Best 32 Inch Smart LED TV in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best 32 Inch LED TV in India 2019

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Samsung 32 Inch Smart HD Ready LED TV

Samsung LED Smart TV

2. Kodak 32 Inch Smart HD Ready LED TV


3. Sony Bravia HD Ready LED TV

Sony Bravia KLV-32R422F

Smart LED TV’s have replaced the old version of big television. It comes with the slim panel. You can mount the LED on your walls or place it on the TV table-stand.

Its colour and sound quality are excellent. It comes with Android, Linux based OS. Some LEDs come with Artificial Intelligence.

Its Full HD panel has a high resolution. It offers high contrast lifelike colours.

It comes with multiple-ports. You can connect your external devices with TV. Moreover, they cause fewer distortions due to light reflection. You will find both HD Ready and Full HD LED TV.

We have prepared a list of Best 32 Inch LED TV in India 2019 based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our LED Televisions buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Which are the Top 10 Best 32 Inch LED TV in India 2019?

1. Samsung 32 Inch Smart HD Ready LED TV

Samsung 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV

Samsung is one of the best and premium brands in the list of electronics in India. This 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV gives a stunning quality-picture in high definition and live on-screen-entertainment. Its design is sleek, stylish & elegant that will enhance the grace of your living room.

Besides using it for fun, you can use it for your business as it can be turned to a full-fledged computer. With these 32 Inch LED TVs, you can also mirror your laptop or work from the cloud. This feature makes it versatile and highly-efficient. It is one of the Best 32 Inch TVs that come with the affordable price range.

Key Features

  • It comes with the 40watts speakers that give clear audio.
  • It provides one port for connecting USB-devices.
  • It has two-ports for HDMI connectivity.
  • It has an HD-resolution of 1366 x 768p with 120 Herz refresh rate.
  • The weight of this smart TV is 4.1 Kg.
  • Samsung offers a one year warranty.
  • Its dimensions are 7.4 x 73.7 x 43.8 cm.
  • It runs on the Tizen OS.
  • It can support HDR 10 content and gives you accurate details in bright and dark scenes.
  • It comes with a wall-mount that gives you the flexibility to mount the TV on your wall.
  • With Samsung Smart Hub, it offers easy accessibility to live TV apps and other sources.

  • It offers the best immersive sound with beamforming technology and 4CH surround sounds.
  • This Samsung TV has a good image-quality with an ultra-clean view.
  • It provides the best functionality with the laptops.
  • It is one of the best LED TVs.

2. Kodak 32 Inch Smart HD Ready LED TV

Kodak Smart TV

This 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV is an HDR LED TV that comes equipped with a host of different functionalities like Zero Dot A+ Grade Panel, an Ultra-thin Bezel and a Piano Black Finish Body. It allows you enjoying the audiovisual-experience with a pleasing design. It is available in India at the best value.

These smart TVs give a user-friendly interface for the easy way to use and operate favourite applications. With these 32 Inch LED TVs, you can use a variety of applications like Netflix, Hotstar, etc.

Key Features

  • It comes with the high-resolution of 1366×768.
  • Its dimensions are 77.5 x 12.5 x 48.5 cm.
  • It is built with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.
  • It comes with 20W audio and its refresh rate 60hz.
  • It weighs 5.7 Kg.
  • It is an android based smart TVs with ARM Cortex – A7 core processor. It comes with the 1 GB of RAM & 8 GB ROM.
  • It supports applications such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.
  • It has a 32 Inch HD Ready LED display and premium finish design.
  • It comes with the warranty of one year.

  • It comes with the best speakers.
  • It has an automatic volume level audio.
  • It comes with many supporting applications.
  • It is the best 32 Inch LED That gives good compatibility with external-devices through the USB port.

3. Sony Bravia HD Ready LED TV

Sony 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV

These Smart TVs are a modern 32 Inch LED TVs that allows you to hear more, feel more, see more. It is a high quality smart TV and allows you to enjoy your favourite movies, TV serials and sports. With a big screen, you can browse your favourite social media sites and YouTube-videos from the comfort of your couch.

This 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV that has an X – Reality Pro display which makes the screen HRD. It is available at a reasonable-cost range that makes it the Best 32 Inches LED in the Indian market.

Key Features

  • It comes with 2 HDMI ports for connecting a gaming console.
  • It also comes with 2 USB port.
  • It offers one year of warranty and one year on the panel.
  • It gives a sound output of 30W.
  • The dimensions of the smart TV are 73.1 x 7 x 44.2 cm.
  • It comes with the best built-in Subwoofer and definite audio plus.
  • This 32 inch smart LED TV has a high-resolution of 1366×768.
  • Its refreshing rate is 50hz.
  • It requires the power of AC 220 – 240 V.
  • It comes with the two speakers and one subwoofer.

  • It delivers the best sound-clarity.
  • It performs best in the harshest conditions.
  • It gives easy access to WIFI with Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • It allows you watching what you want.

4. Sony Bravia 32 Inch Smart Full HD LED TV

Sony LED 32 Inch TV

It allows you to discover the total fun. It connects instantly to the world of the Internet, YouTube etc. It is one of the Best LED TVs that come with the smart plug and play feature.

It enhances your favourite movies and videos watching-experience. It allows you to run your Pen drive and Smartphone to share music, photo, etc. With this 32 Inch full HD LED, it will deliver you the ultra-clear Full HD LED picture. Thus, this 32 Inch Full HD LED television is value for money.

Key Features

  • It comes with 30W of sound output and refreshes at the rate of 50-Hz.
  • The warranty for this full HD smart LED TV is one year.
  • It comes with the best FHD-resolution of 1920×1080.
  • The dimensions of this 32 Inch full HD LED is 73.1 x 7 x 44.2 cm.
  • This 32 Inch Full HD LED has an HRD display that enriches lifelike-shades. It has an X-Reality Pro to rediscover every detail view.
  • The weight of this TV is 6.2 kg.
  • It comes with 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports.
  • This LED TV comes with four types of protection that are dust, lightning, humidity and surge.
  • It controls the TV and Set-top-box with one single remote.

  • This 32 Inch Full HD LED television enriches your TV viewing, playing and surfing experience.
  • It comes with the 32 inch full HD resolution.
  • It comes with the best viewing angle.
  • The connectivity of this 32 Inch Full HD LED television is excellent.
  • It is available in India at the best costs.

5. Mi HD Ready Android LED TV

Mi Android TV

This 32 Inch HD Ready LED Television has all the qualities to entertain you with full energy. It will relax your mind. Its powerful speakers give cinematic audio. It comes with PatchWall based on Android Oreo TV OS. It is one of the Best LED Televisions in India with high tech functions.

It is the most popular Smart LED TVs in India has Google voice search. You can see TV serials, videos on Google and 700,000 hours of content on the display.

Key Features

  • This Android Smart TV carries a one year warranty.
  • It gives an additional one year warranty on the panel.
  • It comes with the best 64 bit Quad cord processor. It has 1 GB RAM plus 8 GB storage.
  • It has an ultra-bright resolution. It has a resolution-size as1366x768p.
  • It comes with a 2 USB and HDMI ports.
  • It has Bluetooth and Wifi connections.
  • It uses 50 Watts of power.
  • It gives 20 Watt sound output.
  • Its screen size is 32 inches.
  • Its refresh rate is 60hz.
  • It can support the MP3 audio format and JPEG image format.
  • It has a MPEG digital-media format.
  • Its weight is 4 Kg.
  • It has the best DTS-HD speaker surround sound channel.
  • It has inbuilt chrome-cast.
  • It comes with the one tabletop stand, one power-cable, and one remote control.

  • This Smart LED TV also runs with blue ray players.
  • It doesn’t require batteries.
  • It is wall-mountable.
  • It comes with the best refresh rate.

6. Sanyo HD Ready Smart TV

Sanyo LED TV

This Nebula Series IPS LED TV is a smart option for modern houses. It not only provides you with the best picture quality but also adorns your set-up space. This LED Television ensures supreme-entertainment. This 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV comes with the IPS technology that guarantees great colour reproduction and picture clarity. It is one of the top models in India.

These are the most reliable TVs that allows sharing your favourite smartphone content like photographs, videos and music through the Fast Cast Application. The Fast Cast app is available for both iOS and Android users. Thus, in terms of specifications, these products are best.

Key Features

  • It has a sound output of 16Watts and refresh rate 60hz.
  • It is made with 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.
  • It comes with the best resolution of 1366 x 768.
  • It weighs 4.15 Kg.
  • It comes with smart functions such as YouTube, Netflix, Built-in Wifi, Fast-Cast for iOS and Android devices etc.
  • The dimensions of this smart TV are 73.2 x 8 x 43.2 cm.

  • It provides better connectivity for the USB port.
  • It comes with the best DOT noise reduction technology.

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t come with Bluetooth support.

7. Haier HD Ready LED TV

Haier 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV

It is a high performing unit with better picture clarity and innovative functions. It is 720p HD TV that allows you enjoying a true picture quality on its 32″ screen. It is one of the Best LED TVs in India its Screen provides bright illumination. The HDMI & USB port connectivity allows you accessing your videos and other applications on the TV screen.

This 32 Inch LED TV in India comes with 1366×768-resolution that gives a brilliant display of sharp images and brightness. It gives you the best exposure from its full 32-inch screen. It is available in India at budget-friendly costs.

Key Features

  • It comes with the resolution of 1366×768 and a refresh rate is 60hz.
  • It offers connectivity for 3 HDMI ports.
  • The weight of this TV is 6 Kg.
  • It also built with 1 USB-2.0 port to connect hard drives and 1 VGA.
  • It comes with three years of manufacturing warranty.
  • Its dimensions are 43.3 x 73 x 61 cm.
  • It comes with an aspect ratio of 16:09.
  • It has a 16 W of sound output.
  • It is created to provide the best HD-quality.

  • It is energy efficient.
  • It has a sleek design.
  • It comes with an excellent refresh rating.
  • It assures the best quality of picture with powerful audio.

8. LG 32 Inch Smart HD Ready LED TV


This is one of the Top-selling 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV ensures stunning views from almost every viewing angle. LG one of the Best LED TVs that uses the IPS panel. It is known as the best panel of the industry in India. It offers life-like colour, blur-free pictures with a wide viewing angle.

It is the most-reliable 32 Inch TV in India can enrich your TV watching-experience with comfort while sitting on a sofa, couch or lying on the bed. You can enjoy videos, games, news, movies and songs.

Key Features

  • It provides a sound output of 20W and a refreshing rate of 50-Hertz.
  • It has a high-resolution of 1366 x 768 p.
  • The warranty on this smart TV is for one year.
  • It provides connectivity for 2 HDMI Ports and USB input.
  • It works with a digital camera and external storage with USB.
  • The weight of the TV is 4.7 KG.
  • It comes with 20w audio.
  • It can run with the WebOS system.
  • It comes with Dolby Digital sound.
  • It comes with the PMI (Picture Mastering Index) to express vibrant colour.
  • This multitasking tv offers a Live zoom. It can enlarge the live screen while viewers watch.

  • It provides the best TV viewing-experience.
  • It can get quickly connected with Wifi.
  • It gives the best functioning with cameras.

9. Panasonic HD Ready 32 inch LED TV

Panasonic LED TV

Panasonic is one of the best and top brands in the Indian market that made LED Televisions. This best 32 Inch LED provides quality output at affordable prices in India. It is a world-class best entertainment-tool for the Indian household. It can display images clearer. You can play your tablet song on TV speakers.

It is one of the Best LED TVs that give you cinema-like experience. You don’t need to go to the theatre to see a movie as you can see it in best quality at your residence with your loved ones.

Key Features

  • It comes with the best resolution-size of 1366 x 768 Pixels.
  • It frame refresh rate 60hz.
  • It offers the best connectivity for a gaming console.
  • It has three-ports for HDMI and two-ports for flash-drive.
  • It gives 16 watts powerful audio.
  • It provides free standard wall-mount.
  • It comes with the warranty of one year.
  • Its power consumption is 55 Watts.
  • It comes with the best backlight control technology. It provides light to dark-screen brightness.
  • It attaches with a media-player. You can view your multimedia contents on the TV screen.
  • Its Bezel-less design has the best Vivid Digital Pro technology.

  • It will give you cinema-like best picture quality.
  • It reduces the noise signals of random images.

10. Philips HD Ready LED Smart TV

Philips 32 Inch HD Ready LED Smart TV

This 5800 Series 32 Inch TV is a Smart LED Television that brings your favourite apps to the big screen. It enables you to play your favourite tune or movies. It can quickly get connected to Laptop, PC and Wifi.

This 32-inch HD Ready LED TV is the Best LED Television that enriches your viewing experience whether it a cricket match, top favourite videos and more. The best 32 inch LED also gives better audio sound. Thus, these are one of the best well-built products available in India at a low cost.

Key Features

  • It offers two years of manufacturing warranty.
  • It has a resolution of 1366×768.
  • It comes with 20w audio output.
  • It is an ultra-slim smart TV with LED Panel display.
  • It comes with the best Saphi TV OS that makes it a smart TV.
  • The weight of the TV is 4.2 Kg.
  • These LED televisions give 20W of output and refresh rate 60hz.
  • The dimensions of this smart TV are 73.2 x 16.6 x 49.4 cm.
  • It comes with Built-In Wifi Supports, and 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

  • It is a smart device for your smart TV.
  • It gives you a whole new sense of entertainment.
  • Its refresh-rating is best.
  • It provides better connectivities with the USB port.

Top 10 32 Inches LED TVs in India 2019

LED TVSound OutputRefresh Rate
Samsung UA32N4300AR40 Watts120-Hertz
Kodak 32HDXSMART20 Watts60-Hertz
Sony Bravia KLV-32R422F30 Watts50-Hertz
Sony Bravia KLV-32W672G30 Watts50-Hertz
Mi 4C Pro50 Watts60-Hertz
Sanyo XT-32A081H16 Watts60-Hertz
Haier LE32K6000B16 Watts60-Hertz
LG 32LJ573D20 Watts50-Hertz
Panasonic TH- 32F204DX55 Watts60-Hertz
Philips 32PHT5813S/9420 Watts60-Hertz

Most Popular 32 Inch Smart LED TV Brands in India

  • Haier
  • Kodak
  • LG
  • Mi
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Sanyo
  • Sony

How to Choose a 32 Inch LED TV for Home?

To find the best LED, you need to look for several factors such as screen size, display resolution, reliable build, picture quality, and other latest functionalities.

Screen Resolution

Buy the Smart TVs that assures great image clarity. The higher the pixels, the higher the clarity your tv gives. The Full HD Televisions come with the resolution of 1920×1080-pixels. A 32 inch HD ready LED TV comes with a maximum resolution size of 720-pixels. The 32 inch LED TVs in India display the delicate texture of the images.


This best 32 inch LED TVs comes with HDMI and USB ports. You can attach HDMI cord to see HD channels. You can view media files of your smartphone on a TV. You can transfer videos and photos on Smart TV.

Refresh Rate

It tells the number of seconds your TV takes to change the picture. It is referred to as a frame. Always pick the LED TV with 50 to 60hz refresh rate.

Operating System

This feature enables you to see multiple-channels online. You access the web through Wi-Fi. Some models are app-enabled. Whereas, in some models, you’ve to download the apps from the app store.

You can do video calls through apps. You can attach your smartphone and tablet with TV.

Sound Processing

You should compare the audio quality of TVs.

Some LED’s offer a sound out feature so that you can connect it to the external Home Theatre System.

Some LED’s comes with Dolby Digital Plus sound system that supports Youtube and Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Features of a 32 Inch LED TV?

  • It has USB, HDMI, and internet connectivity.
  • It has a large display panel.
  • It offers audio in good quality.
  • It has an Android-based OS.
  • It simply connects with Blue Ray Players.
  • It comes in full HD LED resolution.
  • It is dustproof.
  • It controls the humidity.

2. What Is The Difference Between LED And LCD?

The Light Crystal Display comes with a flat panel display that uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps and shows the image through a backlight.

LED means Light Emitting Diode. It uses LED lights and includes smart functioning such as wifi and USB port connectivity.

3. How Many Ports Are There In An LED TV?

It comes with two-ports for HDMI (HD multimedia interface). You can connect HDMI cable to view HD Channels. It offers one to two USB-connections. You can connect your external storage devices.

4. How Much Electricity Does A 32 Inch LED TV Consume?

It consumes a maximum-power of 55 Watts. It comes with a sleep mode that helps in saving energy.

5. What Is The Difference Between Full HD LED And HD Ready LED TV?

The difference between Full HD Smart LED and HD-Ready LED TV is seen in the resolution size. Both can handle HD signals.

The Full HD Smart LED TV has better picture quality. Full HD LED TV can show the picture in 1080P resolution. Full-Ready resolution image-size is of 720 Pixels.

6. Which TV Screen Is Perfect For The House?

It depends upon the size of the room where you’ve decided to set up the TV. A 32-inch TV is ideal for an average Indian drawing-room size of 12ft x 15ft. You can go for more substantial screens if there is a larger room. For bedrooms, you can purchase a TV with smaller screens such as 21 or 25-inch models.

7. Which One Is Better, LED TV, TV or LCD?

They all only differ in the lighting source.

An LCD-TV has CFL bulbs as the illuminator. Whereas, an LED has light-emitting diodes as an illuminator. However, LED is a better one.

8. Is SD TV Price Range Differs from HD TV?

There isn’t much difference in the prices of SD TV and HD TV. However, both of them varies from their picture quality.

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