Best 2 Burner Gas Stove in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best 2 Burner Gas Stove in India 2019

fGas Stove is such an incredible discovery of human that serves all the cooking purposes. Gas Stove forms the essence of every Kitchen.

If you are planning to set up a modular kitchen, a gas stove is an essential thing to have in your kitchen. The modern gas stoves make your kitchen elegant and enhance its appearance. The number of burners may vary as per your need and size of your family.

If you have a small family, you need to look for the 2 burner gas stove. Choosing the ideal gas stove makes your cooking easy and hassle-free. A Kitchen Hob is a modern variation of the gas stoves. However, it is expensive than a gas stove.

Based on our Market Research, we have prepared a buyer’s guide along with a list of 10 Best 2 Burner Gas Stove in India 2019.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 2 Burner Gas Stoves in India

2 Burner Gas StoveWarranty
Glen 1020 GT2 Years
Glen Aluminium2 Years
Prestige Royale Plus2 Years
Sunflame Shakti1 Year
Butterfly Smart Glass1 Year
Prestige Marvel2 Years
Inalsa Excel1 Year
Prestige Marvel Plus2 Years
Prestige Edge Schott1 Year
Sunflame GT Pride2 Years

Which are the 10 Best 2 Burner Gas Stoves in India for 2019?

1. Glen Stainless Steel Drip tray, 2 Brass Burners Gas Stove 1020 GT CookTop (Black)

Glen 1020 GT
From INR 4,195.00 INR 2,995.00
Save INR 1,200.00 ( 29% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:18 IST - Details)

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Glen Stainless Steel Burner Stove is the best and top model cook top. It is made of toughened glass and stainless steel frame. It provides all-around performance with elegant looks. This 2 burner glass top gas stove is ideal and suitable for you and your family.

Key Features

  • It is easy to clean and has a toughened glass stove.
  • It has one large, one small burner and a revolving gas inlet nozzle.
  • It supports only LPG gas.
  • The warranty is for two years on the product.

  • It has strong, solid and elegant looks.
  • The quality of the product is good.

2. Glen Aluminium 2 Burner Cooktop (Black)

Glen Aluminium 2 Burner Cooktop
From INR 3,995.00 INR 2,795.00
Save INR 1,200.00 ( 30% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:18 IST - Details)

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Glen Aluminium 2 Burner Cooktop understands the aesthetics of your kitchen. Glen 2 burner gas stove fulfils all your cooking needs. Its aluminium alloy burners are durable and long lasting.

The Glen LPG stove comes with smoothly operating knobs. It ensures that they offer no resistance when in operation.

This cooktop by Glen holds a thick and toughened glass top to enhance the durability of the stove. It is one of the Best Gas Stove models.

Key Features

  • This manual gas stove comes with an elegant style and rich matt steel body.
  • The Warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • It is strong with elegant looks and superb performance.
  • It comes with a stainless steel spill trays for effortless cleaning.
  • It provides tremendous heat resistance that ensures the burners stay as they are for a long time.
  • These gas burners provide a firm grip when rotating and avoid any slippage.
  • The glass top material has a lot of strength and prevents minor breakage.

  • The thick pan supports surround its burners. It assures easy handling of small kitchen utensils.
  • You can easily clean the gas stove.
  • It has a smooth and soft operating knobs.
  • It is available at an affordable price.

3. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove (Black)

Prestige Royale Plus
From INR 7,345.00 INR 5,509.00
Save INR 1,836.00 ( 25% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:18 IST - Details)

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Prestige Royale is designed to give better performance with a great and modern look. It ensures that you get the finest quality of glass. The Sabaf valves are imported from Italy and give better functioning.

Key Features

  • It has a German Glass with a lifetime warranty.
  • It holds 2 years warranty.
  • It gives tri pin burners and individual pan support that gives durability and steadiness to pan and ports.
  • It has an extremely durable valve for trouble-free operations.
  • The ergonomic knob design ensures precision flame control for safe usage of a gas stove.

  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • It assures life long elegance.

4. Sunflame Shakti Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove (Silver)

Sunflame Shakti
From INR 2,095.00 INR 1,349.00
Save INR 746.00 ( 36% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:18 IST - Details)

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Sunflame is a popular brand name in the latest kitchen appliances in India. Now modernise your kitchen with the Sunflame Shakti 2 burner gas cooktop. It embraces a stylish design with advanced features.

The great cooktop from Sunflame fulfils your daily cooking needs. When it comes to the cleaning process, it is easy to make it clean. You can clean the Sunflame cooktop using a damp cloth.

Sunflame Shakti gas stove ensures 100% pure and hygienic cooking. Now relish the joy of cooking with Sunflame and prepare your favourite dishes with ease.

If you get any issue with Sunflame Shakti 2 burner gas stove, you can contact the customer care at 18603309999.

Key Features

  • It is a premium quality stainless steel cooktop from the house of Sunflame.
  • It comes in a premium finish steel body. It makes your kitchen more elegant and stylish.
  • With the strong flaming burners, you can enjoy your cooking experience.
  • The Warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • Without taking so much space, you can place this compact cooktop over your kitchen counter.
  • It’s brass alloy burners ensure even heat distribution. It enables excellent cooking at low consumption of gas.

  • It is a smart and safe cooking tool.
  • It is easy to maintain.

5. Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove (Black)

Butterfly Smart
From INR 4,995.00 INR 1,899.00
Save INR 3,096.00 ( 62% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:18 IST - Details)

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Cooking becomes an easy task if you have a butterfly glass top gas stove in your kitchen. Are you looking for a gas stove that helps you save both time and energy in your kitchen? Go for the smart glass top stove by Butterfly.

Butterfly brings a stylish gas stove with a toughened glass top. Butterfly Smart Glass 2-Burner Gas Stove adds charm to the Indian kitchen. The gas stove helps you to cook multiple dishes at the same time in an efficient manner.

Key Features

  • Its 360-degree revolving nozzle and easy-to-use design make it ideal for all types of households.
  • The Warranty is of 1 year on the product.
  • Its ergonomically designed knobs give you safe and efficient cooking.
  • It comes with quality burners that regulate your cooking needs.
  • Stainless steel spill trays ensure fewer chances of rusting. This unique feature helps in efficient cleaning.
  • The thermal efficient brass burners ensure optimum retention of heat during cooking.
  • Its support legs promise stability with heat efficiency facility. Its polymer legs are heat resistant that enhances production efficiency.

  • The sleek design of the burners adds a modern look to your kitchen.
  • It has a flame-retardant panel.
  • It’s powder-coating pan stands ensure longer life of the appliance.
  • It offers all the safety features.

6. Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove (Black)

Prestige Marvel
From INR 5,295.00 INR 3,320.00
Save INR 1,975.00 ( 37% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:18 IST - Details)

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The Prestige marvel with 2 burners is a highly efficient gas stove. You can wash the burner stands with a mild detergent to get the grease out. The burner design lets you cook faster and more efficiently.

Prestige Marvel glass gas stove is specially designed for Indian kitchens. It offers hassle-free and spill-proof cooking. It enhances effective functioning and maintains hygiene. Its toughened glass is durable, elegant in looks and easy to clean that makes it perfect for regular use.

Key Features

  • Marvel glass top from Prestige is shatter-proof and looks elegant and adds charm to your kitchen.
  • The Warranty is of 2 years on the product.
  • It has an elegant black toughened glass top that is durable.
  • It comes with extra drip trays for cleaning.
  • The elegantly designed glass top stove changes the overall form of your kitchen.
  • The gas table is a blend of performance, ability and stylish looks.
  • Its ignition system ensures smooth functioning and provides precise flame control.
  • Its proficient tri-pin burners are ideal for Indian vessels.

  • Its ISI mark proves it to be a safe product.
  • Its compact design saves a lot of counter-top space.
  • It has a rust proof design.
  • Its classic black colour adds shine to the stove.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.

7. Inalsa Excel Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove (Silver / Black)

Inalsa Excel
From INR 2,395.00 INR 1,465.00
Save INR 930.00 ( 39% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:18 IST - Details)

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The Inalsa excel 2-burner gas stove comes with a set of two burners for cooking the various dishes at the same time. With this, you can embrace a stylish design with various advanced features.

Inalsa aims to make your daily cooking easy and has a stainless steel body. It has 360° swivel type gas knobs. Its easy-to-use design makes it ideal for all houses.

You can modernise your kitchen space with Inalsa Excel 2 burner gas stove. The stainless steel finish body makes the gas stove durable and long-lasting.

Key Features

  • Its stands provide better balance and unique pan support. It helps to cook chapattis, dosas, pancakes and more with ease.
  • It comes with three pin CI burners. They need low maintenance and consumes less gas.
  • It comes with powder coated pan support that gives steadiness to pots and pans when placed on it.
  • With the higher legs, it is easy to put a hand below and clean, in the case of spillage.
  • The Warranty is of 1 year on the product.

  • It is an ISI approved product.
  • Its body material is of stainless steel.
  • Its folded edge design prevents cuts to your hands.
  • It comes with a unique body shape that makes it user-friendly and easy to clean.
  • You can clean it with a damp cloth to maintain clean cooking.

8. Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove (Black)

Prestige Marvel Plus
From INR 5,495.00 INR 3,324.00
Save INR 2,171.00 ( 40% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:18 IST - Details)

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Prestige is India’s largest kitchen appliances brand. Prestige brings an elegant glass top gas stove with a toughened glass top that is ideal for small families.

It is a contemporary and modern kitchen decor that adds aesthetic value to your kitchen. Prestige Marvel Plus has a spill-proof design. It enhances effective functioning and maintains hygiene.

Key Features

  • Its ergonomically designed knobs provide smooth operation.
  • The Marvel glass gas table has a shatterproof glass top.
  • With the high efficient tri-pin brass burners, it reduces the cooking time and ensures uniform heating.
  • Its knobs offer a secure grip and function smoothly.
  • The toughened shatterproof black glass top makes it scratch-resistant.
  • The 2 burner glass gas stove holds a warranty of 2 years.
  • It has MS powder coated body that is sturdy and ideal for daily use.

  • It comes with a drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • It comes with a smooth and charming design.
  • It has an aluminium body.

9. Prestige Edge Schott Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove (Pastel)

Prestige Edge
From INR 8,495.00 INR 6,370.00
Save INR 2,125.00 ( 25% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:18 IST - Details)

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Prestige Edge Schott is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. It has an ultra slim and thin design for an ultra-modern kitchen. It is a renowned German glass stove that brings comfort to your kitchen.

Key Features

  • It provides pan support with flame guard protection.
  • The product comes with two years of manufacturing warranty.
  • It is an ISI approved glass stove.
  • It has a durable design and is comfortable to use.

  • The gas stove is ISI approved.

10. Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner (Black)

Sunflame GT Pride
From INR 5,690.00 INR 2,499.00
Save INR 3,191.00 ( 56% )
(as of 21/05/2019 20:19 IST - Details)

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Sunflame Pride 2 burner gas stove gives a high quality manufacturing experience and sets it apart from the rest. It is a high-efficiency brass burner and is perfect for small families and bachelors. It can withstand heavy use and is durable.

Key Features

  • It has high efficiency brass burners that consume less LPG and gives more heat.
  • It has a toughened glass cooktop for heat and break resistance.
  • It has a matte finish stainless steel base.
  • The product has high temperature resistant Euro coated pan supports.
  • The product comes with a two year warranty.

  • It is made of quality materials for long lasting durability.
  • It has an elegant design with toughened glass stove.
  • It is perfectly suitable for small families.
  • It provides hassle-free cooking.

What we didn’t like

  • The burner is very small.

Best 2 Burner Gas Stove Brands in India

    • Butterfly
    • Glen
    • Inalsa
    • Prestige
    • Sunflame

How To Choose 2 Burner Gas Stove?

A good quality Gas Burner affects your cooking style and ability. Most of us aren’t aware of the features that should be in the gas stove. Following are the few essential factors you should focus on when choosing the ideal 2 burner gas stove.


On the basis of ignition, a gas stove is of following types:

  • Standing Pilot: The standing pilot gives a constant flow of gas to keep the burner lit. The flame constantly burns beneath the cooktop. It consumes more energy as opposed to other types of gas stoves.
  • Electric Ignition: The latest gas stoves, cook-tops, hobs come with ignition mode. These kinds of gas stove work on electricity. You can ignite this gas stove by a simple switch. It can be an automatic ignition or manual ignition. Electric sparks, LPG/PNG gas, air combine together to burn these gas stoves. It may be a bit expensive for those looking for a pocket-friendly gas stove.
  • Sealed Burners: This type of gas stoves are the most common that is available in most of the houses. These burners are sealed with the cooktop. It consists of the burner attached to the base of the range. They don’t produce much heat as compared to the other two types. The benefits of this gas stove are that they are comfortable to manage and clean.

Material of Burners

Most of the gas stoves are made of stainless steel. It helps to prevent rust in the humid environment of your kitchen. Also, check whether the gas valves are easy to operate. It is better to ascertain the position of the gas inlet before making a purchase.

Brass Burners: These heavy duty burners are suitable for indoor, as well as, outdoor use. They can withstand any environmental conditions. The benefit of high-efficiency brass burners is that they provide better heat and distribute to the pots for cooking tasty food.


  • These gas tables are easy to set up.
  • These are durable.
  • They are corrosion-resistant.


  • They are expensive.

Aluminium Burners: Unlike brass, aluminium has a low melting point, so they tend to deform over time. Aluminium burners absorb heat quicker as it is less dense as compared to the brass.


  • They are available at an affordable cost.
  • They absorb heat at a fast speed.


  • They have a shorter lifespan.

ISI Certification

If you plan to buy the gas stove online, you should check whether it is ISI certified. ISI certified brands follow safety standards and prevent severe threats. It is essential to check the ISI trademark for the electronics and electrical products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Better Burner – Brass Or Aluminium Alloy?

When it comes to the burners, brass burners prove to be better as they have high thermal efficiency. The con of brass burners is they are expensive. Brass burners are corrosion resistant and easy to set up. Due to all these features, brass burners are better than the aluminium burners.

Is It A Good Idea To Look For A Warranty?

Yes. It is a good idea to look at the warranty. Gas Stove is a major kitchen appliance. If any issue occurs in your gas, you can contact the customer service for tackling the problem. Most of the gas stoves come with 1 year or 2 years warranty.

Are Auto Ignition Gas Stoves Safe To Use?

Nowadays, auto ignition gas stove is becoming popular. They are durable, portable and energy-efficient. It doesn’t need manual operations. The flame will automatically turn on by moving the control knob. Those who want smart technologies, Auto-ignition gas stoves are the better choice.

What Are Some Tips And Precautions While Using A Gas Stove?

Gas Stove is a useful appliance in every kitchen as it serves all the cooking purposes. But, if this isn’t used correctly, then this helpful tool may prove to be fatal. These are the few tips and precautions you should take:

  • If you have older version gas stoves, check the pilot light.
  • Regularly check the burners.
  • Keep the handles of the pots and cookware to the side.
  • You should install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.
  • You shouldn’t overfill the cookware.
  • Don’t put extra items on the gas stove.
  • Never let your kids play in the kitchen.
  • Don’t wear loose sleeve clothes in the kitchen when cooking.
  • If you experience any issue while connecting the gas stove to the cylinder, direct contact to your gas dealer.
  • Close the cylinder regulator when it isn’t in use.
  • Never use flammable sprays, aerosols and liquids for cleaning the gas stove.
  • If you smell a gas leakage, never use flammable things in that case. It can cause severe situations.

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