic Mop

Prestige Mop

The Prestige clean home bucket magic mop will never let your hands get messy. It has an in-built rinser with a solution dispenser where you can add the water with soapy substance. It has a convenient spout system at the bottom-side of the mop bucket to drain dirty water.

This magic mop involves two replaceable microfiber heads that are designed for wooden floors. Without leaving any stain, the micro fiber head works very efficiently. This magic mop has high-grade plastic body never gets a break-even on holding a huge amount of water in the tub.

Key Features

  • It is made of high grade plastic is light-weight and easy to use.
  • This magic mop has two steel rods that are highly durable and will run for a long time.
  • It has a better storage capacity of 7 litres. Plus, its steel spinner is of 360 degrees.
  • Its micro fibre is of high quality that can absorb much liquid to keep the surface dry quickly.
  • Its sprout system is present at the base of the bucket that gets the dirty water-out from the bucket.
  • This bucket mop comes with two sturdy jumbo wheels for easy transportation with pulling handles.
  • This magic mop is perfect for wooden and marble-floors and granite, mosaic, etc.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty is for six months on the product.

  • Its steel rod maintenance is less.
  • Prestige clean home mop is a good option from the list of best magic mops.

4. Gala e-Quick Spin Mop

Gala Spin Mop

Gala Spin Mop with Easy Wheels and Bucket is suitable for all floors like wooden, slate, linoleum, marble and stone floor. Gala Spin Mop Cleaner has 360 degree cleaning spin mop with stainless steel wringer handle for deep cleaning. It comes with a Quick Dryer function to remove the trash from mop with a spinning technique. It keeps your hands free from germs & bacteria.

This blue colour bucket mop provides a bendable mop head that gives too much relief to one who suffers from chronic back pain. The best part of this cleaner is that you don’t need to move the couch while cleaning as with extendable handle, you can rotate the head in any direction without bending.

Key Features

  • Its bucket has rotatable wheels that are light to take everywhere.
  • Its handle is long that helps you to carry it from one room to another.
  • It has a super spin system that has enough capacity to dry the micro-fibre refill.
  • It has a lock system that holds the cleaning mop tight. You can unlock it for cleaning.
  • This Gala Spin Mop is made of plastic and steel.
  • These mops clear all the dust with the 360-degree movement.
  • Its spout shaped bucket is vast in size. You can put water up to 6 litres for better cleaning results. It quickly ejects the muddy water.

  • It gives quick cleaning, so it is the best and value for the money.
  • Its refill is washable. You can wash it with hands or in the washing machine.

5. Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop

ScotchBrite 2-in-1 Mop

This cleaning mop is a twin bucket spin mop for washing and cleaning for home and offices. With microfiber, it easily absorbs liquid and dust. It comes with a compact design that makes it easier to store in the storage place. It is made of the best quality element that makes it long-lasting.

It comes with two microfiber refills of premium quality. It can collect liquid & dry stains from the hard floors. Even, it is efficient for wiping pet hair that causes allergens. These mops ensure fine removal of dirt, grime, and other particles to keep your residence healthy and disease-free.

Key Features

  • It gives easy wringing and rinsing.
  • The dimensions of the product are 48 x 25 x 27 cm.
  • The package comprises 1-Piece Handle, 2 Round Re-fills, and 1 Bucket.
  • Its head is better for liquid-absorption and dirt removal.
  • It has a telescopic handle that is easy to reach hooks and corners.

  • It is durable.
  • These mops tend to last longer.
  • Its super-spin gives faster drying.
  • You can rinse and wring the mop head easily.
  • It is worth for valuable money.
  • It provides 360 degree cleaning.

5. Bathla Ultra Clean Plus Heavy Duty Mop

Bathla Plus Mop

This Best Mop has all the qualities to keep your site cleaned. It will offer you great relief and saves a lot of efforts. This mop gives you a streak-free mopping. With good absorption capacity, it traps fine-particles and hairs. It comes with high-quality plastic and stainless steel parts that ensure more durability.

It allocates two precision dual handles that are durable & easy to moulded. Just place the pole in the mop bucket and lift it with an ergonomically designed handle to wipe the surface from one end to another end. It is lightweight that makes it comfortable to carry.

Key Features

  • It has an inbuilt dispenser that is useful to add detergent directly in the bucket.
  • It comes with a micro-fiber head. Even, it absorbs a considerable volume of water to avoid leakage on the floor.
  • It comes with a telescopic-pole and a wringer that is of stainless-steel.
  • It offers height adjustment for the shaft to adjust it as per the need.
  • It makes the spinner smooth and long-lasting in the best possible manner.
  • The mops furnished with high-density polymer plastic.
  • It has drainage knob that is beneficial for removing dirty water out.
  • Its bucket has bigger wheels for smooth-movement.

  • It keeps your hands clean.
  • It is ecofriendly, time-saver bucket mop.
  • It comes with the best mop handle for carrying the bucket.
  • This one is from the list of top-selling bucket mops, made up of plastic material with stainless-steel spinner and water-outlet also.

6. Smile Mom Aluminium Spray Mop

SmileMom Aluminium Spray Mop

It is the best mop for easy cleaning. It enables the cleaning staff or a home-maker to wash the floors with ease. It is a 4-piece floor mop which comes in a beautiful green color and made from aluminium and microfiber. Its four components include Mop-pole, Mop head and Microfiber pad.

This Spray Mop contains a liquid dispenser that is refillable with your cleaning-solution to raise the efficiency of moping. Aluminium made spray mode is the best for all kind of floors like vinyl, marble. The built-in spray trigger consumes the required water and doesn’t let its wastage.

Key Features

  • It has the good quality aluminium shaft and Microfiber mop pad.
  • It has a 360° rotating design that moves with ease in all the hard to reach corners.
  • The mop cleaner includes four easy to assemble attachments.
  • It comes with easy installation.
  • The microfiber pad is washable, and after washing, it can be reused several times.

  • It is an essential tool for every home.
  • It is best for cleaning the office and at home.
  • It can re-use several times after the wash.
  • It is reliable to use on various floors.

7. Cello Kleeno Ultra Clean Spin Mop

Cello Kleeno Mop

This cleaning Mop comes in a violet colour that is made of plastic. It comprises a one-piece bucket, one stainless-steel rod, and one-piece of the refill. It is ergonomically designed to make the mopping easier. It is built from durable quality plastic for long-lastingness.

Let the garbage out by using the round-refill mop and get the house as crystal clear. From turbine type wash to pull-up basket, the mop is full of high qualities to save a lot of efforts & gives you the enjoyment of cleaning large rooms to smaller rooms. Therefore, these mops come with a number of convenient specialities to give you a reliable mopping experience.

Key Features

  • Its dimensions are of 300 x 300 x 272mm.
  • You can use this product for washing and drying.
  • You can pull up the bucket on the upper position for drying.
  • This bucket mop has quick rinsing, spinning, and high dehydration rate.
  • It comes with two mop head refill.
  • You can take off the water-guard board to save-space.

  • It is the best mop that can be used for both wet or dry mop cleaning.
  • It is one of the efficient mops for home cleaning.

9. Smile Mom Magic Spin Mop

SmileMom Mop

This mop comes with a spin floor cleaning bucket to make your work easier. The super absorbent microfiber mop head is the plus point of the magic spin mop. It effectively picks up the dirt, grime from hard floor surfaces.

It gives super convening foldable handle so that you can easily take the bucket from one place to another. Its package contains one SS shaft, two microfiber refills, one microfiber gloves & one kitchen wiper. These mops wind up the process of removing dirty water manually. To maintain better hygiene, the company provides a drain plug to let the dirty water out within mins.

Key Features

  • It is a stainless steel mop with an innovative 360 rotating action.
  • The bucket mop is designed in Italy and assembled in India.
  • Its microfiber-refill is a re-usable machine, ecofriendly and can be washed in the machine.
  • It is the best for floors like ceramic, travertine, stone and many more.
  • It is easy to reach difficult areas without bending or putting zero strain on back/arms.
  • The smart gear in the cleaning bucket reduces the force for cleaning by 3X.

  • It cleanses your floors with minimal efforts.
  • It can easily reach hard to reach areas for effective cleaning.

10. Houskipper Professional Spray Mop

Houskipper Spray Mop

This spray mop is made of superior quality material. It has a 360 degree wide rotating head that allows easier and comfortable cleaning. Microfibers pick up 50% more dirt per swipe than a traditional mop. This type of mop gives effortless cleaning. It clears hard stains and dust expertly and without taking many efforts.

Housekeeper spray trigger mop takes care of the water wastage and uses as much which is needed. It is the one simple way to cleanse every room without making many efforts. This 360 rotating mop easily reaches under the corners, edges, etc. The lightweight design makes it the best mop for everyday use.

Key Features

  • It is made from super quality aluminum and microfiber material.
  • The microfiber head is reusable, machine-washable and eco-friendly.
  • Its refillable liquid bottle allows you mix your cleaning solution.
  • It comes with an ergonomic spray handle.
  • It is safe to use on all types of the floor. It is compatible with vinyl, hardwood, tiles-floors, and so on.

  • It comes with the adjustable best mop handle for smooth-cleaning without bending.
  • It cleans the floor without leaving any scratches.

Top 10 Floor Cleaning Mops in India 2019

MopsLiquid DispenserNumber of Refills / Heads
Scotch-Brite Jumper SpinYes1 Mop Refill
WOTRA StandardYes2 Mop Refills
Prestige PSB 10 MagicYes2 Mop Head
Gala e-QuickYes2 Mop Refills
Scotch-Brite 2-in-1Yes1 Mop Head
Bathla Ultra Clean PlusYes1 Mop Head
Smile Mom AluminiumNo1 Mop Refill
Cello KleenoNo2 Mop Refills
Smile Mom Magic SpinYes1 Mop Head
HouskipperNo1 Mop Refill

Best Floor Cleaning Mop Brands in India

  • Bathla
  • Cello
  • Gala
  • Houskipper
  • Prestige
  • Scotch-Brite
  • Smile Mom
  • Wotra

Why the Floor and Tiles need Regular Mopping?

Germs Protection

Mopping helps to reduce germs and grime from the floor and the tiles. It sanitises our home and brings freshness. A pleasing place gives us a healthy lifestyle.

Allergy Protection

It removes fur, pet hair, mites, pollen from the floor. It gives much relief and protects us from infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the mop heads machine washable?

Yes, some mop heads are washable in the machine. We can wash with hot water and mild detergent. If it isn’t, you can make a mixture of bleach and water and dip-it upto 10 to 15 mins. After washing, leave it to dry for a few hours.

2. Which types of floors can we clean with spin mops?

You can clean all type of floors like wooden-floor and ceramic, stones and tile, linoleum and laminate. Even you can clean walls and ceiling-fans with spin mops.

3. What is spin mop head?

Its head is made of microfibre material that can absorb sufficient liquid. These mops are perfect for both wet & dry cleaning. It easily wipes the dirt particles, fur, pet hairs, grim, black spots from the surfaces.

4. Does spin mop come with a warranty?

Yes, few brands like Prestige magic spin mop comes with 6 Months Warranty. Spotzero by Milton Elite Spin Mop and Bucket come with 1 Year Warranty.

5. Does mop bucket come with wheels?

Yes, almost it comes with large wheels that gives so much comfort to move the mop. It does make our work easy. Also, it never puts any stress on the body.

6. Can we adjust the height of the best mop handle?

Yes, you can set its height as per your need. Some mop handles come with locks that hold the broom tightly and never lets them falls. Its handle comes with 360 Degree movement that can reach in all directions.

7. What are the benefits of using the best spin mop?

These mops are handy. It comes with the folding handle, re-fills, mop head, bucket, lock system, wheels, etc. It saves a lot of time. It is suitable for cleaning all floors. It gives hassle-free cleaning experience.

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