Best Exhaust Fan in India 2019

Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen in India 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Proper ventilation is crucial to every home.

Whether it is summer or a winter season, air circulation ensures a comfortable and healthy home.

In winters, we run heaters and keep the doors and windows shut so that the heat stays inside. However, we also keep the fresh air outside!

Further, some places in our house don’t have a window to circulate air such as a kitchen, bathroom, store room, etc.

In summers, it becomes even more difficult to keep these spaces cool and breathable.

If we don’t exchange the air inside our home for the fresh air outside, it gets stale and may cause health issues.

Since the summer season is around the corner, we need to install an exhaust fan. It will draw the bad odours and moisture out of your home.

Based on our Market Research, we have prepared a buyer’s guide along with a list of 10 Best Exhaust Fan in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Exhaust Fans in India for Home

Exhaust FanMotor SpeedWattsWarranty
A&Y Shivako1400 RPM301 Year
Havells Ventilair DX1350 RPM242 Years
Usha Crisp1250 RPM401 Year
Bajaj Maxio2500 RPM202 Years
Bajaj Maxima1350 RPM282 Years
Havells Ventilair DB 300mm1400 RPM702 Years
Usha Crisp Air1386 RPM301 Year
Maa-Ku Multifarious
2600 RPM22-
Havells FHVVEDXOWH061350 RPM222 Years
Candes2200 RPM251 Years

Which are the 10 Best Exhaust Fans in India for 2019?

1. A&Y Shivako Copper Fresh Air Exhaust Fan for Kitchen / Bathroom (Blade Size 300 MM/12 Inches, Black)

A&Y Shivako
From INR 1,499.00 INR 849.00
Save INR 650.00 ( 43% )
(as of 25/04/2019 00:29 IST - Details)

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A & Y kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan is perfect for an office, godown, washroom, kitchen, study room. It is packed with wonderful features to bring freshness in the home.

Key Features

  • The warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • It has powder coated metallic finish body that looks marvelous. It keeps the fan in good working condition.
  • Its heavy duty motor comes with 100% copper winding.
  • This ventilation fan has a sweep size is 300 mm.
  • It is a super powerful exhaust fan. It’s per minute rotational speed is of 1400.

2. Havells Ventilair DX 150mm Exhaust Fan

Havells Ventilair DX
From INR 1,650.00 INR 1,349.00
Save INR 301.00 ( 18% )
(as of 25/04/2019 00:29 IST - Details)

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Havells is the one of the best selling exhaust fan models in India. It offers a wide range of special products that gives great satisfaction and comfort to the customers.

Havells Ventilair 150mm exhaust fan will surely fulfill the customer needs. As it comes with high-quality engineering plastic body. It has anti-static properties that ensure its color will never go fade.

Key Features

  • The warranty is of 2 years on the product.
  • Havells exhaust fan is ideal for mounting on glass walls or window, false ceilings, etc.
  • It utilizes 24 Watts of power.
  • Its input supply is 220 Volts.
  • Its motor circulates 280 CMH of air with 1350 RPM speed.

  • It is noiseless.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has a powerful air suction mechanism.
  • It is easy to clean.

3. Usha Crisp Air 200mm Exhaust Fan (Black)

Usha Crisp
From INR 1,380.00 INR 1,345.00
Save INR 35.00 ( 3% )
(as of 25/04/2019 00:29 IST - Details)

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Usha is one of the best fans available in India at an affordable cost. It has amazing features. It is the best solution to get rid of smoke, moisture, fumes and harmful odor. It controls the quality of air in an enclosed bathroom or kitchen. It is lightweight and elegant. It works with minimum noise. It also maintains the air moisture level. It looks attractive and stylish so you can install it in your living room, modular kitchen, and washroom.

Key Features

  • The warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • It body and blades are stylish & rust-proof.
  • Its power input is of 40 watts.
  • Its operating voltage is 230 Volts.
  • It has a sweep size of 200 mm.
  • It comes with an automatic back shutter louvers. Its louvers automatically open when you turn on the fan.
  • It also prevents back airflow.
  • It provides a toll-free number: 18001033111 for customer help. So, you can kindly contact if you have a product related query.

  • It is light in weight and produces no noise.


4. Bajaj Maxio Steel 100mm Exhaust Fan (White)

Bajaj Maxio

Bajaj exhaust fans are popular in Indian market. Its main purpose is to improve the lifestyle of people. If you want to breathe peacefully in the kitchen then, you must buy Bajaj Maxio exhaust fan. It completely works on electricity. It originates with special features that not only get rid of harmful gases but also saves from sneezing. Its suction power is strong enough to remove bad smell within a few seconds. This small size kitchen exhaust fan easily fits the normal size window.

Key Features

  • The warranty is of 2 years on the product.
  • It facilitates an air flow of 325 CMH to reduce stale odor, harmful gases.
  • It utilizes 20 Watts of power.
  • Its body is coated with a powder that saves the fan from junk.
  • Its spiral guard design & powerful motor enhance the longevity of the product.
  • It has an auto reset function.
  • It gets rid of the foul smell, smoke, kitchen fume with 2500 RPM speed.
  • Its input supply is 220-240 Volts.

  • Its cost is reasonable.
  • It has a rustproof body.

5. Bajaj Maxima 200mm Exhaust Fan, White

Bajaj Maxima

From INR 1,300.00 INR 1,200.00
Save INR 100.00 ( 8% )
(as of 25/04/2019 00:29 IST - Details)

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Bajaj Exhaust Fan is a superb product for keeping indoor air healthy. It circulates appropriate air to reduce the bad & poisonous smell, contaminants and other impurities from the house. It makes your house allergy-free. The fan consumes very less power.

Key Features

  • Its power consumption is 28 Watts.
  • It includes sweep blades of 200 mm.
  • The warranty is of 2 years on the product.
  • Its fan rotates at the speed of 1350 RPM.
  • It properly circulates air to make your place clean and healthy.
  • It comes with high-quality body & blades that look attractive.

  • Its motor is durable & long-lasting. It ensures super silent woking & smooth operations
  • Its blade design is unique and aesthetic.

6. Havells Ventilair DB 300mm 70-Watt Exhaust Fan (Pista Green)

Havells Ventilair DB 300mm
From INR 2,760.00 INR 1,815.00
Save INR 945.00 ( 34% )
(as of 25/04/2019 00:29 IST - Details)

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Havells is a trustworthy brand and the preferable choice of too many people as its product quality is extremely wonderful. It is the essential part of every household as we use it in our kitchens to dispel fumes and heat outside.

It looks simple but has unique features to provide better ventilation and makes your kitchen smoke free. It has a robust built and ensures flawless functioning for a long time. It circulates uniform air to reduce all the bad odour, smoke and dust.

Key Features

  • It comes with the power consumption of 70 Watts.
  • It’s motor speed is of 1400 RPM that helps to remove the bad odour.
  • It has a sweep size of 300 mm.
  • Its high-performance blades help to distribute the air evenly in all directions.
  • It provides excellent air flow rate.
  • The warranty is for two years on the product.

  • It is energy efficient and provides high performance.
  • It provides better performance and durability.
  • It is perfectly suitable for kitchen and bathroom.
  • It gives optimum air flow.

What we didn’t like

  • It ensures less noise operation.

7. Usha Crisp Air 150mm Exhaust Fan (White)

Usha Crisp Air
From INR 1,290.00 INR 1,169.00
Save INR 121.00 ( 9% )
(as of 25/04/2019 00:29 IST - Details)

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Usha Exhaust fan is wonderful for suffocating areas as it can flush out all the bad fragrance is available under 1300. It has special features to fulfil individual needs. It comes in a lovely white color. The exhaust fan size can easily fit in a small window.

Key Features

  • Its power consumption is 30 Watts.
  • Its power requirement is 230 Volts.
  • Its motor comes with 100% copper winding to deliver high suction power.
  • It includes sweep blades of 150 mm.
  • The warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • It comes with high-quality body & blades that look attractive.
  • It assures whisper-quiet operations. It is corrosion-free.
  • Its installation process is effortless due to lightweight.
  • Its fan rotates at the speed of 1386 RPM.

  • It provides automatic shutter to save the fan from dust and rain.
  • Its fan never creates any noise. You can install it in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen.

8. Maa-Ku Multifarious Aluminum Exhaust Fan (12cm, Black)

Maa-Ku Multifarious
From INR 1,500.00 INR 500.00
Save INR 1,000.00 ( 67% )
(as of 25/04/2019 00:29 IST - Details)

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MAA-KU is another high-speed ventilating fan that quickly removes unpleasant fragrance, smoking smell that is present in the air. It improves the indoor air quality. It will also give comfort to asthma patients. It is compact in size. Its service cost is less. It requires less maintenance.

Key Features

  • It can give a maximum airflow of 100 CFM to eliminate smoke, moisture and bad smell, or other impurities.
  • Its power consumption is 22 Watts.
  • Its operating voltage is 230 Volts.
  • It can rotate at the speed of 2600 in one minute.
  • It is ideal for small bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Its body has an aluminum cover with die-cast coating. It includes plastic blades to make the fan rust-proof.

  • It has a sleek and elegant look.
  • It has a lightweight & rust-proof body.

9. Havells FHVVEDXOWH06 Ventil Air Dx 22-Watt 150mm Fan (White)

From INR 1,670.00 INR 1,310.00
Save INR 360.00 ( 22% )
(as of 25/04/2019 00:29 IST - Details)

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Havells Ventil exhaust fan is unique and beautiful. It can remove bad odour, gas stove smoke within minutes. It will make your kitchen fresh all the time. It is the best appliance for taking healthy air. Its sweep size is of 150 mm that works efficiently. It will pull out the hot and humid air from the inside and make your home fresh and clean. It is ideal for small kitchen size.

Key Features

  • Its input supply is 230 Volts & power consumption is 22 Watts.
  • The warranty is of 2 years on the product.
  • It provides wall mounting facility. You can install the fan on the standard size glass window.
  • It has an excellent air flow rate of 280 CMH.
  • Its air delivery rate is 280 CMH.
  • Its sweep size is 150 mm.
  • It has an anti-static property as the product is made of high-grade plastic.
  • It comes with a super motor that can run continuously without any interruption.
  • It contains a gravity shutter to avoid foreign objects like bird & dust.
  • The warranty is of 2 years on the product.

  • Its motor is sturdy and powerful as it ensures that the fan can work continuously for a longer period.
  • Its blades rotate at the speed of 1350 RPM to get rid of bad smell and unwanted smoke.

10.Candes 100mm Copper Winding Exhaust Fan (Ivory)

From INR 960.00 INR 499.00
Save INR 461.00 ( 48% )
(as of 25/04/2019 00:29 IST - Details)

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Candes exhaust is better for removing kitchen smoke and washroom smell. The ventilation system of this fan ensures a proper purifying system. You should definitely purchase for your home and office. It has a low-noise operation along with modern design.

Key Features

  • It has 100% pure copper winding.
  • It comes with the sweep blade of 100 mm.
  • The warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • Its body has a heavy-duty glossy finish that is better for easy cleaning.
  • Its fan work at the speed of 2200 RPM.
  • Its power consumption is 25 watts.
  • It is a power-saving exhaust fan suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and cabins.

  • It is made of high-grade rustproof plastic.
  • It is noiseless in operations.
  • Its blades circulate an optimum amount of air to maintain the proper balance.

Best Exhaust Fan For Kitchen Brands in India

  • A & Y
  • Bajaj
  • Candes
  • Havells
  • Usha

How to Choose an Exhaust Fan for Kitchen?

No matter whether you cook with a Gas Stove or using a Microwave Oven, your kitchen requires a proper ventilation system.

There are various brands of exhaust fans that may differ from their size, airflow capacity, duct length.

No doubt it is the small appliance but, you know it is a powerful tool that will refresh your home. It can reduce the heat, smoke, particles and bad smell from indoor air. It is 100% true that indoor air pollution is dangerous for our health. So, it is necessary for you to buy an exhaust fan with excellent features to stay healthy.

Number of Blades

Exhaust fan motor works with the help of blades. It comes with two to five number of blades that you can choose as per your choice. Exhaust fan with five number of blades is sufficient for pulling hot air from the kitchen. Usha 200 mm exhaust fan is powerful. It comes with 5 blades that reduce kitchen fumes, bad smell with the highest airflow. If your kitchen is small, then you can choose the Havells Ventilair 230 mm size of the exhaust fan for your home.


Exhaust fan comes with either metal coating or plastic coating. Plastic exhaust fans are better than metal fans. As its blades get corroded. You have to clean its blades periodically.

Sound Level

The noise level of the exhaust fan depends upon its motor and fan spinner. There are many brands like Usha, Havells, Orient that produce around 80 to 90 Decibel of noise that is normal.

Exhaust Fan Size

Always choose the size of the exhaust fan up to 30 cm as it is perfect for both small and large kitchen. Exhaust fan comes with wall mounting facility that you can hang on your windows. It is not spacious. It can easily fit in a normal size window. Make sure to check the rating of air movement.

External guard

It is essential to protect the motor of the exhaust fan from lizards. Most domestic exhausts come with mesh or safety grill that prevents the fan from birds and insects. For Example- Havells Ventilair exhaust system comes with bird guard for motor safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CFM?

CFM is the short form of cubic feet per minute. In other words, we can say that it is the airflow rate of the exhaust fan that pull out smoke and particles in cubic feet per minute. Usually, exhaust fan comes with the 200 to 300 sweep size that circulate the air with 50 to 100 CFM rate.

How much CFM of a fan should I need for my bathroom?

A standard bathroom needs a good-quality fan of 200 mm that deliver air up to 50 CFM.

What is the sweeping size of an exhaust fan?

Sweep size is the total diameter of blades in a fan. High diameter cannot provide you with better air delivery.

Can I install an exhaust fan myself?

Installing an exhaust fan is not an easy task. You should contact the electrician to fix it.

What size of exhaust fan should I buy?

It depends on the dimensions of your room where you want to install an exhaust fan. It also determines the speed and power required of an exhaust fan.